Summary: The “revolutions” in the Arab world continue and end with - unaltered military dictatorships as before, only with a different general or a general´s friend at the helm. In Tunisia, people have stopped cheering and are leaving in large numbers to go to the promised land, Europe. European politicians promised them free admission through the Mediterranean Union, which never became anything else than an NWO-desk mess because Islam and Western culture are just as incompatible as fire and water. In Egypt they are rejoicing yet - for a few months, although nothing has been changed beyond getting Mubarak into a physical coma, like Tunisia’s Ben Ali. The island of Lampedusa is overpopulated with frustrated Tunisians. The EU will not return them, of course, because the EU under the pretext of  a lack of labor is recruiting 56 million (unskilled) Muslim Africans + their families by 2050 - regardless of the fact that in Denmark every ungrateful Muslim immigrant costs 3.973 Euro a year , on an average - and in 2001 even 10% of Denmark´s and Sweden´s national budgets. It has long been authoritatively revealed that the real reason is  “our” politicians wanting to destroy our Christian culture and religion radically in the service of the New World Order. For the EU, immigrant chaos is welcome: It is being used as an argument to centralize all refugee policy  in Brussels, which simply is to be a distribution center for Muslims.

Now apparently, new winds begin to blow: Sarkozy, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and several other top politicians declare multiculturalism a failure and want Muslims better integrated into western societies which they  have been trying in vain for  40 years. One must consider such talk to be hot air, the same politicians not taking any consequences in the direction of limiting the unrestricted Muslim immigration. Certainly they will let Frontex patrol the Mediterranean - but both the EU Court of Justice and the United Nations prohibit sending the immigrants back!
Issuing the Euromediterranean Declaration of Barcelona in 1995, the EU wanted to create a European / North African / Middle Eastern area of shared stability, democracy, prosperity, cultural identity, religious tolerance and a free trade area by 2010. Today the Union for the Mediterranean is a total wreck and the EU is many billions poorer. But since no Europeans know of the existence of the Euromed Project the misfortune is not so great: The EU will continue the NWO´s errand pulling our money out of our pockets for  future military and Sharia dictatorships as well as for innumerable Muslim immigrants. The EU has made its homework: It would not mention Europe’s Christian heritage  in any documents - not even in a school diary in which all sorts of pagan holidays are mentioned - but no Christian ones.

Turkey, an EU candidate, is becoming more nationalist and Islamic, so every day, it forces all children to swear an oath that ends with the words: “Happy are those who call themselves Turkish.” The EU expresses its discontent - in fact  with Islam’s lack of support for the Iluminist New World Order. Turkey has other plans: to integrate the world in an Ottoman world caliphate. The EU’s Mediterranean Union - still unknown to its inhabitants – will now be taken down to what it always has been - a costly and destabilizing manipulation / illusion with just one result: Muslim  mass  immigration into Europe.
But has the EU had enough? Hardly. The EU is an NWO-lackey that overrides all other considerations to achieve its goal: the Illuminists´ one world state - and the EU was the model. But the Euromed project shows that it does not go peacefully, which is not intended, either. Albert Pike predicted 3 world wars to achieve this goal.

As any thinking person could tell already in 1995: the upshot would be disastrous. This disaster has long existed in the form of Muslim immigration and Muslim refusal to adapt, much less to respect the  cultures  of host countries’. But the next phase is due to famine because of food speculation by the banking community, which is behind both the EU and Euromediterranean / The New World Order. The ensuing riots will, acc. to observers and statements by revolutionaries,  lead to civil and regional wars - and thence to World War III. One must say that the EU is following the plan well.

The Telegraph 11 Febr. 2011;  “French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.”We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him,” he said in a television interview in which he declared the concept a “failure”. Prime Minister David Cameron last month pronounced his country’s long-standing policy of multiculturalism a failure, calling for better integration of young Muslims to combat home-grown extremism.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia’s former prime minister John Howard and former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar have also in recent months said multicultural policies have not successfully integrated immigrants.” (But they let this disastrous development go on).


The Utopian Euromediterranen Barcelona Declaration of 1995 proclaimed as its aim to achieve: Peace, stability and security, a common free trade area by 2010 and common prosperity in the Euromediterranean area. Freedom of religion without discrimination. Combating manifestations of intolerance, racism and xenophobia. Today the European Union has achieved exactly the opposite - and a loss of billions of euros. But the EU has 2 assets: 1. a fanatical belief in his New World Order mission 2: 500 million Europeans who do not even know the existence of the Euromediterranean Project and from whose pockets money can still be pulled out to invest into the expected continuing dictatorships or “new democracies”of the ”partner countries”, that is dictatorial and intolerant Sharia states, as well as into disastrously deficit-bringing intolerant immigrants from the Euro-Mediterranean bankruptcy.

