Climate Conference in Mexico: IPCC Chairman Totally Abandons Science, Demanding Profitable Chemtrailing and Artificial Vulcano Eruptions. UN Demands Communist Redistribution

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[1] Dog-eating-its-tail

ADDENDUM: [2] Deutsche Welle 9 Dec. 2010 -  German Environment Minister, Norbert Röttgen: “In business, politics and society, we no longer see climate change as a threat, but an opportunity and a challenge. Germany has invested in tackling climate change and as a result it has created jobs and opportunities.” I.e.full employment by the old Soviet trick: Dig dithches and refill them the next day - meaningless work at taxpayer cost. Or think of the dog eating its own tail.

Summary: As the snow is falling densely and people die of cold in the northern hemisphere after a cold winter in the southerm hemisphere, illuminist world leaders are gathering on a lie in warm Mexico: That the world is warming due to anthropogenic CO2. The fraudulent Company, Britain’s Met Office, said in October that 2010 will be the second-warmest year since 1850! The Met is involved in the CRU Climategate scandal and has not delivered a true weather forecast for summer or winter in the last 3 years - and predicted a mild winter this year! The Met launched the warning about a not existing Icelandic ash cloud over Britain, thus stopping all European air traffic just because of an incorrect computer analysis without a single measurement. Whereupon the EU took over control of all European airspace. Its head stranded at Gatwick in a many inches thick layer of global warming, as she was going to Cancun. In Cancun, 15,000 civil servants and politicians from 190 countries meet for a 14-day conference at a luxury Mexican beach resort, where they produce as much CO2 as a normal English village during a full year. All the while a rabid English scientist requires rationing as during the second World now with reduction of heat, food and import consumption  congress participants are living in gluttony down in Mexico at our cost. The highly compromised IPCC chief, Pachauri, found a receptive audience when he said that the situation was so threatening that there is no time to investigate CO2´s (non existent) effect on the nonexistent global warming which is now being denied even by the arch fraudster behind the Climategate, CRU Prof. Phil Jones. Also, Pachauri recently admitted global warming not to be based on science but complied politically commissioned work. Now instead ,Pachauri wants to pour all the poison that can be mobilized out on us in chemtrailing and other forms of geoengineering - which has long been co-ordinated by London’s Royal Society by means of corporations, governments, the UN, the EU etc.

But all that is only a circus show to collect money from the rich for the poor countries - or rather for the banksters and dictators.  Previously an economist in an interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung said the same - that the meeting is the largest economic summit on the redistribution of world wealth since the second World War - and has absolutely nothing to do with climate. It concerns the international elite´s world government´s  Communist redistribution of the working people´s money for the part of humanity, who declares itself unwilling to work. Acc. to Ban Ki-Moon, the Western countries only cough up with 30 bn dollars in 2011 - but Ban wants at least 100 billion dollars a year by 2020. Several leaders are predicting a poor outcome, including the EU’s climate commissioner.

At the same time, the depopulationist preacher, Illuminist and CNN founder, Ted Turrer, found the opportunity to vent his hobbyhorse to have the world´s population  reduced to 2 billion instead of the current 7 billion - Otherwise we will be cooked, he says! Preferably by the Chinese (forced) one child policy. But there are, of  course, other options!

[3] Cancun_1780369cThe New World Order elitists meet once again to promote their world [4] communism – redistribution they call it – of assiduous middle class people´s money to [5] those who don´t care about working, hate us and just produce children. But here is no CO2–restraint: [6] The Telegraph 8 Dec. 2010: “More than 190 countries are meeting in the luxury resort of Cancún for two weeks.  The total carbon footprint of the conference is equivalent to 4,500 UK households for a year. The chief of staff for the Minister of the Environment said the all the carbon will be offset through protecting forests and planting trees in poor areas of Mexico.

Their foundation it is typically communist as for the “useless eaters”: an [7] utterly dramatized lie, promoted by the EU and the UN. The whole exercise is to[8] collect money from the rich to the poor countries - or rather for the [9] banksters and dictators, like in the euro zone. This is Communist redistribution demanded by the NWO elite. Cunningly put: Climate change adaptation funds should adopt microfinance practices [10] to reach the most vulnerable.

Forget about facts, forget about the much too early and hard winter this and last year, forget about all the ”[11] Climategate”, the “[12] Jama lgate”, the “[13] IPCCgate”, the “[14] Himalayagate“,  “[15] Africagate” and “[16] Amazongate”,  [17] Hollandgate, [18] Russiagate fraud, forget about science, it is all just illusions. Forget about NASA leader  As the mendacious illuminist saviour of the planet, Al Gore, puts it: “the science is [19] Cancun_1774196bsettledJames Hansen being [20] bribed by George Soros and Al Gore to [21] tamper with global temperature figures for the IPCC. Besides,  [22] IPCC chief Pachauri and the [23] Climategate arch fraudster, Phil Jones, admit that they have just delivered politically commissioned work – and that there has has been no global warming since 1995. But their media propaganda still convinces common people.

