LATEST: ANSAmed 4 Febr. 2011:  Iran´s Supreme Leader; Ali Khamenei: The protests in several Arab countries, Egypt in particular, are ”a reflection” of the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran.

Summary: The Euromediterranean Project was started by enthusiastic NWO supporters back in 1973. The Barcelona Declaration followed in 1995 and The Union for the Mediterranean in 2008. But this whole spasmodic, unnatural and secret project never really led to anything more than a stream of immigrants from “partner” countries to the self-declared illuminist EU – and a stream of wasted money the opposite way.
All of a sudden now, a stream of well-planned revolutions in “partner” countries have started a domino effect that goes on discontent with high food prices and unemployment - and which was from the start not Islamistic, although virtually everybody Arab countries are devout Muslims. So one could have have suspicions about outside influences. The EU has pumped many of our taxpayer money into the project - and got nothing in return, except very expensive and troublesome immigrants . Now the Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean resigned after less than 1 year in office - because he saw the Union as worthless, both in terms of solving the inherent problems of poverty in Islam - and of raising money for the Union’s 6 “flagship” projects.

In the meantime, seemingly bewildered European politicians meet and can do nothing but but to beg for a “peaceful transition.” EU politicians were revealed in declaring that they wanted the Islamist mass immigration to Europe to change our Christian nation states radically and basically. Although they now require free elections in Arab countries, paradoxically they  fear what the revolutions probably mean: uninhibited Sharia, lapping into Europe with immigrants. Therefore, most European politicians would rather keep Mubarak or a similar figure. Nor does the United States apparently know what leg to stand on, although it has known about and supported the planned revolution in Egypt since December 2008, according to Wikileaks. Now a Saudi prince has advised his royal family to flee because a military coup is said to be under way there - and the Saudi king and oil experts fear a radical Muslim takeover.

Time and again, the Muslim Brotherhood is mentioned, whose plan for the Islamization of Europe was unveiled in Switzerland a few years ago. It has now teamed up with former UN nuclear watchdog, ElBaradei, and seems to be closely allied with the army that has renounced on violence and sympathizes with the protesters. The goal of the brotherhood is the Sharia - and they know that it can only be imposed under extreme circumstances. It is Islamic Freemasonry and has always worked closely with the Illuminist large banks, the U.S. and Great Britain´s governments and intelligence services. Its top leaders are Illuminists - not Muslims, which the  middle and bottom strata are. They are the leaders of the Egyptian revolution. The Brotherhood is extremely Islamistic, Al Qaeda and Hamas being members, but outwardly it is westernized. The EU Centre for European Studies, Sept. 2010, gives a thorough depiction of MBs branches in Egypt, Morocco and Jordan – and admonishes to be very suspicious. But the Brotherhood is represented in all Muslim countries and many others.

The following suggests that the Egyptian revolution is Illuministic: 1 The revolution in Egypt is similar to the events before the overthrow of the Shah of Persia in 1979, planned by the Bilderbergers / Trilateral Commission clique and implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood. They wanted to create balkanization of the entire Middle East. 2. The symbol of the ongoing revolution is the illuminists´ V-sign –seen everywhere - and their slogan is that of IIluminist Obama: “Change”. 3. Opposition leader, ElBaradei is on the board of George Soros´ and Brzezinski´s Crisis Group, also funded by Bill Gates. 4. The CFR President advocates ElBaradei. 5. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Illuministic organisation. 6. It is a demonstration of “Order out of chaos,” the Illuminati slogan. 7. And there is an inherent disaster in it: There will probably be civil war between the powerful Islamist MB and secular forces, once Mubarak is gone. It would be truly Hegelian synthesis: crush the nation state to build a world government on the ruins. 8. The ensuing tides of refugees to Europe fit well with revealed plan of EU politicians to change our societies radically through Muslim mass immigration.

