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On the occasion of the EU Prime Ministers signing the Constitutional Reform Treaty in Lisbon on Dec. 12, 2007,  Daniel Hannan, MEP,  wrote in The Telegraph : "Whether through apathy, fatalism or sheer indifference, we are letting our leaders trample all over us. There are plenty of people we might try to blame: mendacious politicians, trivia-obsessed journalists, Eurocrats. But the truth is that responsibility lies closer to home. If we had properly wanted to prevent tomorrow's grisly necromancy, we would have roused ourselves. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.
This is  post  IIIa in a series trying to give an explanation for this fault. The first two dealt with Mental Hygiene and its fusion cultural liberalism and the 68-revolution.

Common religion plays an essential role for the self-perception of a tribe/nation - even though the opposite has been maintained since the French Revolution. The cohesion of  nations seems - though impaired - to be able to persist in a mixture of believers and non-believers in the common religion, as long as the culture and morals of the non-believers are based on a common religion. However, when incompatible religions (Islam and Christinity) mutually excluding each other spread in the same area it takes a violent turn. In that case it is either one or the other, according to history. Some naive persons believe in a fusion of all religions to a global unity religion: Universalism, as a prerequisite for their beloved one-world state and world peace. First I shall deal with the New Age concoction - in a subsequent post I shall deal with the clerical globalist syncretism. Both have as their preconditions the abolishment of the exclusive teaching of Christ. This movement is 2000 years old and was previously called gnosticism. It aims at creating a new humanist spiritual world inside every person - to clear the track for the New World Order.

The New Age religion is the religion of the New World order also advocated by actors like Shirley MacLaine and may go may go even further to make money: Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise  practises Angel Therapy in her physio-therapy practice. And she gives 3-year-courses for 4.150 dollars a year. This profitable Angel Therapy was first advocated by Alice Bailey of Luci(fers) Trust as messengers of a new world. And now Doreen Virtue!!! and her Angel Therapy are trade marked worldwide.

During the last few years we have seen "sensational" discoveries intending to present the resurrection of Christ as a hoax in an entertaining way. As seen from the part of certain authors and film makers they can thus combine a useful aim: to make a lot of money with comfort: advising people to forget the offer and preconditions of Christ and in stead to live to their liking.  Let it be it said at once: These "sensations" are as much founded on reality as are the tales of the pixies.

Apart from a view to much money by  publishing the sensational stories about Christ - is there another incentive behind the authors?
Is it aimed at "demystifying"  Christ in the service of a greater cause and to convince the world that the resurrection of Christ is just superstition and a hoax?  Is the entertainment industry also working for globalism and its humanist universalism (global unity religion) - by merging all religions in the name of humanism and Mammon - because this is a prerequisite for the world state, where we all are slaves of the globalist bankers of the New World Order? In order to build a new Tower of Babel - the borderless Utopia of global brotherhood?

According to the CNN, In connection with the Oscar-award 2007 the instructor of the Titanic film, James Cameron, gave a press conference on a documentary: ”The lost Tomb of Christ” to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel on March 4, 2007. This is confirmed by Wikipedia.

James Cameron has looked into a 1. century sepulchre in Jerusalem/Talpiot and made a "sensational" documentary on the "Jesus dynasty". It has to be said that there are thousands of 1. century sepulchres with ossuaries in and around Jerusalem - only about 900 having been excavated. In the spulchral cave known since 1980 stone ossuaries with the names of Jesus, son og Joseph, Mary, Jose, Judas, son of Jesus, Matia, Mariamene e Mare (from the sea) were found. Of course: Here is the proof that Christ did not resurrect to ascend int heaven - but died in a natural way and was buried here in Jerusalem. And Jose, Judas and Matia were appointed the children of Christ. And Mary must be his mother. Mariamene e Mare must be his wife, of course - although Magdala is not at the sea. Unfortunately, an important ossuary was missing: that of Jesus´ brother, James the Just, whose bones would have been fit for a DNA-comparison. But that could be managed. In 2002 an ossuary had been found whereupon was written:James, son of Joseph. In addition was written on the coffin: brother of Jesus.

 Oded Golan.

James - son of Joseph - brother of Jesus

By the Israel Antiquities Authority the ossuary was declared to be genuine  but the addition: brother of Jesus - was declared to be a fake of recent date: For one thing the letters were deeper and the grooves were differently angled from the the original text. For another there were stylistic differences and scratches of the glaze showing the work of a craftsman after the first part of the inscription had been made. Now Oded Golan is on trial for fraud, as he was caught red-handed at his workshop, where there were accumulated a lot of antiquities he was enriching with "ancient" inscriptions - just as he he is supposed to have enriched the ossuary of James. And as he has faked the so-called Jehoash Inscription in Jerusalem. But there are still experts who believe the inscription of the ossuary is genuine - in that case probably the earliest mentioning of the name of Jesus apart from the letters of St. Paul. Therefore, today it is insured up to 1 million dollars.