Left: Tidal wave of stupidity in [24] EU Referendum´s comment to the Cancún [25] Tidl-wave-of-stupidiyclimate Conference. Right: The tidal wave of dictatorship in Mexico is my comment.

[26] The Telegraph 29 Nov.2010: Speaking at the climate change conference in Cancun, IPCC chief, Dr Rajendra Pachauri said the threat is so great that the fifth assessment report (AR5), due to be presented to the UN in 2014, will look at “[27] geo-engineering options and [28] here like clouds and aerosols, geo-engineering ([29] chemtrailing and [30] here) and [31] sustainability issues – instead of discussing CO2.” Later this year IPCC “expert groups” will meet in Peru to discuss geo-engineering.

[32] Bloomberg 26 Nov. 2010: The average temperature for the year through October shows 2010 will be one of the two warmest years in a series that goes back to 1850, said Vicky Pope, head of climate science at the Met Office.  The decadal rate for the 2000s may be 0.03 degrees higher . “We’ve effectively [33] Argounderestimated the rate of warming over the past decade.” The Met Office compiles the data along with the University of East Anglia in eastern England

Left: [34] Argo is an international collaboration of over 3,000 buoys installed throughout the world’s oceans whereby 50 scientific institutions in 26 different countries share crucial sea temperature data.

[35] The Telegraph 4 Dec. 2010 The prediction that global temperatures will rise by four degrees in 50 years comes from that same UK Met Office computer which five weeks ago was telling us we were about to enjoy a “milder than average” winter, after three years when it has consistently got every one of its winter and summer forecasts hopelessly wrong.  [36] Illinoissnow.irpt
How is it possible 2 months before the end of the year to predict the average temperature of the whole year? As shown by the facts this was a propganda blunder worthy of the climate lie.

[37] CNN 5 Dec. 2010: 5 inches of snow at Chicago airport, 300 flights cancelled.  Wisconsin and Minnesota have plenty of snow – and forecasts for Michigan and Indiana bode massive snowfalls. Temperatures along the US East Coast 5-15 degrees colder than usual.

But there is hope
[38] AFP 2 Dec. 2010: Today, as the unambitious goals set in the Cancun talks can illustrate, political will to tackle the threat spelled out by the IPCC seems to have evaporated. “We are going to have be very thorough in how we are going to carry out our work, because let’s accept it, we are under intense public scrutiny,” Pachauri said. “We have to make sure we don’t in any way default on what we are expected to do as scientists.” Over the course of this year, many climate scientists were shocked at the anger and clout of climate skeptics. Pachauri indicated he had been bombarded with hatemail.
[39] EU Press Release 24 Nov. 2010, Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard: It is very clear that the legally-binding deal that the EU was ready for last year and that we are still ready for will, unfortunately, not be the outcome of Cancún – not because of us, but because others are not ready for it.
[40] Watt´s Up With That 2 Dec. 2010Japan refuses to extend the Kyoto Protocol.

[41] Here come the “scientists” of the UK Royal Society, the organsation behind the non-existent [29] chemtrailing illusion pouring out poisons like aluminium, barium, strontium, radiactive thorium etc and [41] seen by so many mad and hallucinating people that it was recently forbidden by the UNEP – not out of regard for mankind, but for biodiversity!

[41] UK-out-of-food[42] The Telegraph 29 Nov. 2010: In one paper, Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years.
[42] Prof Anderson admitted it “would not be easy” to persuade people to reduce their consumption of goods He said politicians should consider a rationing [42] Ration_1773172csystem similar to the one introduced during the last “time of crisis” in the 1930s and 40s. This could mean a limit on electricity so people are forced to turn the heating down, turn off the lights . Food that has travelled from abroad may be limited and goods that require a lot of energy to manufacture.

[43] The Express 3 Dec. 2010: Britain was running out of food last night as the big freeze paralysed the transport network. Fuel supplies were also at risk

Comment: But of course the rationing is only for the “useless eaters”. The “useful UN gluttons” have quite another bonvivant style of living – [44] video.

[45] The Daily Star 29 Nov. 2010 Britain was officially the coldest country on Earth yesterday with [46] temperatures hitting teeth-chattering –17C (1F). CNN 2 Dec. reports heavy snow in Buffalo, N.Y., USA. Seventeen people died from the cold in Central Europe in the past 24 hours, bringing the total this week to 45. A further 11 died in Russia, plus three in [47] France and one in Germany, according to local authorities. At least 30 people, mainly homeless men, have died in Poland in the past week, and temperatures dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit) overnight– [48] AFP 3 Dec. 2010.

