Is the EU Commission Corrupt or Just Incompetent?

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[1] [2] New Europe Sept. 15 It seems that the Barroso Commission has completely lost control over the administration.
Only these past few days we are witnessing three cases where the administration plays its games under the nose of the College.

As to the President of the Commission: instead of intervening and restoring order and legitimacy in his administration, he has become a spectator looking at the events apathetically. The only thing he cares for is seemingly to capitalize on the cases, finding excuses to be on the phone with “Anjela” hoping that in this way he will secure his re-election.

I. The [3] Eximo case, is a scandal raised by New Europe where 25 million Euro of citizens’ money were to be recovered by the Commission. The money was never recovered and without a College Decision, and, without the Barroso Cabinet having any knowledge, the case was “officially” closed in June 2005 (Barroso Commission).

[4] The Eximo case is an unfolding story and we have already presented sufficient evidence for Mr. Jose Barroso to submit the case to the Belgian Prosecutors, as it happened with the [5] Edith Cresson scandal a few years ago.
New Europe will continue to present new evidence on this matter up until the Commission will come with a complete explanation on what exactly had happened, who is responsible and what provisions were taken.

In this context, last Thursday, we have applied to the European Court of Justice asking the annulment of a relevant Commission Decision refusing the release of the names of physical and juridical persons involved in the Eximo case.

II.The grotesque attempt to entrap [6] Mr. Fritz-Harold Wenig in acts that would constitute violation of the internal Commission rules,
(an honest and capable Commission Director who has been bringing continuously obstacles to his Commissioner Peter Mandelson in his plans over quotas) is another case to which President Jose Barroso is an observer.

Indeed, if the European Commission would have established a public record, published over the internet and accessible by all citizens of what treatments all Commissioners and Commission executives are receiving, including lunches and dinners with all kind businessmen, i.e. steel tycoons in London and other places as well as cruises in luxury yachts certainly it would not be Mr. Wenig but others who would be in newspapers’ front and back pages.

[7] III. The Roaming case is another Barroso Commission failure
 In few words the roaming case is simple. Realizing that mobile telephony companies were looting consumers by collecing exorbitant fees for roaming in the context of an oligopoly behaviour which has led to the violation of the competition rules, the Commission opened an investigation against Vodafone and 02 companies in the UK and T-mobile and Vodafone in Germany.

When they realized that they had to impose fines of reaching in the billions of Euro to the companies under investigation, while at the same time legitimizing consumers to get money back from the mobile operators on the grounds of the Commission’s Decision imposing the fines,
they decided to protect the companies and they stopped the investigation.

In fact they withdrew their already launched proceedings.It seems that in order to do it in a legitimate looking manner, the Commission services introduced a Regulation reducing roaming charges giving ample publicity to the “protagonists” Commissioner Viviane Reding and MEPs Manolis Mavrommatis and others.
In reality these people were used by the Department of Competition of the Commission in order to cover up the biggest ever pillaging carried out on European consumers.

To the above may be added the impressive passivity of the Commission in the management of the Russian-Georgian war.

[8] Moreover, in spite of the EU introducing its disputed [9] EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (which seems tailored for Muslims against us), the EU-Commission seems to have been unable to prevent the EU´s increasing isolation in the UN on this ground.
Thus, the illuminist [10] European Council on Foreign Relations notices on Sept. 17, 2008, that China and Russia, who are really violating Human Rights, have much more support in the UN than the EU, who lambasts Zimbabwe, Sudan etc.!!!

[11] New Europe, Sept. 18 : "Commissioners are appointed by governments and each one reflects the political colour of the government of origin. This does not allow the President of the Commission to call for political discipline in the decision making process. This has given the upper hand to the administration, a body of highly capable civil servants, practically free and extremely able to manipulate interests for the sake of interests.
You might say the "Sir Humphrey Applebys" are the rulers of the EU

The synergy at this moment in Europe is grim.
European political leaders in Brussels
, who should have managed to prepare Europe for the crisis of the financial system, have so far done nothing. The signals that crisis was coming and that it was a matter of time to its manifestation are evident since over a year.

As the situation takes form, when the financial system crisis will come to continental Europe, developments will be spectacular, dramatic and rapid - chaos, and not only in the financial system.

Europe is already undergoing a crisis of political values. The role of politicians is marginalized and more and more political decisions are taken by the administrations at national and federal level. In this context, democratic freedoms are gradually curtailed.

Citizens are monitored and their financial behaviours and attitudes are recorded by many organizations, public and private. Suppression mechanisms and systems subordinate to the administrative structures, not to the political leaderships, are thriving. All this is happening under the nose of the political elite which seems incapable to understand and impotent to act.

Corruption cases in the EU Commission
1. [12] The Telegraph, March 16, 1999: The European Union was thrown into the biggest crisis in its 42-year history last night when the entire European Commission resigned following a damning report on corruption and nepotism inside the Brussels executive.

2. [13] BBC  June 2003: The new team, headed by Romano Prodi and Neil Kinnock, promised that affairs would from now on be very different.

3. But which were the facts? [14] Marta Andreasen was hired as the EU's Chief Accountant in January 2002, but suspended four months later after claiming the system was open to fraud. She had asked for an independent audit of EU finances, and says she was not surprised to learn about Eurostat.

4.[15] EurActiv 2003: Reports confirm serious fraud at Eurostat which is reported to have cost the EU around 6 million euro. The resignation of 3 commissioners was demanded - but not met by Prodi.

5. For 13 years [16] the EU Court of Auditors has refused to approve of the EU Budget because of irregularities

6. [17] The Herald Tribune March 28, 2007:
Three Italians, including a senior European Commission official (Giancarlo Ciotti) and an assistant to a former Italian soccer star, have been arrested for alleged corruption involving kickbacks that included free home renovations in connection with €30 million in contracts.
7.Transport Commissioner, [19] Jacques Barrot, was sentenced to 8 months of jail - suspended  by his friend Jacques Chirac - for embezzlement - but became EU-Commissioner for Justice in 2008, nevertheless. see this [20] video.

8. At the end of 2007 the EU´s antifraud-corps, OLAF, had [21] 84  cases running against the EU Commission.
In fact, at the beginning of 2008 the EU Court of Auditors had this message for the EU Commission: "[22] You are incompetent"!
The [24] EU Parliament has learnt their lesson from the Eurocrats! See how [25] MEP Giles Chichester had the approval of the EU´s parliamentary administrator, Harald Rømer, of canalizing 160.000 pounds of staff allowances irregularly into his own family firm - in breach of the rules of the Parliament!

However, the EU hypocritically pretended to be fighting corruption with any one but itself:[26] here, [27] here, [28] here

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