ADDENDUM: Texe Marr, expert on secret societiy signs: ”Loughner is a Jewish Satanist. Over the years I have investigated almost all the criminal cases of mass killers and assassins, and in virtually every case, I found the same things. Just as with Jared Lee Loughner, all the killers were involved in some form of Satanic worship as well as being crazed fans of heavy metal rock music. Loughner was a hard-core heavy metal music addict. His “shrine,” made up of a brick altar and a tent-like surrounding structure, appears to be what the Jews call a “Sukkot booth.” And he is a brain-addled doper.”
Summary: On 8 January 2011 an apparently schizophrenic young man, Jared Loughner, shot congress woman, Jewish Gabrielle Giffords, through her head (perhaps she survives), killing 6 and wounding 13 others. The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has rumored influence of the anti-Zionist American Renaissance - but as Loughner himself is Jewish, it’s probably not the motif. In contrast, Loughner has been heavily influenced by lucid dreaming after a technique developed by one Derek Ralston, who has written a textbook about it and developed a very popular system of personality development, based on every single individual having to find out what feels good and evil - to follow his own impulses and isolate himself. If one’s basic morality is bad, this could obviously have terrible consequences. Indeed, the police found a subsequent Satanistic shrine in Loughners backyard. As a lady who was visited by Jared Loughner before the massacre said: “He had the look of pure evil”! Schizophrenics are under extreme mind control by their “inner voices” - and afraid not to obey them. I have as a doctor seen dreadful consequences thereof. But Loughner is not alone to be mind controlled.

Experiments show that 65% of us are willing to murder in an authoritarian context. Rather than expose ourselves to the discomfort of refusing to comply with an order / request or violating team rules and expectations, we accept to commit atrocities, sacrificing others in order not to vex ourselves - even though we see no danger in saying no! Indeed, many simply can not say no to an ever so foolish order, as when bosses of fast food outlets undressed their staff and ordered them to jog naked  in front of astonished customers - just because an unknown person had telephoned, introduced himself as a police officer and ordered this approach to detect shoplifting! Experiment participants who risked nothing by saying no said: “It was as if someone forced me!” and “I did not care, what happened,” as he thought to kill a volunteer with 450V power.  Haven´t we heard this before?

We all know what happens when soldiers who are under extreme mind control (discipline), are ordered to commit massacres and torture of civilians: My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Wounded Knee, etc. Many people´s morality depends on the role they are required to play by external authorities. Loughner was under absolute mind control - by internal or external commands.
Immediately now, FBI director, Robert Mueller, demands the free Internet to be controlled, as he believes Loughner to have been brainwashed, come under mind control via the internet so that Mueller is playing into John Rockefeller IV’s and Obama’s mediezar´s hands. This has caused more people to suppose something like a political false flag action. Both beaten environmentalists    and the British government are now attempting through mind control to lead mankind on their tortuous roads. And worse:

Mind control is the tool the New World Order uses to make us accept their dictatorial one-world government, the outrageous fees and chemtrail-poisoning arising from the CO2-climate lie, the war against terror, based on a lie, the Euromediterranean mass immigration, etc. without a fuss or knowledge.  And does it work!
The Tucson massacre
Tucson-shootingJARED-LEE-LOUGHNER-largeOn 8 Jan. in Tucson Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona in the head (but she seems to survive) - killing six people and wounding 13 others. (The Huffington Post). Several guesses have been made as for his motive, among them schizophrenia, lucid dreamimg, also called conscious dreaming – which many commentators think Loughton means, when he repeatedly speaks of his passion for conscience dreaming.  Besides, he is obsessed with mind control, grammar and a new currency. You can see his short videos here and here and here.
He states to be an enemy of the government. He is literate and socially interested (Mein Kampf, Karl Marx). He states to be a revolutionary atheist, not recognizing the US currency because it is not backed by gold or silver. He wants a new currency. And he says he is a US military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix – which he is said not to be. ABC News 9 Jan. 2011: He seems to be mentally “unstable”, severely changed during the last year before his crime – talking about terrorism, making bombs. According to court documents released today, authorities discovered a safe in Loughner’s home with a thank you letter from Giffords for attending a Congress on Your Corner event in 2007 — the same kind of event Loughner allegedly assaulted Saturday. Another envelope said “I planned ahead,” “My assassination” and “Giffords” and bore what appears to be Loughner’s signature, the documents said. Another peculiarty is that Gabrielle Giffords is a subscriber to her assassin´s youtube (lower left corner: Classit -   seen on Jan. 11 - removed on Jan. 12!!!) as I found here!!!

