LATEST: The Summer temperatures on the North Pole are probably the lowest on record according to the Danish Meteorological Instititute. Winter temperatures in Antarctis are lower than normal (Inforum 22. August 2010 

Summary: In spite of all the revelations of the Climategate and related scandals the elitists go on telling us of a man made global waming due to CO2 emission. So the EU is decreeing CO2 trade at the Climate Exchanges at large fees for the bankers - and great gains for the national states through the sale of CO2 like shares - all paid by us, of course. The EU is fixing a cap-and-trade system, where the cap is the total amount of CO2 allowed to be permitted. The EU has just announced, that  from 2013 its annual total allowed emission (cap) is to be reduced annually by 1.74% of the average annual total of 2008–2012, which has been calculated at 2,032,998,912. Thereby, we are to be forced into "green economy" at a loss of 2.2 traditional jobs for every new "green" job created - as known from Spain - at the same time as we are being sprayed with mortal poisons from their chemtrails! The allowances will be allocated or sold/auctioned. At the Climate Exchanges, firms that need more permit to emit than they have been allocated or bought, may turn to e.g. LDC countries and buy their permits, so that such countries will be unable to develop their own industries (should they try to). The ECX trades 45 % of the EU´s CO2, offsetting more than 1 mio tonnes a day. The bigger one in Paris, the Bluenext, will then offset even more. This system is rather CO2 neutral, since the big polluters just buy permits from the small ones - or prefer to pay fines, according to what is more rewarding.  The EU is also pressing for a CO2 tax - while Germany is now compressing the CO2 and placing it in caves - all at our cost..
The most extraordinary thing about this system is that it is totally unnecessary. CO2 plays a minimal role in a global warming that has not progressed since 1995 - according to the Climate Scandal boss, CRU leader Phil Jones, who along with the IPCC  has been whitewashed by elitist, biased committees. The CO2 in the atmosphere has gone up from 0.028 % of the atmosphere before industrialization  - to now 0.038%. A suvey of atmospheric CO2 in Antarctic ice core shows that CO2 in the atmosphere always came 100-200 years after the beginning of a warming period - i.e. not causing, but being a consequence of warming as it is released from the oceans. Only 1-2.5 % of atmospheric CO2 is derived from human activities. CO2 is the "gas of life". Without it plants, which produce our oxygen, would die - and so would we. Nevertheless, the US Environmental Protection Agency  has declared CO2 a "toxic gas"- in order to promote the US cap-and-trade legislation. In between, as now, there are el ninos temporarily increasing the temperatures. They have got nothing to do with CO2. Some LDC countries are now using the "CO2-warming"/non-existent sea level rise
for blackmailing richer countries. This article shows that CO2 has nothing to do with "global warming".

Milancovitch cycles through  the latest 400.000 years show  the events after ice ages: First global warming - up to hundreds of years later rising atmospheric CO2 levels - from the oceans. Vostok Ice. See the forged Mann hockeystick here. 

Man-made climate change is being thrown into our faces as an accusation against us for being humans.  Bill Gates considers us to be the guilty ones of CO2-production - not the oceans - and therefore wants us to die by means of e.g. vaccines!!
CO2 is being considered to be the cause of global warming on the basis of tweaked tweaked computer models - constructed to give the wanted biased results, as well as on Edmund de Rothschild at the 4. Wilderness Congress in 1989. Since his money rules the world and the media this fable became an established and "overwhelming scientific fact". But what is the fact when Rothschild´s/Bill Gates´money are left out of account?
In fact, there does seem to be man-made climate change - but dependent on HAARP-electromagnetic weapons in the service of the US and Russian elites - and certainly not on CO2, as will be seen here. CO2 is the gas of life which we expire and plants breathe. Without it first the plants - then we would die. During history mankind fared well in warm periods - fell back into poverty in cooler periods.

Steward_CO2_LagRight: In the past atmospheric CO2 increase has lagged hundreds of years behind the beginning of a warming period – coming from the oceans. Antarctica Ice Core Analysis.
Politicians are looting us by means of cap-and-trade policy, increasing ETS-climate exchange trading of vital CO2, as if it were equities, and jobkilling “green economy” - at the same time as they pour poisons down on us from their chemtrails! It will be fabulously expensive. Besides, the CO2 lie is the best argument ever for the introduction of what some call the one-world government, and Daniel Estulin calls the Corporate World Company Ltd – with a redistribution of our wealth to the LDCs and here. Taxes are needed  to take our money for that purpose: EurActiv 28 June 2010'Don't tax what you earn, tax what you burn'. EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard throws her weight behind an EU carbon tax. Drawing on the experience she gained in Denmark, which has long been taxing the CO2 content of fuels, "If you do it intelligently, you can have a lot of results coming from energy taxation." The commissioner argued that shifting from taxing labour to taxing energy makes sense to encourage people to stay longer in the job market (she has made exactly the opposite experience in Denmark!) and find ways to finance Europe's "relatively expensive welfare societies". A carbon tax was one of the policy options explored in a paper presented by the European Commission in May, which argued that the EU could afford to raise its emissions reduction target to 30% by 2020, up from the current 20%. She is being backed by a bilderberger colleague and CFRmember, viz. prof. Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University who champions to exploit the BP oil disaster to enforce a CO2–tax. Fortunately, the EU commissioners kicked the proposal into the long Cooling_vs_IPCC_2010Agrass. But the CO2–lie will not be allowed to die. All globalists are now on the CO2–offensive. For as Chancellor Merkel said: Copenhagen was just the first step towards a New World Climate Order. 

