Summary: Italy and the EU had a proper fright when recently, in one day, 4000 refugees from Tunisia landed on the island of Lampedusa – just as for the express joy of the EU they had freed themselves from the tyrant, Ben Ali, who had been the EU’s celebrated Euro-Mediterranean partner for many years– just having been promised an advanced EU status. After that there is now rebellion against the EU´s partner, Libya’s Moammar Gaddhafi, and the EU is terrified at the prospect of perhaps up to 300,000 refugees from that country! EU ministers will suddenly and for the first time ever not receive fleeing Muslim masses, if and when they come - but will leave to Italy to face the problem alone. It is strange, given it has officially emerged that our politicians for now almost 40 years have promoted Muslim mass immigration into Europe in order to destroy our ancient Christian world order radically. Also strange, considering that the EU has opened recruiting offices in Africa to get 56 mio. Muslim “workers” + their families to Europe  by 2050. Indeed, EU politicians have reacted with anger at the prospect of all this multicultural enrichment – apparently agreeing with us “racists and xenophobs” whom they have been scolding for years for warning against multiculturalism. Instead,  politicians are planning a “new Marshall plan”, within the framework of the NWOs self-styled global redistribution of our wealth beyond the CO2 redistribution plan. Large sums of our tax funds are to be transferred into the black holes of these developing countries’ , as Cameron puts it - but first and foremost, into the globalist bankers´ big black holes. French Muslims even threaten trouble because they are no better off!

In this situation there have been some half-hearted statements by Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy, that multiculturalism is dead, the Muslims must have a community environment they like, so they will want to learn our language and not to be Muslims, ie. fighting by all means as the murderous Quran (eg Sura 9:5) commands. Cameron enraged Muslim groups by warning them that if they fail to support women’s rights or promote their own integration, they will lose all public funding. All immigrants to Britain should speak English, and schools are expected to teach the country’s common culture. He rightly blamed the previous government for the multicultural failure. Cameron blamed it on a doctrine of “state multiculturalism” which helps the cultures to live separate lives.

Britain experienced the largest influx since the Saxons during the last government´s 13 years in power- with immigrants arriving in Britain at a rate of almost one per minute – today called “Labour´s big Treason”. About 80 percent of them came from countries outside the EU - a total of approx. 5.5 million. And now half of the British population has had enough – wanting a national party to stop immigration.
David Cameron was the first foreign leader who visited post-revolutionary Cairo (with its old military dictatorship minus Mubarak). He spent three days touring the undemocratic Gulf states with eight of Britain’s leading arms manufacturers. The weapons which North Africans use to kill each other with stem mainly from EU countries. It may hit Egypt, too, where there is now crackdown on new demonstraters believing that their revolution has been betrayed, without result!

The focus in the Euromediterranean region is now on Libya, where a regular civil war is going on – and a tide of refugees for Europe is being expected. Resignation, anger, helplessness and despair has seized European leaders – although they have consciously and deliberately been promoting Muslim mass immigration to destroy our societies radically over the latest 38 years (Bath Ye´or Eurabia 2005). They seem to be looking for US leadership Gaddhafis-40-jomfruvagterin regard to preventive measures. However, a crucial new change has taken place: EU countries will not receive a possible stream of Libyan refugees from Italy. This is the first time that EU countries says no to absorbing Muslim mass immigration (Deutsche Welle 24. febr. 2011).

Libya´s ruler, Moammar Gadhafi, is being well guarded by the 40 most beautiful virgins of the country.

International intervention underway against Libya?
Channelnewsasia: UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday demanded international action against attacks on civilians in Libya which have left hundreds dead. Ban said: “Those responsible for brutally shedding the blood of innocents must be punished.”
Deutsche Welle 25 Febr. 2011: A senior European Union diplomat said Thursday the EU was considering military interventionDEBKAfile 25 Febr. 2011: Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya’s eastern breakaway province, Debkafile’s military sources report exclusively. The CIA created bogeyman al-Qaeda has surfaced in eastern Libya. Locals say it is not true. Much too late and uselessly comes this: Deutsche Welle 25 Febr. 2011: The US and the EU have agreed to impose sanctions on Libya, including an arms embargo and a freeze on Gadhafi’s assets.

