Are “Our” Politicians Finally Awakening from Their Mad Euromediterranean Ecstasy? Or Is This Just Their Usual Hegelian Dialectics?

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LATEST:[1] [1] Deutsche Welle 25 Oct. 2010: The European Union has answered a call for help by Greece as it struggles to cope with a growing tide of illegal immigrants entering the country from Turkey. A rapid border intervention team is expected to be deployed. According to the United Nations, an estimated 300-400 illegal immigrants enter Greece every day, many of whom come from Africa and Afghanistan. EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said: "The situation at the Greek land border with Turkey is increasingly worrying."
Summary: Happy tidings or another trick? For many years, there has been a taboo about the causes and extent of immigration. In many European countries criticism has been criminalized and labeled as racist and xenophobic. Human rights have been the privilege of Muslim mass immigrants, while indigenous citizens have been virtually lawless, cf. Geert Wilders. But suddenly a single man, German Thilo Sarrazin,  writes that the Muslim immigration has made the German population more stupid and yielding practically nothing. It seems like collusion, and immediately throws CDU leader, Angela Merkel, and the CSU head into the shamefaced confession that their darling for many years, multiculturalism, is dead and was a terrible mistake - which most others have been seeing for the past 30 years. Now they will suddenly prioritize Germans over unqualified, costly and violent immigrants who are in no way going to integrate. The former Spanish prime minister, Azar, warns against an overwhelming tide of African migrants, which we cannot integrate. "The Independent" can now not see anyone willing to defend the multicultural "values" of the open society nor its practicioners, whom politicians now are said to wish far off. Therefore, the EU is reluctant to fulfill its promise of free mobility to citizens of its Euro-Mediterranean "partner countries" and will rather pay them off as guard dogs to keep Subsaharan migratory flows out of the EU. Indeed, the EU has even deleted the website of the  Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly! But never mind - we've now got a treasure of "new  Danes", "new Germans" to enrich our culture which "our" politicians for their own testified wish were not able to totally destroy, in spite of using their best tools, Muslim mass immigration and brainwashing of our children. Despite the politicians' "dismay", there remains a strong migratory flow that might never have been stronger than now - even though statistics have long told them that their voters would not have it. But in any case, the German president could complacently assure that Islam is now part of Germany - which the Germans have long been declining, 60% of them wishing to have the practice of Islam restrained in their country. In Malmö someone has now even taken to a bloody warpath against those who have fought the natives for so many years. The former's self-defense response arouses huge stir - while the latters´ bloody, drug selling and raping war of aggression from the base of "Rosengården" was never mentioned by politicians nor the disciplined media of the illuminists.One is left with the same feeling as with the "Islam hostile" Danish People's Party, which has shed a lot of empty verbal attacks on Islam and the EU without any action - indeed, this party has not even been willing to tell about the Euromediterranean / Mediterranean Union when asked. It looks as if all politicians are just actors of the New World Order - trying to pull wool over the eyes of the Europeans  - while they pull the carpet out from under us, crying crocodile tears. According to a German police officer´s testimony and observers´ revelations, some even even have their police intermingle with peaceful demonstrators to provoke clashes with the police. They do this so well that the government of Germany is now preparing for civil war to establish a police state - and the EU is, too, having for years educated its very aggressive Eurogendfor Gendarmerie, and the Treaty of Lisbon allowing it to shoot demonstrators. It has held joint exercises, so that Frenchmen will be deployed in Germany and vice versa to avoid national sentimentality. The Hegelian dialectics, which has created all revolutions in the past 230 years, is as useful as ever in the service of globalization because so few see through it.

[2] Badflygtninge


For many years, we have witnessed a  [3] planned, insane, [4] mass-immigration of Muslim “migrant workers”, all the while "our" politicians made our defensive protests “xenophobic and racist”, punishable by 3 years of imprisonment – cf. the “[5] EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia”. In Germany the [6] government is preparing for civil war. Minister for Home Affairs, [7] Schäuble, even wants a Constitutional change in order to activate the Bundeswehr against “very special threatening situations abroad as well as at home”. Tony Blair´s speech writer (2009) and a Danish parlamentarian (1975) have publicly declared that [8] “our” politicians´motivation for massive Muslim immigration was to destroy our old societies radically. “Our” [9] media were told to praise the immigration as a mighty important cultural and economic gain for everybody – and to remain silent about the increasing Muslim criminality. “Our” politicians lifted Islam to the skies and flattened our culture and religion as inferior in the most incredible way in the Council on Europe (see [10] Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanBat Ye´or “Eurabia” 2005 pp. 168–173).

