EU Commissioners Clear the Enigma: Muslim Immigrants for Muslim Support to Superpower Status Acc. to The Lisbon Treaty. “No Illegal Immigrants”

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Summary: The EU’s unbridled love for both illegal and legal Muslim immigration despite the huge cost both financially, culturally and as for security for indigenous Europeans has wondered many and much. EU talks incessantly about limiting immigration - but keeps the vast majority of illegal immigrants because of alleged conventions that prevent their return. Furthermore, the EU has established recruiting offices in Africa to import 56 million  predominantly Muslim “workers” and also their families from Africa by 2050. With the knowledge we have today of Muslim  qualifications and inclination to work  (27 min.  effectively a day acc. to an imam) even  the highly biased EU should be aware that this is not the solution to the EU´s demographic problems.

But now EU Commissioner,  Stefan Füle,  offers the explanation: The EU hopes through its import of Muslim birth surplus and poor, as well as huge subsidies to the Euro-Mediterranean “partner countries” to get the support of the Muslim world for a future EU superpower status and believes it has to begin in its neighborhood to win Muslim confidence! Moreover, Muslims as such do not see much of EIB investments, as it turns out that large sums have disappeared without explanation to corrupt banks and tax havens! And the more the EU is investing in “partner countries”, the more “partners flee” into a willing EU.

EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström held a plea for immigrants.  She describes immigrants as enriching as for thinking  and cultural renewal in addition to being a priceless win for the labor market - whatever the 20% unemployed Spaniards think about that.  She completely abolishes the term “illegal immigrant” , of course, since the EU cannot have enough cultural enrichment and highly skilled labour. She admits that the EU is now experimenting with immigration - and so  with our children’s future.  That all this enrichment took 30% of Denmark´s and Sweden´s state budgets in 2001 is suppressed - and recent figures  carefully hidden. This is also true of  the German family minister officially declaring on TV that immigrants practice reverse racism against Germans in Germany because they are … Germans.  Malmström praises herself and the EU to have given the Muslims of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegowina visa facilitation to the EU. Whereupon 1 / 3 of their populations packed their suitcases! She will increase employment of immigrants, which they need not fear because the EU’s own citizens are rapidly losing their  jobs due to the EU´s  growing austerity measures.  By means of a  a web portal , she will now increase “integration” which, despite tremendous efforts and monies,  is failing worse and worse year by year,  as Islamic fundamentalism is  rising.  She will empower the third world’s engineers and doctors to treat us - despite the Daily Mail’s appalling reports about the consequences thereof in the UK.  That she then tries to excuse the migration by (anthropogenic) climate change - history’s biggest lie - was to be  expected.

EU commissioners can safely expect large future immigration: The governments of China, South Africa, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Belgium, France, South Korea, India, Holland and multinational organizations (owned by the forces behind the EU, George Soros and Jacob Rothscild being the driving forces ) are taking  over poor African farmers’ land on a colossal scale  without reimbursing them and with the aid of  of the peasants´ governments  (bribes presumed). These peasants are left with nothing to live on.  Now Sarkozy takes over the leadership of the G20. His solution to increasing food prices created by these speculateors including France: “More multilateralism” – meaning world governance.  No wonder: Global Research: Europe seeks a comprehensive and aggressive global approach to the acquisition of inputs for its corporations. ” Mussolini called it fascism!

The [1] EU is working hard to make Muslim immigration free in its  [2] Euromediterranen Process / The[3] Union for the Mediterranean. In fact, the EU has managed to pump Europe up eith a [4] fatal tide of Muslim refugees . The following is to show that this EU programme is rapidly progressing.  I have [5] previously shown how Danish and British politicians and governments were revealed to secretly work for unlimited immigration into the EU in order to destroy the old Christian world order in order to be able to promote the [6] Luciferian and therefore [7] gnostic New World Order of their [8] Pharisaic,  and  [9] here, and [10] here world-ruling [11] Masters and [12] here .

