How The EU Masterrace Scorn Us, Truth, And Democracy

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The [1] Sunday Express, June 17, 2007: "And he (Italian President Giorgio Napolitano) attacked eurosceptics who warn that the promised new EU treaty will go too far in eroding the powers of member states, saying: "It is psychological terrorism to suggest the spectre of a European superstate." President Kohler (Germany) also described the tactics of eurosceptics as "populistic, demagogic campaigning" .To German political correctness poulistic is only applied to immigration sceptic parties like that of Le Pen. And demagogic puts us on the same footing as Hitler!

But fortunately,  there are also EU saints:
According to the blog "EUobserver" s news ticker on Dec. 14., 2007, the Danish Prime Minister was met with standing applause on Dec. 13, as he entered to subscribe the Constitutional Reform Treaty in Lisbon: He had just announced to go back on his 2005-word of a Danish referendum on this treaty. A treaty which is on the whole unaltered as compared with the one rejected by the Dutch and French in 2005- the painful paragraphs being transferred to the Maastricht and Nice Treaties, which remain valid. The Treaty is so illegible that only real experts can understand the extent of fraud.                                                                 

To those experts the father of the treaty belongs the president of the European Convention, which wrote the treaty! [2] Valéry Giscard d´Estaing has already twice said we are being cheated by being forced to join secret agreements which the politicians dare not present to us - e.g. the Euromediterranean/ Eurabian Project leading to a union between the EU and the Muslims of North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. That is what the treaty is meant for!
As stated by [3] Olli Rehn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement, on Nov 29, 2007: "Turkey and the countries of the Western Balkans are next in line to join… The European Union by 2030 should be able to look back at enlargement taking another stride forward, with most or all of the current accession and pre-accession countries having met the conditions for membership and joined."
And these pre-accession countries include the 9 Muslim countries of the Barcelona Declaration and Israel. Which means we are to inherit the inextricable Middle East conflict and the possible ensuing nuclear war! Why are we not being told?

In order to conceal the true extent of this treaty  [4] the Danish Parliament closed the doors and threw the press and the audience out before its discussion on the "Reform Treaty" on June 14, 2007. Everybody in politics and media seems engaged in the high treason against Danish and European civilisation! As stated by Timothy Garton Ash of the European Council on Foreign Relations: "Since the mere printing of the treaty in all these languages (23) will require the destruction of several forests, it is hard to reconcile with its own commitment, in a new Article 2, to protecting the environment." The more voluminous and illegible the Treaty, the easier it is to conceal the hanky-panky.

[5] Thus "judicial problems" are puposely avoided[5] in a manner that most of them persist - without being problems leading to a referendum according to paragraph 20 of the Danish Constitution!! - references being made to the Danish judicial EU-provisos, which the prime Minister intends to have abolished as soon as possible by ignorant Danes in a referendum on these provisos! And that would be disastrous to us:

Anthony Coughlan, University of Dublin, motive power behind the National Platform and the Irish "No" to the Nice Treaty, writes[6] :
To hide the enormity of the change, the same name – European Union – will be kept while the Lisbon Treaty changes fundamentally the legal and constitutional nature of the Union. By this means the importance of the proposed change is kept hidden from the people:

"This new European Union can sign treaties with other States in all areas of its competence and conduct itself as a State in the international community of States. It can speak at the United Nations on agreed foreign policy positions of its Member States, just as in the days of the Soviet Union the USSR had a UN seat while Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia had UN seats also."

The Treaty also sets out the principle of the primacy of the laws of the new Union over the laws of its Member States (Declaration 27). The new EU makes the majority of laws for its Member States each year. And under the Lisbon Treaty the new Union  gets further power to make laws or take decisions by qualified majority vote in relation to some 68 new policy areas or matters where Member States currently have a veto.

" The principles of primacy and uniformity of Union law mean that Member States will not only be bound by the Fundamental Rights Charter (just passed) when implementing EU law, but also through the "interpretation and application of their national laws in conformity with Union laws"".

                                                     Now the EU swallows us  

"The Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution makes Members of the European Parliament, who at present are "representatives of the peoples of the Member States", into "representatives of the Union's citizens" (Art.9a, amended Treaty of EU). This illustrates the constitutional shift the Treaty makes from the present European Union of national States and peoples to the new Federal Union of European citizens and their national states – the latter henceforth reduced constitutionally and politically to provincial or regional status.

The Treaty underlines the subordinate role of National Parliaments  in the constitutional structure of the new Union by stating that "National Parliaments shall contribute actively to the good functioning of the Union" by various means set out in Article 8c, amended Treaty of EU. The imperative "shall" implies an obligation on National Parliaments to further the interests of the new Union.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen cheats and betrays his people and goes back on his 2005 promise of a referendum in Denmark on this new treaty.  By his colleagues this is considered a heroic deed and a declaration of loyalty to them and their EU-dictatorship. For of course, with these wilful Danes you never can tell!! As [7] Sarkozy so clearly put it:"The Europeans are too dangerous to Europe to be entrusted with referenda!"  [8] And so said the Constitutional Committee of the EU!
Fogh Rasmussens´s argument that there is no judicial reason for a referendum is ridiculous. Denmark loses its veto right and its possibility to conduct an independent foreign policy. If the big countries want to go to war, we shall be in it, too! Even if there is a weak opt out, what do Russian or Iranian nuclear war heads care about that? EU is just EU. Denmark has become an insignificant appendix to the EU,[6] the new superstate .

There won´t be more treaties, because the Parliament can now make amendments according to the wishes of the Muslims, employers and the  [9] illuminist EU-politicians´ needs and private interests as for their goal: The dictatorial world state. As for the EU flag and hymn. Have you noticed their disappearance?  By the way, the EU has these symbols from its identical twin, The Council of Europe.

Blood money

 "How he smiles, how happy he is …. but this day does him please"….the coming dictator? Or is he laughing at us because we are so stupid as to allow him to cheat us? It is rewarding to participate in 2 Bilderberg meetings (2000 and 2003) - and to soft-sawder [9] EU illuminism  - even if it means sacrificing one´s own people. 

Next year, as France takes the EU Presidentship a EU Pres ident is to be elected for 2 1/2 years.  [10] This post might very well fall into Danish hands, the French Minister for European Affairs says , dangling the carrot in front of the power-hungry Prime Minister. "Rasmussen is not only a courageous politician, he is also clear-sighted" , Jean-Pierre Jouyet tells the Danish newspaper "Politiken". He praises Fogh´s decision to send the Danish provisos on the euro, judicial cooperation and a common defence to a referendum soon. "We need Denmark at the heart of Europe", he says and goes on tempting: "Of course, there will be discussions about the top posts. But Mr. Rasmusen has important advantages . And he will have still more if the Danes follow his recommendation to join the community in full."

Are we to laugh or weep - or rebell in mass demonstrations against such undemocratic manipulation? 

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