The hacking of this website on 13. March 2011gives me an opportunity to give a brief summary of the message of this blog - based on the world’s leading media and EU, UN and other official press releases and documents, not knowing what future attacks could mean to the blog

First, I would say those who claim the contents of this blog to be ”conspiracy theory”: The whole history of the world is one long history of conspiracy. And why? Because the real conspiracy theorists, those  who deny the existence of conspiracies, allow the conspirators to implement their plans. Do not tell me that world history is just the consequence of chaos! The Roman, the British Empires, all wars, the French, Russian and Nazi revolutions etc. were based on countless conspiracies, like the New World Order (see videos on the right side of this blog). As  Franklin D. Roosevelt - U.S. president (32nd degree mason) - said: “… in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way.”  Who does not want to admit this, deceives himself and promotes calamities. Credulity was always dangerous. Therefore, now the dictatorship of the New World Order is victorious as repeatedly proclaimed by Sen. Pres Bush wins, José Barroso, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy and many others.

The New World Order- also called “the international community” is a reality that dominates our media and politicians and has, in the words of EU President, van Rompuy formed a world government at the G20 meeting on 2–4 April 2009- as is now made official by the Bilderbergers. The fact is that our  politicians are pandering to the EU, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commissionists and the European and U.S. Councils on Foreign Relations - even encouraging their program  - without having to do it. Thus Denmark´s politicians rushed to joim the Libyan war, the euro-pact although the Danes rejected the euro in a referendum ! And they eagerly joined the EU competitiveness pact and the EU Semester, thus giving up the last remnants of Denmark’s sovereignty.

Certainly, the President of the EU Commission is right: José Barroso: EU Press Release 24 March 2011:We are in fact now doing what was a very important aim for all those who wanted a stronger Union to complete the monetary union with an economic union. So, at least from that point of view this is a very important achievement. And I would like to link this also to the commitments that we all, as a European Union, have taken to the outside world, namely in the G20 process. We are now delivering on the four main commitments made at the G20 in Toronto. We have promised fiscal consolidation, financial instruments, financial repair and governance. And Europe may say that Europe has delivered its part of the bargain on global governance.”

I see an increasingly dictatorial EU - with the arbitrary European Arrest Warrant, threats of 3 years of imprisonment for true descriptions of Islam (Geert Wilders - European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia) , even death penalty and dictatorial powers over the economic and financial policies of the Member States.

The Union for the Mediterranean broke up with the North African uprisings and the overthrow of its co-president, Hosni Mubarak, as well as the resignation of its secretary, Masadeh.
Although the  Euro-Mediterranean Project remains - the reason for this blog - it is still just a Utopia - now distributing our taxpayer money to “partner countries”, which still have the promise of the VI. Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers Conference in 2003, giving the Muslim “partner countries” the 4 EU freedoms through an advanced status (Morocco, for example), the cause of the Muslim mass immigration into the EU. Unfortunately, with the stated purpose, of destroying European culture and religion radically.

Furthermore, I did not hide the fact that I see a convergence on the same point in history: 1. the aspirations of illuminists towards the Albert Pike scenario of 3 world wars, the 2 first ones described very accurately. (This paper was known before the death of Leo Taxil 1907 and was drafted  1885-1897 –  before WWI – according to Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon). The EU (explanatory statement, p. 29) states to be illuministic).  Furthermore Wolfgang Eggert´s very influential  Doomsday sects are promoting the coming of theirs and the Pharisaic and Illuminati Messiah, Ben David. On the other side are the predictions of his opponent, Christ (Matt. 24, etc.) on the signs on his imminent return. I see this as the very great hope, and the reason why we can calmly look into the future.

For this sick world needs a powerful chief psychiatrist. Remember the home-made War on Terror, and here, the Council on Foreign Relations seeing Al Qaeda as too weak to wreak havoc, the BBC even maintaining that Al Qaeda does not exist. Remember the war against the health of mankind through chemtrails and dangerous, totally unnecessary vaccination programs (bird flu,and swine flu, and here and here - an incredible fraud), the dishonest “man-made climate catastrophe / religion, and here“. Now Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work. But the climate swindle is also a huge source of revenue for the bankers at our cost. Furthermore, the elitist-made financial / economic crisis and here, the mad Agenda 21, aiming at putting mankind away in a cage like animals , etc. Depopulationists and see here – and here and here and here do not wish mankind any good.

I see what is now happening in the world as being accounted for by what I have already written: the ravenous appetite for power and money of a small elite and their growing band of minions, led by the U.S., which is now facing the decisive phase of their struggle for power. However, they cannot win equally ravenous Russia and China for their plans by their money and bribery.