Europe´s Death Certificate. Jordan Obtains “Advanced EU-Status”: EU´s 4 Freedoms Incl. Free Migration After Morocco. Egypt and Tunesia Next

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Summary: The EU is fully engaged in the delivery on its promise at the 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Ministers´ Conference in 2003 of the allocation of the EU’s 4 freedoms, including freedom of movement, into the EU. First the EU granted Morocco,  now Jordan these 4 freedoms - and the European Union announces that Egypt and Tunisia’s are next. The treaty with Jordan is the first within the framework of the ENP - the European Neighbourhood Policy. This article shows the contents of the agreement: It states to aim at strengthening the multilateral institutions of world governance! Moreover, the agreement will bring visa facilitation and promote the free circulation of people and workers between Jordan and the EU – Jordanians are to have equal social rights in the EU as native Europeans. It will coordinate their social security systems, it will strengthen the fight against terrorism and harmonize the judicial system in Jordan with that of the EU and incorporate  Jordan into the EUROPOL and CEPOL, and exchange judicial information and  promote cooperation between law enforcement authorities in general. It will increase exchanges of students and trainees and include many more Jordanian students in the Erasmus Mundus and Tempus programs. It will enhance the cultural cooperation and increase Jordan’s participation in relevant EU cultural cooperation programs. And much more. After 3 years negotiations will take place ”to lift cooperation to a higher level.”
All these actions in relation to the Muslim “partners” in connection with the alreadystealth, lies/concealment, demoralization, dechristianisation,  and corruption. This is the Luciferian New World Order, based on the Talmud.

“You are of your father the devil. There is no truth in him. For he is a liar, and the father of it.”  (John 8:44). To the [3] Pharisees, the [4] authors of  the [5] Talmud, the [6] foundation of the New World Order and [7] here and [8] here. Pres Obama´s media czar , Julius Genachowski is a [9] Talmud Ace to secure “internet neutrality” - a la another Jew, [10] Jay Rockefeller?

We were never told about the [11] Euromediterranean Process and [12] here. And when I asked [13] ministers and MPs for an explanation, any comment was refused. A 2 MEPs of the Danish People´s party flattened the problem so obstinately that it was very suspicious. Our [14] bought and [15] here media has entirely concealed it, the most cowardly way of lying, since it costs us our independence and even our souls  – and very few ever heard of it. Nevertheless it is the death certificate of Europe. The Euromediterranean is the biggest lie in history alongside with the [16] global warming lie.

[17] Euromed-coop.Without any ado, without our media having told us about it, the EU has as of 26 Oct. 2010 granted Jordan an “advanced status” according to its promise to the then 10 “partner countries” at the [18] 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Ministers´Conference in Naples on 2–3 Dec. 2003 of having The EU´s 4 Freedoms , incl. free movement for their citizens in the Euromed. area. The only condition was progress as for democracy and economy.   Free movement of persons is so important  that  i.a. for this reason the [19] EU is now threatening Switzerland, which has tightened her immigration rules. On 13 July 2010 the equally silenced [20] Union for The Mediterranean and [21] here with a [22] parliament of its own and a [23] secretariat was proclaimed for all countries on the Mediterranean coasts except Libya incl. all EU members. This enormous organisation is largely unknown, since it is a piece in the puzzle to create the [24] world state consisting of an [25] re-awakening Rockefeller plan about a [26] North American Union, the [27] Union for the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf and the [28] ASEAN + 3 (China, Japan, Australia).  That is why the [29] EU passionately supports a UN Parliamentary Assembly, a World Parliament. And that is why Iran has to be subdued somehow. The below [30] ENP Action Plan clearly mentions “global governance” as the aim – as also stated by EU President, the [31] Bilderberger puppet, [32] van Rompuy.

