EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS SEPT 23, 2008: European lawmakers in an influential parliamentary committee want Europe to buy its way out of making serious CO2 emissions cuts by paying other countries, mostly in the developing world, to make the cuts on its behalf.

The European Commission proposed legislation in January that would require Europe as a whole to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent on 1990 levels by 2020, a target agreed to by European leaders the previous March, which would rise to a mandatory 30 percent if an international agreement is reached in which competing markets also agreed to such a target.

In a narrow 21 to 20 vote, MEPs in the parliament's industry committee elected to back an increase by a third on the European Commission's original proposals for the amount of "carbon offsets" European member states may use towards their carbon reduction targets.

Carbon offsets are no alternative to making emissions cuts ourselves, say environmentalists.
The use of offsets would apply to those sectors that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)  such as buildings and transport.

From supermarkets that claim to be "carbon-neutral" to the eco-conscious lead-singer of pop-band Coldplay saying he makes up for all the carbon emissions he is responsible for when he flies off in his private jet by paying people in Indonesia to plant mango trees for him, carbon offsets allow people to keep on polluting so long as they pay others to make up the difference.

Both environmentalists and increasingly a number of economists have become highly critical of the offset industry,
with the former regularly comparing offsets to "indulgences" sold by the Catholic Church to sinners in the Middle Ages to avoid time in purgatory after they died.

If projects that would have happened anyway are included as offsets, the net result is an increase of carbon emissions.

Green groups are also concerned that monoculture - one species only - tree plantations in the third world reduce biodiversity, undermine local sovereignty, encourage conflict over land and are highly flammable, meaning they can also lead to an increase in emissions.

A number of environmental organisations, including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the WWF, attacked the European Parliament vote, calculating that it would mean allowing up to 80 per cent of Europe's emission reductions to be met by the purchase of external offset credits. By 2020, member states' emissions from non-industrial sectors would only be reduced by a "feeble" two percent, compared to 2005 levels, they said.

"Should these types of amendments become law, the EU would cease to be seen as a credible climate partner internationally," the groups said in a statement.

“The more of the EU citizens´money we spend on this madness –the more they will believe in its necessity”?
EurActiv Sept. 23, 2008: The European Parliament is getting closer to secure funding for emerging technology to capture and store the carbon dioxide emissions of heavy-polluting coal-fired power plants, in an agreement that could bolster the EU's leadership in the fight against global warming.

Chris Davies, the British MEP steering the file through Parliament
The allowances would be taken from the EU ETS's New Entrant Reserve, a special pool of emission rights earmarked for new installations joining the scheme. "You're talking about around 10 billion euro worth of subsidy," Davies said on 22 September. The emissions rights would be made available for coal-fired power plants above "300 Megawatt or more," he said.

But he warned the funds generated would be available only when the CO2 is actually buried underground.

Andris Piebalgs, the EU energy commissioner, said start-up funding for specific CCS demonstration projects should be provided by the member states
because the European Union had no extra budget to allocate. In 2007, the EU committed to building up to 12 large-scale demonstration power plants that use CCS technology to produce electricity from coal or natural gas
The proposal will be voted on in Environment Committee on 7 October.

However, Davies said "within the Council, there is currently strong opposition to the proposal," expressing his hope that views would converge later on. "

Rebellion threatens the EU, unless it passes its self-made, ideological, totally unnecessary and here  CO2- buck on to others, who will have to give up their industrial development and remain the New World Order´s proletariat and source of endless immigration into the EU

EU Business 21 Sept. 2008: The cost to industry is estimated at some 44 billion euros per year between 2013 and 2020, with a tonne (1.1 US tons) of C02 costing 30 euros.
Business leaders have denounced the policy as a "tax", threatening to take their investments elsewhere and move their more polluting activities out of Europe.

Faced with the threat of job losses, governments are feeling the pressure. A number of European politicans are now speaking openly about diluting, or even abandoning the project.

"This plan is garbage. It's politically correct, but it won't happen," former Italian prime minister Guilano Amato said at the end of August.
Renato Brunetta, Italy's minister for innovation, has been equally blunt. "If it happens, it would kill the economic upturn. No one needs to kill themselves," said Brunetta, a trained economist.

One negotiator involved in the talks between the Commission and member states, said: "We're hearing these arguments more and more, notably from countries such as Italy and Germany, where industry is increasingly worried."
Brussels was taking the threat very seriously, the negociator added.

The EU's Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has nevertheless also publicly called on politicans and businesses not to oppose the measures.

And European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said: "I'm counting on Mr. Sarkozy's authority that the package will be adopted without being watered down before the end of the year

This whole CO2-mania is so crazy that it could only be brought into existence by phanatic ideology. And that is exactly what the whole self-declared illuminist (explanatory statement) EU is.

But when the madness is presented at a time when the old economical world order is melting down one cannot help seeing this as part of the old illuminist slogan "order out of chaos" - but first make the chaos!!
At least it is stupid, ruthless, evil  - and the New World Order, which Gordon Brown and Pres. Bush so fervenly speak of (see videos in the right margin of this blog.

However, considering the EU would so very much like to rule the world and was unable to do so militarily in the Russian-Georgian war, considering the EU has been unable to spare us the terror of Muslim immigration and the ruin of our social states due to that immigration, considering the fact that the EU is too small to spare us the bank crises and the coming recession - then the climate hoax is the Euro-illuminists´final possibility to preserve the last remnants of their self-conceitedness as a world empire.

As Czech President Vaclav Klaus says: "This is about world governance and our freedom"