[13] Stefan füle

Why does the EU go on pestering us with expensive, dangerous, and useless immigation?
[14] EU Press Release 13 Jan. 2011: Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy. Strategic Review of the European neighbourhood policy - initial thoughts: “If the EU wants to become a credible global player, it must start within its neighbourhood. Our capacity to act convincingly in our neighbourhood will be a measure of our ability to implement the Foreign Policy provisions of the Lisbon Treaty. As for facilitating the mobility of people: It would be hard to ignore the insistence of all our partners on this point. We need to improve security at the same time as mobility. We can do this by setting the right security conditions for our partners to achieve greater mobility. And we can use our financial and technical resources to help our partners achieve these conditions.”

Here is the answer: The EU dreams about becoming a superpower – and needs the support of the Muslim world to  achieve this goal of the Lisbon Treaty – which we were denied the right of opting out!! That is why we are being bombed back to barbarism through unlimited Muslim immigration. The [15] Global Research on 13 Jan. 2011 writes about the CETA negotiations: “Europe is seeking a comprehensive and aggressive global approach to acquiring the raw materials needed by its corporations.” Mussolini called this fascism!

[16] EUObserver 10 Jan. 2010 - Athens on Sunday (9 January) has slammed the “hypocrisy” of unspecified EU member states criticising its plans to erect a wall at the border with Turkey, while at the same time denouncing its incapacity to stem irregular migration. Asked about the cost to build the 12.5 km long fence, Minister Papoutsis said the comparison should be made with the price paid by Greece when 200 irregular migrants, equal to the population of a small village, cross its borders on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Turkey has raised no objections to the plan

“Europe is not occupied by any external force, but in spite of this fact the continent finds itself in the throes of one of the greatest demographic upheavals in its history…”

[17] Michael Mannheimer quoting: MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit: We, the Greens have to make sure to bring as many foreigners as possible to Germany.When they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. If we have achieved that, we will have the share of the vote, we need to change this republic.  Former German Foreign Minister Fischer Joechka: “Germany must be fenced in from the outside and heterogenized   inside  by inflow, so to speak be ” diluted “.”

[18] Jyllands-Posten 4 Jan. 2011Adultery, threatening letters and family feuds give more foreignersl refugee status. A Record is expected in 2011, viz. 2.850 refugees will this year receive residence permit in Denmark and they will be distributed for inclusion in the municipalities, so the Service for Foreigners expects.
It is nearly twice as many as in 2010 – 1,500 being expected. The increase is partly due to Afghans and Syrian Kurds, but also that more than ever invoke - and get - so-called protection status. See the [19] UN Convention on Refugee Protection. They are people who do not meet the requirements of the Refugee Convention, but are refugees for more personal reasons, for example.: threatening letters, violent disputes about land, family feuds and fears of violence after the husband discovered longstanding infidelity.
Comment – which means we can have innumerous Muslim women in mortal danger (see the Koran Sura 4:15: “And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens some way for them.”

How to create streams of refugees
[20] The New York Times 21 Dec. 2010: Mali hand-to-mouth farmers had alarming news: their humble fields, tilled from one generation to the next, were now controlled by Libya’s leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, and the farmers would all have to leave. African governments typically own their land and have been leasing it, often at bargain prices, to private investors and foreign governments for decades to come. [21] Video. Riots can be expected.

Organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank say the practice, if done equitably, could help feed the growing global population by introducing large-scale commercial farming to places without it. But others condemn the deals as neocolonial land grabs that destroy villages, uproot tens of thousands of farmers and create a volatile mass of landless poor. Making matters worse, they contend, much of the food is bound for wealthier nations. A World Bank study released in September tallied farmland deals covering at least 110 million acres — the size of California and West Virginia combined — announced during the first 11 months of 2009 alone. More than 70 percent of those deals were for land in Africa, with Sudan, Mozambique and Ethiopia among those nations transferring millions of acres to investors. See also the [22] Amazon Scandal.