If the Mediterranean Union continues - and it certainly will - we can expect unprecedented flows of refugees from the “partner” countries to the EU “- that radical Islam will have a decisive say in EU policy – and that a much bigger stream of our taxpayer money will be sent there to “stabilize” them.

“… in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way” - Franklin D. Roosevelt - US president (32 Degree Freemason).

Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanThe Illuminist (p.29/32) EU´s top priority, the Euromediterranean Project, was launched in 1973 by blind NWO dreamers – made official in 1995 with the Barcelona Declaration – and then a desperate attempt to revive it was launched with the Union for the Mediterranean in 2008.
It was evident to the few that knew of this secret machination that in spite of the convulsive efforts of the EU, Western religion and culture could not be fused with Islam and the undemocratic attitudes and poverty associated with that ideology so as to establish a Free Trade area planned for 2010. Nevertheless, the EU has been cringing to the dictators of their “partner” countries, promising their populations the 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU for democratic and economical progress Ahmad_masadeh– which never came. In spite of that, the EU in 2008 granted Morocco an advanced status incl. these 4 freedoms, in spite of horrifying violations of the EU´s  dear Fundamental Rights – and promised Jordan and Egypt to be next. Now suddenly, this Utopia is totally uncertain: Revolutions everywhere. John Bradley lived for many years in Egypt and predicted this revolution in a book. Now he sees the Muslim brotherhood as the big danger in the present chaos:The Daily Mail 31 Jan. 2011: “When Mubarak goes there is a real risk that Egypt could well find itself ruled by a harsh, Iranian-style Islamic theocracy. Indeed, it may be too late to stop it.” Egypt – and indeed the entire Middle East - is on the cusp of fundamental change (The Council on Foreign Relations 30 Jan. 2011). Now a Saudi Prince calls on the Saudi Royal family to flee immediately. He sees a military coup as imminent (Pakalert 30 Jan. 2011). Oil experts and the Saudi king fear Islamistic rule in Saudi Arabia.

The EU is in a deserved bad scrape. Analysts demand that the EU accepts “democracy”, i.e. islamization, in its “partner countries”. This is exactly what EU Foreign Ministers feared at a meeting on 31. Jan.

The Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, Jordanian Ahmad Masadeh (right), resigns – after less than 1 year in office
The EU installed Mr. Masadeh in Barcelona but gave him too little money for the Union´s 6 flagship projects. When the wave of revolutions within the “partner countries” came Mr. Massadeh realized that the Mediterranean Union was worthless in practice – and resigned, a shock so heavy to the Union, that its newsroom has not yet announced it!

Now bewildered EU Foreign Ministers want Mubarak to stay in office due to fear of Islamism – demanding a “peaceful transition”, which is a self-contradiction. Jordan-protest

Mubarak-imprisonedReuters 28 Jan. 2011 A crowd of at least 3,000 Jordanians chanted: “We want change.” The protest after Friday prayers was organized by the Jordanian Islamic Action Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood which is the only effective opposition and biggest party, but included members of leftist parties and trade unions. Now king Abdullah is so squeezed as to have dismissed his government, wanting a reform administration instead. However, the Islamists hate the new prime minister!

EU Press Release 27 Jan. 2011 2o11, EU HR Catherine Ashton: “Freedom of expression and the right to assemble peacefully are fundamental rights of every human  being. I call on the Egyptian authorities to fully respect and protect the rights of their citizens to  manifest their political aspirations by means of peaceful demonstrations.”
EU Press Release 26 Jan. 2011: Stefan Füle now seems very uncertain as for the ENP project – especially as for its Southern wing. He just asks a lot of questions to the EU Parliament. ANSAmed) 27 Jan. 2011: Former EU Commissioner, now Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, emphasised the danger from the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda Sahara”. Comment: All this is an admission of the EU having immorally supported dictatorships. As I wrote in a recent article, uncleared murders of Christians in Egypt had the curious efffect that the Muslim Brotherhood sided with Christians. At the same time a revolution broke out in Tunisia and Yemen and Egypt and Albania, and now Algeria, too (Islamists). In Lebanon The Hezbollah, supported by Syria and Iran, has seized Egyptian tankspower through parliamentary majority – making the US and Israel watchful as for the possibility of taking to the war path.  In Jordan, riots have also broken out. Behind all these riots, high food prices – as was to be expected – unemployment and many years of repression.Yemenite protesters 2

Left: The Egyptian military turns up. Rioters in Egypt seem to be police and secret service agents. Right: Yemenite protesters.

