Obama: “CO2-limitation Trade Not Only Way to Skin the Cat (You)”. Breathing Is A Mortal Sin!

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Summary: The idea of the NWO (videos on the right side of this blog) to use unfounded fear of man made global warming  as a tool of social engineering and looting is based on a now thoroughly proven fraud. However, by endless repetition in the NWO-obedient media, most people probably still believe this lie to be true. The climate adviser to Chancellor Merkel, Schellnhuber, and with the consent of the then Labour government also the Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons, made the case for an equally small CO2 budget for every human being on Earth, which of course would minimize expressions of life. Now it is being reported that in Norfolk Island (Australia) this system is being implemented with the support of the Australian Government. If it goes well, this Agenda 21 system is to be implemented on the Australian mainland - and probably to spread to the whole world. With each passing year, even smaller and smaller permits of CO2 will be allocated - and the ring-leader cannot even promise to save transgressors of the granted rations from starvation! Nevertheless, he himself can consume to his liking, because he must be kept for this noble struggle to impose on the fools his ideal society! This is Maurice Strong´s / Edmund de Rothschild's plan based on the idea of Karl Marx. ("Some animals are more equal than others"). In the U.S., the lucrative idea of redistribution of our money to Rothschild's big banks (GEF, World Bank), a bit of it going to the corrupt dictators in developing countries (including China), is not going well - the cap-and-trade law being blocked in the Senate and it just died, Al Gore´s Chicago Climate Exchange now being closed down. However, the idea is so lucrative that Obama is now considering to use regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to cap and trade carbon emissions in the United States without an act of Congress.As Obama puts it, cap-and-Trade is not the only way to skin us (sorry, he said the cat). The same thought is being pursued by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who – based on CO2 emissions sales – wants to lighten our pockets of 100 billion dollars a year (Brookings rather expects 350-1000 billion dollarsa year) to be forwarded to the elite bankers and dictators. Ethiopia's Prime Minister is rubbing his hands. WWF apparently will see its dream come true: 60 billion dollars for not felling cheaply bought inaccessible Brazilian rain forest trees - and then selling their thus obtained CO2 credits to corporations that need not limit their (innocent) CO2 emissions, on the contrary. And the bill? It will be sent to us! Also the banksters will profit from the transfer of probably around 440 billion dollars (salaries and allowances) in 2010 by immigrants from us back to their native countries. We, however, are not even being allowed by the same elite to breathe freely. And their tool against the never-wiser humanity is the biggest untruth ever told.

[1] AGENDA-21-HASLEVThat [2] CO2 is being used as a scam and[3] cover-up of the implementation of the NWO scheme by logically impervous politicians who want to destroy our economies - in the UK investing [4] 18 bn pounds annually in totally inefficient solar and wind energy to reduce harmless CO2-emissions by 80% over 40 years - has frequently been accounted for on this blog. This article will not describe the politicians´personal fears, ambitions and corruption behind this. It is a follow up on the [5] Agenda 21 enslavement of gullible populations. [6] Chancellor Merkel´s  climate advisor, Joachim Schellnhuber, advocates personal CO2–budgets with permission to produce equal quantities of CO2 for everybody on this planet.  [7] Watts Up With That 20 oktober 2009: “Personal carbon rations would have to be mandatory, imposed by Government in the same way that food rationing was introduced in the UK in 1939. Each person would receive an electronic card containing their year’s carbon credits. (Environmental Audit Committee minutes – House Of Commons-London). In principle the Labour Government agreed.”

The EU's energy chief just unveiled an ambitious 10-year trillion-euro energy investment plan for a single EU energy network to cut fossil fuel imports and[8] fight climate change[8] . "Without accelerating investment in energy efficiency we will be closer to nine percent than 20 percent (CO2 cut) in 2020," he said.

[9] Save_Water_thumb[10] The Herald Sun. com. au. 3 Nov. 2010 (Andrew Bolt): “So you think I exaggerate when I say global warming is just the latest cause of the closet totalitarian? Then pay close attention to an experiment the warmists are about to inflict on the people of [11] Norfolk Island (2,141 inhabitants). Be warned. This may, if it works, be spread to the mainland, say the researchers. Which means it’s coming for you.

