Iran Is Now A Nuclear State with Russia´s Guarantee. Israel: “Totally Unacceptable”. Many War Predictions

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Summary: On 21 Aug., Iran became a nuclear state with de facto recognition by the US, inaugurating the Bushehr nuclear facility built and protected by Russia. According to former US UN ambassador, John Bolton, this plant is capable of producing weapon grade plutonium in a matter of short time. In spite of a gigantic military concentration around Iran, The US/Israel did not react to this irrevocable step, which has made future bombing of the plant impossible, since it would mean nuclear pollution of great parts of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, thus making export of oil very dangerous. The argument now goes that Iran´s nuclear needs are herewith satisfied, and that Iran´s secret enrichment project thus just serves weaponization. However, when the situation becomes acute, the US becomes reluctant, although Iran refuses to negotiate with the US.  Now the US does not see Iran as a nuclear bomb power within the next year, just as was the case in 2007, when the CIA declared as pure politically opportuneguesswork that Iran stopped its nuclear program back in 2003, a statement later declared invalid. For the world this US foot-dragging is a fortunate outcome, since Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of the Global Research sees an attack on Iran as a likely to be nuclear and the beginning of WWIII, Israel being just an integrated instrument in the US-NATO alliance. In the Atlantic Magazine Jeffrey Goldberg, seen as Prime Minister Netanyahu´s channel, assumes a likely Israeli attack on Iran some time next spring. However, The New York Times very much doubts that, stating that even the Israeli elite does not believe that Iran would ever attack Israel with her more than 100 nuclear bombs. However, former CIA officials have just warned Pres. Obama that an Israeli attack on Iran may follow as early as this month. Former US Foreign Minister, Lawrence Eagleburger, says:“The world will go to war over this,” and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas expects a big military surprise for the Middle East, preventing [1] direct negotiations with Israel in Washington on 2 Sept
The decision makers advising the Pentagon are very hawkish. Of the 158 retired generals and admirals identified as mentors to the US military - hired by Pentagon - 80% have financial ties to defense contractors, including 29 who are full-time executives of defense industry companies.
Republicans have introduced the House Resolution 1553, which - if adopted - would greenlight an Israeli attack on Iran, meant for the use of Pres. Obama. This year there has been unusually high military shuttling of generals and defence minister Ehud Barak between Israel and the US.
In the meantime, Syria has taken command of Lebanon at a time when the top of Israel´s military is split in rivalries over who is to be the next commander-in-chief.
In all probability, an attack on Iran will not be for Israel´s security, as the excuse goes. It is much more a matter of  implementing The Trilateral Commission task of creating a transglobal world state by eliminating Iran´s resistance to submit to that plan. Thus, the US Council on Foreign relations, The
Trilateral Commission and The Bilderberg Club have apparently all demanded  war on Iran.

[2] Bushehr2Bushehr nuclear facility, Iran.

Iran became a nuclear state on Aug. 21, 2010, inaugurating the Russian built and protected Bushehr nuclear facility, which can produce nuclear weapon grade plutonium – without Israel and the US preventing it. The inspection by the IAEA and Russia to retrieve the spent fuel is seen as [3] eliminating that risk. The US has accepted Iran as a nuclear state through a [4] secret deal with Russia. However, Israel declares Bushehr to be [5] unacceptable. Now the [6] US-government is - in vain - trying to convince the Israelis that they have one more year until Iran´s nuclear weapon deadline – just as the [7] CIA in 2007 guessed, that Iran had given up her nuclear weapon program already in 2003! So why all these shenanigans building the [8] biggest military concentration around Iran ever seen? This leaves an impression of of fear of their own courage, which may entail loss of confidence and therefore grave consequences in itself. However this seems better for the world considering the sinister consequences of an attack on Iran outlined below. 

