SarkoMerkel_1741958cThe taboo of another round of Treaty change negotiations has now officially been broken.
The Telegraph 18. Oktober 2010:  Britain has fought hard since March this year to block changes to the Lisbon Treaty by warning … that it could trigger a British referendum, almost certainly leading to a No vote. Open Europe's Mats Persson: "This is potentially a hugely significant development. The coalition will simply have to call a referendum should these new powers for the EU spill over to Britain. But this also represents an ideal opportunity for the UK to ask for powers back in return for allowing the eurozone to restructure, since the UK government will hold a veto over any treaty change [at the level of all 27 member states]."

Open Europe Blog 18 Oct. 2010: France and Germany have agreed that the Lisbon Treaty should be changed by 2013 in order to: * Set up a "robust crisis resolution mechanism" for the eurozone, which presumably includes a mechanism for an orderly default procedure for countries that go bust * Introduce political sanctions for rule-breakers, including the temporary withdrawal of voting rights within the Council.