So far the EU´s best tool to make its sceptical populations join in to its planned march towards world wide dictatorship of its empire to extend beyond the borders of Europe in the Name of the New World  Order  is the lie of human-made climate change and the associated EU leadership in the combat of this chimera.

According to an EU-Barometer from March- May, 2008, presented by the EU Parliament
the majority of Europeans believes climate change can be solved  

Global temperature through 11 years. Where is the global warming?

According to the survey, three-quarters of citizens take the problem of climate change very seriously. In total, 62% of respondents consider climate change to be one of the two most serious problems facing the world today. Only poverty scored higher, being placed in the top two by 68%. But even if Europeans widely recognise the seriousness of climate change, most (60%) believe it is not unstoppable and can be solved. A clear majority of 56% consider that fighting climate change can have a positive impact on the economy.
The three targets, set by EU leaders last year and to be met by 2020, are: a cut of at least 20% in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels; a cut of 30% if other developed countries commit to comparable reductions; and an increase in the share of renewable energy to 20% (reduced to 5% on Sept. 11, 2008). Respectively, these targets are judged to be about right or too modest by 68%, 61% and 69% of respondents.

Arctic ice cap increased by 700.000 sq. km during the latest year.

So when Obama in his New World Order speech in Berlin in July 2008 shouted that the Atlantic coast lines were shrinking and  drought followed from melting of polar ice as he was speaking  - this was good old illuminist scaremongering. Just as his party fellow, Al Gore, was told by an English court of Justice on Oct. 12, 2007, for his film "An Inconvenient (non-)Truth).

Lack of information  
More than half of Europeans sampled feel informed about the causes (56%) and the consequences (56%) of climate change, and the ways of fighting it (52%). However, the proportion of citizens who feel poorly informed about the subject remains significant at more than four in ten. Lack of information is mentioned as an important reason for not taking action to combat climate change.

Action to tackle climate change
Europeans think that not enough is being done to combat climate change by corporations and industry (76%), citizens themselves (67%), their national governments (64%) and the EU (58%).  
A clear majority (61%) confirm that they have taken some kind of action against climate change themselves.

Antarctic ice cap 2007 - satellite.
The red colour is the ice cap increase

However, the types of action taken mainly involve little personal or financial effort such as separating waste or reducing consumption of energy, water or throw-away products. The main reason cited by respondents for not taking action against climate change is that they think governments, companies and industries should change their behaviour.
Some 44% of those polled say they would be prepared to pay more for energy produced from sources that emit less greenhouse gases while 30% would not (26% did not respond).

No wonder that the Eurocrats are enthusiastic about the effect of ther skill to delude us
Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission, said: "Surveys of this kind are important components in our policy-making.  It is striking to see that European citizens take the issue of climate change so seriously and it confirms our belief that continued, coherent EU action in this area is imperative".

  Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for Environment, added: "The message is that a majority of Europeans supports the EU's targets or wants us to do even more. It is essential that the European Parliament and Council approve the Commission's climate and renewable energy proposals from January so Europe will be able to deliver fully on these targets and meet citizens' expectations."

Angela Merkel is interested in the New World Order CCS device


I recently corresponded with a former Danish Climate top-politician – mentioning en passant  that his imaginations on man-made climate policy had been annoying me for a long time. He answered that he was sorry for my delusion!

On the other hand, the German Economy Ministry finds it absurd to combat CO2 , which I find absolutely correct because it is a New World Order profit source and because it is deliberate deceit

I sent him another - as yest unanswerde - mail documenting what I have previously brought on this blog: here,Vachlav Klaus tells us this is a matter of our freedom here, here, telling him that 54% of real climatologists are not thinking global climate changes are man-made.

Here is a comment from that group 
"The hypothesis of damaging, man-made warming is a long way from being proven – and, given the recent trend in the peer-reviewed literature, is well on the way to being disproven. 
Governments have naively and unwisely accepted the claims of a human influence on global temperatures made by a close-knit clique of a few dozen scientists. Their work is so prejudiced towards a predetermined outcome that it renders its scientific assessment of the climate suspect and its conclusions inappropriate for policy making."

The Climate religion  spreads to the British Crown Court: The Independent, Sept. 11, 2008: The threat of global warming is so great that campaigners were justified in causing more than £35,000 worth of damage to a coal-fired power station, a jury decided yesterday. In a verdict that will have shocked ministers and energy companies the jury at Maidstone Crown Court cleared six Greenpeace activists of criminal damage.
at Kingsnorth power station in Kent to prevent even greater damage caused by climate change.

One of the "experts" heard by the court was James Hansen of GISS, NASA, , who started all this guff about global warming back about 1988. His measurements have been shown to be immensely skewed by using thermometers placed near artificial heat-sources!!!
Only his values are being heeded, while the 3 other sets of measurements not finding global warming  are being neglected.

Now, do not believe the insanity stops here

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) plant in Eastern Germany

Deutsche Welle sept. 9, 2008 : Swedish energy utility Vattenfall sees carbon capture and storage (CCS) - leading CO2 into subterranean cavities -as a revolutionary answer to global warming which is largely blamed on carbon dioxide released when fossil fuels burn.
"This technology will become more important than offshore wind farms."
But environmentalists say the technology uses far more energy than existing power generation and warn that there are no secure long-term storage facilities for the gas.

"In tandem with (costly) EU-wide trading in emission rights, CCS will be economic. At 30 to 35 euros per emission certificate, the technology breaks even," he said.

The European Union wants to have 10 or 12 full-scale CCS power stations within the next few years, but it is not clear who will pay the high costs of building and running the plants.