EU´s Hypocritical Goodbye to Brutal Political Illusion, the Mediterranean Union. “Europa Must Apologize to the Arabs”- ” But We Will Not Take Their Refugees” Say EU Leaders

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LATEST: [1] EUbusiness 12 March: French President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed for camps to be set up in Egypt and Tunisia . Sarkozy said the leaders of the 27 states had reached agreement on the principle of humanitarian zones If we don’t handle their welcome, in humane and decent conditions, what will they be tempted to do: to cross the Mediterranean, he said.

Summary: The North African demonstrations and the civil war in Libya have shaken EU politicians deeply.  For years,  they had been fawning on cruel dictators, even made the Euromediterranean Declaration with them in 1995 as well as the Mediterranean Union in 2008 and sent them so much of our taxpayer money in vain. In 2003, the EU promised the Euro-Mediterranean “partner” countries the EU’s 4 freedoms, including free mobility into the EU, with the stated objective of destroying our old European culture and religion. On paper, the agreements were about shared prosperity, culture, FTA, democracy, indeed, eventually an enlarged EU. 2 years ago, Morocco, despite incredible atrocities against its minorities, made its first step into the EU - and Tunisia and Egypt were now to follow suit - even if they had done nothing to meet the EU’s formal demands. It all went slowly. But then, the CIA breathed life into the “partner countries´” civil societies, who started the riots. The EU was exposed as completely helpless and impotent. Suddenly, there was a huge problem with the “democracy-seeking” partners. For these people comprise very many well-organized Islamists. Thus,  a Pew Center study, 95% of Egyptians by democracy in reality understand the Sharia! The EU is already missing its old friends now, the fallen dictators who kept many Muslims at home – and the amoral EU will no doubt also embrace coming Islamist dictators in the “partner countries”. This hypocrisy becomes even clearer as Tony Blair now – [2] in continuation of Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel - says immigration is an explosive problem, because “ our generosity may have been abused”. In 2005 he, who acc. to his speechwriter wanted Muslim mass immigration to destroy us,  condemned immigration opponents as fearmongers! For now Sarkozy and Cameron stake on the losing rebels – in order to rebuild Libya to the EU´s liking! The EU will have no more immigrants/refugees right now. The NWO project, the  Mediterranean Union, conveniently suddenly died, without the EU ever bothering to tell the Europeans that it existed - but the Euromediterranean agreement will certainly continue under the name of the existing Euro-Mediterranean Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) – also unknown to Europeans! Ashton, HR: “We cannot afford inflexibility to get into our way. We can and must respond strategically.  Since 1994, the [3] EU Parliament  is working for a World Parliament, a United Nations Parlamentary Assembly.

“We must say to these insurgents: “It’s our fault - sorry!” - Because we have been so stupid as to put our tax money in the dear Muslim “partner immigrants” - and in those who stayed at home  without this money being used for much more than consumption. We are paying for putting up with the Muslim tides of violence here and in our cession of No-go zones to the migrant master race; for being accused of racism when we hold our own and defend ourselves and what is ours. “First we need to show humility to the past,” says Stefan Fuele, European Commissioner responsible for the block’s neighborhood policy. “The awakening has sent the EU into a frantic quest for a new Mediterranean Roadmap. “The first reaction was to mobilize because of fears that hordes of refugees would land on our borders.”

The EU Commission has acknowledged that Europe must change tack  in terms of immigration, though only slightly. “Given the growing xenophobia it is not an easy problem,” says Fuele. At last, something suggests that the EU traitors are beginning to show their electorates a little respect. But it is only pretence. The EU Council Conclusions on February 4, 2011 were that  they were committed to a new partnership involving more effective support in the future.” Their most recent political paper suggests that incentives to North African countries could include more flexibility in issuing visas to their citizens! A new ruling from the destructive European Court of Justice says that children born in an EU country to foreign-national parents now must become EU citizens through naturalization, and that non-EU parents of an EU-citizen child must be allowed to live and work in the pertinent EU state. Thus, the EU seizes the moment to legalize illegal immigrants.

Although the EU now decries Gaddhafi endlessly the EU, despite the man’s cruelty and despite the Lockerbie affair, used to pander to Gaddhafi who has invested a lot especially in Italy - and granted good business ties in Libya! Now, to hide their own shame, some EU politicians demand the man to be removed by military force. But by sending the “partners” civil society brigades in the field, trained and equipped to the teeth, the West has now created the problem that huge weapons arsenals have been emptied by the Islamist civil society partisans. It is expected that Libya will then become an El Dorado-arsenal to international terrorism.

