Consequences of the Lisbon Treaty: EU´s Power Grabbing Has Accelerated into Undemocratic Union Statehood

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Summary: Before the votes on the EU Constitution and its successor, the Lisbon Treaty, there was no end to the assurances that national sovereignty would be intact under these treaties. Only the French, the Dutch and Irish were allowed to vote, because, as Sarkozy put it, Europeans are too dangerous to be allowed  votes on elitist´s Europe. They will invariably vote no! But now there is no end to all the state symbols, the EU is vigorously working to launch. Illuminist bankers created the Financial/euro crisis which is now being used by the Illuminist EU to demand economic governance over all EU countries, the EU  even requiring to critically examine governmental budgets before they are sent for readings in the national parliaments. The EU has established its own Financial Supervisors to coordinate the economy in EU countries in crisis, consisting of the same people that allowed the financial crisis to arise, Rothschild's people. Strangely enough, 75% of Europeans feel that it is a good idea, although less than half of them support the EU. EU will also introduce both direct taxation of Europeans, CO2 taxation and EU bonds to get a bigger budget for bureaucrats and more state-like clout. Furthermore, the EU has signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights to obtain the same status as nation states. Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, is proud that  since 1st July the European Union has de facto both a a Department of Home Affairs and of Justice to work intimately together to ensure the EU´s grip on - what? The European Court is the Commission´s tool to ensure maximum power over the nation states. Moreover, Reding is now implementing citizenship in nearly all everyday occurrences - with priority over nation state citizenship. As a nation, the EU spent our tax money to guarantee that irresponsible PIIGS countries like Greece do not go bankrupt - but may stay in the euro, which there is no reasonable basis for. Indeed, Trichet of the European Central Bank would rather run the risk of civil war due to EU austerity in Greece than let the country out of his claws. Nevertheless, the Greek rescue umbrella is illegal - in terms of both German and EU law. Furthermore, the EU has been allowed to speak at the UN General Assembly, a right that only nation states have - and which is an empty gesture, as long as the EU has no seat in the Security Council which it probably will have. The EU accounts for 72% of the UK's Regulation expenses - and 50% of its laws. The EU is now a self-declared super-state over powerless nation states - despite all promises to the contrary before the treaty referenda, and despite the fact that Europeans have not voted yes to it. 

The EU hates referenda, but could not avoid some over its Constitution. The Danish Prime Minister cheated the Danes of a promised referendum – and was received with standing applause in the European Council!!! The Constitution was then rejected by the French and the Dutch – who like all other Europeans except the Irish, were denied a referendum on its successor,  the Constitution once again – in a more refined and disguised form, the Lisbon Treaty. This was the Constitution (according to [1] its author, Valéry Giscard d´Estaing) cleared of unacceptable paragraphs, which had been smartly taken out and transferred to other treaties, which had previously been accepted in referenda. This, of course was a blatant deception. The EU lured us before these referenda into believing that there were no danger to our national states under the new Treaty, even [2] treated opponents like “enemies of the state” and used [3] lies, bribery, concealment and breaches of national  constitutions to force the scared Irish to vote yes in their 2. vote. Note: The EU goes on having referenda until a nation says yes – and that was then its last vote, since the [4] Europeans are considered too, dangerous for the Europe of the elite - they will invariably vote no!!! The following shows what the Lisbon Treaty really means.

I: EU´s overall economic governance
[5] Euros[6] EUObserver 3 Sept. 2010: The European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU member states reached a political deal to set up a [7] European Systemic Risk Board - with the same people who allowed the finacial cisis to take place, Rothschilds people - and three separate agencies to monitor securities, banks and insurance companies. In the end, a compromise has delivered to member states the ability to appeal the decisions of the new bodies, something fiercely resisted by MEPs. The deal reached on Thursday will indeed make the current ECB chief, Jean-Claude Trichet the boss at the new board, but only for five years, after which a new head would be negotiated once more. The member states are to be the ones to declare that there is an emergency on the cards, not the European Commission or the parliament.
Additionally, direct oversight of companies will be left with national supervisors. The new agencies are to only co-ordinate actions. The European Parliament "is expected" to ratify these bodies. They will then become [8] "operational as planned" from 1 Januar 2011.
Instead of all these bodies being based in Frankfurt, they will now be located in London, Paris and the home of the ECB.  EU Commissioner for Internal Market [9] Michel Barnier : "No actor, no product, no sector, no territory should no longer be able to escape sensible and intelligent regulation and supervision". [10] Open Europe's Director Mats Persson: "Once established, the EU supervisors are likely to extend their powers incrementally, since the proposal is designed to allow for more and more laws to come under their authority".

