Der Spiegel Online Sept. 18, 2008: "The world as we know it is going down."

Bloomberg 15 Sept. 2008
: "The tectonic plates beneath the world financial system are shifting, and there is going to be a new financial world order that will be born of this,'' said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Capital Group Inc., the Jersey City.
"It's an ugly and painful process."

New Europe, 18 Sept. 2008: "Chaos brings order and this is good because it forces rejuvenation upon societies and brings progress. But it is good as long as it is part of a major stable system which is undergoing its self-corrections.
In our case, it seems that the upcoming chaos will be total, not limited to the collapse of the (unstable) financial system."

Comment: The motto of the New World Order is: "Order out of chaos" - but first create chaos!

The Times 17 Sept. 2008: "Loans to buy homes, were packaged, bundled, sold, refinanced and the credit risk insured by myriad institutions. None of the bankers who grabbed the passing parcels had any means of ascertaining the solvency of the ultimate borrower."

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) - Bond-default risk soared worldwide as the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. sparked concern that the $62 trillion credit-derivatives market will unravel.

The Lehman Brothers  listed more than $613 billion of debt.

Two of Wall Street's most storied firms, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., headed toward extinction. New York-based Lehman, founded 158 years ago, said early today that it plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after failing to find a buyer.

Merrill Lynch, 94 years old and also based in New York, agreed to sell itself to Bank of America Corp. for $50 billion in an emergency deal hashed out yesterday.

The engines that powered record growth in the financial industry over the last decade — cheap credit and surging property values — have been thrust into reverse.

American International Group Inc., once the world's largest insurer´s creditworthiness was downgraded on 9/16, 2008.
On Sept. 17 the  Fed had to temporarily rescue and take over this firm, which insures bad loans and sells its products to the world´s pension funds, the Fed granting a loan of 85 mia. dollars.

The five New York-based securities firms that dominated Wall Street have been reduced to two: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley. And they are also in trouble - Morgan Stanley may even give up 49% of its shares to the state of China.
"I've been on Wall Street for many years, and I've never seen a weekend like this one,'' said Michael Holland, 64. The collapse wipes out a company that had a market value of $45.5 billion in February 2007.
On June 2, the Times reported great difficulties for the Bank Bradford & Bingley.

Who will have to pay for this?
Debkafile Sept. 15, 2008: “The collapse of the three biggest names on Wall Street threatens to wipe out many billions of dollars from pension funds and the banking and insurance industries in a worldwide chain reaction - the worst in a century.” I.e. you and I are the losers!!

Washington Mutual may cost taxpayers as much as $24 billion in the event of a U.S. government bailout, Richard Bove, an analyst at Ladenburg Thalmann & Co., said. The federal government may have to provide that much in mortgage guarantees in order to attract a buyer for the Seattle-based bank, Bove said.

The Times, 15 Sept. 2008 : The Bank of England and the European Central Bank (ECB) today acted to stop escalating panic by pumping nearly £30 billion into financial markets after Lehman Brothers sent global shares plunging after it filed for bankruptcy.

Recently the largest US subprime mortgage creditors, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, were taken over by the US government for taxpayer money .
In Denmark the Roskilde Bank has just been taken over by the National Bank after uncritical credit giving.

On Sept. 15 the European stock markets tumbled:"Among Europe's largest trading floors, the FTSE exchange in London and Euronext 100 in Paris lost around €81 billion each in value while the DAX trading floor in Frankfurt lost €27 billion." (EUObserver) - and Asian stocks plummeted, too.

 Bank credits crunching
The Telegraph Sept. 15, 2008 : About $70bn of Lehman debt held by other institutions has been wiped out. The holders of that debt, therefore, are facing huge potential losses with untold ramifications of their own.

Sandy Chen, a banks analyst at Panmure Gordon, reckons this is "where the real stress will come from". With a flood of securities now expected to deluge the market, prices will tumble further - necessitating more writedowns. At the very least, the collapse of Lehman is potentially as costly as the $200bn initial estimate of the US sub-prime mortgage fall out.
There's every reason to be worried.

As Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, said over the weekend: "We will see other major firms fail."

EurActiv 15 Sept. 2008: A meeting of European finance ministers in Nice over the weekend highlighted the EU's lack of common tools to prevent or deal with a collective catastrophe like that currently occurring in the US.

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, whose country currently holds the EU Presidency, circulated a paper proposing integrated supervision based on collegial work by national authorities, jubilating that this may bring more Union.

But Alas for the New World Order-EU:
Indeed, a number of member states still appear rather reluctant to offer their concrete support to more integrated supervision.

The role of the European Investment Bank
EU finance ministers agreed over the weekend to increase the European Investment Bank's role in supporting small businesses, as tightening credit conditions threaten to trigger an economic recession. The lending capacity of the European Investment Bank (EIB) will be raised by €30 billion by the 27 member states!!

The good news is that the fall of Lehman Brothers immediately brought about a fall in oil price in the face of an expected slow-down of world economy - showing a speculative side of this drastical price increase over the last year. And that the EU again shows it can do no more than any national state - thus losing one of its asserted reasons to exist!

On June 19 the Telegraph wrote: The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the next three months as inflation paralyses the major central banks.

Bank of America buys Rothschild daughter Merrill Lynch – and is the biggest tenant of the Rockefeller Centre
In Jan 2008 J.P. Morgan stated:” Bank of America is among lenders with the lowest reserves to cover bad loans,  and this will worsen after it buys Countrywide Financial.”

Now where did the Bank of America get the money to buy Merrill Lynch, then? The Fed, i.e. US tax payers?

Rothschild daughter Lehman Brothers
gone bankrupt – leaving the US lending Market to the two Rothschild  partners – and the bill to share-holders,  tax payers, and mainly the run-away US bank note printing press.  For the Fed´s assets have been reduced from 800bn to 200 bn dollars - and the Fed has to sell bad bonds to have more cash. This is now worrying financial markets.

Rothschild daughters Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley alongside with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the pocket of the Rockefeller-Rothschild owned Federal Reserve System to regulate the US mortgages!!!

But taxpayers may have to pay for even more: Debkafile has it on Sept. 16, 2008: "Frantic efforts are underway to bring about the mergers of large, medium and small banks to avert the collapse of Goldman Sachs, after Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch sank. A British financial leader says West Europe is heading for deep recession."

The Bear Stearns forced to surrender to Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan, whom the Fed even paid for taking this mortgage firm that was not even bankrupt – at 1/10 its real value.

The Northern Rock Scandal a year ago cost Britisch taxpayers enormous sums  –  Rothschild taking care of it.

It seems as though these illuminists are taking over our property – and letting ourselves pay for it through our taxes!!

The  Counterterrorim Blog writes:"One impact of the collapse of a number of major institutions on Wall Street  will be to enhance the influence of "Islamic finance" (or "shariah finance") vehicles. The prime mover of capital into these vehicles has been the high price of crude oil".

This so much more, because Bloomberg, 18 Sept.,  2008 reports: "The Federal Reserve almost quadrupled the amount of dollars central banks can auction around the world to $247 billion in a coordinated bid to ease the worst crisis facing financial markets since the aftermath of the 1929 Wall Street crash."
Russia and Israel are also severely hit, as are the Asian markets, as well.

Cui bono – who profits from it? The New Financial World Order mentioned above is the New World Order of dictatorship being bought with our money - for who get our savings, houses and workplaces, the real values of our societies,  for a song now?
And who can profit from the worldwide fear, paving the road for a demand for a central world governance of world economy - de facto being practiced now by the Fed?

On Apr. 16.2008 this blog wrote: " It looks, as if the  architects of the New World Order and their politician fellow travellers are pushing for something big to happen, so as to make us  ask for their UN/NATO-led world state to solve the problems, they are themselves deliberately creating." That includes food and oil price increases, pandemics, Muslim mass immigration, climate crisis hoax from which they profit enormously etc.
So far, they have spoiled confidence in the existing order.