[4] AFP 6 March 2011: Europe’s leaders this week hold an extraordinary summit for a revamp of Mediterranean policy, despite billions of aid funnelled into North African states and a slew of trade deals Euiss-democratic-arabic-wavestruck during 15 years of a [5] Euro-Mediterranean partnership - Libya never was a member. “Europe bowed before these dictators, it paid no heed to repression,” said Alain Deletroz, an analyst at  [6] Soros/Brzezinski´ s International Crisis Group. Across Europe, contrite capitals are rattled by skeletons in the cupboard. But “first and foremost”, said Deletroz, “Europe must pronounce a mea culpa” – Apologize!!! First, we must show humility about the past,” said Stefan Fuele, the European Commissioner in charge of the bloc’s relations with its neighbours.  The awakening has sent the EU into a frenzied quest for a fresh Mediterranean road map.”The initial response was to mobilise due to the fear of seeing hordes of refugees land at our borders,” Deletroz told AFP.The EU’s executive arm, the European Commission, has acknowledged Europe needs to change tack, albeit slightly, on migration, which given mounting xenophobia “is not an easy issue”, Fuele said.
Comment: This is too much self-abasement! We have given these hostile Muslims everything: Shelter, our money, our safety, our cities which they are making no go zones fo whites. We have sent plenty of money down to them. And [2] what use have they brought us? They [7] produce nothing, democracy and human rights, [8] have seen very little progress at all,” says a Downing Street spokesman. Their entertainment is costing us our social states. We are being accused of racism when we protest.  And then we are to apologize. Sure these treacherous eurocrats and politicians owe a  very big apology: TO US – as nearly admitted by [9] Tony Blair, who wanted to destroy us through Muslim Mass immigration: [10] The Daily Mail 12 March 2011: “There is a debate on culture and integration – issues that are altogether more vigorous and potentially more explosive. Iinsofar as there is a perception of failure, it is about whether our “generosity” in allowing inward migration and encouraging multiculturalism has been abused”. In the 2005 election campaign he insisted immigrants had made a ‘huge contribution’ to Britain and condemned opponents for “exploiting people’s fears”. BUT: [11] The Irish Times 9 March:  In A ruling with major implications for Irish policy, the European Court of Justice has ruled that children born in Ireland ( and any other EU country) to foreign-national parents must now become EU citizens through naturalisation, and that the non-EU parents of an EU citizen child must be allowed to live and work in that EU state. Comment: This is how the EU can seize the [12] Mediterranean-union-mapmoment to legalize illegal immigrants.

[13] The New York Times 7 March: After years of failed engagement with the southern Mediterranean, HR. Ashton said  last month she was seeking to secure €1 billion, or $1.4 billion, for Tunisia from the European Investment Bank this year - meaning that the [14] money disappears into the tax oases of corrupt politicians and bankers. The European Investment Bank is ready to provide around €6 billion to the Mediterranean region in the coming three years.  European politicians increasingly accept that they are going to have to invest in the creation of prosperity if they are to avert large-scale migration to Europe. The latest policy paper suggests that incentives offered to North African countries could include more flexibility in the issuing of visas for their nationals.

The Arab democratic wave. How the EU can seize the moment
[15] European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) Report N° 9 March 2011. From p. 51. It will be important to quickly put the issue of Tunisia’s advanced status on the table. Of course, such an advanced status must be conditional on the achievement of a successful democratic transition. As far as the content of such an advanced status is concerned, it would be advisable to take into account the lessons of the status previously granted to [16] Morocco. But there is a lacking in real substance compared to the  [17] ENP as such (for [18] Morocco is a real nightmare).  The Member States agreed in the European Council conclusions of 4 February 2011 that they were ‘committed to a new partnership involving more effective support in the future.
Obviously the Union for the Mediterranean taking into account the new institutions and the [19] six regional programmes does not seem, contrary to the ENP, to be the best instrument to accompany political reforms. In any case there is a need to develop reflection on the future of the [20] Union for the Mediterranean, and [21] here.

But what is reality?

[22] LibyanRebelGunmen[23] Prison Planet 1 March 2011: The Anglo-American “globocrat” establishment is no longer hiding its support for the now admittedly armed rebellion spreading across Libya. The CIA backed rebellions against Qaddafi for the last 20 Years.
Libya consists of various tribes, Berbers and Arabs, African refugees, as well as expatriate work forces from China and South Asia, all combined under Qaddafi and his localized revolutionary committees. When they fall, chaos and infighting will ensue due to the West supplying weapons and recognizing armed rebels as the legitimate government of Libya.

[24] The New York Times 2 March 2011: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Tuesday played down the possibility of American military intervention in Libya, saying that there was no agreement within NATO about the use of force and that now was not the time for the United States to be entering into another war in the Middle East.

