Is BP Killing the Gulf Stream? Is New Ice Age Imminent?

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Summary: A month ago, a scary story did the rounds in the Anglo-Saxon blogosphere “proving” by means of NASA and NOAA satellite images that the Gulf Stream were dying because of BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A closer look at the images shows, however, that both flow rates and temperatures are fairly unchanged over the past 7 years - so there's not much to suggest that BPs oil spill is bringing us a new ice age. Conversely, more and more reports appear that sun spot activity is declining dramatically – as it does before an ice age. Simultaneously, the globalist elitists are increasing  their rhetoric and investment in cooling our atmosphere! This takes place even after a severe winter - and now there are signs of an early onset of the winter of 2010/2011. One gets the impression that the elitists will not save us from being "cooked" - as Ted Turner puts it - but will rather freeze humanity out. A new ice age would have disastrous socio-economic consequences. Could this be the real, covered-up intention behind the elitist´s global warming propaganda, the Bilderbergers now discussing "global cooling" - which they threatened us with 40 years ago? Even the ultra-elitist Royal Society and The Global Warming Policy Fund now admit that there has been no global warming over the latest decade - and their warning against CO2 was unjustified! Now Pres. Obama´s science-advisor, John Holdren, in 1971 warned against a new ice age - and now wants to [1] abolish the phrase "global warming", which he then used to advocate - he now talks about "climate disruptions, which may politically conveniently include global cooling etc."

A dramatic article did its rounds widely in the Anglo-Saxon blogosphere about Sept. 1, 2010, that the Gulf Stream was dying. The author, [2] Tim Alexander, one historian and Estate agent of Evansville, Indiana, US, seems to have [3] bought an impressive and much disputed Scottish peer title: “The Right Honorable Earl of Stirling, hereditary Governor & Lord Lieutenant of Canada, Lord High Admiral of Nova Scotia”. However, [4] this title seems to be dormant. So, of course, I was very sceptic as to the article on his blog. Be that as it may, Mr. Alexander has made some very sinister observations and forwarded as his opinion that a dying Gulf Stream is due to the BP oil spill - based on NASA satellite photos.  So, I will now  let NASA´s satellite photos speak for themselves. I shall then leave it to my readers to decide, if the Gulfstream is dying and a new ice age is imminent or not. [5] Mr. Alexander´s article can be read here. Oddly, there have been published no further photos!  I am not writing the following in order to comply with the global warming hoax - nor to save my life from the [6] terrible death suggested to warming sceptics by totally [7] desperate warmists - like the [8] 10:10 Global organisation, sponsored  by ActionAid (Govt of UK 2nd largest funder in 2009), The Carbon Trust, The Energy Saving Trust!!” [9] Not even Brits like this kind of humour.

While the climate alarmists are spinning gold and power on their fictitious “global warming” reality seems to be developing quite differently: The Gulf Stream is said to be slowing down and cooling. Some suspect the [10] BP-oil– spill disaster in the Mexican Gulf to be the reason. As [10] previously stated on this blog:The BP oil stream is endangering the Loop Current flowing into the Gulf Stream,  which thus can no longer receive hot water to transport to and to warm the northern parts of America and Europe. In fact, the [11] NOAA on 20 May 2010 reported that oil had entered the loop current. [12] On 1 Aug. 2010 the theoretical physicist, Gianluigi Zangari, from the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy reported that the loop current had stalled. Zangari's assessment is based on daily monitoring  of real-time data oceanographic satellite public data feeds called “Real-Time Mesoscale Altimetryfrom the Jason, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat, Follow-On, ER S-2 and Envisat satellites. These satellite feeds are captured and made publicly available by NASA, NOAA and by the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
[13] Loop-current2These CCAR data maps offer researchers like Zangari a continuous stream of markers for sea and ocean dynamics: surface height, velocity, temperature. A fourth marker that Zangari has found to be especially helpful, are chlorophyll infrared emission maps. This is because they show him real-time changes in the shape of the Gulf Stream.

