On the occasion of the EU Prime Ministers signing the Constitutional Reform Treaty in Lisbon on Dec. 12, 2007,  Daniel Hannan, MEP, wrote in The Telegraph : “Whether through apathy, fatalism or sheer indifference, we are letting our leaders trample all over us. There are plenty of people we might try to blame: mendacious politicians, trivia-obsessed journalists, Eurocrats. But the truth is that responsibility lies closer to home. If we had properly wanted to prevent tomorrow’s grisly necromancy, we would have roused ourselves. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

A previous post on this blog dealt with the disatrous influence of Mental Hygiene. The ideas of Mental Hygiene are recognizable in the planned demolition of all existing values by the “68s”. That is what this post is about. And so, I have described 2 of the 3 factors I consider guilty of having robbed our resistance.


Originating at the  ”Institut für Sozialforschung”  in Frankfurt a.M. , viz. the “New Left” movement of Adorno, Horkheimer, Erich Fromm and the German-American philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, (1898-1979) a group of spoiled students (Dutschke, Krahl, Cohn- Bendit) started an anarchist rebellion against parents and University structures under the motto: ” Destroy anything that destroys you”! Today the movement´s heirs are Jürgen Habermas and the EU Parlamentarian, Cohn Bendit.

How we (the 68s) save the world
The answer of the Frankfurter School was not in political activity or a revolutionary labour movement, but in so obscure things as vanguard art, psychoanalysis (Freud), dialectic philosophy (Marx) and a Messianic faith. Their studies are called “Critical Theory”.


Herbert Marcuse
protested against profit and consumer-hurry, demanded above all free sex according to his personal Freud-interpretation besides total freedom, atheism and abolishment of socially unnecessary work. A play-culture to promote freedom and happiness. As the revolutionary potential of the working class was depleted by assimilation with society Marcuse turned to the students, “intellectuals and minority groups.As Marcuse said in 1968:

We must make a new kind of man …What we must have in view is a diffuse and far reaching disintegration of the system, in which interest, the central points and activities are displaced to the local and regional level…What we can aim at is no big and centralised movement , but local and regional political action  against certain unacceptable conditions - riots, ghetto revolts and so on ….What seems to develop against these conditions is a quite open organisation dispersed and concentrated in small groups around local activities  small, highly flexible and autonomous groups.


Noerrebro, Copenhagen on March 4, 2007: Marcuse´s Highly flexible autonomer Groups in activity (Picture from Politiken)

Marcuse:The force of the Left today may exactly lie in these competing protesting groups, which are active in many places at the same time, in a kind of political guerilla movement in peace - or so-called peace. But that is, I think, the most important point - in small groups concentrating on local activities and in which that manifests itself what will in all probability be the basic organisation of libertarian socialism, viz. small councils of hand- and headworkers - of soviets, if I may use this word…., something that, and  I mean it fully seriously, may call organised spontaneity. I should like to add something which sounds like heresy: No hasty unification of the Left!… When there is no revolutionary party then these leftist radicals in puberty - as they say - will be, the weak and bewildered, of course, but they are the real heirs of the great socialist tradition.

And that ignited a chain reaction. Today the 68s are widely well-to-do academic politicians and people with great influence on public opinion - considerate to their own benefit and united through their hatred to Christian and national culture. In their view good and evil only serve to exclude foreigners and to promote xenophobia. Thereby, they do, in fact, profess concepts about good and evil - just contrary to traditional concepts. Some of them think there is more charity in the Quran than in the New Testament! Whereby they forget the Quran-charity is only for other Muslims - whereas war is to befall the infidels. Actually, the 68s do not sympathize with the Sharia. Many of them do not even know about it. They just fight for Islam because it is (as yet) a minority group- the same reasoning as used by the Danish Minority Party in Southern Slesvig to obtain more votes from the large Muslim population of Flensburg. Of course, the nazis also started as a minority group in Germany. After the seeming fall of communism homeless 68s adopted the Islamic ideology as a tool to dismantle the Christian European national societies -still in the service of communist globalisation!

Which the “intellectuals” will repent some day to the same extent as Marcuse and Ritt Bjerregård. For they and the women will be the first losers during the Sharia, Allah´s unchanging law.