Abou Sow, the executive director of Office du Niger listed countries whose governments or private sectors have already made investments or expressed interest: China and South Africa in sugar cane; Libya and Saudi Arabia in rice; and Canada, Belgium, France, South Korea, India, the Netherlands and multinational organizations like the West African Development Bank. The agreement signed with the Libyans grants them the land for at least 50 years simply in exchange for developing it.
But anger and distrust run high.  Kicking farmers off the land with no alternative livelihood risks flooding the capital, Bamako, with unemployed, rootless people who could become a political problem. [23] Famine is under way.

[24] The Guardian 17 Dec. 2010: Two senior judges have ruled that the temporary limit imposed from 28 June on skilled migrants from outside the European Union is unlawful because ministers sidestepped proper parliamentary approval when it was introduced.” The immigration minister Damian Green has said he is disappointed with the ruling. “We will study the judgment and will appeal it, if we have grounds.

[25] Deutsche Welle 11 Oct. 2010: In the country’s ongoing integration debate, Germany’s minister for family affairs, Kristina Schroeder, has now warned that many Germans have been subjected to growing reverse discrimination by immigrants. Schroeder made her comments Sunday on public television, saying that “German children and teenagers are being (verbally) attacked because they are German.” “Anti-German sentiments are a form of xenophobia and racism,” Schroeder said.

[26] Malmström[27] EU Press Release 17 Dec. 2010The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström (left) made the following statement: “The UN international migrants’ day presents a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the important contribution migrants make to Europe in economic, social and cultural terms. This means spreading ideas, knowledge, culture and innovation. Today migrants play an essential role in our labour force - a role that is likely to be further increased given the demographic realities of Europe. I firmly believe that an effective and robust system of protection of their rights should be an integral part of our tasks. Nowadays Europe represents for many people in the world a chance for a new start, but let’s not forget our history and our roots. Let’s not forget that millions of Europeans had to migrate and that not so long ago we too were migrants.”
Comment: And they enriched the countries they came to. Most of EU´s immigrants impoverish the countries they come to consuming. 30% of [28] Denmark´s and [29] Sweden´s national budgets were spent on immigration in 2001. And how are we being thanked for that? Many Europeans today ask themselves where they can migrate to, in order to avoid future Muslim poverty and persecutions.

[30] EU Press Release 30 Nov. 2010: Cecilia Malmström on EU´s refugees policy
“An estimated 215 million people today live in a country they were not born in. There are over 800 million internally displaced people. Any country that shuts itself off from global developments will have to face the consequences.
Migration is not always perceived as an asset, or as the duty of well-functioning societies to welcome and protect people in need. A recent international educational survey shows that children in developed democratic states hold very negative attitudes towards migrants; and in an increasing number of countries politicians feed off these fears and get elected because of them. Fears of the unknown, of other religions, other habits, other ways of living. This is also the case in the media. It is striking to see the flow of negative messages related to migration
. Most migrants seem to be working in an irregular manner; they are the cause of high unemployment and are a cost to the state. Hardly any positive messages can be found.”  Comment: So why are we to take them?

“Most migrants are a real asset to our societies; that these are people in which we can recognize our own strengths and weaknesses and that they are an integral and important part of our societies. Illegal migrants do not exist. People may come to the EU and might be required to use irregular ways – for instance when seeking international protection -, but no human being is illegal. [31] African-labour[31] Soon the EU’s active population will start falling. The EU population in total will increase by 10 million people in the next 50 years, while the EU workforce will decrease by 50 million. In that calculation, we have already taken into account that the EU will welcome 58 million immigrants during the same period of time.” Comment: Does the EU stake on labour – or just on more consumers? Acc. to an imam,  Muslims can only work efficiently for 27 minutes a day - and cannot even make their own needles ! What qualified and enthusiastic  EU “partners”!

The EU has established job centres in Africa, e.g. in Mali to invite [32] 56 mio. Muslim workere + their families (reunion) into the EU by 2050.

