Dear Readers,

On 22/03/2011 at 10 clock in the morning the blog “” was blocked by Google for being unsafe. However, you can still visit the website if you deactivate the security function: “Block Unsafe Websites” on your computer or via this link . The website is not unsafe!

On the red interface was written: Warning! This site may harm your computer.

Then there were three options: 1 “Leave this website immediately” 2 “Explanation for this action”: Google has visited the “ ” several times, most recently on 22/3/2011 and found dangerous malware.”

At the bottom right was written with tiny letters: Ignore this warning. So I did - and on the website was written just under the header: This website does not spread harmful viruses or malware!
This option seems not to be given any more.

From 10 clock on 22/03/2011 the number of visitors immediately decreased drastically to 25% of the usual number.

I have tried in vain to contact Google - every time ending in an impasse.

It seems to be so that computers with the security function: “Block Insecure Web Sites” activated cannot visit “” If you deactivate this function, it goes without further notice. So I have done now.

The background was that on 03.13.2011at 23 clock the Web site ”” was suddenly blocked by my antivirus programy - with the justification that a malware (hacking) had been received. Unusually, the anti-virus programm could not destroy the malware.
In the morning of 14/ 3/ 2011 I turned to my computer specialist. He installed the anti-malware programm Malwarebytes’ Anti 1.50.1. 1100. We have then scanned several times - and  the malware was immediately found  and destroyed on 14/3/2011. Since then, repeated scannings  found no malware - most recently a complete malware scan yesterday. Also complete scan with AVG computer analysis has found no errors.