Summary: Agenda 21 is the elite’s plan for your future: Concentration of people like battery hens in skyscrapers along the highways and railways to standardize them, brainwash their children ideologically and educate them in the communist Adam Weishaupt / Club of Rome religion:  sustainable development - where municipalities are being taken hostages by mafia-like methods. People are to occupy a very small proportion of the planet without access to Mother Nature. There are plans to change the majority of the U.S. into nature reservations with access forbidden for humans. These reservations would be for buffalo and the Rothschild Global Environment Facility (the world’s largest bank) to exploit! This is what the elite and its puppet, Pres. Obama, wanted to see through. But now Congress seems to have banned this madness. The EU has got the message - its protected areas now cover 18% of its territory and 130,000 square km of sea as a protected areas.

This farce began with the UN World Summit in Rio in 1992 - the success is to be repeated and finalized there in 2012. Rothschild’s right hand, Maurice Strong, who stole 1 million dollars from the UN and had to flee to his ideal country, China, where he is an adviser to the government, authored the Agenda 21 and had 179 countries ratify it. Together with Agenda 21, Rothschild´s World Conservation Bank, which became The Global Environment Facility, was adopted. On its board, representatives from 182 governments are granting money to this Rothschild Bank, which also includes the World Bank and is taking over the world´s banks. This is becoming easier and easier as the engineered financial crisis sends banks and nations into bankruptcy. The GEF then lends the money to defaulting countries. As collaterals, the GEF takes the debtor countries´ wilderness” areas which on insolvency are forfeited securities with their natural treasures going to the bank/Rothschild.

The Danish Parliament has imposed on the Technology Council to ensure the implementation of Agenda 21 at the municipal level as decreed by Maurice Strong’s Local Agenda 21 Guide, by making it part of the Planning Act that every 4 years the municipalities make an action plan for how they will implement Agenda 21. The  ICLEI collects reports from local areas to the UN, who pulls the strings. Included in the reports will be updates on the progress towards urbanization. China is the pioneer country: It is creating a megacity with 42 million people!

This is the nature of the New World Order / the “international community”: It is introduced on the sly in absolute silence from the corrupt elite-controlled mass media. It purports to act for the good of humanity - but is built on lies, for example the manmade and impoverishing CO2 global warming fraud / religion, theft of state sovereignty (EU Constitution / Lisbon Treaty by referendum evasion / disqualification, the European Semester), mendacious war on terror, concealed Euromediterranean agreements and Muslim immigration, which has been declared to aim at demolishing the Western societies and cultures.


“Psychologically conditioned, the public will accept the stages of the New World Order as if they were self-evident.” - HG Wells


After in 2010 I was invited to a meeting with an Agenda 21 agenda arranged by my region Sealand and the Danish Technology Council one thing concerns me more and more. Nobody seems to have heard about the Agenda 21, which I have described in detail here and here – except small cliques in the municipalities – at least in Denmark. Agenda 21 is Adam Weishaupt´s programm  for a communist worldgovernment– see Video and The Financial Times´article about world government. Agenda 21 is making nature God and man a slave.

Battery hensThat the Danish Parliament has decided to introduce the Agenda 21 even scares me.
This is the plan of the elite for your future: Concentration of people in order to control and brainwash them ideologically and raise their children in the Communist Adam Weishaupt//Club of Rome religion: sustainable development – taking the municipalities as hostages by mafia methods. People will inbabit a very small share of the surface of the Earth without access to Mother Nature. Learn more from this Video explaining the Agenda 21 and this video explaining the future of mankind as beasts in cages, clumped together in Skyscrapers along railroads without access to 90% or more of Mother Nature.  On the US map right only the black points are reserved for a reduced mankind. The rest would be for the buffalo and and Rothschild´ s Global Environment Facility´s exploitation! That´s what the elite and its puppet Pres. Obama wanted. However, now Congress seems to have abandoned that madness.

The Danish Technology Council 31st October 2001,  Agenda 21
In Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Heads of State and Government from 181 countries adopted an action program for the 21. Century: Agenda 21… to remove imminent threats, limit excessive consumption of resources and jointly try to steer development in a more sustainable direction. …calling on people worldwide to collaborate on local action plans and initiatives for sustainable development - Local Agenda 21 “(From the Environment Ministry´s presentation of Agenda 21).”