[46] Tesco-roof-caving-inOptions include putting mirrors in space to reflect sunlight or covering Greenland in a massive blanket so it does not melt. Sprinkling iron filings in the ocean “fertilises” algae so that it sucks up CO2 and “seeding clouds” means that less sunlight can get in.
Other options include artificial “trees” that suck carbon dioxide out of the air, painting roofs white to reflect sunlight and man-made volcanoes that spray sulphate particles high in the[49] PrinceCharles_1774298c atmosphere to scatter the sun’s rays back into space. Many have argued that the process could make climate change worse through unintended consequences.

Right: Global warmist, the Prince of Wales, has given his support to the scientists involved in the “Climategate” saga, describing their treatment as “appalling” [50] The Telegraph 3 Dec. Left: Tesco superstore Roof caving in und the weight of snow in Scunthorpe, UK – [51] The Daily Mail 5 Dec. 2010.
[52] Snowplough-in-Koenigste-nr-frankfurt-300x180
A big ideological job remains to educate the world´spopulation to not believe their own eyes, which see global cooling
[53] Bloomberg 19 Nov. 2010: imate negotiator of the the Obama administration, Todd Stern: “Americans need to be educated about global warming. The message needs to be disseminated. If the Cancun talks and meetings in South Africa next year fall short, it will become clear at some point that “it’s not going to work,” he said.

The facts
The Express 2 De c. 2010
: The Coldest Winter For 100 Years.  [54] AFP 30 Nov. 2010: Europe – even France and Spain and Portugal, are shivering with cold and snow.

[55] Tombstone_climategateThis “exact” are the “[56] climate scientists predictions in comparison with today´s facts
Record snowfalls that fell in parts of the U.S. and Europe in late 2009 and early 2010 were the result of a once-in-a-century collision of two weather systems, according to a new study recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, caused by an unusual combination of an El Nino event and the rare occurrence of a strongly negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO),” according to Rutherford. The National Weather Service’s “long-term outlook shows a near-normal winter,

This is not about Climate – but about redistribution of our money
[57] Neue Zürche Zeitung 20. Nov. 2010: Climate change has hardly anything to do with environmental protection, says the economist Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is really a business summit about the distribution of resources. The climate summit in [58] [58] Cancun  is  one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.There is no way around it that a large part of the fossil reserves must remain in the soil.
NZZ: Through climate policy, de facto, we distribute the world’s wealth. That the owners of coal and oil are not enthusiastic, is obvious.
One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do any more with environmental policy, with problems such as deforestation or ozone hole.

[59] The role of the above-mentioned UK Met Office, the [60] near partner of the scandalous CRU, East Anglia University, both in connection with the [11] Climategate scandal and with the Met-induced [61] false [58] Turner2[61] hysterical Icelandic ash cloud flight stop which gave the EU the sovereignty over the European skies, very clearly indicates that this is a political institution that is scientifically miserably incompetent.
[59] Prof. Kevin Anderson’s crazy energy rationing in peacetime is an echo of what is happening in the Australian Norfolk Iceland - and described by [62] Patrick Woods on [59] Georgia_guidestones[62] Technokracy: world Communism. But Anderson’s thoughts can only be enforced if the UK leaves the EU, abandoning free trade.
[59] Who thought that world Communism is dead is making a big mistake. Just like the Soviet Union, the population of their one-world state will consist of a tiny [59] superrich elite and a homogeneous layer of proletarian slaves the number of which is to be drastically reduced.
Depopulationists are at play.
[63] LifeSiteNews 6 Dec. 2010:  Media billionaire, CNN-founder, Ted Turner, in Cancún called on world leaders to institute an international one-child policy akin to that being [64] enforced in China. The CNN founder, who has 5 children, said that under this scheme the world’s poor could sell their fertility rights and thereby profit from avoiding procreation, reports the Globe and Mail. “If we’re going to be here [as a species] 5,000 years from now, we’re not going to do it with seven billion people,” he explained. His good friends, the Rockefellers, have a [65] depopulation program of their own and have been [66] supporting eugenics from its start in California, via Hitler´s chief eugenecist, Ernst Rüdin till today´s version of it, [67] mental hygiene and [68] genetics.

Left: The [69] Illuminist Georgia [70] Guidestones have as their first commandment: Keep the number of mankind below 500 mio. Right: The Illuminist, Ted Turner, CNN founder. 1996 he advocated to  [71] reduce the world´s population to under 300 mio. Now he will  let a [72] reduction to 2 bn. suffice – for else we shall be cooked, he says!

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