The Mail 22 Aug. 2010: (Prime Minister) Cameron’s slip last month saying Iran already has the bomb revealed Whitehall’s suspicions of the ayatollahs). America and Israel don’t trust Iran not to seize Bushehr´s plutonium, when enough is ready for a bomb. The US and its allies fear Tehran too could act with impunity if it gets the bomb. [9] Russia is interested in keeping the fear of an Israeli attack [10] Galantgoing on, since it boosts the price of Russian oil. The [11] previous CIA-Chief, Michael Hayden says military action against Iran seems inexorable. And [12] Prof. Michael Wolffsohn from the Bundeswehr-University of Munich agrees. Israeli Knesset-member of the Likud Party, Danon, says, that [13] Israel is  preparing for war. At the same time [14] former CIA officials warn Pres. Obama Israel may attack Iran this month.

For the same reason, Israel has hastily appointed the hawkish leader of the Operation Leadcast against Gaza in 2009, [15] Yoav Galant (right), to succeed the more moderate  Gen. Ashkenazy as IDF´s commander-in-chief.                        

[16] DEBKAfile 20 Aug. 2010Sources close to the Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas quoted him as saying that [1] direct negotiations with Israel in Washington on 2 Sept. were not in the offing because "a big military surprise awaits the Middle East."  Lawrence Eagleburger, former US Secretary of State about the activation of Iran's first reactor at Bushehr Saturday, Aug. 21: "The world's going to war over this. If Iran gets the weapon it's going to use it."

The warnings from the Jewish supported US neocons were not reassuring:  [17] Newsmax 13 Aug. 2010   and [18] Fox News 17 Aug. 2010: Former US UN Ambassador, John Bolton: News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor (on Aug. 21, 2010) has touched off a countdown to a point of no return. Once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf. So most people think that neither Israel nor the United States, come to that, would attack the reactor after it's been fueled." According to Bolton, once the reactor is operational, it is only a matter of a short time before it begins producing plutonium that could be used in a nuclear weapon.

The question now is whether bigger (US) and smaller Israel will ever attack Iran´s increasing nuclear capacities. [19] The New York Times 17 Aug. 2010 dissecting an article in the September issue of the [20] Atlantic Magazine by Jeffrey Goldberg, who sees Israel likely to attack Iran some time time next spring, does not [21] qum, iranthink so. Goldberg made the case for a US attack on Iraq and is seen as chanelling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is described as being totally under the influence of his father, who wants to attack Iran! However, Goldberg is the spearhead  of the [22] Jewish Lobby, which owns and buys the US media  and is successfully stirring the US public up for a war on Iran.

Qum´s nuclear facility, Iran 

Robert Wright, N.Y.T.: “Actually, my own sources tell me that, though many Israelis take seriously this prospect of Iran trying to annihilate them, Israel’s policy elites incl. Netanyahu by and large don’t. They realize that Iranian leaders aren’t suicidal and so wouldn’t launch a nuclear strike against a country with at least 100 nukes. Wright thinks the the fear of Israeli brain drainage due to fear is overstated

Goldberg´s  article, read closely, is said to suggest that even from Israel’s point of view, there’s no sound rationale for bombing Iran, especially considering the  [1] direct talks in Washington to start on 2 Sept. 2010 aiming at Palestinian statehood in mid-2011 might thereby [23] fail- which observers think they are doomed to do anyway.

But maybe Bushehr is just the excuse, strengthening the argument to world opinion that Iran´s nuclear needs are now satisfied – and that more enrichment serves weapon production purposes?

[24] Reuters 13 August 2010:  "This will be an irreversible step," Sergei Novikov, a spokesman for Russia's state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, said by telephone." Moscow and Washington agree that importing fuel makes unnecessary Iran's own enrichment project — the main focus of Western concerns that Tehran is trying to make a nuclear bomb. An attack on Iran has been made difficult due to [25] Russia having posted S-300 rockets in Abkhazia – thought to have the [26] purpose of blocking Israeli/US attack flights to northern Iran. Moreover, [27] Azerbaijan seems to be swinging away from granting Israel bases to pandering to Iran. [28] Zbigniew Brzezinski warns that an Israeli/US attack on Iran will be an economic disaster,  in the end force the US out of the Middle East and mean the end of Israel.

