Angela Merkel and van Rompuy: “If the Euro Fails, Europe Fails”. “Deutschland Über Alles” Or IMF´s World Currency, the “Bancor”?

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ADDENDUM: [1] The New York Times 25 Nov. 2010, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman: Private wheeler-dealers seeking nothing but their own profit. Yet ordinary Irish citizens are now bearing the burden of those debts. Punishing the populace for the bankers’ sins is worse than a crime; it’s a mistake.

Summary: It seems as if German politicians are beginning to realize the sinister game of power over Europe and our money that Illuminist banking circles and their political and media minions  are playing on our backs - or maybe they are just playing their role in the game to have Europe collapse economically. Through Bill Clinton’s irresponsible lending legislation and the subprime loans/credit default swaps of their smart banks, the banking elitists created the major financial crisis in 2008 – and were rewarded by tax payer bail-outs. It developed into an economic crisis in 2009. Irresponsible/clannish governments had previously allowed people to live high on ever larger loans, both personally (take advantage of free home capital) and in national economies. Then the banksters tightened debt nets, and countries like Greece and Ireland had difficulties to refinance debt/interest repayment. Ireland believed to be solvent.  But both were forced to take bail-outs - for the thinly disguised purpose of depriving them of their financial sovereignty and then placing them under NWO-administration (EU, IMF). Then Spain. Belgium, Italy, France and so on - until all European countries have lost souvereignty.

The included poverty-creating austerity measures will lead to social unrest and rebellion, so the EU is now transforming into a police state. Behind the euro turmoil is a group of speculators headed by Rothschild agent George Soros. Acc. to The New York Times, they held a meeting on 2 Febr. of this year where they talked about forcing the euro exchange rate down by betting against the euro/buying futures for this purpose. As the dollar is also about to collapse with a free running printing press of the Fed,  China and Russia giving up bargaining in dollars, the suspicion arises that the IMF paper of 13 April this year with proposals for a world currency, the bancor, and a world central bank, could be meant as the solution to euro and dollar collapses. This would be a direct method for an elitist world government to replace the 2 currencies. The euro’s father, Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell, does not hide the fact that the euro is just to be a shortcut to the world currency. This would be a classic example of Hegelian dialectics: thesis (debt) - antithesis (large bail-outs) - breaking the euro in favor of world currency/world government (synthesis).

The alternative is that you can get the EU countries to voluntarily ceding their financial sovereignty to the EU that would have to govern by German economic rules and strict criteria. This would be unacceptable to the other European peoples. The real causes of today’s calamities seem to be 1. The EU is a self-declared part of the New World Order, which has the objective of creating a world government through disasters, real and imagined. 2. These countries do not print their their own money, leaving it to the private central banks, which lend the money to governments at interest rates, they lay down themselves. U.S. debt to the Rothschild / Rockefeller Fed is twice as large as US total tax income.

[2] A chain reaction of bail-outs is going on in Europe: First Greece, then Ireland and now Portugal: EUbusiness 26 Nov. 2010 “The ECB and the majority of euro area countries are pressing Portugal, like Ireland, to apply for help in order to help Spain, according to FTD information.” Who gets the money? The [3] banksters that started the finance crisis and [4] here who have been speculating against the states – even betting on breaking the Euro: [5] The New York Times 3 March 2010: What people are doing in the markets is no different from what they did with the banks. First it was Bear Stearns, then it was Lehman Brothers and so on. At a dinner in New York on 2 Febr. 2010 among several other subjects, 20 representatives of some hedge funds, discussed betting against the euro Greenlight Capital, SAC Capitol Advisors, Paulson & Company and [6] George Soros´Fund Management. Note  by one of the firms: “Greece is important but not that important; instead you have to start thinking about every other country. What’s after Greece? Spain, Ireland, Portugal.” Are both the euro and the dollar collapsing? Will the [7] Bancor, the New world Order one world currency now demanded by the [8] IMF,  [9] arise out of the ashes?

[10] EUbusiness 24 nov. 2010: “Do politicians have the courage to also make those who earn a profit take some of the risk?” Merkel said in a speech to parliament. “This is about the primacy of governments, about setting limits on markets, private investors having to bear some of the risk of future eurozone bailouts.” The constitutional court, Germany’s highest, is yet to rule on the validity of the German contribution to the Greek bailout and is certain to look very closely indeed at any Irish aid and whether it is compatible with German law. Merkel faces unease from the German electorate.

[11] Irish flagThe following sounds too good to be true [12] Open Europe 15 Nov. 2010: German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “If the euro fails, then Europe will fail.” EU-Pres. [13] van Rompuy echoed her – but then moderated himself. Merkel continued: [14] Bloomberg 23 Nov. that the prospect of serial European bailouts was “exceptionally serious”. Traders are now betting the turmoil will spread to Portugal and Spain. “With markets are effectively in a position to dictate policy.”