In Denmark the New Left merged into the Mental Hygiene movement and the cultural liberalism of “the first European”, Georg Brandes, to a very potent and poisonous anti-Christian and anti-national tool of the New World Order (Pres. Bush Sr. 1990-1991) and its “new man”: political humanism. And it persevered.
The 68s
brought Marx´, Nietzsche´s, Brandes´og Marcuse´s anti-gospel about abolishment of God and the 10 Commandments out from a small “intellectual” and social upper class of cultural liberals to the broad population through an increasing number of students. This destructive anti-cultural mixture dealt the death-blow to the languishing practical Christianity, abolishing the concept of sin totally.

The legacy of the movement is:
free sex-culture - AIDS being a side product. Total female emancipation and consequent dissolution of 40% of marriages- and so of the foundation of traditional society, homes, and what ensues from that. Furthermore, uniform, secular education of children by female pedagogues - the boys being educated to female virtues and the role of losers, and the girls being raised to the traditional male role and career as seen from the distribution of gender at the universities today. “We have had “The fatherless civilisation” , a female- dominated society in an illusion of constant adolescence and the absence of adulthood. This is the root of the decline of Western civilisation.” For a substitute of the abolished Danish culture superficial American pop culture spread like goutweed in a neglected garden with its noisy, monotonous pop music combined with sex videos, business stress, coca-cola and fast- food. Experiments with collective living communities , Christiania, the parliament of the street etc.

On his death-bed Marcuse regretted the damage he had caused. And in the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende on 06.05.06 former Minister for education, now the Mayor of Copenhagen repents the damage to the Danish educational system, society and numerous pupils - not least the lack of knowledge of history - caused by her 1975-School Reform. Her then motto was: “What not everyone can learn nobody shall learn!!” If not all are equally intelligent, all have to be equally ignorant!!
Olof Palme, former Swedish Prime Minister: ”You do not go to school in order to learn to read, write etc. but in order to learn how to live in a group!”
So the 68-catastrophe was triggered from the highest social-democratic levels.

Georg Brandes 1842-1927

And headed by the Bilderberger and Trilateral Commissionist, Töger Seidenfaden
the 68s are shouting for a new authoritarian cultural liberal  Georg Brandes leader figure. But supposedly, Seidenfaden already is such a leader figure at a smaller scale. At the end of the 19. century charismatic Georg Brandes was the first to lecture on Hitler´s source of inspiration, Friedrich Nietzsche, and his authoritarian superman, Zarathustra, who is thirsting for wickedness.
Brandes was simply at war with everyone - but Georg Brandes. He liked to
put photos of his many mistresses on his desk - in order to annoy his wife! Like Nietzsche he claimed to be a genius and Lucifer, “the Angel of Light, about whom the evil rumour has been spread that he is fallen!”
He claimed  “God is dead”. Brandes was probably the first European, travelling much and having acquaintances everywhere.  His influence was tremendous among “intellectuals” all over Europe.
(Jørgen Knudsen: Georg Brandes. Magt og afmagt 1896-1914. Gyldendal 1998)

Georg Brandes, preacher of Hitler´s philosopher, Nietzsche: “When Brandes had been speaking  for 5 minutes he was like a king. His words squealed like flicks,  from his mouth emanated derisions, insults, provocations right into the faces of the cowards. His mouth turned broad, his lips narrow, he spoke in a hissing and cutting manner. He knitted his brows over his lustreless eyes and spoke with devouring scorn. He was everything I wanted to be” (Nobel Prize winner Johs. V. Jensen).

G. Brandes:” The Danes are the most filthily narrow-minded people I have known. There is a corpse stench from all of them, from their religion, their virtue, their moral freethinking, their Right and their Left!”
This is to illustrate what legacy Georg Brandes has left the amoral cultural liberals, later to become  communist “intellectuals”,who merged into the 68-movement. The illuminist Bilderberger and trilateral Commissionist, Töger Seidenfaden, Rockefeller´s henchman, the self-appointed moral-and goodtaste- judge, is short of such a man to clear the track for the final victory of the New World Order over the religion and patriotism of the EU-sceptic Danes!
Although our Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has done his utmost in this respect he still does not have all of our souls in his pocket!

The attitude of these 68s clear the track for the dictatorship of the New World Order
They fight for the leninist world state of the New World Order, breaking down borders of every kind.

And they have Marcuse´s words in the backs of their heads (”One-Dimensional Man” -1964). Marcuse claimed that the developed industrial society created false needs binding people to the existing system of production and consumption, mass media, culture, ads, industrial management and time-spirit strenghthening the existing system. The result would be an obtuse mentality and behaviour where the very capability of critical thinking and resistance would wither away.
And this may be the wisest remark by Marcuse.