But strong forces are still at play – and they may not be thinking merely logically
[29] USA Today 13 Aug. 2010:  Of the 158 retired generals and admirals identified as mentors to the US military - hired by Pentagon - 80% had financial ties to defense contractors, including 29 who were full-time executives of defense industry companies.
[30] Friday Lunch Club 5 Aug. 2010:  "Republicans in the US House of Representatives have introduced a measure (House resolution 1553) that would green-light a possible Israeli (or rather US) bombing campaign against Iran.
[31] The Wall Street Journal 14 Aug. 2010: Military commanders from the two countries have dramatically stepped up cooperation. U.S. military aid to Israel has increased markedly this year. Top-ranking U.S. and Israeli soldiers have shuttled between Tel Aviv and Washington with unusual frequency in recent months. A series of joint military exercises in Israel over the past months has included a record number of American troops

The consequences of an attack on Iran
[32] Iran-encircled2[33] Prof. Michel Chossodovsky Global Res. 13 Aug. 201O: What we are dealing with is a joint US-NATO-Israel  military operation to bomb Iran, which has been in the active planning stage since 2004.  In practical military terms, any action by Israel would have to be planned and coordinated at the highest levels of the US led coalition.

Right: US military facilities encircling Iran                                                                                         

The US military oversees Israel's Air Defense system, which is integrated into the Pentagon's global system. In other words, Israel cannot launch a war against Iran without Washington's consent. Hence the importance of the so-called "Green Light" legislation in the Congress sponsored by the Republican party under House Resolution 1553, which explicitly supports an Israeli attack on Iran
In practice, the proposed legislation is a "Green Light" to the White House and the Pentagon rather than to Israel. It constitutes a rubber stamp to a US sponsored war on Iran which uses Israel as a convenient [34] Bunker_bustermilitary launch pad. It also serves as a justification to wage war with a view to defending Israel.

In this context, Israel could indeed provide the pretext to wage war, in response to alleged Hamas or Hezbollah attacks and/or the triggering of hostilities on the border of Israel with Lebanon. Known to US military planners, Israel (rather than the USA) would be the first target of military retaliation by Iran. Broadly speaking Israelis would be the victims of the machinations of both Washington and their own government.

Global military operations are coordinated out of US Strategic Command Headquarters (USSTRATCOM) at the Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska, in liaison with the regional commands of the unified combatant commands (e.g.. US Central Command  in Florida, which is responsible for the Middle East-Central Asian region, See map below)  as well as coalition command units in Israel, Turkey, the Persian Gulf and the Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean.  Military planning and decision making at a country level by individual allies of US-NATO as well as "partner nations" is integrated [35] Bunker-buster-conventionalinto a global military design including the weaponization of space.

                                                                                         Conventional bunker-blaster

Confirmed by military documents as well as official statements, both the US and Israel contemplate the use of nuclear weapons directed against Iran. Under the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review, the Obama administration confirmed  "that it is reserving the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran" for its non-compliance with US demands regarding its alleged (nonexistent) nuclear weapons program. (U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat - IPS, April 23, 2010). The Obama administration has also intimated that it would use nukes in the case of an Iranian response to an Israeli attack on Iran. (Ibid). Israel  has also drawn up its own "secret plans" to bomb Iran with tactical nuclear weapons.  Under [36] Bunkerblaster-MOAB AFAMIsrael's Jericho-III missile system with a range between 4,800 km to 6,500 km, all Iran would be within reach. 

Mother of all bombs: The US superbunker-blaster – the biggest conventional bomb ever built – is a 21,500-pound "monster weapon".  

The issue of radioactive fallout and contamination, while casually dismissed  by US-NATO military analysts, would be devastating, potentially affecting a large area of  the broader Middle East (including Israel) and Central Asian region.

In an utterly twisted logic, nuclear weapons are presented as a means to building peace and preventing "collateral damage".  Iran's nonexistent nuclear weapons are a threat to global security, whereas those of the US  and Israel are instruments of peace" harmless to the surrounding civilian population".  