Comment: Jared Loughner was under inner or external mind control. He does not seem to have been autistic, as schizophrenics usually are – but his mixing of  grammar currency and mind control in an incoherent way is disturbing. He also described himself in poems as being confused and isolated – and he became very aggresive, suspended from school until he had seen a psychiatrist to certify that he was not dangerous to himself or others! which he did not do. He is paranoic, probably megalomaniac, believing he controls people´s minds. He may be a schizophrenic hearing inner voices commanding him to kill. Schizophrenics are very scared of such voices. Once, I operated an entire night on a schizophrenic whose inner voices commanded him to cut his eyes out. And he nearly completed it! The matter is complicated by the fact that Giffords is a Jewess.Acc. to Fox News 9 Jan. 2011, the Department for Homeland Security supposes Lougner may have been influenced by a pro-white racist organization that publishes an anti-immigration newsletter. No direct connection, but strong suspicion is being direceted at American Renaissance. “The group’s ideology is anti Jared-loughton-altargovernment, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic. However, Loughner´s friend, Bryce Thierny tells that Loughner said his mother is Jewish – so antisemitism does not seem to be his motivation. The 8. district of Arizona is a political high tension area due to massive immigration – which Giffords supported. But Loughner had long been screwy and nihilistic his friend.


Left: Jared Loughner´s Satanic shrine: A skull sits surrounded by rotting fruit near burnt candles at what appears to be a makeshift altar at Jared Loughner’s Tucson home. Right: Jared Loughner photographed in A Phoenix court.

The Devil´s face
The Daily Mail 11 Jan. 2010: As he walked into a Phoenix court, Loughner  looked straight at the crowd.  Loughner had refused to give any reason for Saturday’s killings. Authorities are considering the possibility that Loughner was behind the explosive packages sent to various places in Washington and Maryland last week.
One couple described how he showed up at their home last summer and stared creepily inside. An acquaintance of his used to live there. ‘It was the look of pure evil,‘ Susan Ward told the New York Daily News. ‘Every hair on my body went up. He just kept staring at me and smiling.He was fearless.”
Was Jared commanded by inner schizophrenic or outer voices to do his planned attack? Had the Devil obsessed him? Why did Gabriella Giffords take an interest in him? Was he brainwashed? This is important because of the supposed far reaching consequences of this crime.

Derek Ralston is an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. He has written a Lucid Dreamimg Starter Handbook. Lucid dreams are frequently described as vivid, beautiful and stimulating. The morning after awaking from a lucid dream (i.e. a dream, one knows to be a dream while dreaming), people often describe a carryover of positive emotions into their Lady-gaga3waking world, sometimes lasting several days. And with the help of lucid dreaming, many people have ostensibly figured out how to improve their waking life for the long-term.
Derek Ralston is the founder of Life Evolver. Com, a popular personal development blog. Here is his advise to change your life:

1) Choose your own values, principles, and goals.  It is to practice the ultimate form of intellectual independence, the one most difficult for the overwhelming majority of human beings and for which their upbringing has least prepared them. 2) Follow your own vision, 3) Accept your aloneness. Many people dread independent thought and judgment precisely because of this factor of inescapable aloneness;  4) Be honest with yourself.
Your genes instruct you on what feels good and bad. To take control of your consciousness, you must be fully aware of social and genetic programming, and make yourself independent.
Comment: Imbuing a madman like Loughner with such recipes of the concept of good and the good way of living is like pouring petrol on a fire!!  We all know: We are being manipulated for the purpose of being made obedient slaves of an Ideology. Hitler and the Communists as well as the corporations knew/know. We were also able to see their clumsy ways – afterwards – but nevertheless they made a great part of mankind accept their mendacious arguments as truth – and truth as lies. The metods used to brainwash us thus were and are so primitive that we don´t feel or seeMadonna-with-illuminist-pyramid them. Life Evolver seems to be a counterweight to ideological indoctrination – but mentions no such words as responsibility to others, consideration or charity, just pure selfishness. Implement this om the big mass of humanity – and you will create deep unhappiness, rootlessness, a feeling of meaninglessness, desperation, dissolution of the cohesion of society, aggressions, revolutions  and even chaos. Where such a societal and moral vacuum arises, anarchy and criminality will flourish – and most people will be prone to adopt preformed ideology or military doctrines about ruthless killing. This may be the motivation for what Jared Lee Loughton did. This was what Hitler needed to seize power.

