The Japanese earthquake led to a tsunami and the disastrous destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Moreover, the US is using depleted uranium in Iraq and Libya, spreading with the winds to and thereby poisoning the entire globe. Even though the US now seems to thave withdrawn from the Libya Campaign the damage is already widespread..

Highly radioactive water is leaking directly into the sea from a damaged pit near a crippled Fukushima reactor
The New York Times 2 April 2011: Experts in the nuclear industry: The more water they add, the more problems they are generating.”Tests of the water within the pit later showed the presence of 1 million becquerels per liter of iodine 131, a hazardous radioactive substance. However iodine 131 has a relatively short half life of about eight days.
Workers had started to try to fill the crack with concreteThere are fears that the contaminated water may be seeping out through many more undiscovered routes.

Global Res. 21 April 2011: There are more than 600,000 spent fuel rods that have been collecting on the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site for 40 years.How many more weeks will this cover-up go on? The rest of the world is not immune to this contamination.

Radioactive -usLeft: Fukushima-derived radioactive fallout from air and rain in the US. Here is how it is said to have spread to the entire globe by 26 May 2011. The real pollution is being covered up. Still more radioactivity is leaking out.

The Daily Mail 28 March 2011Trace amounts of radiation believed to have originated from damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors have  been detected in air samples in several western U.S. states and South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, environmental officials said today. There is no current threat to public safety, said Progress Energy spokesman Drew Elliot.Radioaktivitetskontroljapan

How to protect yourself from the radioactive fallout
A very high level of personal cleanliness is absolutely ESSENTIAL! Leave your shoes at door. Don’t bring in radioactive particles inside the house on the soles of shoes. Gamma rays are already on the winds. Remember, this is all invisible. Wash your hands upon coming in, before meals, after using the toilet. Children, especially, need to be reminded of this every day. Do NOT let children out in any rain, fog, sleet, or snow. There is a very high probability that it is now radioactive, on an on-going basis. THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF RADIATION EXPOSURE –no matter what any public official or agency says! It is not reported by a corporate-controlled media, and thus off most peoples’ radar. It is criminal what is being covered up!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  closely cooperating with Rockefeller´s  Codex Alimentarius. This concerns all of us.
Activist Post 28 March 2011 The FDA has (repeatedly) made a proposal that would allow production companies to use terms such as “electronically pasteurized” instead of “irradiated” and, going further, simply allow the food to be categorized as “pasteurized” with no indication whatsoever that the food had been subject to radiation.

RaduraThe proposal made by the FDA in April, 2007: “Only those irradiated foods in which the irradiation causes a material change in the food, or a material change in the consequences that may result from the use of the food, bear the Radura logo (right) and the term ‘irradiation,’ ”.
This proposal is merely another cover mechanism. FDA is also proposing to allow a firm to petition FDA for use of an alternate term to ‘irradiation’ (other than “pasteurized”). Codex effectively removes the limit on the dose of irradiation. The previous amount of radiation, as 10kGy is the equivalent to 330 million chest x-rays. The committee that bears responsibility for regulation is the Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants in close collaaboration with the IAEA, FAO/WHO, and ICGFI for the purpose of globalizationTrue independent science is not at work here.

Radiation-protectionActivist Post 28 March 2011The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is raising the “tolerance limits” for radioactivity!
The agency notorious for its infamous claim that the air was safe to breathe after 9/11 is now allowing for vastly more radioactive contamination of the environment and the general public in the event of a radioactive disaster.
The Agency can finalize its draft into legal policy without the approval of Congress.

According to PEER  (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility), the new standards would drastically raise the levels of radiation allowed in food, water, air, and the general environment - resulting in an increase for allowed exposure of “nearly 1000-fold to strontium-90, 3000 to 100,000-fold to iodine-131; and almost 25,000 to radioactive nickel-63 in drinking water.

In addition to raising the level of permissible radiation in the environment, PEER suggests that the reduction instandards of cleanup after a radioactive emergency will actually lead to approximately 1 in 4 people contracting cancer from exposure to them. If carried through, the talking heads would then be able to claim that the radiation levels are within the safety range set by the EPA.

Morphcity 24 March 2011: The media hailed Warren Buffett last December for donating $50 million dollars toward a UN nuclear bank with control over uranium enrichment. The intent is control over nuclear weapons and nuclear power by the elites who are the true forces behind the UN.Warren-buffett
Warren Buffet demanded matching funds of $100 million from governments.  Obama provided $50 million in US taxpayer money and the EU, UAE, Kuwait and Norway made up the rest. At $150 million, Morphcityworld domination is astonishingly cheap! Buffett is a proponent of depopulation.

Warren Buffett is in the energy utility business and owns MidAmerican Energy; his motivation for “donating” to the UN nuclear bank could benefit him later with regard to a UN monopoly over nuclear power for electricityTaxpayers will ultimately fund the UN nuclear bank that is in opposition to public interest and freedom.
The UN nuclear bank will be under the authority of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is NOT independent; it was created through a UN treaty and answers to the UN and the UN Security Council. The fuel bank will sell enriched uranium for power plants to countries in “good standing”. Therefore, only countries who kow-tow to the UN and IAEA will be provided with enriched uranium.

The UN´s true goal is a totalitarian world government ruled by the elites at the top. They claim that war is necessary for peace and are another piece of UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for total control and depopulation.

Georgia_guidestonesThe Georgia Guidestones (left) prescribe the elite to observe i.a.: 1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness (eugenics and here) and diversity. 3. Unite humanity with a living new language – and a “world court”.

The persons behind atombanken and their real aim
Buffett proposed the UN nuclear bank through a foundation that he provides funding, called the Nuclear Threat Initiative« (NTI). Ted Turner known for supporting depopulation, is co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Sam Nunn, a former US Senator, is the other co-chair of NTI.  Nunn is the front man working with Cold-War hawks Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, George Schulz, former Defense Secretary and William Perry, former Secretary of State in the ‘Nuclear Security Project’ to dismantle nuclear weapons. This project is supported by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and many others.

Nunn, Kissinger, Schulz and Perry are aggressively pushing the dismantling of nuclear weapons through the US-Russia-UN START Treaty and the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty.  The objective of these types of treaties, according to Department of State Publication 7277, is to disarm states to a “point where no state would have the military power to challenge the strengthened UN Peace Force….” This is the vision of the Kennedy administration from 1961 – Freedom From War.

For explanation of background: look here.