The US role in the revolutions The US was very swift to join the “good side” and let the Tunisian Army oust its faithful  ally, Ben Ali. The violence in Egypt has eroded Mubarak´s support from the US. Yahoo 28 Jan. 2011.
Prof. Michel Chossudowsky. Global Res. 29 Jan. 2011:The US tries to please both  opposition - especially civil society - and rulers. “The puppet masters support, the protest movement against their own puppets”.
Washington’s agenda for Egypt has been to “hijack the protest movementand replace president Hosni Mubarak with a new compliant puppet head of state. Washington’s objective is to sustain the interests of foreign powers, serving to impoverish the Egyptian population.
According to reports, The Muslim Brotherhood dominates the protest movement. However, Western intelligence agencies have a longstanding history of collaboration with the Brotherhood.

Already in Dec. 2008, the US backed revolution by 2011 against its near ally, Hosni Mubarak: The Telegraph 29 Jan. 2011 brings  a secret document (Wikileaks) sent from the US Embassy in Cairo to Washington in Dec. 2008 disclosing the extent of American support for the protesters behind the Egypt uprising xxxxxxxxxxxx claimed that the Wafd, Nasserite, Karama and Tagammu parties, and the Muslim Brotherhood, Kifaya, and Revolutionary Socialist movements — have agreed to support transition to a parliamentary democracy, before the scheduled 2011 presidential elections (ref C). TunisianVHistorian Webster Tarpley is in no doubt that the CIA, the historical ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, is behind the riots,

Left: Tunisian Illuminist V-sign.  Now an exiled Islamic leader, Sheik Ghannouchi,  has returned ElBaraseihome after 21 years in exile – and is jubilanty received by the faithful, speaking of the blood of the martyrs –  his Sharia being protested against by a few seculars.

ElBaradei, the former head of the UN atomic watchdog, the IAEA, has now returned to Egypt declaring himself willing to relieve Pres. Mubarak – after reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Copts. But acc. to Reuters 27 Jan. 2011, he is on a bad footing with the US and without affiliation to power centres like the army. Now the Muslim Brotherhood asks him to form a national unity government. But ElBaradei has now been arrested: Crisis Group 28 Jan 2011: ElBaradei serves on Crisis Group’s Board of TrusteesComment: In the Executive Committee of the Crisis Group,, we find Rothschild agent, George Soros, and on its board, Zbigniew Brzezinski. So, ElBaradei is in Illuminist company – as is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel´s fear of the Muslim Brotherhood
Spiegel 28 Jan. 2011 “If regime change occurs in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood would take the helm, and that would have incalculable consequences for the region,” says Minister Shaked.  “It is an illusion to believe that the dictator Mubarak could be replaced by a democracy,” he says. The Muslim Brotherhood is the only real alternative, he opines, which would have devastating consequences for the West. “They will not change their anti-EgyptianVWestern attitude when they come to power. In the process, it is not possible to rule out massive bloodshed in the short term,” he says.

The Egyptian crisis throws up “problems that are very serious and complex, not only for Egyptians but for all the region.” (Portugal’s Foreign Minister Luis Amado).

So, what is this powerful Muslim Brotherhood?
I wrote that this Brotherhood is identical with Al Qaida. It was disclosed as being the main force behind the islamization of Europe – no doubt in collusion with the EU and national politicians.