Such a policy would need to include a number of different initiatives – excerpt
*As from 2012 the EU will have an EU skills Panorama. This data base will contain updated forecasting of skills supply and labour market needs. *We need to avoid wasting competences and skills of those present in our societies. We need to ensure that migrant skills are matched better to the jobs for which they are suited. The engineers working as cleaners, or the doctors driving taxis. It is such a waste of skill and competence – for our societies of course, but not least for the engineer or surgeon. Therefore the European Commission will invest more in recognition of qualifications and skills. Comment: Then [33] God help us all, when we become patients! *brain drain: The need for labour in many countries will certainly affect others. We need to be responsible about this. We help countries retain skills and support training and education especially in those labour sectors under strain; we support the WHO guidelines; we work hard to help migrants to generate income, to transfer skills and investments to their countries of origin. We make a serious effort to facilitate remittances. Comment: Only an EU Commissioner can be so naive as to believe these Muslim warriors will return to a starvation salary in their countries of origin. *People have the right and should be able to know about the rules and procedures that apply when moving to an EU Member State. That is why the European Commission will launch an immigration portal website next year. *We will strengthen our efforts to better integrate people. Comment: They have tried in vain for 40 years now! This is pulling the wool over the eyes of EU citizens. * We need to improve our possibilities to check who is entering the European territory and do more to tackle trafficking in human beings. We have FRONTEX and we will soon appoint an EU Anti-trafficking coordinator. Comment: All illegals are trafficked – and kept in the EU – because it is too dangerous to return them to EU´s [2] Euromediterranean ”partner countries”. * We will have to do more to prevent illegal employment. Comment: Then at the cost of native Europeans who are becoming increasingly unemployed – 20% or more in Spain! *Governments should be relentless in fighting the organized crime and reckless employers that profit from migrants through smuggling, trafficking and exploitation. Comment: Which will only increase unemployment among millions of illegal immigrants (excuse, no one is illegal – everybody is [34] Immigrationwelcome acc. to Malmström!). Right now Muslims are revolting due to [35] unemployment in Tunesia, Algeria and elsewhere in the Muslim world. *We need to step up our dialogue and cooperation with partner countries. The EU has already invested a great deal. At regional level, we will reinforce our cooperation with the countries in our immediate neighbourhood. Two weeks ago, when visiting Tirana and Sarajevo, I was struck by how much our new visa-free regime means, especially to students, who before the end of the [34] year will be able to visit their friends in the EU without going through cumbersome visa procedures. Comment: How lovely. 1/3 of Albania´s population and that of [36] Bosnia-Herzegowina are coming to profit from our social benefits!  Indeed, the EU has invested much in the Muslim partner countries – in vain. [37] Much of the money was stolen! The more the EU invests – the more “refugees swarm into Europe. *We work closely with African countries through the EU-Africa Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment. A new Action Plan for 2011-2013 is expected to be endorsed tomorrow by the leaders at the Africa-EU Summit in Libya. We will also seek to strengthen our dialogue with Asia and Latin America. Comment: The more unskilled immigrants from  LDC countries, the better. * The EU is now experimenting with so-called [38] Mobility Partnerships. These partnerships allow to deal with different aspects of migration in one overall and coherent framework. Mobility Partnerships have been agreed with Cape Verde, Moldova, and recently with Georgia. The first experiences are very positive. We might consider exploring such partnerships with other interested countries in the future.
*Let me also highlight the need to look more carefully at the interconnection between climate change and migration. These are complex issues, but we need to put a policy in place urgently so that we can have a responsible approach to the challenges to come.