On 11 Febr. 2011, Egypt´s dictator, Mubarak suddenly disappeared after weeks of “peaceful” demonstration – hours after he declared he would not step down. Mubarak is dying, possibly in a coma some media say, maybe he is dead, and here – and the ousted Tunisian dictator, Ben Ali is in a coma, too! nobody cares.  Mubarak was the Egyptian air chief Marshall, before he became Egypt´s President in 1981. He was the favourite tyrant of the EU Illuminists (explanatory statement), was even a highly praised copresident of their Union for the Mediterranean – but his  EU friends let him down, ran over to the demonstraters – or did they?  Webster Tarpley writes there is growing evidence that the CIA toppled Mubarak, because he declined to support war against Iran - and because all these North African and Middle Eastern dictators are not dependent enough on NATO and the IMF, World Bank ect. For sure, the EU will support the new military government, for in reality they fear radical Muslims to take power in this as in other Euromed “partner” countries.
The process of Mubarak´s fall was skilfully utilized by the EU media to promote our sympathy for the Egyptian Muslims who have so diligently been killing Christian Copts, and to whom we always were very sceptical.
Emotional female journalists made brilliant performances with despair and then ecstasy to make us feel as participants with our now suddenly related “Egyptian brothers and sisters”. But what they they forgot to tell us was, that acc. to the Pew-investigation below, nearly all Egyptians by “democracy” understand the intolerant Sharia, which scorns Western democracy. They really tried to promote the integration of the Union for the Mediterranean, preparing us to pay our tax payer money at the cost of our welfare states for people in Egypt of absolutely no concern to us – and for the many coming refugees, when the same military dictatorship starts is contrarevolution.  This is the redistribution, so desired by the communist one world Illuminists.
But is their NWO policy scaring them, when it comes to facing sudden realities like mass immigration – or do they just fear the reaction of their electorates? One might suspect just that, since EU politicians notoriously have been promoting Muslim mass immigration “to change Western civilization radically” – and here.

Egypt-rev.-tahrisThe Telegraph 4 Febr. 2011: One of the guests on the BBC´s Moral Maze, Jewish Professor David Cesarani, floated the idea of massacring demonstraters in Egypt. And there has been no outrage. He said, “if you allow this popular democratic movement to run on unchecked, you cannot predict what’s going to happen. But you can predict probably that after a short, sharp, massive clampdown (as in China) at huge human cost, there will be a sullen stability.” The very same politicians and commentators who talked about “democratising” Iraq now stare in horror, mouths agape, at the Egyptian masses demanding their democratic rights. It terrifies them.

EUObserver 11 Febr. 2011: The European Union appears to have endorsed the role of the army as “guardians” of the “transition process”, while paying “tribute” to protesters for their “calmness”.

French politicians were bribed by Euromediterranean “partners”, whom all of a sudden they condemn to please Muslim masses. Euronews 9 Febr. 2011 The Canard Enchainé‘s imminent publication prompted the French prime minister, (Sarkozy) to admit that Mubarak had paid for his family’s accommodation and internal flights during a New Year holiday in Egypt. French ministers, Fillon, Michèle Alliot-Marie have enjoyed similar hospitality, i.a. in Tunisia. Nicolas Sarkozy already stood accused of failing to back pro-democracy movements. His ministers’ choice of holiday pals arguably don’t quite fit the profile of those the newly elected president vowed to support.

The EU has denied its own root, Christianity, to please Muslims
The Express 3 Febr. 2011: Top Eurocrat Cathy Ashton faced outrage at  a meeting of EU foreign ministers last night after the EU failed to condemn attacks on Christians in Egypt and Iraq. Diplomats accused the baroness of seeking to appease Muslims by wiping out any reference to the Christian faith in statements.
The failure to condemn attacks on Christians follows a series of attempts by Eurocrats to stamp out references to Christianity in EU documents. Brussels chiefs agreed to expunge reference to Europe’s Christian heritage in the controversial Lisbon Treaty. And earlier this month, the EU produced three million diaries for children that marked the dates of Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Chinese and Hindu festivals but had no reference to Christmas, Easter or other Christian celebrations.