[15] EUObserver 17 Nov. 2010 Ireland’s fiscal sovereignty hanging by a thread. [16] 23 Nov. 2010: After the application for billions in bail-out, the Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, has announced early elections. [17] EUObserver 24 Nov. 2010: 15 bn spending cuts and tax hikes will [15] Oliver-cromwell-irelandhit the Irish acc. to an EU-IMF dictated plan. [18] EUbusiness 24 Nov. 2010: Minimum wage to be cut by one euro an hour to 7.65 euros an hour. Cut nearly 25,000 public sector jobs. Overhaul of income taxation that will collect an additional 1.9 billion euros - VAT on goods and services to be hiked to 23 percent from 21 percent by 2014 - Student tuition fees to rise - Introduction of charges for domestic water consumption by 2014 - Pension-related tax reforms. But the [19] corporation tax of 12.5%, Europe´s lowest, will not be touched. Investors do not believe that the plan can be carried through ([20] BBC25 nov. 2010). 

[21] The Daily Mail 22 Nov. 2010: The UK would pay more than £7billion into an international package worth up to £85billion.
[22] PIS-debts[23] According to the [24] Bank for International Settlements, total lending of non-Irish banks to Irish banks is around $170bn, of which British banks provided $42bn, German banks provided $46bn, US banks $25bn and French banks $21bn.” (Robert Peston, BBC).

[25] Ansamed 17 Nov. 2010[25] : Lisbon Debt will increase from this year’s 82.1% of GDP to 86.6% in 2011 before stabilising in 2012. Among other things, the measures include a 5% cut to the wages of public employees, a hold on hiring.
But what is really going on? [26] Wall Street Journal 30 Nov. 2010: Portugal’s parliament passed a budget for 2011  to reduce the country’s deficit from 9.3% of GDM in 2009 to below 3% by 2013. Bundesbank President Axel Weber said that the bailing out Ireland, Portugal and Spain could exceed the lending power of  EU´s  €750-billion  rescue fund.

[27] We Are Change 13 Nov. 2010 Last weeks events in Dublin have delivered a rude and painful awakening to 30,000 plus angry students and growing numbers ordinary people as the events finally get reported in our so-called ‘news’ media. One glaringly obvious fact sinking in is that our ‘news’ media are not impartial, not unbiased, and not truthful. This economic crash is not an accident, its been long planned. The root of this whole economic problem is the private ownership of the central banks and the staggering fraud which has been perpetrated on the whole world via the fractional reserve central banking [28] Irsk vredesystem. [29] Most Irish are angry at the government, rather than the experts from the IMF and the ECB

[30] Bloomberg 23 Nov. 2010:   Even as EU leaders said Ireland’s bailout will stem contagion in the euro region. After Portugal “the next question would be Spain and then Italy and then France and then the EU,” said Antonio Garcia Pascual, chief southern European economist at Barclays Capital in London. Now [31] Belgium, too, is endangered. “Spain is a bit too big to be bailed out. [32] Louis Farrakhan about the mastermind of the calamities of the world  [33] video: The Rothschilds, the masters of [34] George Soros.

Is this old-fashioned western communism philosophy against NWO´s Soviet Communism?
[35] Global Research 19 Nov. 2010: Europe’s Dirty Secret: Financial Elite. The Financial Times acknowledges the existence of a dictatorship of the banks over government policy throughout Europe. It is it the same in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. The newspaper admits that a tiny financial elite, which it describes as “reckless,” is looting public treasuries in order to cover its [36] Ireland-span-articleLargespeculative failures. It is this single-minded pursuit that drives the decisions of governments throughout Europe. Regardless the nominal political coloration of a particular government – it takes its orders from the major banks.

Governments uniformly pursue anti-social policies
The political elites emerged from the first stage of the crisis more dominant and wealthy than ever. Emboldened global finance capital intensified its offensive, targeting Greece to establish a precedent for a global shift from stimulus to budget-cutting and austerity.

[37] Cowen4Last spring, under pressure from the banks and bond markets, the European Union adopted its program of austerity, launching historic attacks on what remains of the welfare state and all of the past social gains of the working class. The aim is a fundamental realignment of class relations worldwide.. Wages in developed capitalist nations are to be slashed to a level comparable with low-wage “developing” countries.
An article in the Wall Street Journal this week, headlined “Crisis of Democracy Faces Euro Zone,” notes that the establishment of an EU-ECB-IMF troika dictating Irish economic policy means that the country’s “independence is no more than notional.” The author warns of the danger of social upheavals. As in the 1930s, slump and austerity go hand in hand with ever more bitter international economic conflicts and the slide toward world war.

