Terrorists Acc. to Orwellian EU: “Extreme” Right/Left, Islamist, Nationalist, Anti-Globalists. Home Made False Rumours Behind Police Mobilisation

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Summary: The EU’s “Data Compilation Instrument is a guide made by the EU Council and strongly recommended to the EU countries with detailed instructions of supervision at all stages of suspect “terrorists” defined as “extreme right/left, Islamists nationalists or anti-globalists”.

Included are those who “abuse” the Internet, that both American Illuminists led by John D. Rockefeller IV - and also the EU Commission provisionally define as those who seek child pornography and who are tampering with copyright law, a notion that can quickly be used against politically unwanted material.
Rockefeller has just got a bill through the Senate’s legal committee - aiming at hitting media like the Fox News, MSNBC and others who take free speech too literally. For the same purpose, he is looking at the free internet, which he hates and sees as a threat to U.S. security. Also, the EU is cconsidering a cybercrime center to prevent cybercrimes.
In Germany and Canada authorities declare without a blush, that they violate the rules on confidentiality of correspondence.

These days the German government is spreading a series of unfounded rumors about Islamist terrorist threats, even rejected by the head of the Federal Crime Agency.
The real U.S government, the Council on Foreign Relations, describes al-Qaida as weak and harmless to the West. Nevertheless, it is once again the postulated villain. The latest rumor was a “bomb” on a plane which turned out to be a harmless computer-like thing, and completely unsubstantiated rumors about an assault on the Reichstag in Berlin! All accompanied by a police presence, as it has not been seen since time immemorial - and it is said  to last over the next months. Planned reduction of the federal police by 1000 men has suddenly been turned into an increase by 600 men! Politicians of the federal Parliament are calling for stricter laws and deployment of military at home. “Die Welt” declares that it was Western-looking people, speaking fluent English and German, who were behind  9/11. A police state seems to be in the making.

Lower Saxony’s minister for home affairs will capture “Islamists” (i.e. followers of the Koran contents - and all Muslims must show that they are), take their cell phones and laptops from them and give them electronic anklets on. This just cannot be done according to the leader of Germany’s police union. He says there are Muslim neighborhoods in major German cities that German police do not venture into, and which is outside German law. So the  Minister’s grandstanding with Thilo Sarrazin´s warm breath on the back of his neck would lead to civil war if it was genuine. Nevertheless, he will give underage illegal immigrants visas, enabling their parents to stay, too, thereby expanding the ghettos outside German law!

The EU has now built up a formidable crime fighting system for the aforementioned terrorists - including nationalists and anti-globalists who might offend against e.g. the [1] EUs Framework Decision against Racism and Xenophobia!

Every dictatorship in history wanted to control its citizens for non-compliance with the edicts from above. The EU is no different. Whom does this elite see as its threatening enemies that politicians now even  want to[2] deploy the military (Bundeswehr/Germany) at home (ZDF 23. Nov.) ?

[3] Snapscouts[4] 14.06.2010 EUobserver: Political activists may in future find themselves under surveillance in line with the so-called EU “data compilation instrument” put at the disposal of police and security forces in member states. Civil rights watchdogs and MEPs have attacked new EU plans to gather data on people who voice or share “radical messages” . MEPs dealing with justice and home affairs expressed their outrage at the decision, which was not subject to any parliamentary oversight.
[5] A paper 7984/10 Add. 1 issued by the EU Council on 30 March 2010 by “[6] Statewatch“: On p.6 footnote 1, terrorists are cathegorised: Extreme right/left, Islamists, nationalists, antiglobalists.

[7] Jay-rockefeller-divine-king-1The Very Big Brother, John D. Rockefeller IV ([8] video) wants critical TV stations like FOx News out, end, off, good-bye. That would favour the political discourse and the work in Congress (without opennes on the dirty political tricks at our cost made there by him and his ilk!) [9] Rockefeller hates the free internet. Now he has had a bill passed in the Judicial Committee of the Senate [10] imposing on internet providers to shut down websites accused of piracy – although it is said it cannot pass judicial scrutiny if enacted. [11] EU Press Release 22 Nov. 2010 : A European cybercrime centre is proposed to bring together expertise in investigation and prevention of cybercrime

[12] EurActiv 17 Nov. 2010: A plethora of stakeholders are getting involved to prevent the dominance of one or more political or industrial force over the web.
The evolution of Internet governance has mainly been happening behind closed doors, during meetings of bodies that are sometimes held in far-flung places. Many governments are trying to exert more control over the Internet but most of these are not in the EU. China’s firewall is one well-documented example.