[17] EU Press Release 6 Dec. 2010: We have agreed on an “advanced [17] status” for Morocco, a country that has made a clear choice to modernise and to strengthen relations with the EU. With Jordan, we have concluded a new “advanced status” Action Plan, and we are discussing similar arrangements with other neighbours, such as Egypt and Tunisia.
However, the Union for the Mediterranean  has not brought about the degree of progress we had hoped for in our neighbourhood – especially concerning democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights. Both EU Member States and partner countries want stronger relations based on high level political co-operation and deeper economic integration. Civil society organizations are also very supportive of the ENP as a tool to advance shared values and good governance. We develop a framework in which our expectations of partners are spelled out more clearly, as are the “rewards” that our partners will obtain if those expectations are met. Kommentar: Here is [33] Morocco´s Action Plan. Not even that Morocco is [34] breaking the premises of this advanced status is being mentioned in the media. The EU is now fulfilling its promises by granting its “partners” (in the New World Order – see videos on right margin of this blog)  “advanced status” one by one! The foundation of this New World Order project is the [35] Barcelona Declaration from 1995.

[36] EU Press Release 26 Oct. 2010: On the occasion of the ninth EU-Jordan Association Council‘s meeting of 26 October 2010, the first ever European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan incorporating the “advanced status” partnership was agreed by the two parties.
“Jordan has become an increasingly significant player, a regional actor and a key interlocutor for the European Union in the Middle East,” stated Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission.

The “advanced status” partnership will be based on the overarching objective of promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the EU neighbourhood. The advanced status is building on the core values Jordan and the EU share, i.e. the rule of law, good governance and the respect for human rights.

The “advanced status” partnership further expanded the areas of cooperation between Jordan and the EU opening up new opportunities in economic and trade relations via a progressive liberalisation in services and the right of establishment, facilitation of market access, progressive regulatory convergence and preparations of future negotiations on a deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, as well as reinforced cooperation with certain European agencies and programmes. [37] More EU information here.
[38] The Jordan Times 28 Oct. 2010: Jordan and the European Union on Tuesday agreed on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan, under which the Kingdom enters into an “advanced status” partnership with the supranational institution. “This is a great achievement for Jordanian diplomacy. Jordan is the second Arab country to obtain advanced status after Morocco,” Minister of Industry and Trade Amer Hadidi told The Jordan Times yesterday, calling on the business sector to take advantage of the opportunities the agreement presents.

[39] Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanENP Action Plan for Jordan – an excerpt
After three years, decisions by Jordan and the EU may be taken on the next step in the development of bilateral relations, including the possibility of new contractual links.
“Effective management of migratory flows and facilitation of movement of persons in conformity with the acquis, in particular examine the scope for visa facilitation for short stay for some categories of persons to be defined jointly.”Implement the Jordanian Sustainable Development Strategy, and implement the government’s strategy to reduce poverty • Develop the transport, energy and information society sectors and networks through sector liberalisation, investment in infrastructures and interconnection with EU networks. Notice in particular the marked texts: (28), (40), (41), (46), (48), (63), (64), (65): These taken together with the many other agreements mean mortal danger to Europe´s stability, prosperity and cultural survival.
Quite clearly [40] global governance is mentioned as the aim.

As I see it these Action Plans with  the EU are the [41] New  World Order´s death certificates for the European nation states, their cultures and religion. It is a silent liquidation, people seeing it happening under their very eyes – but still they don´t grasp what is actually going on. It is high treason in the usual sense of the word – but like good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies, all other concepts in the New World Order adopt meanings twisted 180 degrees to what we are accustomed to – so all of a sudden traditional European values are treacherous – to the New World Order antivalues.

The Action Plans open up for a flood of citizens from the “partner Countries”. Now from 1 Jan. 2011, Muslims from the “partner” countries Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania [42] will have visa-free travel into the Schengen zone. And guess where they will go? Well, where the social offers for them are the best, of course. So, a migration is about to take place, [43] 1.3 mio Albanians having applied for passports into the EU, And as the “partners” south and east of the Mediterranean also obtain free access, native Europeans will soon be a minority, which has to keep all those “partners”  alive, for the immigrant master race [44] does not work – according to one of their imams. Native Europeans will become slaves or [45] hunted game – unless they convert to Islam, as anywhere where the Muslims have taken power in previously Christian lands.  They occupied 30% of our state  budgets in [46] Denmark and [47] Sweden in 2001.