The Swiss historian Daniel Regli has taken a look into the disastrous consquences of the 68-movement
Regli demonstrates mercilessly that a society where buying, intoxication, and sex dependence swell, where families dissolve more and more, grow less and less viable.

Gertrud Galster Johnsen fought assiduously against the 68/Mental Hygiene subversion of our children . She writes: Children´s library. Drawn by children´s librarian, Ulla Harne.  The 68s provided an enormous progress in children´culture. A programmed development led by 68-idols and deliberately managed outside of the parent´s generation through educationalists, teachers, and authors. Borgen Publishers e.g. demanded  children´s books to be full of lewd language and action. Trade Union educationalists established  “fucking rooms”, and new exciting texts were made for the old beloved children´s songs. Children´s theatres entertained with scenes of sexual intercourse or doggerels. (censored away here!)

Regli:”One and all of the peoples have shuffled into the 68-trap and are now twisting in the strangle-hold.” He mentions the forerunners of the 68-revolution, both Platon, Rousseau, Marx, Freud, Kinsey, Huxley, and the further philosophy delivered by the professors of the Frankfurter School. He describes the ideology of the “New Left” extensively with their dream of the paradise of peace through the adaption of everybody to everybody.
“The sex-fundamentalists succeeded in nearly everthing”. Regli also draws attention to the support of the student´s rebellion to Mao who murdered millions of people under the banner of the workers´paradise.

“Amidst our democracies it is similar to a dictatorship: who stands up against the time-spirit attracts hatred: in his family, in the judicial system and in cultural circles - but above all in the media. Neo-marxism has ruined individuals, families, economy and finances. Leftist majorities have issued laws to cement the disaster and to make it impossible for us to get out of the trap.”
The Danish culture liberal writer, self-appointed judge of morals, “good” taste and culture, Klaus Rifbjerg, praises himself and his subversive allies for having cleared the track for the 68-revolution and total emancipation of women as well as for a glorification of bewildered sexual orientations.

Cultural Relativism
now seems to be a new branch of cultural liberalism: Everything is equivalent. Development does not occur. A rainworm is as valuable as a human being! Good and evil do not exist. And yet: To claim the existence of good and evil is fascist!, i.e. evil. And all of a sudden marxism also is after the fall of communism.

68s and the New World Order.
Let us take a look at the 6 point programme of the New World Order : 1) Abolishment of monarchy and government. 2) Abolishment of private property. 3) Abolishment of inheritance. 4) Abolishment of patriotism. 5) Abolishment of the family and all morality as well as introduction of public education of children. 6) Abolishment of religion .

Open sale of hash at Christiania, Copenhagen, the ideal society of the 68/Mental Hygiene movement

About 1): We see that monarchy is out in most European states. And the demand for abolishment of government has succeeded on 2 fronts A: At home , as in Denmark Nørrebro, Vollsmose, Gjellerup and many smaller Muslim ghettos are outside Danish legislation - as proven by SIAD. Furthermore, “autonomers” terrorise people of different opinion , and the parliament of the street gets considerable  concessions. B: EU. The Danish government is being substituted for the EU and its primacy  legislation, imposed on nearly all Danish legislation. Near democracy is gone after putting together  the municipalities in large units and after abolishing the counties. 2) The 68s-communism has been fostered tremendously through the wellfare state and its  equalisation of income. 3) Inheritance has not been abolished - but it is being taxed. 4) Patriotism disappeared with our consciousness of the history, culture and religion of our ancestors,  due to among others the Mayor of Copenhagen, Britt Bjerregård in her time as Minister for Education. Remaining are largely only the cult of the Royal House and an intoxication/ecstasy at international football matches, which Denmark nearly always loses. 5) Family is being dissolved, morals are a largely unknown and scorned concept. 6) Religion: The multicultural liberals/68s/mental hygienics have through their influence on schools, the churches, and media ridiculed and twisted Christianity  and made the Muslim obscurantists idols to be protected! The daily drop of poison has had an enormous effect.

In the 20. century socialism in dictatorial and anarchist form along with nazism became the most disastrous surrogate religion. Its significance was the demolition of the old North European culture  based on a national state, Christianity and the heritage from the classical antiquity - in favour of a chaotic spiritual vacuum with man and his sexual urge as the cult objects - the significance of the social state untold.