The EU Commission wants to control national budgets before they are sent to reading in the national parliaments
[11] The Telegraph 12 May 2010:  Commission president Jose Barroso unveiled plans for EU control over national budgets, including an incendiary demand that Brussels should vet budgets before their first reading in Westminster, the Bundestag, and other parliaments. Current account deficits and credit growth will be monitored. Brussels can impose sanctions on states that let booms run out of control. "We must get to the root of the problems," he said. Such a plan would greatly improve the working of the EMU system, but it would also entail a drastic erosion of sovereignty

[12] EU Press Release 26 Aug. 2010: 75% of Europeans think that stronger coordination of economic and financial policies among EU Member States would be effective in fighting the economic crisis, according to the [13] Spring 2010 Eurobarometer, the bi-annual opinion poll organised by the EU. Europeans’ main areas of concern in the crisis were the current economic situation (40%; unchanged compared to autumn 2009), unemployment (48%; -3 percentage points) and rising prices (20%; +1). The crisis also had an influence on citizens' perception of the EU: 40% of Europeans associate the EU with the euro (+3), 45% with the freedom to travel, study and work anywhere in the EU (-1), and 24% with peace (-4). [14] The Express 27 Aug. 2010: Public support for the European Union has collapsed to a nine-year low in all of its 27 countries, a poll has revealed.The European Commission says fewer than half of voters across Europe are in favour of the union.

II: EU to impose its own direct taxation upon us
[15] Earth Times 10 Aug. 2010: The EU is planning direct taxation of Europeans.  Le Monde on 13 July wrote: “I think there is a majority for it," said the French Socialist Stéphane Le Foll. The Parliament's Socialist Group is unanimous that the budget be through a percentage of taxes and fees collected at the national level The measure must be fiscally neutral and must not [16] eu retfærdighedreturn to impose additional taxes on citizens, say MEPs. This would amount to a shortfall for states, which could be offset by a reduction in their contributions to the EU budget.Moreover, [17] Barroso wants EU-bonds to give the "Union" more state-like power on the market.

III: The [18] European Convention on Human Rights
[19] EUbusiness 7 July 2010: The European Union kicked off joint talks with the Council of Europe Wednesday for accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which would streamline rights protection in Europe. " But the EU's accession to the ECHR would place it on the same footing as its member states with regard to the system of fundamental rights protection supervised by the ECHR.

IV:  Intertwining of EU´s Ministry of Justice and the new Ministry of Home Affairs
[20] Viviane Reding EU Press Release 1 July 2010: The DG Justice will be working hard under my  command (Viviane Reding´s) to make sure that our citizens will see concrete results of this institutional improvement.  It is a very normal situation in our Member States that there is both a Ministry of Home Affairs and a Ministry of JusticeIt is good news for our citizens that as of today, we will have a similar situation at EU level. In the future, when we will talk about sensitive civil liberties issues citizens can be assured that there is now a place for them to go in Brussels that will look after their interests. There will in future be a constructive dialogue between the new [21] DG Justice and the new [22] DG Home Affairs on the best way forward to defend civil liberties and to ensure that citizens are not forgotten when the EU tries to safeguard important public interests

V: EU Citizenship: The EU grabs the status of a single state – imposing a union citizenship, which Europeans have refused or were not asked about
[20] Viviane Reding EU Press Release 1 July 2010:  After the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, EU Citizenship now needs to progress from a concept enshrined in the Treaties to a tangible reality in citizens’ daily lives. EU Citizenship is the essential link all Europeans have with the European Union. [23] European-citizenship2Union citizens and their third country family members still face cumbersome and costly administrative procedures and unacceptable delays when moving to another Member State.  By creating my portfolio in the Commission, President Barroso entrusted me with concrete policy instruments which will allow me, over the next years, to fill the notion of Citizenship with concrete results. These policy instruments include the responsibility for the free movement within the European Union; civil justice and contract law; consumer legislation, starting from the Package Travel Directive and reaching to the proposal for a Consumer Rights Directive; data protection; the rights of the child; gender equality and anti-discrimination legislation; and also the responsibility for ensuring an effective application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