In addition to changes in ocean velocity, Zangari is reporting an equally troubling analysis with sea surface temperatures. The data published by Rutgers University is from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data maps. Dr. Zangari re-elaborates and checks these data maps using his own calculus system called SHT (patented in 1999.).
Taken altogether, these four oceanographic markers began taking a turn for the worse, shortly after the Deepwater Horizon well explosion on April 20, 2010. This rapid turn of events raised Zangari's concerns about the Gulf's Loop Current, and then on July 28, 2010 the worst case imaginable happened. “The Loop Current simply stalled,” Zangari noted sadly “and we have no idea if it can reorganize itself, because now we're dealing with troubling unknowns.” [14] Congress member, Leslie Pastor, informed the New York Energy Congress as of 28 July that [15] Great_conveyor_beltthis might be the most important announcement of his life.

Left: The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt of warm water, called the Gulf Stream in the western hemisphere.  Right: The loop current is isolated from the Gulf Stream as of 28 July 2010 (CARR Photo)

 [16] Spiegel 30 Nov. 2005: "The circulation of the Gulf Stream has being slowing  by about 30 percent in the period 1957-2004. But when a certain threshold is reached, the circulation could abruptly switch to a new state in which there is little or no heat flow to the north any more." This would have "devastating impact on the socio-economic conditions" of the whole of Northern Europe. The temperature in the north would then fall by 4 degrees Celsius."   

[17] Gulfstream_velocity 21.09.04

Gulf Stream velocities mid-September over time . Source: [18] DEOS. Here the Gulf Stream velocities are seen in [19] animation over the latest 7 years Comment: I am not sure that the Gulfstream velocity in 2010 is much different from what it was in 2004 and 2008. 

 [20] Gulf_v.17.09.08

 [21] Gulfstreamvelocity_17.09.2010_vel









[22] Anomnight.9.23.2006

Gulf Stream satellite photos as of 23 Sept. 2006. Right, below  as of [26] 16 Sept. 2010.
Comment: In 2010the yellow, cold Gulf  Stream zone has grown bigger on the northern hemisphere than in 2006 – but hardly north of the Gulf. The hot Pacific has turned into a cold blue colour in 2010 – due to  El Nino?  Source: [25] NOAA NESDIS SST

 [23] NOAA_2010[27]


Europe is going into an [29] early winter  with snowfall in the Alps coming a month early and [30] half a meter of snow in late August in southern Norway, as well as [31] early snow in Russia. Additionally, [32] sea ice in the Southern hemisphere is at near record levels  and [33] coldest August in South Australia in 35 years. This is indicative of a major climatic change to the entire planet.  [34] Californians just had the coldest summer in decades.[35] Britain had one of the coldest winters in 100 years . [36] The US National Weather Service reported a very hard winter. The 2010 [37] Northern Hemisphere winter snow extent was the second highest on record, at 52,166,840 km2 and second only to February, 1978 which was slightly higher at 53,647,305 km2.according to Rutger University´s Snow lab.

[28] Atlantic-temp. 23.09.06

Left and right below: Daily Sea Surface Temperatures of the northern Gulf Stream Source [38] Ruttgers. I think that the Gulf Stream is warmer now than in 2006 at this time of the day. But in 2004 it was considerably warmer than now (left below)

[27] IMCS.1326.25.09.10.


 Nevertheless, we are being told that Greenland´s inland ice is melting at an heretofore unseen speed – due to global warming, as I heard a professor at the Danish Niels Bohr Institute say on  Denmark´s Radio on 23 Sept. 2010. Is that true?

Right, below: Correction of Greenland melt (red). [39] The Register 7 Sept. 2010: Since 2002, NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data has been used to make an estimate of ice melt from Greenland and Western Antarctica. (The rest of Antarctica doesn't seem to be melting at all - indeed Antarctica as a whole is actually gaining ice area rather than losing it - but some regions in the West are melting. The reasons for this are under investigation. The original GRACE-based estimates indicated as much as 1,500 billion tonnes ice loss just from Greenland in the period 2003-2009. Now a team of researchers based at NASA's [40] Greenlamd-ice_meltJet Propulsion Laboratory and in the Netherlands say  "The corrections for deformations of the Earth’s crust have a considerable effect on the amount of ice that is estimated to be melting each year," explains Dr Bert Vermeersen. "We have concluded that the Greenland and West Antarctica ice caps are melting at approximately half the speed originally predicted." Vermeersen and his colleagues' calculations show that as little as 500 gigatonnes of ice or even less could have melted from Greenland during 2003-2009. In the case of Greenland, it could be that the current estimates are triple what they should be.  As can be seen on satellite photos shown on the [41] Cryopsphere Today, I see no decrease of Greenland´s ice sheet from 2000 to 2010

 But something else has been going on for quite a while – obfuscated by “Global warming” fictition
[42] Climate Realists 22 Sept. 2010: New study by American solar experts identifies a sharp fall in sunspot [43] Ice-age-4activity since 2007 that fits the hallmarks of a soon arriving ice age.

