Cyber War Paralyzes Iran´s Nuclear Program and Weapons Industry. Russia Joins Israel

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Latest.[1] The Huffington Post 30 Sept. 2010: "Powerful US Senators  have signed onto a bill that would vastly expand the government’s power to censor the Internet. If people don’t speak out, US citizens could soon find themselves joining Iranians and Chinese in being blocked from accessing broad chunks of the public Internet. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. creates two blacklists of Internet domain names. Courts could add sites to the first list; the Attorney General would have control over the second. Internet service providers and others (everyone from Comcast to PayPal to Google AdSense) would be required to block any domains on the first list. Youtube is first to be blocked." You can protest [2] here

Summary: In the Middle East, the situation is becoming more and more critical. Iran's position is becoming desperate. An ongoing cyber war has very likely been initiated by the U.S. and Israel. Thereby, they have crippled Iran's nuclear program and arms industry and destroyed lots of computers - and the Stuxnet worm is mutating and proliferating  more and more. It  has sent Iran´s nuclear secrets abroad! The Iranians cannot sort this out on their own and have asked Western experts for help - to no avail. One reason is that Iran will not disclose the nature of computers affected nor where. Prior to Israel's attack on the suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, Israel also used paralyzing computer virus to disable the radar system so that Israel's aircraft flew unseen through. Statements  from Iranians are now being interpreted as warnings of Iranian retaliation. Considering the fact that they are short of computers such retaliation  direct from Iran might be limited in effect. Washington will hold Syria responsible for attacks by Syrian-based Hamas and Hisbolla units on Israelis and Mahmoud Abbas-loyal Palestinians. Hamas has begun shooting  Israelis at random in the West Bank from bypassing cars. Sanctions against Iran arebeing pierced, in particular by the Rothschild managed Shell, which is having huge discounts on Iranian oil. A desperate Pres Obama is in no hurry  to attack Iran - would provide Israel with all modern naval and air equipment,a  nuclear umbrella and NATO membership for not attacking Iran! Will Iran continue not to capitulate to the New World Order pressures and maintain her Islamist New World Order? After the end of the Israeli construction ban on the West Bank, secret contacts are going on. Russia is reported to be so anxious to join NATO that the country has given in to Israel - and canceled a contract for the sale of SS 300 surface-air missiles that could have prevented US-Israeli attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities - and instead signed a military cooperation agreement with Israel, on 6th Sept. Its life may depend on a power struggle between supporters of Medwedew and Putin. Medwedew just fired Moscow's mayor for having criticized Medwedew and highlighted the former KGB officer, Putin, as the man who should lead Russia. Putin sees the Soviet collapse as a disaster - and is not for NATO membership.


Since my [3] latest report (31 Aug. 2010)  on the Middle East Conflicts further dramatic developments have taken place:

1. Cyber war on Iran
Cyber war has 2 purposes: a. to disrupt information b. to intercept information. [4] The Times 8 March 2010: FBI-director, Robert Mueller, said that a cyber-attack could have the same impact as a “well-placed bomb”.  He aimed at China, which is incessantly cyber attacking the US, EU and NATO.

[5] Stuxnet-_Malware_Weapon[6] DEBKAfile 23 Sept. 2010: According to our Washington sources, Obama has resolved to deal with the nuclear impasse with Iran by going after the Islamic republic on two tracks: UN and unilateral sanctions and a secret cyber war jointly with Israel for crippling its nuclear facilities.
In New York, quiet exchanges are ongoing with Ahmadinejad's delegation for renewing the Six Power talks on Iran's banned uranium enrichment program.  The US offer to go back to the negotiating table was made against a background of deliberately leaked revelations by US security sources to US media regarding the recruitment of Israeli and security raiders with special knowhow.  Debkafile's sources disclose that Israel has had special elite units carrying out such assignments for some time. On Monday, too, the Christian Science Monitor and several American technical journals carried revelations about a new virus called Stuxnet capable of attacking and severely damaging the servers of large projects, such as power stations and nuclear reactors.
All the leaked reports agreed on three points: 1.  Stuxnet is the most advanced and dangerous piece of Malware every devised. 2.  The experts believe only a high-tech state such as America or Israel can produce such a virus. 3.  Although Stuxnet was identified four months ago, the only servers known to have been affected and seriously damaged are located in Iran. Debkafile's sources add: Since August, American and UN nuclear watchdog sources have been reporting a slowdown in Iran's enrichment processing due to technical problems which have knocked out a large number of centrifuges and which its nuclear technicians have been unable to repair. It is estimated that at Natanz alone, 3,000 centrifuges have been idled. [7] The Guardian 26 Sept. 2010 confirms this and suggests that Israel is behind it.