Islam-politicsMuslims are not happy with the EU´s Euromediterranean Process/The Union for the Mediterranean
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Global Research: The U.S. and the E.U. on one hand have given low-key vocal support for the changes that the Arab peoples want, but on the other hand work to maintain the oppressive regimes in power. The U.S. and E.U. support these regimes overtly and covertly, because Good-bad-islam-politicsthey serve organized capital. Global capital still has a strong hold over Tunisia. Such agreements as those between Tunis and the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership with the E.U. to form a Mediterranean Union, and various economic agreements with the U.S. and the European Union still place a yoke over Tunis. Tunisians must reject the economic agreements and neo-liberal policies, they must be nullified.

The tables are from the Pew Research Center 2 Dec. 2010: The democracy of Egyptians is Islam, which is incompatible with Western democracy, because Allah has already created all necessary legislation (the Snaria) – and new laws are blasphemy.

EU lets no crisis go to waste in order to strengthen the centralization of power in Brussels - now refugee policy just means distribution of unlimited numbers of immigrants: Lampedusa
Not least the loudest protagonist for a Mediterranean Union to the Persian Gulf, Italy, now advocates this policy, keeping very few herself.  ANSAmed 13 Febr. 2011: A biblical exodus as no one has seen before. So said Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, describing the latest landings of immigrants in the Sicilian Island of Lampedusa. ”If nothing happens in Tunisia, if the government does not start to rule, it will be difficult to imagine how this could end. Thousands of immigrants could still arrive’. The intervention of Europe is needed”. ANSAmed 12 Febr. 2011: The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Italy ”requests the immediate deployment of a Frontex mission for patrol and interception activities in the area off the shores of Tunisia to monitor flows: we ask for the EU to immediately respond to the situation that has emerged, which Italy cannot deal with by itself and whose effective and speedy management interests all of Europe”.
The EU forbids Italy to return refugees to Tunisia!
Instead the EU offers Tunisia 258 mio euros by 2014, lets the European Investment Bank mobilize up to €1 billion of finance this year and to give Tunisia an advanced Status like Morocco and Jordan within 6 months - meaning free mobility for Tunisian goods, services, capital and people into the EU. “Since Jan. 14 nothing has changed. All of us here, we are not asking for anything, we only ask for a possibility to find work in Europe” – says a Tunisian immigrant on Lampedusa.  EurActiv 14 Febr. 2011: In the meantime, Malta’s justice minister, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, wrote to Malmström to express concern that his country could soon be affected by the immigration wave.  Egyptian refugees will also follow the EU´s invitations to come to the EU.

The Guardian 13 febr. 2011: The Egyptian military has rejected the demands of pro-democracy protesters for a swift transfer of power to a civilian administration, saying it intends to rule by martial law until elections are held. The Independent 14 Febr. 2011: The army has promised to drop the emergency legislation “at the right opportunity”, but as long as it remains in force, it gives the military  power to ban all protests and demonstrations.  Mahmoud Nassar, one of the organisers behind the Tahrir Square protests, said the demonstrations would go on. Its demands have not been met yet. The military regime has also retained Egypt-political-crisis-007 (1)Mubarak’s cabinet, to the frustration of some protesters.

Yahoo News 13 Febr. 2011: Ramy Mohammed, who has been camped on the square since the protests began on Jan. 25, said some troops beat the protesters with sticks as they tried to clear the square. On the face of it, the elderly generals are no reformers, and their move to push out Mubarak may have been more to ensure the survival of a ruling system. The deeply secretive military has substantial economic interests, running industries and businesses that it will likely seek to preserve.
The council of generals has said nothing so far about how the transition will be carried out or addressed the protesters’ demands.
The Guardian 12 Febr. 2011 Egyptian Army and protesters disagree over Egypt’s path to democracy. The reformists want a transitional administration appointed with four civilians and one military official to prepare for elections in nine months and to oversee the drafting of a new constitution.

Rebellions are spreading – no doubt CIA inspired (Wikileaks)
The Wall Street Journal 14 Febr. 2011 Protesters and security forces clashed in cities around the Middle East and North Africa now incl. Libya, Jordan as well as in Bahrain, now being fought by tanks, and Yemen and Iran. And Albania, too, is in a “dangerous downward spiral” (EU Commissioner Füle). So, what is really happening – and how will it continue? Global Res. 14 Febr. 2011, Andrew Gavin Marshall: “The aim (in Tunisia), then, is to mitigate and manage the process of change, promoting the idea of “unity” or “transition governments,” so that America may manage the transition into a democratic system that is safe for Western interests, and will produce a political elite subservient to America and Western financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF. As one Tunisian protester proclaimed, “Somebody is stealing our revolution.”
Die Zeit 12 Febr. 2011: Algeria: In the demonstration, about 2,000 protesters on the Square of May 1 in the capital Algiers breached a police barricade. In the beginning of the unauthorized demonstration in the city, police beat demonstrators wanting to break the barriers with batons. About 200 people, including opposition politicians were arrested, according to opponents of the regime. The opposition warns of a bloody civil war.” If the authorities do not want to accept a peaceful and democratic change, there will be chaos and violence, and even more so than in Tunisia and Egypt,” said Said Sadi, leader of the RCD party.