Matthew Penn and William Livingston, solar astronomers with the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Tucson, Arizona, have been following a marked decrease in sunspot activity recently. Reputable studies  link a prolonged drop in sunspot activity to a cooling epoch or even a potential new ice age as more sunspots correlate with more global warming, while fewer sunspots are proven to match episodes of long-term cooling.
After examining 1500 sunspots they found that the average strength of the magnetic field of the sunspots has dropped by almost 40 percent in recent years. The reasons for the decline are unknown, but Penn and Livingston predict only half of the normal sunspots may appear on the surface of the Sun by 2021. Below that strength the formation of sunspots becomes almost impossible.
Backing up the claims is Australian Geophysicist, Phil Chapman, a former NASA astronaut. Chapman confirms the historic correlation of sunspots to global temperatures and points to the dearth of sunspots since 2007 as the reason why the world has since cooled by about 0.7C.
Writer, Alan Caruba (September 21, 2010) probes the story further after a June 14 article published in the [44] Ice-ageNew Scientist by Stuart Clark.
The last time sunspots disappeared altogether, during the Maunder Minimum (about 1645 to 1715), our planet descended into a minor ice age.

No, for my part I do not think the BP oil spill has stopped the Gulf Stream. I am not even sure that the Gulf Stream velocity and temperature have decreased since 2004. But I am sure that it has not warmed up. And I do think that the lack of sunspot activity can have a future influence on the Gulf Stream and on global cooling – with potential severe consequences for us. Nevertheless, the climate fanatics are pressing on with geoengineering: [45] Chemtrails, which are becoming more and more numerous by the day – the recently [46] “converted” Bjørn Lomborg now pressing on to have the oceans filled with a fleet of vessels to bring about “[47] cloud-whitening” funded by the depopulationist, [48] Bill Gates!!! It does seem that their real goal is not to have us saved from being “cooked”, as Ted Turner puts it – but to freeze us out of the world! Was this what the Illuminist Biderberg group had in mind? [49] Global Research 27 Sept. 2010, James Delingpole:Bilderberg´s discussion agenda: "The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations." Was this a printing error - or part of their real plans? In 1971 Pres. Obama´s science czar, John Holdren, warned of a [50] man made new ice age. Now he wants to [1] abolish the phrase "global warming", which he used to advocate - and now he talks about "climate disruptions", which may politically conveniently include global cooling etc.

If the Gulf Stream dies, a [51] new ice age is just around the corner. Northern Europe and America have a temperature which makes it possible for humans to live here. If the Gulf Stream dies, a disaster with migrations and wars over southern, inhabitable areas will ensue – and mass dying will take place. The Earth has seen many – at least 5 - ice ages lasting many thousand years, separated by interglacial ages. The latest ice age in Denmark ended 12.000 years ago – but it has often been said that we are living between 2 ice ages. The present cooling has by IPCC member, [52] Prof. Latif from Kiel  been ascribed the the [53] Decadal Pacific Oscillations – also causing the El Ninos. The Medieval Warm period descended into a lengthy period of cooling known as the Little Ice Age, which ended about 1860 – whereupon there has been an incomplete recovery of global temperature.

[54] The Daily Mail 30 Sept. 2010: The (ultra-elitist) Global Warming Policy Foundation and The Royal Society have now admitted that there has been no global warming in the last decade. 'In their old guide, the Royal Society demanded that governments should take "urgent steps" to cut CO2 emissions "as much and as fast as possible." This political activism has now been replaced by a more sober assessment of the scientific evidence and ongoing climate debates.The Royal Society’s decision comes in the wake of a [55] scathing report into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which called for it to avoid politics and stick instead to predictions based on solid science. Earlier this year an email scandal involving experts at the University of East Anglia had already fuelled fears that global warming was being exaggerated.

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