Well, that does not concern the decadent native Europeans. The Euromediterranean Process is considered just an insignificant thing by the few who even heard of it. In reality, this is the biggest treason in history – and the most intelligent, done by [48] stealth, lying/concealment, [49] demoralization, dechristianisation, and [50] corruption. This is truly [51] Luciferian.

APPENDIX to the ENP Action Plan for Jordan
Promote the stability and effectiveness of institutions strengthening democracy and the rule of law including good governance and transparency.
Further enhancement of the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, upgrade its quality and strengthen its administrative capacity.
Support the freedom of the media and strengthening freedom of expression
Ensure respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms in line with Jordan’s international commitments
Promote Equal Treatment of women.
Promotion of fundamental social rights and core labour standards
Develop an enhanced political dialogue and regular exchange of information on Common Foreign Security and Defence Policy (CFSP) and European Security and Defence Policy ([52] ESDP). – Work with the EU to make multilateral institutions and conventions more effective, so as to reinforce global governance
Combating terrorism.
Continue progress in the establishment of fully functioning market economy through structural reforms.
Promote investment in Jordan
Promotion of [53] sustainable development
Liberalisation of trade in goods
Facilitate market access of industrial products.– Implement the Palermo Action Plan for the Free Movement of Industrial Products approved by the July 2003 Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Trade Ministers.
Remove obstacles to the establishment and operation of companies.
Gradual abolition of restrictions on supply of services.
Development of financial services.
Further development of capital markets. Liberalisation of Payments, Capital Movements
(28) Facilitate the movement and integration of workers. – Equality of treatment of Jordanian and Community workers nationals who are legally residing and working in the territory of the Community or Jordan, elimination of discrimination.
– Coordination of social security schemes
Develop the conditions to enable competition between the EU and Jordan companies and among Jordanian companies.
Establish implementing rules on competition, including in particular a consultation mechanism.
(40) Management of migratory flows and prevention of illegal migration – Dialogue on asylum issues. – Exchange of information on migration issues (entry and stay, integration) and illegal migration – Discussion on the possibility of co-operation on transit migration.
(41) Start and develop dialogue in visa issues– Develop visa co-operation, including the possible adaptation of visa systems, the visa and travel documents issuing procedure including their security. – In order to facilitate the circulation of persons, examine within the context of existing structures, de possibilities of facilitation visa issuing (simplified and accelerated procedures in conformity with the acquis)
Reinforce the fight against drugs
Develop co-operation in the fight against money laundering
(46) Develop co-operation between Jordan and EU Member States judicial and law enforcement authorities – Implement relevant international conventions and, where already ratified, start developing national legislation for their implementation
Exchange of information between EU, EU Member states and Jordanian law enforcement agencies, including on matters related to the International Criminal Court. – Co-operation in the field of police training between Jordanian and European police academies and colleges, as well as with CEPOL – Explore the possibilities for co-operation between Jordan and EUROPOL (European Police Office).
(48) Strengthening cooperation to combat terrorism – Develop cooperation to strengthen the fight against the financing of terrorism in line with the standards laid down in the FATF recommendations on terrorism financing. – Develop cooperation between law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism. – Develop judicial cooperation in the context of combating terrorism.
Take steps to adopt an updated overall energy policy converging towards EU energy policy objectives.
Progress on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
Take steps to ensure that conditions for good environmental governance are set and start implementing them.
(63) Reform and upgrade the education and training systems and work; within the framework of the Jordanian national programme, towards convergence with EU standards and practice. – Encourage the participation in the Erasmus Mundus programme.
Enhance co-operation in the field of education, training and youth – Establish a policy dialogue between EU and Jordanian authorities in the field of education and training – Explore the possibility of extending co-operation in the areas of school education, vocational education and training through the possible extension of the TEMPUS programme. – Increase links among Jordanian educational institutions and with the EU – Enhance youth exchanges and co-operation in the field of non-formal education and intercultural dialogue.
(65) Enhance cultural co-operation – Enhance Jordan’s participation in the relevant EC cultural co-operation programmes.
Increase the level of health security, health information and knowledge.
Communicable Disease Surveillance and Health Security (Epidemiological Surveillance and Control).

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