[24] Eu-ueber-allesVI: The EU´s bail-out of Greece is an illegal act of statehood 
[25] Die Welt 5. Juli 2010A: The resolution of the European Union's Euro-rescue umbrella is a gross violation against the German constitution but also against EU law. This is the result of a study conducted by the Centre for European Policy (CEP).
B: The public was also misled about the design of the Euro-rescue umbrella in some points. In response to the crisis of confidence in the financial markets, the EU leaders on 11 May 2010 agreed on a 500 billion euro rescue fund. The EU Commission was authorized by the resolution to incur debts in order to provide loans to needy €-states. 1. "In the public it was propagated that the EU may maximally absorb up to 60 billion euros of bonds. However, there is no corresponding provision in the regulation". The same is true of of the three-years-term. 2. The euro-zone countries also provide 440 billion euros of guarantees available to support tumbling euro countries. The study lamented that the EU unfairly invokes "extraordinary events" concerning its assistance. For only then, according to EU law, a departure from the principle that each State must be liable for its own debt alone is allowed. Furthermore, a breach of EU legal order is also made because 3. the European Parliament would have had to agree, which has been omitted. "The regulation thus does not fulfill the the formal requirements of EU law. 4. The lawyer alleges the participation of the Bundestag und Bundesrat as demanded by the Constitutional Court was [26] EU-UNinadequate. Although the national parliament and the chamber of the länder had sanctioned Germany´s taking over of her contribution, the part of the umbrella concerning the financial contribution over the EU Commission was not voted on. In the view of the Europe expert, this is in violation of the Constitution. The study carries the point of the euro-rescue umbrella sceptics. The Federal Constitutional Court has several [27] lawsuits pending. However, the German Supreme Court had declined to stop the rescue plan immediately by injunction.
The money is being administered by the [28] European Financial Stability Facility, headed by German Klaus Regling, who hopes the very existence of this EFSF will calm creditors, so that the EU money will not have to be spent.

VII: The EU has achieved [29] representation in the UN General Assembly, the role of a state
[30] Deutsche Welle 20 July 2010: There is opposition i.a. from the UK – but this is part of the Lisbon Treaty´s external service. Some EU states see this as a danger to national souvereignty in a superstate. However, the EU´s influence would be virtually zero as long as  it has no seat in the security Council.

The EU is in trouble: People expected the EU to manage the financial crisis – but do not like the EU. The EU distributes our money to e.c. Greece – but does so illegally! A famous German economist [31] Hans-Werner Sinn, IFO Munich, now says that EU´s austerity measures cannot prevent Greek default, it will probably lead to civil war – and the least catastrophic solution is that Greece leaves the euro!!!  However, [32] Mr. Trichet of the ECB sees this as the worst possible solution!! So chaos seems to be looming ahead.
The EU is constantly imposing costs on industry which passes the bill on to us – e.g. the [33] ECX cap-and-trade scam – and now they are planning [34] CO2– taxes to be paid. Such ridiculous regulations as the [35] cucumber curvature regulation take a lot of time for the EU and the states – and for industries to implement. And for what purpose?  [36]  
Now the EU bureaucrats have fostered the brilliant idea of imposing direct taxation on us – at the cost of the national states, who will have to spend the less on e.g. welfare!! Who believes [37] Greece_riotsthat the taxes will remain neutral? The outcome will be ever soaring direct taxes in addition to the indirect (CO2) taxes and fees.

The European Convention on Human Rights already has its instruments, the [38] European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia and the [39] European Arrest Warrant  – turned against native Europeans who are automaticaly considered racists and xenophobics because they do not welcome the Muslim immgration and free mobility within the EU, which [40] the Elite has stated is desirable and necessary in order to destroy our atavistic ancient Christian and national cultures, which our ancestors were so incredibly stupid to fight and die for!!!
We now see the EU which [41] Jean Monnet declared to be the aim – by deceiving the Europeans, keeping them in ignorance. That the EU is a state is clearly told by Ms. Viviane Reding who is talking about a Ministry of Home Affaits and her Ministry of Justice. The [42] European Court of Justice  is the real instrument to strengthen the EU Commission, by interpreting EU-legislation (vague due to political compromises) in the direction wanted by the Commission – i.e. more union. The ECJ has never rejected an EU directive.  The commission even wants to control our national budgets before they are sent to readings in our national parliaments! We are being imposed a totally unwanted EU-citizenship as a first move to dismantle national states totally. 
And our national souvereignty is nearly gone: [43] Think Tank Open Europe 16 April 2009: The EU is without doubt the main driver of the cost of regulation in the UK - 72% of the cost of regulation over the last ten years is EU-derived from the EU. In terms of absolute proportion (of laws), we estimate the figure to be around 50%

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