EU Business 23 Febr. 2011: The 27-nation bloc is also planning for a massive influx of refugees from the southern shores of the Mediterranean, with Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini awaiting a “biblical” exodus of 200,000 to 300,000 people.
Inquirer. net 22. Febr. 2011: Europe voiced fears Monday about a new wave of illegal immigration after Libya threatened to break its cooperation on controlling the flow and more Tunisians landed on Italian shores. With thousands fleeing from Tunisia to Italy in the past 10 days after a revolution ousted Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, European governments reacted with anger and dread after Libya warned that it could suspend its cooperation in retaliation for the EU’s condemnation of a crackdown on protesters. The European Commission in October offered Libya up to 50 million euros ($70 million) in aid to stop the flow of illegal migrants to Europe as well as assist refugees from across the region who use the north African country as a jumping-off point to Europe.

Europaportalen 22. feb. 2011EU foreign ministers are virtually powerless against the unrest going on in Libya, Carl Bildt (Bilderberger and Swedish Foreign Minister) admitted today on his way into the meeting with his colleagues.  The Italian foreign minister warns that an “Islamic emirate” will occur in Libya. Six Southern European countries require in a letter to Baroness Ashton, the EU to place more resources with their southern neighbors than their Eastern ones. The six countries, France, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Slovenia have figured out that the EU spends 1.50 Swedish kronor per person in Egypt while Moldovans get 220 per person, writes the online magazine EUobserver.

But even worse: The globalists are planning a “new Marshall Plan” for the Euromediterranean and postrevolutionary new rulers – no matter who and what they are – the biggest transfer of taxpayer money since WWII. Infowars 23 febr. 2011:  While the United States and Europe orders its own scum public to accept massive public spending cuts along with higher taxes on top of soaring inflation and food prices, it concurrently prepares to buy off post-”revolution” governments in the Middle East and North Africa with billions in “aid” (taxpayers’ money) in order to install fresh puppets who will graciously buy huge quantities of arms from the US-EU-Israeli military-industrial complex. Dirty money stolen from taxpayers already laboring under the harshest economic conditions in several generations will be used to buy off whoever takes charge after the globalist-manipulated revolutions that have now reached Libya and threaten to engulf Saudi Arabia. See this video from Russia Today.Ghaddafi+ frattini

Stratfor 22 Febr. 2011 Tripoli relaxed its visa policies in the 1990s for sub-Saharan African countries, in effect allowing itself to become a transit state for migrants to Italy. Gadhafi then used the issue of migrants — and energy concessions — to get Rome to lobby the European Union to relax its sanctions against Libya throughout 2003. The policy came to fruition when the EU embargo on arms was removed in 2004, in large part due to lobbying efforts by Rome.
Rome and Tripoli have since cooperated on stemming the flow of migrants. The most significant concession by Libya to Italy has been assistance in Rome’s “push-back” policy. The policy involves intercepting refugees and migrants in the international waters and repatriating them back to Libya. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni claiming in early 2010 that the policy led to a 96 percent drop in arrivals in the first three months of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.

Gadhafi+berlusconiWithout Gadhafi in Libya holding up his end of the push-back deal, Rome could be left without a viable partner. In addition, chaos and civil war in Libya could engender a security vacuum in which various organized crime groups could seek to profit by expanding already existent smuggling routes from sub-Saharan Africa.

Freemason handshake

The Greek island of Crete is only 530 kilometers from Benghazi in eastern Libya, where much of the unrest has taken place. Both Greece and Italy would have a reason to consider the collapse of the government in Libya as a national security concern.