[8] The New York Times 26 Sept. 2010: The Stuxnet program was splattered on thousands of computer systems around the world. A time stamp found in the Stuxnet program says it was created in January, suggesting that any digital attack took place long before it was identified. The head of the Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran said Sunday that the worm had affected only the personal computers of staff members, Reuters reported.  One big question is why its creators let the software spread widely, giving up many of its secrets in the process. One possibility is that their government may have been so eager to stop the Iranian nuclear program that the urgency of the attack trumped the tradecraft techniques that traditionally do not leave fingerprints, digital or otherwise.When in 2007 Israeli Air Force attacked what was suspected of being a Syrian nuclear reactor under construction accounts indicated that sophisticated jamming technology had been used to blind the radar so Israeli aircraft went unnoticed. Stuxnet is the most smoking gun ever.

[9] DEBKAfile 25 Sept, 2010:  Mahmoud Alyaee, secretary-general of Iran's industrial computer servers, including its nuclear facilities control systems, confirmed Saturday, Sept. 25, that 30,000 computers belonging to classified industrial units had been infected and disabled by the malicious Stuxnet virus. According to Alyaee, the virus began attacking Iranian industrial systems two months ago.  Not only has it taken control of automatic industrial systems, but has raided them for classified information and transferred the date abroad.

[10] israeli-settlers-esume construction[10] DEBKAfile 27 Sept. 2010: Hamid Alipour, deputy head of Iran's government Information Technology Company, said Monday, Sept. 27, that the Stuxnet computer worm "is mutating and wreaking further havoc on computerized industrial equipment." Revolutionary Guards deputy commander Hossein Salami declared his force had all the defensive structures for fighting a long-term war against "the biggest and most powerful enemies" with most advanced weapons. Debkafile's Iranian and intelligence sources report that these and other statements are preparing the ground for Tehran to retaliate against them militarily.

2. Lifting of the Israeli construction ban in the West bank after 26 sept. 2010
[11] DEBKAfile 26 Sept. 2010: US and Israel skirted around admitting that direct Israel-Palestinian dialogue had foundered after 26 days. The talks have resulted for now in Hamas preparing to go to the next, expanded phase of its terror campaign. Debkafile  reports that the Netanyahu government and the Obama administration have reached secret regional understandings that include a partial moratorium
[12] Israeli-settlers2allowing for new construction in certain places.
[13] DEBKAfile 26 Sept. 2010 Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas flew out of New York Saturday night, Sept. 25 standing by his ultimatum for Jerusalem to announce continuation of the temporary freeze on building in West Bank settlements after it expires Sunday night - or else no more direct talks.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave up trying to persuade him to accept a compromise after learning Abbas had hardened his line and opted for secret talks with Hamas terrorist planners in Damascus. Abbas was apparently supported in this shift by Egypt. The US will try to get Hamas and Syria into the negotiations!!!
This means that the Israel-Palestinian direct talks have been virtually hijacked. Washington is struggling to maintain a grip on a process which Abbas has handed over to Damascus and Hamas.
[14] ANSAmed 27 Sept. 2010. Bulldozers are now at work in the north in the Adam settlement, where 30 housing units are to be built. According to Israeli press sources, the works are set to begin in at least eight [15] Abbas-Netanyahuother settlements.
[16] ANSAmed SEPTEMBER 27: Israeli premier Benyamin Netanyahu has made an appeal to Mahmoud Abbas to request the latter to move forward on ''sincere and positive'' talks'' after the 10-month moratorium on settlement building in the Palestinian Territories. Now they will meet in Paris in October within the frames of the [17] Union for the Mediterranean  and [18] here.

3. Russia gives in to Israel in order to join NATO?? Israeli-Russian agreement on military cooperation just signed! 
[19] By Gen. Vladimir Ivashov 9-26-10
Russian army chief of staff Gen. N. Makarov broke the news on September 22 that Russia will not sell the S-300 air defense systems to Iran. Iran's possession of the S-300 complexes could expose Israel's air forces to the risk of unacceptable damage in case the latter chooses to attack the former. Denying Iran the right to efficient means of self-defense is tantamount to encouraging aggression against it. Defense ministers of Russia and Israel A. Serdyukov and Ehud Barak signed a first-ever agreement on the military cooperation between the two countries on September 6, 2010.  Israeli advisers are in part responsible for the bloodshed in the Georgian war, but one gets an impression that these days for Moscow no sacrifices are too great a price for an entry ticket to the Judo-Atlantic civilization.

Igor Yurgens, chief of the Institute of Contemporary Development, a well-connected Russian thinktank, said that not everybody in Russia regards the collapse of the USSR as a geopolitical catastrophe (as Russia's former president and current prime minister V. Putin described the historical development). Yurgens went on to assert that the goal of those who don't is to integrate Russia into the Euro-Atlantic security architecture and to eventually bring the country to NATO.
Another roundtable speaker from Russia - Gen. V. Dvorkin who, incidentally, paid a visit to Israel a short time ago - urged US senators to OK launching an attack against Iran as soon as possible and even presented a computer model of the conflict to US partners. 
Shall we really be taking the riskiest roles in the military escapades of the Anglo-Saxons and of the Israeli Zionist leadership in the name of the shadowy financial oligarchy's global dominance?  