Our politicians insisted on the [11] Euromediterranean Process aiming at political and cultural fusion of Europe and Islam. “Our” foreign ministers in 2003 promised the fundamental 4 EU freedoms, including [12] free immigration, to citizens of its 9 Arab “partner countries” + Israel for democratic and economic progress!, a status which [13] Morocco has obtained.They proclaimed the [14] Union for the Mediterranean with a [15] Parliament (EMPA) and secretariat of its own – they even intend to [16] extend this union to the Persian Gulf – all without giving us the slightest information about this or our future destiny on demographical grounds of being transformed into [17] hunted minorities i a poor sea of Muslims. The few who realized this development spoke of high treason – but who cared? Certainly not the EU which has established agencies to draw [18] 56 mio African predominantly Muslims + their families into the EU by 2050. 

Now all of a sudden one man, [19] Thilo Sarrazin, is now forcing German policy to declare its blatant “mistake”, which is no less than an unforgivable amount of guilt – and this is just as true of every European government – towards Germans and Europeans. 

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed," according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.
[20] Stenkastende-muslimer-i-london-east-end[21] Deutsche Welle 17 Oct. 2010: "The failures of the last 30 or 40 years cannot be resolved so quickly," she said.
The comments followed a similar speech from Horst Seehofer, head of the CDU's Bavarian sister party to the CSU. On Friday he declared his party's stance against multiculturalism: "Multiculturalism is dead.".

[22] Projekt_Vollsmose_d_596764m[23] Venstre: Ekstrabladet 21 okt. 2010, Project Vollsmose, Denmark: "I'ma big criminal. Not because I have done time. I'm too smart for that. I make crack together with the others and sell marijuana. What else? The people, of the local authority are gay bums.” Politicians can stick their ghetto plans up. Officially, "Tupac" is living on cash benefit and his unemployed mother's grace. “Do you have a girlfriend? - Yes, yes. She is Danish. But fuck her.” The darkness comes creeping. A dented Japanese scoop filled to the brim with young men and fuck-fingers screeches by on the Vollsmose Avenue. Tupac jumps in. Vollsmose´s nocturnal animals go to work. Right: Stone-throwing young immigrants in London.

Here is the further perspective: [24] The Telegraph 22 Oct. 2010: The London Borough of Towers hamlet just elected a corrupt Muslim executive mayor linked to the Muslim supremacist body, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) - which believes, in its own words, in transforming the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.” Mr Rahman has refused to deny these claims.  Labour: London borough becomes 'Islamic republic' .

[25] [2] The Independent 21 Oct. 2010:  Multiculturalism was once a term of tolerance, an acceptance of difference in an increasingly cosmopolitan and urbanised western world. Today it has become just a convenient label which politicians can use to assault immigration.
Now Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has seized on it to read the funeral rites over an open society. It was wishful thinking, she argued, to believe that Germans and foreigners "could live happily side by side…. We kidded ourselves for a while that they wouldn't stay, but that's not the reality." Mrs Merkel is not alone in these views. All across Western Europe there is a gathering chorus of concern on the migrant issue. Worries about jobs have become mixed with fear of Islamic terrorism and now the talk of cuts everywhere. As societies have turned inwards so they have also turned against the outsiders. 18% of Germany´s population is made up of immigrant groups. The true worry is the lack of voices to come out in defence of toleration, the paucity of figures ready to defend the values of an open society.
Comment: The “open society” must be based on mutual respect. This is certainly not the case with Muslims. As a Dane living in Germany for 15 years, I felt at any time more welcome there than ever in Denmark. It is not about whether one is a foreigner or a local. The point is that the locals can make themselves familiar with what the foreigner brings. I had no difficulties to make friends with the Germans, because I was minded to adopt German customs, and because we have the same cultural roots – the Christian fundamental position, although my fellow countrymen were blood-thirsty vikings, committed the massare of Stockholm and were engaged in profitable slave trading – and the Germans were subject to a brief taste of the New World Order in the years of 1933 -1945. Today the entire world is - except, perhaps now - the Germans? Are they our last hope today – or have we other self-righteous Europeans – who are now proving just as cowardly to the advancing dictastorship – paralyzed todays innocent generation of Germans with bad conscience?
Once we have let the Islamic dictatorship in there is just the choice: Kill or be killed. That is the law of the Koran. How many Stauffenbergers or Scholl brothers and sisters will there then be among us Non-Germans?

[26] Deutsche Welle 20 Oct. 2010: Berlin has earmarked some 16 million euros ($22.5 million) for four universities to establish new Islamic theology faculties over an initial five-year period to help integrate the country's approximately 4 million Muslims. Up to 500 new students could be enrolled by September 2011. The majority of imams in Germany are hired and paid by the Turkish state.'
[27] [28] Yahoo News 15 Oct. 2010 : A new survey in Germany shows that 13 percent of its citizens would welcome a “Führer” – a German word for leader that is explicitly associated with Adolf Hitler – to run the country “with a firm hand.” The study, released Oct. 13 by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation revealed that more than a third of Germans feel the country is “overrun by foreigners,” some 60 percent would “restrict the practice of Islam,” and 17 percent think Jews have “too much influence.”