Ultimately, the worst nightmare for Rome — and for the rest of Europe — is a post-Gadhafi Libya that mirrors Somalia after the ouster of military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, a country that has seen two decades of lawlessness and become a breeding ground for piracy and Islamist terrorism.

Herald Online 23 Febr. 2011: “All of these problems that led to revolutions in the Arab world are also daily life in France and are more and more unbearable,” Yacine Djaziri, whose Bondy Blog chronicles life in immigrant-heavy Paris suburbs that exploded in riots in 2005, wrote recently. “How do we fix it? Do we need to set ourselves on fire? Be resigned? Get angry? Revolt?” Europeans ask: who’s going to pay when they’re engulfed in a debt crisis that threatens to darken the future of an entire generation? “Germany pumps enough money into foreign countries already,” said Marcel Mueller, 27, who works in the service industry.
Germans can well imagine the burden they might shoulder to help fund a Marshall Plan for the Arab world: 20 years after reunification, they are still charged an extra “solidarity tax” to subsidize reconstruction in the former communist east - estimated at some euro1.3 billion ($1.78 billion).

The Independent 5 Febr. 2011: David Cameron launched a devastating attack today on 30 years of multiculturalism in Britain, warning it is fostering extremist ideology and directly CameronAngela-Merkel--006contributing to home-grown Islamic terrorism.
Signalling a radical departure from the strategies of previous governments, Mr Cameron said that Britain must adopt a policy of “muscular liberalism” to enforce the values of equality, law and freedom of speech across all parts of society. He warned Muslim groups that if they fail to endorse women’s rights or promote integration, they will lose all government funding. All immigrants to Britain must speak English and schools will be expected to teach the country’s common culture

Left Cameron , right Angela Merkel – both under pressure from electorates to stop multiculturalism and immgration

His remarks have already infuriated Muslim groups, as they come on the day of what is expected to be the largest demonstration so far of anti-Muslim sentiment being planned by the English Defence League. They suggested his speech was part of a concerted attack on multiculturalism from centre-right European governments and pointed out he was making it in Germany – where Chancellor Angela Merkel recently made a similar attack – and Sarkozy too, later on.
“We have failed to provide a vision of society [to young Muslims] to which they feel they want to belong,” he said. “We have even tolerated segregated communities behaving in ways that run counter to our values. All this leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless. And the search for something to belong to and believe in can lead them to extremist ideology.”

Mr Cameron blamed a doctrine of “state multiculturalism” which encourages different cultures to live separate lives. This, he says, has led to the “failure of some to confront the horrors of forced marriage”. But he added it is also the root cause of radicalisation which can lead to terrorism. “As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by what some have called ‘non-violent extremists’ and then took those radical beliefs to the next level by embracing violence. This is an indictment of our approach to these issues in the past. And if we are to defeat this threat, I believe it’s time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past.

Gordon-brown-clawThe Telegraph 22 Febr. 2011: Britain experienced the largest influx since the Saxons during the 13 years of the last Government with migrants arriving in the UK at a rate of almost one a minute.
Enough foreign nationals to fill Birmingham three times over moved to the UK in a policy that critics have dubbed “Labour’s great betrayal”. Up to another million are feared to be here illegally (The think-tank Migrationwatch) .It has meant pressure on public services, roads, housing, schools and hospitals.

The report also shows::: three in four new jobs created since 1997 have been accounted for by migrant workers:: one in four children is born to a foreign mother:: a third of future extra households will be due to immigration:: half a million extra foreign-born children arrived at a primary school:: the UK population could hit 70 million within two decades, largely driven by immigrationtony blair.fjong:: research by leading demographer, Professor David Coleman of Oxford University, concluded that if immigration continues at its present level the ‘white British’ may become a minority in the UK by the late 2060s.

The study comes as an independent poll revealed three in four Britons believe immigration is a “big problem” with concerns especially growing among younger people who are facing record levels of unemployment.
Official figures on Thursday are expected to show up to 5.5 million non-UK born people arrived in the country as long term migrants between 1997 and 2010. Around 2.3 million left over the same period, among them 1 mio white Brits, meaning the UK population increased by around 3.2 million as a direct result of foreign migrants.
Some 80 per cent of those also came from outside the EU, dispelling the myth that the country’s ability to control inflows was restricted by the right to free movement of member states.