The EU´s Centre for European Studies, Sept. 2010 has more.
The EU has closely followed the Muslim Brotherhood in the “partner countries” Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.  The Islamists are little by little gaining ground, controlling cities and penetrating the core of some Arab societies. In most countries the MB is not really in a rush to seize power: it believes that time is on its side. Recently administrations from Washington to London have frequently followed a strategy of engaging non-violent Islamists such as the MB. But one Muslim-brotherhood-rally-v-signsshould not take everything at face value.

Muslim Brotherhood rally. Note the Illuminist V-sign. On 29 Jan. Danish TV showed that sign again and again among Egyptian demonstrators. No wonder, since the leaders of the demonstrations, the Muslim Brotherhood coperates with , the CIA and the British Intelligence services.
The Muslim Brotherhood is Muslim fremasonry led by  super rich Illuminati partners and bankers who cooperate with the U.S. and UK governments and their intelligence services, based on Hegelian dialektics.
They are said to stand behind all insurgencies in the Muslim world, starting with the Shah’s fall of the Shah.

Here acc. to Nader Library: In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group’s George Ball, a member of the Trilateral Commission, too, to head a special Iran task force under the National Security Council’s Brzezinski. Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support Ayatollah Khomeini. Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead ‘case officers’. British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, revealed the scheme to the Bilderberg meeting in Austria in 1979: Promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines, encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth. The chaos would spread in what he termed an ‘Arc of Crisis,’ which would spill over into Muslim regions of the Soviet Union (Grand Chessboard).

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
The Mubarak regime has clamped down on the MB, trying to deny it any political role. Over 350 MB members are currently in jail. A few years ago, seeing that its policy of accommodating the Cairo-bøn-tanksMubarak regime had not been a success, the MB moved towards a more pragmatic agenda that included joining forces with other political movements. In order to be credible, the MB advocated values that were quite foreign to it at that point: respect for public freedoms, sovereignty of the people and support of human rights, including rights for women and members of the Coptic Church.  But at the same time, the MB’s programme included the imposition of the Sharia, as demonstrated by its March 2004 Reform Initiative: “We are working to put in place Allah’s Law.’

The MB’s strategy was successful: in the 2005 legislative elections, they won 20% of the seats. The MB became the largest opposition force in the country. It has been very cautious about Sharia initiatives. 32 At the same time it has positioned itself as the defender of the people. Its former General Guide Mohamed Akif has stated that violence should not be used when the regime is  likely to win the battle against the MB. 34 Akif also made the Morocco-muezzinpoint that the population needs to be ready before an Islamist regime can be established. 36 Hossam Tammam, the editor of Islam Online: ‘Now all the leadership belongs to the conservative wing.”  The General Guide, Badie has appealed to Mubarak to step down.

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Recently both the MB and its former wing, the Action Front have been very sanguine. They have even gone as far as attacking the king himself for allying himself with what they consider enemies of Islam, namely the US and Israel. 49 After the Hamas win in the 2006 Palestinian territories election, their Jordanian brothers were emboldened to proclaim that they were going to follow Hamas’s example and that they were ready for power.  A dividing battle rages between PJD-membersmoderates and hardliners. The Brotherhood has pretty mediocre election results.

Left and right : Moroccan EU “partners” with an advanced EU status Muslim Brotherhood members to the right.  Vae victis!

MoroccoThis is a long description of the Muslim Brotherhood represented in Morocco by the Justice and Development Party (PJD, Parti de la Justice et du Développement). It shares the same program as the Egyptian and Jordanian Brotherhoods, wanting to promote the Sharia. It is doubletongued, hating the EU – at the same time cringing to EU politicians. The PJD believes that by abiding by the rules, it can change the system from the inside. After the multiple terrorist attacks against Western and Jewish targets in Casablanca on 16 May 2003—attacks that killed 45 people—the US ambassador  pressured the King, successfully, to give up the idea of banning the suspected Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has had terrorists in its own ranks . and has mediocre election results.62 It has repeatedly called for the closing of foreign cultural centres.