Lady-gagaPop music is one NWO method to brainwash us: Lady Gaga (left) and Madonna ( right), our politicians, actors, even the Tuborg Corporation etc. show their Luciferian symbols in public to make missionary work for their god and his ideology – and we love them, buy their albums, vote for them – and many imitate their signs.

Do you have a free will – or do societal rules determine your life?
The Independent 6 Jan. 2011: Stanley Milgram, the son of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, struggled to understand how it was that courteous and decent Germans in the Second World War were persuaded to take part in barbaric acts without any limitations of conscience.”
I. Nearly 50 years after Milgram´s original experiment, I finally met one of the few remaining survivors, Bill Menold. In 1961 he went along to a building where he met an earnest young man in a white lab coat – The Experimenter - and a middle-aged volunteer.
The Experimenter told Bill that he would be the Teacher and the other volunteer would be the Learner. The Teacher’s task was to give the Learner a simple set of memory tasks, which he would then be tested on. If the Learner got an answer wrong, the Teacher had to give him an electric shock. If he continued to give wrong answers, the shocks would steadily increase. Bill was left in a room with a microphone and a set of electrical controls. The Learner was put in another room, where Bill could hear but not see him. Then the experiment began. The Learner was a slow learner.

“Wrong – 150 volts.”  Despite the screams coming from the next room, Bill continued to ask questions and administer electric shocks when the Learner failed to answer correctly. “I don’t care what Milgramhappens. Once you make the decision, you’ve made your decision.” Menold was told that 450 volts were lethal.  ”Wrong – 450 volts.” When I asked him if he thought he had killed the Learner, Bill replied, “Yeah. When he stopped responding.”
What Bill and the other volunteers who took part weren’t told was that the electric shocks were fake – and that both the Experimenter and the Learner were actors. The real purpose of the experiment was to see how far the volunteers would go. Bill, like 65 per cent of the volunteers, gave an apparently lethal electric shock when told to do so.Lyndie_England_dog_humiliation-thumb

“Most of us would behave the same way when faced by the same set of circumstances. Often human behaviour is dominated by the roles that we are asked to play.”

II: In 1966, a psychiatrist called Charles Hofling arranged for 22 nurses working in a large hospital to be rung, separately, by a man simply calling himself, “Dr Smith”. Dr Smith told each of the nurses that he wanted them to give 20mg of a drug called Astroten to a patient, who he named. Dr Smith also told the nurses that he was on his way to the hospital and would sign the necessary paperwork when he arrived. The drug, an invention of the experimenters, had been placed in the drug cabinet several days before the telephone call with a prominent warning on its side that 10mg was the maximum safe dose. Despite this, and despite the fact that hospital protocol specifically stated that no drug should ever be administered based solely on a phone call, 21 out of the 22 nurses were preparing to give the 20mg dose when they were stopped. The nurses had bowed to the imagined authority of the “doctor”.

Milgram went with his students on to the New York subway. Their task was to approach passengers on the train and say, pleasantly: “I’d like your seat, please”. The answer was that in just over half of all cases people gave up their seats when asked.
Recently I decided to repeat this experiment in a busy London shopping centre, with similar results. I was surprised by how many people complied with my completely unreasonable request, but even more surprised by how uncomfortable I found asking them to do it.

UnityIII: There was a recent example of the continuing tendency towards blind obedience in the USA when a con man, dubbed “the modern Milgram”, made the staff of dozens of fast-food restaurants behave in an appalling fashion simply by ringing up and pretending to be a policeman. He persuaded managers to strip-search their staff in search of stolen goods, to make them jog naked, even to strip off and appear naked in front of startled customers. One manager, who strip-searched an employee and was subsequently jailed, said, “I didn’t want to do it, but it was like he was making me”.

Trækker-i-trådeneMilgram once wrote that we are “puppets controlled by the strings of society”. Yet what is also true is that not all puppets jump when their strings are pulled. Many of the fast-food managers who were rung up the “policeman” refused to follow his orders. In Milgram’s own experiment, although 65 per cent of the volunteers were prepared to give apparently lethal electric shocks, that still left 35 per cent who would not.