According to the people behind the ”The Lost Tomb of Christ” an ossuary from the sepulchral cave of the Jesus dynasty is to have been removed which  in its dimensions just corresponded  to that of James. Actually, 10 ossuaries were found and deposited at the Rockefeller Museum in Eastern Jerusalem. Here an ossuary disappeared. And probably, it would just be that of James! However, the problem is that the antique dealer who had sold the ossuary to Golan claims that the ossuary came from Silwan - far away from Talpiot. Furtermore, that at the reception it had dirt on it typically derived from the Silwan cave. Such dirt does not occur at Talpiot. I.e. the ossuary of James cannot have been removed from the "Jesus dynasty" as claimed. And there seems to be one more reason why this is unlikely: In connection with the on-going trial against Golan it has been revealed that former FBI agent, Gerald Richard, gave evidence that in the 1970´es a photo was taken of the James ossuary at Golan´s  home. The author of the story, Simcha Jacobovici, has admitted that if this is the case the ossuaty cannot have been found in the sepulchre in 1980.
But he probaly does not enter upon that in the documentary - inasmuch as he has made a fool of himself in Israeli archaeological circles with a documentary on this ossuary of James, the "Naked Archaeologist". Jewish archaeologists compare him with Immanuel Velikovsky, a dreamer who rewrote history out of his own totally unreal imaginations and made himself absolutely impossible. Nevertheless, he was a good seller.

Professor Ben Witherington has looked into the ”The Lost Tomb of Christ” . He thinks the author and film maker has got hold of something which will do sensationally on TV. But that the history is full of conjectures and holes. According to Wikipedia the archaeologists agree. For one thing Joseph is the most frequent name but one among 2625 male names found in 1. century sepulchres around Jerusalem - and Jesus the  most frequent name but 5. Mary is the very most frequent (25%) of the only 328 given female names in the caves.  For the sake of appearances a mitochondrial DNA-test has been made. It is stated to show show that Jesus and Mariamene e Mare are not related. Consequently they must be married to each other! Just because something is possible it is also the case! However, mitochondrial DNA is only passed on from the mother. Which means that nothing can be said about the relationship of possible sons of Jesus and Jesus Josephson. Nor about the actual gender of the owner of the bones nor paternal relationship. Jesus and Mariamene could be brother and sister. There is no male DNA from Jesus´ family to compare with - for there are no James-bones. And experts agree that that there is no proof to point Mariamene e Mare out as Maria Magdalena. Nothing is reported about this Jesus having marks af a crucifixion - like Yehohanan
During his visit to Turkey in 2006 Pope Benedict paid a visit to the presumed tomb of the Virgin Mary at Ephesos, where her stepson, St. John (John 19:26-27), is said to have taken her.
Consequently, she cannot be buried in Jerusalem. And there is nothing to certify that Christ was married and had children - although this was natural for a Jewish Rabbi.

                                                                                     Står her Jesus eller Hanun? 
But still worse is that it is stated to be very difficult to decipher  ancient Semitic writing. Thus, Israeli  graphologists are not at all certain the name is Jesus . Stephen Pfann from the University of the Holy Land reads the name Hanun in stead
To this comes that in the sepulchre cave only 10 ossuaries were found, each being filled with bones from different dead bodies of generation upon generation in the period from 538 B.C. to 70 A.D. And the names are written in Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew. Which indicates little interrelationship and burials from different epochs. So, who is who?  

Sensational literature

 Lynn Picknett og Clive Prince: Like Dan Brown they have picked the idea of success from Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln: Fabricate some interesting lies about Christ, present them as sensational truth: the Sion Revelation, The Revelation of the Templar etc. Through the  International Order of Gnostic Templars they contribute to the spreading of a particularly bizarre form of gnosticism. 

Michael Baigent´s, Richard Leigh´s og Henry Lincoln´s bestseller ”The Holy blood and the Holy Grail from 1982  reprinted in 2005 may serve as a further example. In 1987 they followed the success up with yet another best-seller: "The Messianic Legacy"  – as well as many TV broadcasts. These ”sensational” mysteries from Rennes–le-Chateau! The descendants of Christ as the holy blood through Jesus´marriage with Mary Magdalena as the Holy Grail! The protection of the family by the later knights of the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar- an order initiated by the still existing Prioré de Sion! whose task it was to place a descendant of Christ, a Merovingian - to which lineage Prince Henrik of Denmark was stated to belong!! - on the the throne of France! All this was mere hoax invented by a certain Pierre Plantard, a notorious swindler who has admitted his fraud. 

 Dan Brown seized his opportunity: His loan from Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln has made him very rich. Here in the class room . As an English teacher he can really dechristianize future generations in the service of the global unity religion.

When I read the "Holy Blood and Holy Grail" I was stupefied. I never saw the like of misleading "historiography": If A is right, B ensues from this. I.e.: then C is also correct, and that means D, which inevitably leads to E. If we then further assume F….etc.! There was not the slightest fact in it.This is the recipe of success, money and demystification of Christ. The authors have admitted that what they presented as "facts" were sheer "assumptions".  And they knew all along!!

Dan Brown followed up on the same theme  possibly still more successfully with the "The Da Vinci Code” –so far sold in more than 50 million copies! A hit should be repeated till it makes people sick.

Bill Donahue is the President of the Catholic League. He says about the "Lost Tomb of Christ": "There is no doubt that there is an aversion against Christianity in Hollywod"  Donahue also said that he was surprised that Cameron was cooperating with the extreme "cultural left" of the film industry which he thinks is trying to bring Christianity into disrepute.  According to Professor Ben Witherington Dan Brown is a typical preseny-day gnostic striving for a global , common unity religion with a mixture of all existing religions in the adoration of one common God - although the man calls himself a "Christian". Whereby he makes Christ and our ancient heritage from our ancestors superfluous.
This is New Age - the man-made fancy-religion in the service of world peace in the coming dictatorial world state.