The plan is to put Norfolk Islanders on rations to fight both global warming and obesity.
Funded by the Australian Research Council, and approved by the Socialist Left Science Minister Kim Carr, researchers from the Southern Cross University will give each volunteer on the island a “carbon card”. Every time they buy petrol, electricity or an air flight, they will have “carbon units” deducted from the fixed allowance on their card. More units will be lost each time they buy fatty foods, or produce flown in from a long way away. If, at the end of each year or so, they have carbon units left over, they can sell them. If they’ve blown their allocation, they must buy more.
But each year, the number of carbon units in this market will be cut, causing their price to soar - and thus the price of extra food, power and petrol to rise - because the idea is to cut greenhouse gases and make Norfolk Islanders trim, taut and terrifically moral.

As far back as 2006, Britain’s then environmental minister, [12] David Miliband, proposed a similar scheme, since endorsed by the Environment Agency and House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, which even insisted the Government defy howls of protest from mere voters.
“Widespread public acceptance, while desirable, should not be a pre-condition for a personal carbon trading scheme; the need to reduce emissions is simply too urgent,” the MPs said. Or as our own Professor Clive Hamilton, author and former Greens candidate, puts it, global warming is so “horrible” that leaders must look to “canvassing of emergency responses such as the suspension of democratic processes”.

Nor is Egger’s idea new in Australia, The farcical “ideas summit” of prime minister Kevin Rudd’s 1000 “best and brightest” Australians also recommended it - which is a very good reason to be alert and alarmed.

[13] Norfolk-island-fuel-rationing[13] Let’s go to the transcript of my interview with Egger on MTR 1377 this week, to see how he answered.
Me: What happens to those people who overdraw their carbon emissions …
Egger: In the first year you are just warned … (Later) if you overspend, you’ve got to buy the units that are cashed in …
Me: If you put this in on the mainland …What happens to a very fat family, a very irresponsibly fat family, and they’ve blown their carbon budget to the scheissenhausen and you’ve made their food terribly expensive? What about the kids? Their ration of carbon credits runs out and you’ve made food too expensive for them to buy. What happens to them? AGENDA-21--COMMON-PURPOSEThey’ve done the wrong thing. That’s why they are fat and poor. They’ve run out of their carbon credits. What are you going to do to them then, when the food’s too expensive to buy?
Egger: There are going to be personal cases like this that need to be worked out and they need to be worked out in the tax system as well as in the carbon credits system.

[14] About Common Purpose here

I think we have here an insight into a key failing of so many grand schemes of the Left to improve resistant humans or build for them someone else’s idea of the perfect society. These schemes so often are too perfect for the flawed humans they supposedly serve. But it’s the humans who must then adapt to the system, and not the other way around;  some democracy sacrificed. What a buzz for the closet totalitarian then, to bully other people “for their own good” - in this case, to “save the planet”.

When the cause is so just, which planet-saver could let some contemptible fatty stand in their way, begging for the carbon credits to feed their chubby children? On the other hand, which [15] Biofuelplanet-saver would deny themselves any aid or comfort in this great struggle?
Need an illustration of what I’m talking about? Egger himself plans to jet off to Mexico next month to boast to a United Nations global warming conference how he persuaded Norfolk Islanders to ration just such joy flights for themselves. This is your future coming right at you, folks. Best you realise it’s no longer a joke.”

[16] EUOBSERVER 8 Nov. 2010: - An EU target to produce 10 percent of transport energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 will actually increase the level of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the bloc.
This will lead to a mass conversion of natural habitats into fields of biofuel crops as overseas producers strive to meet the added demand, the report published by the Institute for European Environmental Policy on Monday (8 November) says.
Natural lands, including rainforests and savannah, store and sequester carbon in their soil and biomass as plants grow each year, making them important components in the fight against climate change, caused by rising CO2 levels.
"The additional demand for these fuels is anticipated to lead to between 4.1 and 6.9 million hectares of indirect land use change (ILUC), i.e. an area equivalent to just larger than Belgium," says the report, which is backed by a large number of environmental and development NGOs. The document's authors calculated these figures using recently released studies by the European Commission. "[The] use of additional conventional biofuels up to 2020 on the scale anticipated [17] Skin-your-cat would lead to between 80.5 percent and 167 precent more greenhouse gas emissions than meeting the same need through fossil fuel use," says the report.  

[17] AP 4 Nov. 2010: "Cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way," Obama said at a news conference.
Legislation putting a limit on heat-trapping greenhouse gases and then allowing companies to buy and sell pollution permits under that ceiling  stalled in the Senate. What he meant is this: [18] CNS News 4 Nov. 2010: President Barack Obama did not rule out using regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to cap carbon emissions in the United States without an act of Congress.
Comment: So, one way or the other you will be skinned by means of [2] harmless CO2, cat!