The Daily Mail 23 Nov. 2010: In a medical breakthrough, researchers have discovered that proteins can be removed from the brain’s fear centre by drugs to wipe out traumatic memories for ever.

How the UK government manipulates your daily behaviour
The Independent 3 Jan. 2011: Shame, vanity, laziness and the desire to fit in are all to be used as tools of Government policy by ministers acting on the advice of a new psychology unit in Whitehall. The public will have “social norms” heavily emphasised to them.

Spiegel 3 jan. 2011: Environmentalists are trying to come up with new ways to make global warming sexy and search for a new Messiah (after Al Gore´s lies were revealed), and i.a. “mind bombs” - highly emotional images like a video showing a teacher blowing up two students who were skeptical about cutting their carbon emissions. But there are simpler and older means to make us obey the will of the New World Order: Hitler Knew! Here are 10 simple rules to avoid the development of individualism.

Some commentators blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the Arizona murders – for creating hatred against the Democrats and their liberal immigration rules.  What Ralston recommends is inconvenient and damaging to the simple old way of governing the masses: It is much  easier to command a standardized population which sticks within the narrow frames assigned to it by the elite. People feel it so unpleasant to transgress such limits, fearing isolation and punishment, that they rather commit atrocities than not obeying  murderous orders. This is not just true of the Germans – but 2/3 of us, as experiments show. Such a population can be restrained by means of simple words for what is good: Fatherland in one era, globalism in our era. Christianity in one era, Islam and atheism in another era, the 10 Commandments in one era, now their complete contrasts – and evil: racism, used about patriots defending their own culture against politically willed Muslim mass immigration, the 10 Commandments in one era, now their absolute contrast - and evil: racism, used about patriots defending their ancient culture; antisemitism, as soon as you utter a single word about Jewish crimes and initiatives to govern

The butchering by the “glorious” 7. Cavalry (Custer´s old regiment) under Colonel Forsyth of 300 defenceless Minneconjou Sioux Indians, men, women, children at Wounded Knee in 1890 was the last in a long series of US Army massacres on America´s native nations (Dee Brown). Any soldier will do this if commanded to – for he is under total mind control.

the world; conspiracy theory about criticism of the de facto self-declared dictatorial and treacherous initiatives; climate hooligans about honest scientists. And have these words been efficient - until recently. Islamic invasion, antisemitism as soon as  you utter a single word about Jewish crimes and initiatives to rule the world, conspiracy theory about criticism of the de facto self–declared dictatorial and treacherous initiatives of the globalists;climate hooligans about honest scientists. And have these words been efficient – until recently.

However, the Hegelian dialectics is their tool. I have not found Derek Ralston nor Jared Lee Loughner to work for any one but themselves. But certainly, his method of changing people´s lives into total selfishness is one certain way to make any society crumble and descend into anarchy in the absence of the 10 Commandments. This was exactly what Adam Weishaupt aimed at with his and Rothschild´s New World Order – so that the Illuminati could practice their motto:Order out of Chaos”. That means dictatorship. Fox News 9 Jan. 2011: FBI Director Robert Mueller said in a Sunday press conference that the “ubiquitous nature of the Internet” has made hateful information “much more readily available to individuals than it was eight or 10 or 15 years ago and that absolutely presents a challenge to us particularly as it relates to lone wolfs.”  What we do know is that the Rockefellers have supported mindcontrol for nearly 100 years, developing into diabolically sophisticated mental hygiene. Furthermore, that John D. Rockefeller IV is the leader of an attack on the free internet – just as Obama´s Media Czar, Julius Genachowski. So, be assured that the Arizona murders will be used for an attack on the free internet and here and here. Were these murders a false flag attack – or a schizophrenic act now to be used politically?
Is this brainwashed
Obama Youth Brigade able to act similarly as Loughton at command? The SS was! US soldiers were at My Lai, and Abu Ghraib etc. Or what about 9/11–2001? Whether schizophrenic or acting on impulse from outside: Loughton had all characteristics of a person under the mind control of evil – which 2/3 of us are.

Both the beaten environmentalism and the British government are now seeking to lead mankind along their tortuous paths through mind control. But what is worse: Mind control is the tool the New World Order uses to make us accept their dictatorial one-world government, the outrageous fees and chemtrail-poisoning arising from the CO2-climate lie, the war on terror based on a lie, the Euromediterranean mass immigration, etc. without a fuss and without knowledge  And does it work!