Global Research 12 Febr. 2011The Egyptian military is officially in control of Egypt and the counter-revolution is emerging. Unqualified figures are emerging, which claim to be speaking or leading the Arab people. This includes the so-called committee of “Wise Men” in Egypt. These unelected figures are supposedly negotiating with the Mubarak regime on behalf of the Egyptian population, but they have no legitimacy as representatives of the people. The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, is amongst them. All of these figures are either regime insiders or agents of the status quo. The New York Times reported that “Omar Suleiman of Egypt says he does not think it is time to lift the 30-year-old emergency law that has been used to suppress and imprison opposition leaders.”  And he does not think [Egypt] is ready for democracy.” The people of Tunisia and Egypt should be aware that the U.S.and the EU support the counter-revolutions of the old regimes, but are also working to co-opt and Teheran-14-febr3control the outcomes of the protest movements.
The U.S. and NATO are also making naval deployments into the Eastern Mediterranean.

Intolerant Turkey scorns the EU – sticking to its own Osman ambitions
ANSAmed 8 Febr. 2011: The Turkish authorities are continuing to abuse the terms of the country’s penal code, in particular article 301, in order to punish those who peacefully express their positions and opinions on minorities. This is one of the findings in the latest report on Turkey by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).The European Council organisation also expresses its concern for the situation of Kurds, Roma and asylum seekers, as well as for the ongoing discrimination against certain religious minorities. Also featuring in the report are problems stemming from the fact that all children are forced to swear daily oath ending Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-Mediterraneanwith the words “happy are those who can call themselves Turkish”. Finally, the ECRI denounces a series of other shortcomings.

The ogoing revolutions are now the touchstone for the durability of the Euromediterranean illusion.
The 3 top EU leaders have denounced multiculturalism. But do not think that the NWO is now giving up! By means of the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood, it has caused chaos in Africa. And refugee masses can do the same trick in Europe because of EU inaction. EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström expresses the will to help Italy with money and Frontex operations – and adds: “It is also important that Tunisia accepts taking back those who have reached the territory of EU Member States without being in need of international protection or with no title to remain in the EU.”  Will she implement that intention – or is this just words as usual?

But the EU is not interested in returns. The EU Court of Justice bans return of the Tunisisans. The EU uses the situation as a lever to dictate member states a centralized refugee policy in a common asylum system - so they can withhold 20 million – even 56 Mio + their families by 2050 – “workers” to “save” our welfare states “- while ignoring the fact that these “workers” with all their reunified family from Africa and the Middle East are costing much more than they contribute. Paradoxically,  The CEPOS 1. Sept. 2009: “For immigrants from less developed countries, there is a negative net contribution to the national economy) of the order of magnitude of 29,600 kr.  (3.973 Euro) per year, that the person stays in Denmark.” In Denmark and Sweden, immigration cost 30% of the national budgets in 2001. The EU´s reason to do this is its aim to secure the support of the Muslim states for EU´s superpower status aspirations.

Democracy in Egypt? The Telegraph 15 febr. 2011: Egypt’s new ruling military council has appointed an Islamist judge to head the committee drawing up a new constitution. He has been associated with Al-Wasat, an offshoot of the Brotherhood. He has selected a committee made up mainly of judges and politicians, including a judge who is a Coptic Christian, but also a former Muslim Brotherhood MP. There are no women. “The army seems to have made some sort of deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.” It wants to stay in power and run its lucrative businesses. And in Tunisia? Everything i as it was before the “revolution” – only the country is now poorer.
Gerald Celente (famous for his precise predictions), Kopp Verlag 17. Febr. 2011; “What is currently taking place before our eyes, is not confined to North Africa and the Middle East: It is the prelude to a series of civil wars leading to regional wars, from which the first” world war “of the 21 . Century could develop (the Albert Pike scenario).”

According to the Council on Foreign Relations 14 febr. 2011, the bulge of umemployed youth (15–29 years) in the Middle East making up the greater part of the populations there is at the front of the revolutions. They will be an angry, destabilizing factor and the source of huge migration.
The EU´s Union for the Mediterranean is being debunked as what it always was – an expensive, manipulative/destabilizing illusion (Muslim mass immigration to Europe) – unknown to its peoples.