“The sheer scale of what has occurred is changing Britain fundamentally and irrevocably and in ways the majority of the population did not ask for, were not consulted about and did not wish to see.”
In 2009
Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, claimed that the sharp increase in migrants over the last 10 years was partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

The Muslim mass immigration is a political crime against the Europeans on a scale never seen before. It is an ethnic cleansing of populations that have been deeply betrayed by their politicians.
When these politicians speak the wishes of their peoples against multiculturalism: Be sceptical. When they speak democracy – they mean defending their dictatorships. But their electorates are rumbling “their” leaders, putting pressure on them: The Guardian 26 Febr. 2011: 48% of the British population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism. 43% of Asian Britons, 63% of white Britons and 17% of black Britons agreed with the statement that “immigration into Britain has been a bad thing for the country.”
David Cameron was the first foreign leader to visit Cairo (with its old military dictatorship minus Mubarak). It emerged that he will spend the next three days touring undemocratic Gulf states with eight of Britain’s leading defence manufacturers The Guardian 21 Febr. 2011. These weapons are indeed necessary – think of Bahrain.
In Egypt, violence is again applied against protesters claiming that their revolution was betrayed, giving them no “democracy”

Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanAs I have previously written, the Union for the Mediterranean is dying. May it never resurrect but remain below the ground forever, amen.
It was an unnatural miscarriage from the start. Here are is its obituary by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron,The Express 24 Febr. 2011 :“The Prime Minister hit out at the vast sums of taxpayers’ cash that has been paid to dictatorships like Libya and Syria for over a decade.Other countries benefiting from the cash include Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Israel. The Palestinian Authority also benefits from the fund. And he is ordering Eurocrats to “be brave and turn off the tap” of cash if Arab regimes continue to fail to make progress towards democracy and freedom. One Downing Street source said: “There are very few solid examples of progress. All the big things, like democracy and human rights, have seen very little progress at all.”

The EU and its leaders now very much too late are trying to tell us, that our “xenophobic and racist” protests against their multicultural immigration destruction of our societies – as it now has been confirmed was/is their objective – was correct and very justified. However, one remains sceptic as long as their words are not being followed by deeds. They have not stopped the unlimited mainstream immigration of Muslims – and they do not tell the Muslims to “do as the Romans do, when they are in Rome” – or else go back to their fundamentalist, Christian-persecuting Muslim states and here. And worst of all: These politicians still think that we  – not the Muslims – are to blame for their lack of integration - and that just a little more bribery is needed! For unconditionally, the Illuminists need the support of the Muslim world for the ambitious EU´s superpower status. Nevertheless, the start is promising: “We will not take fleeing Libyans”! They belong among their brethren in Allah and Mohammad.

The heritage, the spirit  of the Euromed. Project is: All Muslim demands are to be fulfilled: immigration, social benefits in return for nothing, the right to mock and attack the infidels on their own streets, forming rapidly growing conquered no go zones for whites in Europe, punishing protesting Europeans for racism through NWO courts of Justice etc.

Now the ruling Illuminists (explanatory statement) have entered upon the communist NWO redistribution programme through the CO2 scam. The revolutions in the Muslim LDCs gives the Illuminists another opportunity to steal our taxpayer money, while we pay with the last remnants of our social welfare, and send the money under the name of  a “New Marshall Plan” into the big black holes and here and here – as Prime Minister Cameron puts it– of the Muslim countries or rather of the NWO banks. But, of course, he has just made himself a vassal to Brussels, where the NWO thieves have the final say.

The Libyan war is made possible due to massive deliveries of weapons to Gadhafi by EU countries! Gaddafi will probably soon fall – but what comes next may well be havoc in chaos and blind revenge.