Comment: Climate change is understood as manmade global warming – a [39] blatant NWO lie used to justify the [40] destruction of western stability, prosperity, culture, religion and democracy. [5] As declared by Tony Blair´s speechwriter and a Danish MP “our” politicians want the endless Muslim immgration to destroy and change our societies radically. Have they succeeded? See this [41] video, showing a lax French police to investigate a rape being intimidated and chased away by aggressive Muslim youths. This is the ultimate submission of a Western society to Islam.
This whole harangue by EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is an untalented NWO advocacy for unlimited immigration – with totally invalid arguments: She calls it an EU Experiment – with the future of our children. Just take a look around in the [42] Muslim countries to see the future of your children and [43] here, and [44] here – because about 2050 European countries will have [45] Muslim majorities thanks to Malmström and associates. And they know and rejoice!  This harangue confirms the expressed [5] will of EU politicians to level our societies with the ground.

Malmström´s chat  about future lack of labour  needing to be covered by Muslim immigrants is nonsensical:  This  dangerous immigration cannot and will not perform the complicated functions of  tomorrow’s society. A far better proposal is to stop feminist,  crazy free abortion and then expect that technology,  crises and NWO´s desire to reduce our consumption of resources by austerity measures and taxing us to death will create hords of European unemployed labour. The EU cannot exist without growth. Hoping for that growth through Muslim immigration would be Utopian and testify to a lack of judgment.  I do not consider the EU that stupid in real life. Its killing austerity measures must therefore  aim at dissolving the Union  -  for [46] NWO´s world government.

The New World Order is creating the enormous flows of Muslim refugees into the EU by stealing enormous areas of farmland from poor African farmers. Now French Pres. Sarkozy, the new Chairman of NWO G20 boldly proposes a solution to the growing food prices his country creates alongside with other ruthless speculators:“More multilateralism is the best answer to the increased instability in the world (due to rising food prices),” a Sarkozy adviser said [47] Reuters 7 Jan.2o11. As usual, [48] Rothschild agent, George Soros, and his master, Jacob Rothschild, are the leading forces behind corporate land grab.

Are we really so irresponsible as to let such pretendedly ignorant and/or evil persons as Cecilia Malmström and the other eurocrats/politicians crush our democracies for the benefit of [49] 7.000 elitists whose programme is that of [50] Adam Weishaupt and Rothschild? The answer is: Yes we are. For [51] we are brainwashed and [52] here.

ADDENDUM: Legal EU immigration – excerpts

[53] DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals in the framework of an
intra-corporate transfer
{SEC(2010) 884} 2. Sept. 2010 The duration of the residence permit will be limited to three years for managers and
specialists and one year for graduate trainees.
The proposal is part of the EU’s efforts to put in place a comprehensive immigration policy, including common rules on economic migration. It has two specific purposes. The first is to
introduce a special procedure for entry and residence and standards on the issue by Member States of residence permits for third-country nationals applying to reside in the EU for the
purpose of an intra-corporate transfer (Article 79(2)(a) TFEU).
This transfer does not necessarily take place within the services sector or in the context of provision of a service and may originate in a third country which is not party to a trade agreement: The scope of this proposal is therefore broader than that implied by trade commitments. The present proposal goes further than  Council Directive 2003/86/EC of 22 September 2003  in that it provides for more favourable conditions for family reunification.  No labour market test is required.

[54] DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCILon the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of
seasonal employment
{SEC(2010) 887} {SEC(2010) 888}
The proposal does not create a right to admission. Third-country nationals for whom a positive decision has been taken by the Member State concerned must receive a seasonal worker permit. The maximum period of stay is set at six months in any calendar year. A third-country national who did not comply with the obligations linked to a previous stay as a seasonal worker is to be excluded from admission as a seasonal worker for one year. Equal treatment also applies to social security and covers the benefits defined in Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 883/04 on the coordination of social security systems.
An employer who has not fulfilled obligations resulting from the work contract must be subjected to sanctions and excluded from the possibility to apply for seasonal workers for
at least one year.
The work contract must also specify the working hours per week or month. – serve as a guarantee of a certain, fixed level of remuneration for the seasonal workers, and, when applicable, other relevant working conditions such as insurances; – enable efficient control by the competent authorities before admission.

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