However, that could change, argue politicians, who fear a draft EU law to tackle child pornography would allow EU authorities to filter the Internet for politically unwanted material. German Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht warned that the German government would in fact try to block any attempt by the EU to filter out illegal content online. In addition, secretive negotiations to [13] tackle counterfeiting and online piracy (p.6) are fuelling fears that governments are looking for ways to assert control over the Internet. [14] ACTA has been mired in controversy from the outset as lobbyists worry that the agreement would force Internet service providers to police the web… and cut consumers off from the Internet if they are caught pirating content.

[15] Naked-scan[16] The Telegraph 20 Oct. 2010Every sent email and website – though not its contents -to be stored by government, sparking fresh fears over a return of the surveillance state.

And do they want to control us!
[17] German-Foreign-Policy.com: Authorities in Berlin  confirm the increasing infriction on mail and postal secrecy to monitor and explore  potential critics. As the Department of Home Affairs states, the cooperation between customs authorities and the German domestic intelligence service for the purpose of mail ontrol was “intensified”.
[18] News1130: The  (Canadian) Harper government has been monitoring political messages online, and even correcting what it considers misinformation.
[19] Spiegel Online 19 Nov 2010German commentators say that politicians should be ashamed for trying to take advantage of heightened anxiety in the country.

[20] PolizeistaatHeavily armed police at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Increased security presence at airports across Germany. Bomb-sniffing dogs in the train stations And it could stay that way for some time. Rainer Wendt, head of a major German police union, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on Friday that the “state of emergency” is likely to be maintained until the end of the year. Already this week, politicians from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and from the opposition Social Democrats have demanded that German laws be strengthened, including data storage laws.
And speaking to Berlin television station RBB, the interior minister of the city-state of Berlin, Ehrhart Körting, said: “If we see something in our neighborhood, if suddenly three rather strange-looking people move in who try to keep out of sight and who only speak Arabic or another foreign language that we don’t understand, then I think one should make sure the authorities know what is going on.”
To this, Die Welt had this remarkable comment: “Such neighbors certainly could not have been the terrorists behind the Sept. 11 attacks. They were very Western in appearance and spoke good English or German!!!”

[21] Iris-scanning[22] The Daily Mail 17 Nov. 2010Passengers from Manchester Airport will have their eyes scanned at check-in as part of a new trial.[23] Iris-scan2 The government funded hi-tech machines, can recognise an individual’s iris as he walks around. [24] The New York Times 15 Nov. 2010: The New York Police department is also introducing iris scanning.

Official reason for this sudden surveillance: [25] T-Online 19 Nov. 2010: Federal Police Chief Matthias Seeger: “On a scale of one - no risk - to ten - acute attack risk - we are currently at 9.0,” Seeger continued. Against the backdrop of increased terror threat the black-yellow coalition will strengthen security agencies with 600 new jobs.
[26] parcel with batteries was found on its way into a German aircraft in Namibia [27] with no address on it. Immediately, the German Minister for Home Affairs, de Maiziere, declared this to be an act of terror against Germany! Reality: It was a so-called real test case from a U.S. company, the minister for Home Affairs said. In the bag no bomb has been found!!!
Keeping the pot boiling
BKA[28] Spiegel 20 Nov. 2010: Acc. to German security authoritires, [29] al-Qaida is believed to plan an attack on the German Reichstag in Berlin, to take hostages and wreak a havoc. This information is said to come from an apostate jihadist. Another warning is said to come from  the US FBI that 2 terrible terrorists of the Indian Shiite Saif group are underway to Germany to make another attack in cooperation with al-Qaida.
Comment: [30] The head of the the BKA, Germany´s Federal Anti-Criminality Agency, Ziercke, calls the al-Qaida-rumor “highly speculative”, knows of no concrete plans, objectives or suspicious persons. He warns against scaremongering! But they maintain the terror alert! Die Welt knows about the [31] real criminals behind 9/11!! The daily Muslim terrorism is being ignored by politicians and their minion media – although Eberhard Körting´s remark clearly shows that politicians know about that terror – and do not stop it! They even have the insolence to [32] Bodycontrolcall it racism and xenophobia, when Geert Wilders and [33] Thilo Sarrazin point this Koran commanded behaviour out!

I have [34] previously and [35] here and [36] here and [37] here written on the Orwellian Big Brother surveillance aiming at keeping the slave caste under the control of the elite. Here is more.

[38] Naked body scanners
[39] The Telegraph 29 June 2010: Dr David Brenner, head of the centre for radiological research at Columbia University in New York, said Government scientists had not taken into account the concentration of the radiation on the skin. He said it raised concerns about a potentially greater risk of cancer than previously realised.  Here is a video showing a[40] 3–year old girl being patted down.