[19] EurActiv 8 Nov. 2010  Raising [20] 100 billion dollars a year  to fight climate change is "challenging but feasible" if supported by taxes and auctioning of CO2 permits, a UN advisory group said on 5 November ([21] declined by EU Pres. van Rompuy). Rather the needed sum is [22] 350 mio –1 trillion dollars.
The UN High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing handed over a report detailing how developed countries can make good on their financial pledges to help poor countries reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change.
The group was set up in February and features heads of state, finance ministers and economists, including financier [23] George Soros  and Lord Nicholas Stern,  [24] a fanatic who demands us to become vegetarians to save the planet.
"We will need a variety of revenue sources from both the public and the private sectors," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told. He said all countries would need to demonstrate a strong commitment to domestic efforts to cut global-warming emissions. "These efforts, along with the introduction of new public instruments based on carbon pricing, will be among the keys to mobilising the required financing," the UN secretary-general said.

The report finds that a carbon price of $20-$25 for each tonne of CO2 emitted is necessary to raise funding in the amounts required.  A[25] t ICE Dec. 2010 futures traded at 12.23 euros (CER) and 14.48 euros (EUA) on 11 Nov. 2010. This would both provide incentives for reducing emissions in industrialised countries and offer a potentially huge source of finance for poor countries.
Auctioning emissions allowances and carbon taxes could mobilise around $30 billion, introducing carbon pricing for international aviation and shipping could bring in $10 billion. A robust carbon price could generate gross private capital flows in the range of $100bn-$200bn for climate action in developed countries. Moreover, carbon offset markets could generate between $30 billion and $50 billion annually.
The Advisory Group sees a significant role for multilateral development banks It estimates that for every $10 billion of additional resources, institutions such as the World Bank could deliver $30-$40 billion in grants and loans.
Comment: Obama let the cat out of the bag.You will have to let yourself be skinned and give your money to corrupt banksters like the [26] Rothschild´s GEF and the [20] World Bank – a little of it going to corrupt LDC leaders. So, of course, Ethiopian Prime Minister [19] Meles Zenawi, who co-chaired the group urged leaders in industrialised countries to show the political will to use the report for an ambitious agreement! It seems that the populations of the poor countries use other means to have money from the West: [27] Migrants send about 440 bn. of our dollars back to their countries of origin annually, the US being the biggest contributor.

[28] EU Parliament 8 Nov. 2010: The importance of forests in combating climate change is crucial. The deputy chair of the Parliament's delegation to the UN climate change conference in Cancún is German MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz (EPP). He told us that "the European energy sector emits about 4.1 billion tons of CO2 per year, while deforestation, illegal logging, burning off of the rain forests in Brazil, Indonesia and other countries cause about 6 billion tons of CO2 annually." A way to reduce the deforestation is the UN initiative REDD+. Behind the complicated name "Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)" stands the simple idea to create a financial stimulation for developing countries to avoid deforestation and in this way to reduce emissions. The carbon stored in the forest should be estimated and "measured". For the respective quantity of avoided deforestation the countries should get "credits". These credits could be sold in an international carbon market, or there could be financial compensations.

[29] BookerMEPs from the Environment Committee in their motion for a resolution adopted in October called on the EU to support REDD+.

The REDD project (see [30] Amazongate Scandal) is being abused by the WWF, who expect to extract billions of our money for not felling trees, it has bought  in unavailable parts of the Brazilian rain forest – then to sell the credits to corporations which can then go on producing ([2] harmless) CO2 as always or even more, i.e. no CO2–cutback – just much more expensive electriciy bills. In UN staging this is again money for the banksters  – and a little for the corrupt LDC dictators. GORBACHEV-WAVING 
This ridiculous fraud is only possible because the [31] elite rules the MSM totally – as also seen in the case of MSM being totally silent about [32] the biggest scandal of our time: Chemtrailing – now banned by the UN!
The whole exercise is clearly about stealing our money and impoverishing us through CO2–taxes and electricity bills, thus making all humanity, except a tiny, superrich [33] elite of about 7000 persons, poor slaves in a state of brutish indifference. Of course, [34] endless LDC birth surplus [35] immigration as unskilled labour, which [35] cannot/or will [36] not be educated, works in the same direction. The Norfolk experiment has great similarity with what [12] Pat Woods wrote on the system of technocracy. Why do we put up with this? Will we also do so when [37] Agenda 21 is our society, our religion and our disgust?
As for Al Gore´s [38] Chicago Climate Exchange: It just died a few days ago, since it realized the the Cap-and-trade system in the US is dead – as will the ECX also soon be, too – unless a successor for the Kyoto Protocol is found.

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