The Danish Technology Council: “Citizens’ Consultations: Agenda 21 - Farum and Randers, Denmark.
An agenda 21 strategy is a plan for how we think evolution should be. Hearings were held in collaboration with the municipalities and the Technology Council. Parliament has decided to impose on the  municipalities of the  country a special responsibility for the efforts to achieve sustainable development.” All municipalities have a duty to prepare a Local Agenda 21 strategy every four years, starting before the end of 2003.”

The internet is now full of websites of Danish municipalities coming up with similar announcements as the one below for the regional municipality of the island of Bornholm 5 Nov. 2010.

Lokal-agenda21The Bornholm Agenda 21 Website has its background in the Global Agenda 21 work for sustainability. The Agenda 21 Agreement was adopted at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was signed by 179 nations worldwide. A unique connection and expression of a global consensus and political commitment to cooperate on development and environment at the highest level. Sustainable development means that development must not lead to an irreversible consumption of resources - so that resources are also accessible for future generations.

Agenda 21-sjaellandThe essence of the agreement is that it must be transformed into local initiatives. It is stated: Since so many of the problems and solutions addressed by Agenda 21 have their roots in local activities local government participation and cooperation is to play a critical role in achieving the goals. Each authority should initiate a dialogue with its citizens, local organizations and private enterprises and adopt a “Local Agenda 21″. The dialogue / consultation process will increase the awareness of each household of sustainability issues.
Since Agenda 21 is about achieving global sustainable development and many of the global problems are rooted in our habits and lifestyle, it requires that the environment are thought into all daily activities. The slogan is: Think globally - act locally.
The Planning Act provides the local council to publish a local Agenda 21-statement every 4 years describing the strategy for how local contribution to environmentally sustainable development will be implemented.

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide was authored by Rothschild´s right hand, the thief Maurice Strong who stole 1 mio. dollars from his boss, the UN, and had to flee to China, where this communist is a consultant to the dictatorial government. His cousin lived for several years with the world´s greatest mass murderer ever, Mao Tse Tung. I have also written extensively on how Strong introduced the Agenda 21 to promote the Wilderness Project: The foundation of a climate Bank by the name of the World Conservation Bank –later the Global Environment Facility and  here to engulf all other banks for Rothschild.
On its board are representatives from now 182 governments – who pay to this facility, to lend money to poor countries – taking their wildlands and their mineral treasures as forfeited collaterals into Agenda21-ringsted Rothschild´s possession on insolvency on insolvency. So – of course it is in the interest of the banksters behind the Agenda 21 to make the greater part of the world “wildernesses” – and to bring the countries of the world under Rothschild banks  – virtually all banks, as the engineered financial crises and here and here, are leading to bank and international crashes and submission of the debtors. I.a. due to 6 loans from Rothschild, Denmark went bankrupt in 1813 – and had to adopt a Rothschild controlled central bank.

The Agenda 21 is about how implementing Maurice Strong´s /Rothschild´s communist sustainability
I brought an excerpt of Maurice Strong´s Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide. Among other things: 4.0: Actions Plans are said to be “strategic.” No matter how focused the plan might be on a specific issue, a strategic plan addresses problems and needs at a systemic level and with a long-term perspective. It mobilizes local resources, and creates “synergies” by combining the efforts of different stakeholders to achieve a common goal. To assure that strategic goals are implemented, an Action Plan is linked to existing, formal planning processes such as mandated five-year development plans, general plans, and operating and capital budgets.
And 6.2:  In preparation for the 1996 United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, UNCHS and the World Bank began encouraging cities and national governments to prepare urban indicators that could be reported to a central UN Urban Indicators system in order to determine urban trends at the global scale. The UNCHS/World Bank Indicators Project developed a set of generic indicators that all participating countries/cities were encouraged to use. The primaryAgenda21-global objective of the project is to provide information to guide and strengthen national urban policy. and then 6.4: ICLEI continues to play an active role in promoting and facilitating implementation of Local Agenda 21, and in reporting on local progress and performance at the global level through the United Nations and other international forums.
Comment: So, there is no doubt about the purpose of the Agenda 21: Act locally to bar yourself from Mother Nature and cage yourself in – think globally for the benefit of your globalist corporate masters who control you through their organisations like the UN and its Big Brother society and here with its security apparatus – taking your land and house from you without compensation to make it a potentially forfeitable “wilderness” for the GEF – as we shall see now:

Activist Post 5 May 2011Under the guise of environmentalism, the town of Kingwood in New Jersey is a prime example of a Communist-style land grab which is at the heart of a global move toward the restriction of personal property rights.
By diktat, Mayor Phillip Lubitz is spearheading the re-zoning of an area along Route 12 to preserve, “rural character and existing scenic views and vistas within and along the Route 12 Corridor.”  Sounds noble, except for the fact that there has been no discussion of fair market compensation for land that will be seized.  And Lubitz hasn’t stopped there; he has now proposed an amendment to the Solar Ordinance which will issue a permanent deed restriction on 50% of private land. This is a precise display of criminalizing independence through regulation — a trend that we are seeing across the entire spectrum of American life, from FDA food and supplement control to excessive business licensing to Federal moves to steal land from states through “stewardship programs” such as Treasured Landscapes and other sweet-sounding propaganda designed to mask outright theft.  In short, it is dictatorship through bureaucracy.

A land grab such as this one seems to have only one true goal, and it is the goal that is stated within the UN-directed sustainable development control mechanism Agenda 21. Sub categories of Agenda 21 include The Wildlands Project and its Orwellian-named counterpart, Smart Growth, both of which include an action plan to remove people and eliminate resource extraction from over 50% of America’s Chinese-megacitylandscape. It is a move that above all encourages high-density development. Some 600 local governments have signed on to Agenda 21-style initiatives.

China showing the way
The Daily Mail 26 Jan. 2011: China is set to flex its industrial muscles on a scale the world has never seen - with a ‘mega-city’ twice as big as Wales and a population of 42million.  Blueprints have been laid to meld nine existing urban hubs in the country’s manufacturing heartland into a single sprawling metropolis designed to rival the productive firepower of  Beijing and Shanghai.
The project will dwarf Greater London by 26 times.

The Earth Institute Columbia University 3 Aug. 2005:  The majority of the world´s population will soon live in urban rather than rural areas. Adding a spatial dimension to population estimates, a new study finds that as much as 3% of the Earth´s land area has already been urbanized, which is double previous estimates.

ANSAmed 10 Jan. 2011 - The network of natural areas protected by the EU, known as ‘Natura 2000′, covers 18% of the territory of the European Union, and includes 130,000 square kilometres of sea.

This is the nature of the New World Order/ the “International Community”: It is introduced by stealth under absolute silence of the corrupt elitist controlled MSM. It feigns to be for the best of mankind – but is built on the biggest lie in history – the manmade and impoverishing CO2–global warming hoax/ religion, and here“. Now Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work  The Agenda 21 was introduced in Denmark by law by the Danish Parliament which thus just omce more sided with the New World Order, as it has been doing for many years (the facilitated Muslim immigration to crush the old society, the Euro-Mediterranean Project and its enormous quantity of additional treacherous legislation like the European Arrest Warrant and the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia – only against Europeans, not against Muslims, the VI. Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers Conference in 2003 granting the 4 EU freedoms – incl. free mobility within the EU -to the EU´s Arab “partners”, The Union for the Mediterranean, The abandoning of Danish souvereignty through an unconstitutional accept of the EU Constitution/the Lisbon Treaty, the neglecting the Danish referendum no to the Euro – and instead joining the EU competitiveness pact and the EU Semester – handing the authority to plan the national budget over to the EU Commission before its recognition by the national parliament. Furthermore, Parliament joined the fake War on Terror, and here – now letting Denmark bomb a Libya that never did Denmark any harm – because of “The International Society”! All by stealth without the corrupt media informing the brainwashed, dull population about anything but the unnecessary wars that cannot be kept secret!
Your future will be that of battery hens – or perhaps rather like that of monkeys in cages. People do not know – and they helpdevelop this in councils, working for a small, superrrich and unscrupulous elitist clique and their henchmen, believing to save the planet from a lied global warming catastrophe. This is stealing a nation´s soul. This is Satanic. I was invited 3/4 of a year ago to join such a council to be manipulated to destroy human life quality under the pretext of saving the planet. I will not repeat my frequent warnings against the depopulation intentions of this New World Order.