[29] Refugees-mahgreb[30] ANSAmed -16 Oct. 2010: ''The European Union as well as its individual member states are gradually moving their borders towards third-party nations, creating a protective barrier which reaches from Russia to Ukraine, from Turkey to Israel, from Lebanon to Egypt. This is a 'cordon sanitaire' within which unnumbered individuals are subject to maltreatment, malnutrition and death, but thanks to which Fortress Europe is allowing its external borders to be patrolled by others''.
The The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, a human rights body, has just completed a survey on the acceptance of asylum requests by migrants in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. The survey using figures up to the period 2008-2009 shows over 90,000 migrants present in Algeria. 1,200,000 in Libya; 75,000 in Morocco;  and 45,000 in Tunisia. These immigrants originate mainly from sub-Saharan Africa. As the EMHRN stresses, EU policy is marked by its ''high level of ambiguity'', focussing more ''on control.
These maltreating countries are Muslim. Beware, Europeans, of the day the Muslims are in majority in Europe!

[31] Ansamed 8 Oct. 2010 Former Spanish premier Jose' Maria Aznar stated that ''Africa is a very serious and enormous complex reality where the weight and role of Islamic fundamentalism is growing. Without development, there will be an acceleration of immigration towards the EU, but as yet we will not be able to integrate these people. Migratory pressures are becoming unbearable for our system''. Fondazione Bds president, Giovanni Puglisi, stated that ''The future of Europe is closely related to that of the African Continent, this is hard to deny''.

[32] ANSAmed) 5 Oct. 2010: The European Union and Libya have come to a cooperation agreement. But Libya has also renewed its request to the European Union for 5 billion euros a year to "definitively stop" illegal immigration from its coasts.
[33] Westerwelle[34] EUObserver 23 Sept. 2010:  German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has reiterated his support for Turkey's entry into the EU and said that "nobody should rashly snub Turkey by slamming the door in its face after all its efforts."
The EU has opened 13 out of 35 the number of accession chapters written by the EU since Turkey became an EU candidate. Eight chapters are frozen due to its territorial dispute with Cyprus. Meanwhile, the FDP's own coalition partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right CDU party, as well as Austria and France, continue to say it should become a "privileged partner" instead of a fully-fledged EU member.
With 77 million people already and with birthrates far higher than those in Western Europe, Turkey would be on a path to become the most powerful single EU country shortly after 2020.

[35] Wulff_islam2                               [36] Yahoo News 3 Oct. 2010: German President declares: “Islam is now part of Germany.”

So, several European politicians are apparently awakening from their Euromediterranean ecstasy. But the tracks of the Danish People's Party scare: It is the system´s wool over the eyes of voters. Many promises, to limit immigration and to enforce a Lissabon referendum. As the parliamentary basis of the government, the DDP could have done so, but it never did.  Correspondingly, I do find it suspicious that  German politicians switched from their dogmatic multiculturalist position to declaring it an utter failure from one day to the next. Is the old game of [37] EU Illuminist (explanatory statement) [38] Hegelian Dialectics in play: Thesis: Immigration – Antithesis: national citizens´resistance – Synthesis: clashes/civil war with the activation of the carefully prepared repressive forces like the EU´s [39] Eurogendfor Gendarmerie  or the [40] EUFOR to create the [41] New World Order police state, the [42] Lisbon Treaty allowing to shoot into the masses, e.g. German trops being used in France and viceversa so that national sympathies do not [43] Steinewerferrefrain the troopers from shooting? Hopefully not – but is it avoidable? 

Actually, [44] a German police officer has confessed the use of stone-throwing police “agents provocateur”.  and [45] Hamburger Abendblatt 18. Okt. 2010 (Full article [46] here) Such agents provocateurs are also used by the [47] Canadian police (and  the [48] British police?) .

Are austerity measures of such severity that they are beginning to kill the middle class and the social state off making the politicians fear the consequences of the unbearable costs (in 2001 30% of [49] Denmark´s and [50] Sweden´s national budgets) of an insane, useless and destructive immigration. Could it be possible that they still want to destroy our Old World order completely by means of the Hegelian dialectics? We now see it in [51] France and [52] video – necessitated by “[53] multicultural ghetto thugs” – whom are they working for? The protests can be expected to [54] increase as people are losing their livelihoods. And especially when they realize that there is inverse proportionality between their social state benefits and the size of Muslim immigrationtaxes being directly proportional to immigration. For [55] Muslims do not work or create anything according to this imam!!! The more popular resistance, the more Orwellian EU state at the cost of the national states. Of course, [56] UN´s secretary general in his speech in the Council of Europe on 19 Oct. 2010 sees our resistance against the islamisation of Europe through mass immigration as a criminal offence. What else can be expected from a [57] New World Order Communist?
Muslim “refugees” pouring into the EU are even harrassing Christian fellow asylum seekers – [58] as is happening in the Netherlands. Protest peacefully  – avoid to give the Eurogendfor the opportunity to harm you. Do “our” politicians. want our votes – or our freedom and money, too? 

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