[25] Sarko-mubarak[26] Free Internet Press 28 Febr. 2011 (written by Spiegel journalists):  At the EU foreign minister´s meeting, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini claimed that Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was the only person who could guarantee Libya´s stability. His colleagues from Greece and Malta seconded his opinion.
Germany’s Werner Hoyer disapproved.

[27] Hr-ashtonDuring this whole period, the reaction of Europe’s governments can best be described as paralyzed,  unsure, divided and without a plan.

European governments seem more interested in maintaining the status quo and protecting their favorite dictators. For example, in 2008, the Europeans appointed as co-chairman of the union none other than the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. At the same time, Brussels supplied Egypt with generous financial support.

The E.U.’s ties with Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi were just as close. The E.U. gave him tens of millions to seal off his coastlines. In 2009, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair granted an early release and repatriation to Libya’s Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie) When it comes to determining Europe’s policies in North Africa, national interests trump the principles expounded in the E.U. treaties– especially for Italy And France.

The wrangling is at least as fierce when it comes to the issue of how the refugees from North Africa should be dealt with. At a meeting of E.U. justice and interior ministers last week in Brussels, Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Greece demanded solidarity from their E.U. colleagues. But, so far, there have been few signs that the rest of the E.U. members are willing to accept refugees.

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has demanded that, if necessary, the international community must also be willing to intervene militarily on a massive scale - which German Parties reject.

Look out: Libya is now a jihadist weapons arsenal, a probable purveyor for world terrorism again
[28] Stratfor 10 March 2011:There are reports that foreign governments are discussing providing arms to the Libyan rebels in the eastern part of the country.
As a result of the current strife, literally tons of weapons have recently entered into free circulation. Libya could once again become the arsenal of terrorism, and the weapons will almost certainly proceed from Libya via a number of divergent channel. [29] EUObserver 11 March 2011: Sarkozy and Cameron: “The EU stands ready to engage with the Libyan authorities in order to help Libya build a constitutional state and develop the (NWO)rule of law. We consider the [rebel] Council to be valid political interlocutors, ..are ready to provide support for all possible contingencies”. The [30] EU Council agrees.  Comment: The rebels are losing the war.

The [20] Union for the Mediteterranean has been a gigantic economic, political, cultural, mendacious propaganda flop, [31] fulsomely praising Islam, a scandal because of its secret endeavours to islamize Europe (The [32] Rabat Commitment, implemented through i.a. the disgraceful [33] Islamisation plan for Europe by the Danish Foreign  Ministry) and practiced in free Muslim immigration (The [34] Naples Conference 2003)[34] . A year ago, the EU made [35] desperate attempts to revive it from its [36] crisis despite [37] brutal persecutions of Christians and [18] here and [38] here and [39] now again. And  its unlimited immigration policy is [40] Eu-tildelinger-2011-2013a true disaster: Even the [41] EUISS, the “[42] brain “ of the EU is intentionally blind to the nature of Islam. The EU will not publicly admit the fact that Islam is an ideology with the aim of the dictatorial world caliphate. Of course the eurocrats and europoliticians know – but they have made it [9] public that this destructive immigration is exactly what they want to destroy the West in favour of their [43] New World Order (see videos ar right margin of this blog).

Muslim immigrants are welcome in the EU since the support of the Muslim world is [44] necessary for EU´s superpower status ambitions. However, these [2] pocket dictators are getting scared of their own electorates who have through the alternative media learned about the high treason of the EU. This seems to restrain them from accepting massive new immigrations from North Africa – although they say they will only reduce the flow slightly. As the EU is no military great power, it can only await what NATO will do.
The following [45] EU Press Release of 9 March 2011 demonstrates what is at stake for the EU: Catherine Ashton, HR: “We cannot afford inflexibility to get in our way. We can and must respond in a strategic way.

[46] Behead-those-who-sayThe EU leaves an impression of having no morals. Now, instead of its previous dictator friends, the EU is supporting the  [47] CIA societies in North Africa. And if Islamistic rulers take over, be assured that the EU will switch to support them – and apologize once more for its expensive stupidity! Thereby, the EU is inviting to further Muslim blackmailing.

EU´s good friend and future EU colleague, Turkey´s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, said the following [48] “Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers.” And about [49] Moderate Islam“:”These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!” But of course the EU knows better – like in North Africa.

The EU can or will not see that what comes after the present dictators is civil war and chaos – or Sharia states. If Gaddhafi falls endless tribal war will rage in Libya. And in Egypt an Tunisia, civil riots are continuing – [39] counter-revolution being feared. To Islam, Western democracy is blasphemy, because Allah has already given all necessary laws. So, when the [50] Pew Research Center finds that 95% of Egyptians want a strong Islamic democracy, this means the Sharia.

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