4. Hamas and Hezbollah gearing up for more attacks on Israelis
[20] Foreign Policy 2 Sept. 2010:  On Aug. 31, four Israeli settlers were killed by Palestinian gunmen near the West Bank city of Hebron. Abu Obeida, the spokesman for Hamas's military wing, the Qassam Brigades, said the group "announces its full responsibility for the heroic operation in Hebron." 
[21] Hamas[22] DEBKAfile 5 Sept. 2010 The Obama administration has sent Syrian president Bashar Assad a stern warning that he will be held personally accountable and face consequences if Israel and the Palestinian Authority are subjected to a terror campaign - whether by Hizballah or the Palestinian extremist groups based in Damascus, debkafile reports from Washington. The warning went out Thursday, Sept. 2, as Israelis and Palestinians sat down to talk in Washington after two attacks.
[23] Haaretz 28 Aug. 2010  Israel is planning to attack Hezbollah arms depots and weapons manufacturing plants in Syria, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported on Saturday. The report is based on [21] Western sources.
Haaretz, Israel 21 Sept. 2010: According to U.S. intelligence veteran Jeffrey White in research published last week by the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy, if another Israel-Hezbollah war breaks out it will not resemble the war of the summer of 2006, but will cover much of Lebanon and Israel, and probably also Syria, and is likely to also draw in Iran, involve major military operations, cause significant casualties among combatants and civilians, and destroy infrastructure. White believes Israel is much better prepared for the next round than it was in 2006.  There is no certainty that Hamas will join the fighting.
White says that in his assessment, the Israeli Defence Forces will occupy parts - possibly significant portions - of Lebanon within weeks, and possibly all the Gaza Strip. If Israel is determined in its actions, and willing to pay the price in casualties and damage incurred, it will succeed militarily. If Iran does not assist its allies, it will also lose much of its influence.  The former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst says the U.S. should not rush to contain Israel, but give the IDF the time and space necessary to complete its operations against Hezbollah and Syria.

5. The US does not seem to be in a hurry to make war
[24] DEBKAfile 10 Sept. 2010: Debkafile  reports a new flurry of expert warnings about the failure of sanctions to check Iran’s advance toward a nuclear weapons capability and its possible preparations to stage the first Iranian nuclear test. Debkafile's sources find the following reasons to have sparked this flurry of worrisome findings about Iran’s nuclear activities:
1. To prepare the public for more harsh sanctions which Tehran has already warned would be treated as justifying military retaliation in the Persian Gulf and Middle East. 2.  To prepare the climate in the US for a possible Iranian nuclear test within months. Administration officials wrongly estimate that it would still take Iran a year to produce a weapon, a view Israel subscribes to.

[25] AntiterrorComment

Who owns the internet? [26] Reuters 26 Sept. 2010: “Cyberterrorism is such a threat that the U.S. president should have the authority to shut down the Internet in the event of an attack”, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said. The Stuxnet virus could be such an argument – if it proliferates in the US. Incidentally, [27] such legislation is now underway.

While  Israel and the US seem to be having the upper hand and hope to force Iran into giving up its nuclear weapon aspirations and surrender entirely to their New World Order – all the while Ahmedinejad is calling for a New (Islamic) World Order, too - Iran seems to become more and more desperately isolated, and now without their weaponry computers to a large extent. In fact, the [28] Iranians now seem so desperate as to have asked western experts to help them, because they cannot stop the proliferation of the worm. In their predicament they are, unwilling to tell where and which computers, probably millions, are affected. I.a. therefore, western experts cannot and will not help them.
But the Zionist New World Order knows the [29] haqqanite Messianic aspirations of the Shiite leadership: The return of the 12. Imam must be advanced through the creation of Armageddon – an aspiration which [30] Netanyahu´s advisors also have. And Obama? [31] DEBKAfile 26 Aug. 2010: A study of the mood among Israeli leaders and military chiefs indicates that at any moment a strike on Iran's nuclear sites must be taken into account, thereby placing Washington under enormous pressure. Former CIA officer Bruce Riedel, who is very close to President Obama, has revealed the offers of a desperate Obama, to prevent Israel from attacking Iran: 1. The US must spread a nuclear umbrella over Israel  2.  American nuclear submarines would be supplied to the Israeli Navy 3. The Israeli Air Force would receive US F-22 Raptor stealth jets with all equipment. 4. The US would arrange for Israel's full membership of NATO. Who will first blink? And Medwedew is not necessarily Russia´s next president [32] after 2012, Vladimir Putin moving to take power again – as was agreed among them. But there are forces who want to keep the liberal Medwedew instad of having the conservative Putin back. Putin´s man on the post as Moscow´s mayor, [33] Luzhkow, has now been fired by Medwedew. According to [34] MSNBC 28 Sept. 2010, Luzhkov had angered Medvedev by criticizing his administration and suggesting the country needed a stronger and more decisive leader — a remark seen as favoring Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  Who really rules Russia? And who really rules Shell – [35] run by Rothschild on behalf of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – and which [36] gives the international sanctions against Iran a damn? 

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