[41] Chip-implantationFox News 14 May 2010: Now some futurists are asking whether all of mankind should be tagged. The chips[42] (RFID and [43] here, and [44] here) emit a simple radio signal and are easily implanted [45] under the skin on a person’s arm[42] , so that any individual’s presence at a given location can be detected.

[46] UPKA 1 May 2010: David Cameron will dismantle Labour’s “Big Brother” legislation . But he will keep a [47] lot of CCTV camara surveillance.

Who is to implement this “war on terror”
[48] The Daily Mail 22 Nov. 2010: The extent of [13] EU criminal prosecution powers : [49] Europol, and [50] here, the £60 million-a-year European criminal intelligence agency, whose officers have diplomatic immunity. An 800-strong paramilitary police force called the European Gendarmerie Force ([51] Eurogendfor). The [52] European Arrest Warrant, which now allows British citizens to be seized in the UK and sent without appeal to foreign jails for months or years without bail while awaiting trial.
The European Commission plans to turn [53] Eurojust – a judicial co-operation body set up in 2002 – into an EU prosecutor using powers given by the Lisbon Treaty. Also new, the European [54] European-policeInvestigation Order (EIO) gives foreign police forces the power to compel British police to carry out investigations on their behalf. British police can be forced to investigate offences which are not crimes in the UK, or which they consider to be minor offences. The sinister new committee to be set up under Article 71 of the Lisbon Treaty, called the Committee on Operational Co-operation on Internal Security, known as [55] COSI, could be the beginning of an EU Home Office, bringing together three of the EU’s policing and criminal law organisations – Europol, Eurojust and [56] Frontex, the EU’s border security force. The premise underlying it is that all member states’ judicial systems are equivalent, when clearly they are not.’ And there are more like [57] CEPOL, OLAF etc.

Of course Muslims are aggressive, because their ideology is identical with the Koran which commands to terrorize (sure 3:151, 8:60), deceive (sura 9:1) and kill (sura 9:5) infidels. But much indicates that this cruelty is being abused by equally cruel, but much more potent forces of the [58] New World Order (see videos on right margin of thid blog). Everything indicates that [31] 9/11 was an inside job, as stated above by “Die Welt”.
Al Qaeda is, [59] acc.to the US Council on Foreign Relations, totally impotent and unable to act outside Pakistan or Yemen - and has de facto never acted outside those countries since [31] 9/11, which it was not responsible for! What’s the reason for Germany - and France too - to mobilize so much terror fear and control measures is a mystery. “Our” politicians are notoriously inviting the [60] radical Muslims into the EU to destroy and radically change our societies.  Is this fear an attempt to distract the attention of Europeans from the NWO activities in the other traumatic operations to dismantle the nation and welfare state? Is it about the financial crisis created by the [61] circuits of banksters behind the EU, the [62] mendacious climate crisis, the [63] chemtrail poisoning? Or perhaps it is again an attempt to teach us that “global problems demand global solutions”? Or, do the [64] EU Illuminists (explanatory statement) intend to implement its [51] planned police state with the [35] EU´s own “CIA”, named Sitcen, and [65] here and [38] here and [66] here fully at once? In the [67] Muslimische-ghetto-gewaltlong run hardly, considering a scheduled reduction of 1000 Federal Police officers has all of a sudden been [25] changed into 600 more being appointed!. So the Illuminists may be preparing something special soon, that might make the population rebellious.

Here is an odd Statement: [68] Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister wants more police in predominately Muslim districts in Germany and to take cell phones and laptops away from “Islamists”  and to [69] give them electronic leg fetters – well knowing that Islamism alias Islam is the Koran (sure 21:10 and 3:19) – at the same time wanting to give Muslim = Islamist children visas and keep their parents in Germany - thus enlarging the Muslim/“Islamist” population and provoking [70] confrontations in ghettos. He ought to take their Korans, instead. This is just a blind, for his real motives for more police: [71] Chief of the German Police Union, Die Welt 10 Apr. 2010: “There are streets in some neighborhoods of Berlin, Hamburg, Duisburg, Essen and Cologne, into which in the police officers dare not go alone … there the rule of law, unfortunately,  has to surrender and retire. The perpetrators do not accept the German legal system and its representatives. By the way, nationwide it is well known that Blitz mobilizations come mostly from young men with Turkish or Arab backgrounds. In such areas the state monopoly staggers.” This minister will not dare to send more police into the Muslim/”Islamist ghettos - that would be civil war! See this [72] video, showing a lax French police to investigate a rape being intimidated and chased away by aggressive Muslim youths. This is the ultimate submission of a Western society to Islam.  The police can and apparently only has to keep the local population from defending themselves.

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