Moreover, the PJD uses its unofficial newspaper At-Tajdid (The Renewal) to reveal its true nature. Very conveniently, it pretends it has nothing to do with At-Tajdid while the newspaper’s directors are important PJD board members. At-Tajdid routinely expresses extremist views especially regarding moral issues and foreign policy. By being organised in this way, the moderate side—represented by the PJD itself—remains politically correct, while its various arms can set forth hardcore Islamist policies. At this point, it is more a party that Victory3says one thing and does something quite different.

As stated by this blog time and again: The whole Euromediterranean Project ist Utopian, because the Koran is the Antithesis of the Bible and the culture that ensued from that book. It is hypocritical, since the EU calls for democracy – and continues to fund Mubarak with 449 mio Euro annually even now – and it has given Mubarak weapons to be used against the protesters. And it is incomprehensible that the EU, which has for many years promoted Muslim mass immigration into the EU and  was exposed to do so in order to change Europe radically, is now scared of the prospect of islamization in North Africa - which was always islamistic. It is undemocratic, because most Europeans have not been told that it exists – it has just been pulled down over their heads with all the calamities of unlimited Muslim immigration – in which the Muslim Brotherhood plays a decisive role.  Kissinger-order-chaosSince the 1930es, the MB has been affiliated to the Egyptian Army (p.308), which is now seizing power. But again: This is what EU politicians explicitly want! Imagine how many refugees may ensue from failed or successful revolutions in the muslim countries. According to DEBKAfile´s Middle East experts, the outcome in Egypt will be new elections and a new government in which the Muslim Brotherhood will play an essential role – if the army still remains affiliated to the population .
It all seems so well planned that it must tbe illuminist – which it is, no doubt: 1. It resembles the 1979 ousting of the Shah by the Bilderberger/Trilateral Commission clique. 2. The symbol of the ongoing revolutions is the Illuminist-V sign - and their slogan is Obama´s Communist “change”. 3. The opposition leader, ElBaradei is on the Board of Soros´and Brzezinski´s Crisis Group. 4. The CFR President favours ElBaradei. 5. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Illuminist organisation. 6. It is a demonstration of “Order out of Chaos”, the Illuminati slogan. 7. And there is an inherent catastrophe in it: There will probably be a civil war between the strongly Islamist MB and the secularists, once Mubarak is gone. That would be real Hegelian synthesis: crush the nation state to build the one-world government. 8. The ensuing tides of refugees to Europe fit well with the revealed plan of EU politicians to change our societies radically by Muslim mass immigration. Now the EU is murmuring that it will support any Egyptian regime. The NWO is not about people but money and power.

Right: The old Illuminist, Henry Kissinger on this video says: “This is only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out. Things may get very tough.” Prison Planet 1 Febr. 2011. Scene 2 could soon follow. The US and the CIA seem to play an essential part behind the revolutions.
Omar Suleiman, the intelligence chief,  is Mubarak´s apparent successor - and a US/CIA/FBI puppet. Acc. to Wikileaks, the Muslim Brotherhood is not happy with him. Suleiman continues to have privileged contacts with U.S. intelligence and military officials. As the head of the Mukhabarat, Suleiman’s political and military Omar-suleimanportfolio is vast. The GIS combines the intelligence-gathering elements of the CIA, the counterterrorism role of the FBI, the protection duties of the Secret Service, and the high-level diplomacy of the State Department.

The revolutions in the Arab world will probably mean a turn to Islamic fundamentalism and the death of the Union for the Mediterranean  – if the EU continues to insist on human rights and Western democracy. But probably, the EU will go on with business as usual – thus mocking its own Fundamental Rights, which we cannot deplore, since they were never meant to protect us – but the Muslims. This may turn out disastrous to the Union for the Mediterranean – and us.
An Arab domino effect seems to be going on. But who pushed the first piece and arranged for the others to fall? Remember the words of the Illuminist Franklin D. Rosevelts.