The US Department of Defence has confirmed that it intends to use the "Mother of All Bombs" (MOAB) against Iran, pointing to the fact that the MOAB "is ideally suited to hit deeply buried nuclear facilities such as Natanz or Qom in Iran". The truth of the matter is that the MOAB, given its explosive capacity, would result in extremely large civilian casualties. Tehran has confirmed in several [37] Bunker-buster-B-61_bombstatements that it will respond if it is attacked.

US nuclear bunker-blaster – 1/3 – 6 times the explosive capacity of the Hiroshima bomb.

Iranian ground forces are of the order of 700,000 of which 130,000 are professional soldiers, 220,000 are conscripts and 350,000 are reservists. (See  Islamic Republic of Iran Army - Wikipedia). There are 18,000 personnel in Iran's Navy and 52,000 in the air force. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, "the Revolutionary Guards has an estimated 125,000 personnel in five branches: Its own Navy, Air Force, and Ground Forces; and the Quds Force (Special Forces)." According to the CISS, Iran's Basij paramilitary volunteer force controlled by the Revolutionary Guards "has an estimated 90,000 active-duty full-time uniformed members, 300,000 reservists, and a total of 11 million men that can be mobilized if need be"  While Iran's advanced weapons do not [38] Iranshahabrangemeasure up to those of the US and NATO, Iranian forces would be in a position to inflict substantial losses to coalition forces in  on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Range of Iranian Shahab missiles

In turn, military escalation using nuclear weapons could lead us into a World War III scenario, extending beyond the Middle East Central Asian region. In a very real sense, this military project, which has been on the Pentagon's drawing board for more than five years, threatens the future of humanity.

Another crucial factor is the structure of military alliances. Whereas NATO has become a formidable force, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which constitutes an alliance between Russia and China and a number of former Soviet republics has been significantly weakened. The ongoing US military threats directed  against China and Russia are intended to weaken the SCO and discourage any form of military action on the part of Iran's allies in the case of a US NATO Israeli attack.      

Bushehr was implemented because Russia threw her weight and gurantees behind the project. Many think that a firm, publicly stated position on the side of Russia and China against US/Jewish New World order attacks on Iran would be enough to deter  such an attack. It seems that not even the Israeli political elite believes in the necessity of a nuclear attack on Iran for the safety of Israel. What Iran´s proxy, the Hezbollah may do, is a matter of real uncertainty. 
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah could trigger unrest in Lebanon - even attacks on Israel if Hezbollah is found guilty by the UN Tribunal of the murder of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, a verdict which everything indicates. [39] On 24 Aug. 2010 two senior Hezbollah members were killed in turmoils in Lebanon - at the same time as the [40] head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen.. Mohamed Ali Jafari, accompanied by top Al Qods brigade commanders from Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories paid an extremely rare visit abroad, to the Syrian president to discuss among other things Hezbollah's role in a war with Israel.
A war between Israel and Hezbollah would probably trigger an Israeli attack on Natanz, Qom etc., even Syria – dragging the US into a war which could easily violate Russian interests. [41] ANSAmed 13 Aug. 2010: Damascus seems to have been given the blessing by many countries to re-establish its influence in Lebanon – now bigger than ever -and hold sway in Lebanon. Considering the many rockets said to be directted against Israel from Lebanon and Syria, this might become tantamount to Israel´s destruction. 
We can hope that the US New World Order, the [42] one-world government, is being checkmated in the Middle East. However, this is not likely – considering the [43] aim of the Trilateral Commission to connect the expanded Union for the Mediterranean with the ASEAN + 3 and the fact that The [44] US Council on Foreign Relations, The [45] Trilateral Commission and the [46] Bilderberger Club want war on Iran – as do strong parties of the US Congress. Official excuse is Israel´s security – the real reason probably being to remove any obstacles to the world state across the globe. So what did Israel get in return for saving Russia´s face at Bushehr?
But maybe the [47] elite wants to wait for its 140  [48] giant security bunkers in the US to be ready for them on december 21 of 2012.

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