What about the future of the Euro and the EU
[38] Trichet-bangt[39] Die Welt 17 Nov. 2010: The euro is suspiciously close to the abyss. The 750-billion-euro rescue fund will by far not be sufficient in an emergency. Europe is exhausted. It lacks power, ideas, community spirit and identity. It could only come this far because the EU elites have failed for years and have not lived up to their responsibilities. The EU Commission and Germany [40] rule out an enlargement of the Fund.

[13] The Wall Street Journal 17 Nov. 2010: The events surrounding the sovereign-debt crisis are driving much closer [41] Sokratesintegration in the euro zone. In exchange for German guarantees, and EU-sponsored bailouts, the other countries in the common currency must learn to live by German rules.
“Accelerated by the crisis, a new model of government without direct accountability to voters is being constructed.

[42] In Portugal, [43] Spiegel 24 Nov. 2010, the biggest trade unions are staging the biggest strikes in over 20 years against austerity measures. Right [44] Portugal´s Primeminister , Sokrates, looks very worried.

[45] Open Europe (22. Nov. 2010) None of the bail-out options on the table will solve the fundamental problems of either Ireland or the eurozone as a whole - although they can buy Ireland valuable time. [46] The Express 24 Nov: “The US gave bailouts of 700 bn dollars in 2008/9 – and has just injected another 900 bn dollars.” Bail-outs don´t work.  Why? The peoples will not accept the NWO austerity to abolish the welfare states and make us [47] slaves. [48] The Guardian 24 Nov.: More than 20,000 school, college and university students [49] protesting at plans to raise tuition fees and scrap the education maintenance allowance. See [49] video[50] London-protests. [51] Students iin Italy occupy the Colosseum and the leaning Tower of Pisa. At the same time, [52] greedy Eurocrats grant themselves a pay rise of 3,7% of our tax money including six months paid retrospectively – causing fury.

But how long will the Germans, the dairy cows of the EU, go on footing the bill?
There seems to be an uncanny plan: Speculators like Rothschild´s servant, George Soros betting against the EU on behalf of  Rothschild, bringing their total control over Europe a big step closer.
[53] George Soros, Financial Times 21 Febr. 2010: “The (euro) construction is patently flawed. A fully fledged currency requires both a central bank and a Treasury. When the financial system is in danger of collapsing, the central bank can provide liquidity, but only a Treasury can deal with problems of solvency. The Greek debt crisis brought matters to a climax. If member countries cannot take the next steps forward, the euro may fall apart.” The [54] Wall Street Journal 24 Nov. 2010 agrees. This is to be seen as a threat from Rothschild. I.e. capitalism for[55] Kissinger-order-chaos the few rich, impoverishing the “useless eaters” whom they now deprive of their beloved welfarestates with which they were bought to adore these [56] illuminists.

Through the bail-outs, the ECB is just bringing states into deeper poverty and itself economic governance. In the end, Germany can not finance all the countries of the euro zone. Who then will bring order to the chaos that was created by the NWO´s own international banks? The [57] clique that own the central banks and [58] rule the EU and [59] here? Or do they want to? As the [60] father of the euro, Robert Mundell, who was honored for his services to the NWO with the Nobel Prize, said, the Euro was just to be a springboard for the world currency! And this is as far as we now are because the dollar is about to fail, [61] too.
A document called “[7] Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability” by the Strategy, Policy and Review Department of the [62] IMF recommends that the world accepts a global currency called the “Bancor” (Keynes, Bretton Woods), and that a global central bank would be built to manage the currency. The report is dated on 13 April, 2010  Purpose: [63] World government.   [64] Rothschild manages the VISA cards. This all argues in favour of an early demise of the euro and the dollar. These sinister forces were responsible for the [65] Wall Street Crash in [66] Eu-eating-europe[65] 1929 and the Great Depression - and can always make the world currencies crash.
There are only 2 ways out: 1. Abolishing the EU and the euro (and then devaluations, interest rate hikes) 2.Taking back the stolen practice of National banks to print our money, to lend it to our governments at interest rates they set themselves. At least in the U.S., this process is even illegal: only Congress and Government are allowed to print money. U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson wanted to keep this right, Abraham Lincoln and [67] John F. Kennedy wanted to take it back - and the latter two were murdered - while an attempt was made on Jackson. The [68] US-federal debt with the Federal Reserve in June 2020 were staggering 5,345 trillion dollars. In comparison, the  [69] US Federal income tax was 893.310bn. Dollars and the entire U.S. tax revenue 2,139 trillion dollars in 2010 acc. to the US debt clock at 20 o´clock on 25 Nov. I assume that it is the development with  [70] Rothschild´s other national banks, as well.

[71] Here is your chance to support the UK´s secession from the EU (The Daily Express´campaign).That would be unlikely – but it can show the politicians a massive resistance against the EU.


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