Cooling vs. IPCC.  For almost nine years, the trend in global temperatures has been falling. The IPCC’s predicted equilibrium warming path (pink region) bears no relation to the global cooling that has been observed in the 21st century to date. Note the very sharp peak in global temperature in early 2010, caused by a strong El Niño/Southern Oscillation. Source: SPPI global temperature index.

EU Rapid Press Release July 2010: The cap is the total amount of emission allowances to be issued for a given year under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Each allowance bestows the right to emit one tonne of CO2. This EU ETS will apply from the start of the 2013-2020 trading period. The cap is to be reduced annually by 1.74% of the average annual total of 2008–2012, which has been calculated at 2,032,998,912. The allowances will be allocated or sold/auctioned. Hereby we are being forced into a "green economy" which costs 2.2 traditional jobs for every new green job created.Menneskeskabt-co2-udledn.

 Right: Alan Siddons and Joe d´Aleo´s atmospheric CO2-graph 1870-2000: Red increase in CO2 - blue: mankind´s contribution.

From 2013 new sectors (eg aluminium - one of the chemtrail components!!) and gases (eg nitrous oxide) will be covered -  The cap to be allocated to aircraft operators will be determined by a separate decision of the Commission.

Now what does all this mean?
Wikipedia: Emissions trading (also known as cap and trade) is a market-based approach used to control pollution  by providing economic incentives  for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. Its cost/benefit is based on computer models. EU-ETS is using the cap and trading system to meet targets set by National Allocation Plans - in 25/27 countries. Denmark has a price system using a carbon tax

The ETS stems from The Kyoto Protocol 1997 which came into force in 2005.The main greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. The program caps the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted from large installations with a net heat supply in excess of 20 MW, such as power plants and carbon intensive factories and covers almost half (46%) of the EU's Carbon Dioxide emissions.

A central authority (usually a governmental body) sets a limit or cap on the amount of a pollutant that can be emitted. The limit or cap is allocated or sold to firms in the form of emissions permits which represent the right to emit or discharge a specific volume of the specified pollutant. Firms that need to increase their emission permits must buy permits from those who require fewer Climate casinopermits. The transfer of permits is referred to as a trade. The ability of the controlling agency to alter the caps presents an opportunity for corruption. An emissions trading system requires measurements at the level of operator or installation.  The revenues from auctioning go to the government. Wikipedia: In finance, a futures contract is a standardized contract  between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality at a specified future date at a price agreed today (the futures price). The contracts are traded at a futures exchange.

The Telegraph 27 Aug. 2010: Protesters in front of the European Climate Exchange, London against ''filthy rich gamblers'':  "Carbon trading merely allows big business to get richer and supports the charade that the Government is doing something about climate change."  

European Climate Exchange (ECX) and here
Futures remained very actively traded in June, with over a million tonnes traded on average every day: There was strong  CER ( = Certified Emission Reduction”, i.e. climate credits or carbon credits issued by the Clean Development Mechanism) - futures trading activity in June: 89,041 contracts in total, 26% higher than the monthly average so far this year.  In May of 2010, 500 mio. tonnes of CO2 was traded at the European Climate Exchange at a price of 15  euro per tonne for EUAs (= Futures with European Union emission allowance)  and 13 for CERs. This would make 70 bn euro in one month. The ECX stands for 45 % of the total CO2 spot market.

But there are other parasitical CO2-spot markets:  Wikipedia: BlueNext is a European environmental trading exchange, considered the largest CO2 permit spot market, with headquarters in Paris, France. NYSE Euronext holds 60 % majority stake in BlueNext and Caisse des Dépôts owns the other 40 %. Bluenext also trades carbon (CO2) emission rights and derivative products - EUA and CER futures. NYSE shareholders are i.a. AXA (Ed Rothschild adviser),  Barclay´s Bank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs (both Corporate Rothschild heirs). Goldman Sachs is a Rockefeller Partner of the Rockefeller Center - and here - they even share a senior director, Robin Chemers. Besides, there are the Nordic Power Exchange (Oslo), European Energy Exchange (Leipzig), Energy Exchange Austria (Graz), Climex (Amsterdam).
As for Caisse des Dépots: this is freemason handshaking. It states to be very active in the "Mediterranean area - in particular in Morocco. It is financing projects in the Euromediterranean partner countries - and is active in 90 countries. Caisse des Dépots is a close partner of La Compagnie Financière de Edmond de Rothschild , in fact holds 10% of Edmond de Rothschild´s shares.

MaldivesPerhaps the most famous hysterical response to sea level rise (SLR) due to "global warming" was this recent photo of the Maledivian president and ministers donning SCUBA gear to hold the world's first underwater cabinet meeting as a “symbolic cry for help over rising sea levels that threaten the tropical archipelago's existence.” A stirring visual indeed – but pure baloney says paleogeophysicist Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, who reported the results of his highly detailed sea-level study of the area.  It turns out that not only has SL been stable there over the past 30 years, but current levels are significantly lower than they were in the 17th  century.  Similar results were found in other IPCC “warning” areas like Bangladesh, Venice, and NW Europe – no significant SLR in as many as 50 years.  What Mörner did find in all of these areas was a tendency for the IPCC to misrepresent coastal erosion as SLR.

And who are the actors involved in the CO2–trading?
There is one name you can always count on when it comes down to money obtained by tricks: Rothschild. Indeed, in 2003 Rothschild expressed the wish to use its Carbon Ring Consortium in a bid to become the carbon kings of the world. In fact, Rothschild was chosen to finance the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), owned and run by the Climate Exchange Plc Group of Companies, which also owns the European Climate exchange. Al Gore is Affiliated to the CCX – as is Rockefeller´s Carbon Disclosure Project. More here.

Al-gore-i-sne-1.majWhat are the fees of the Bluenext?
Admission: 7.500 euro. Annual fee: 1.000 – 3.500 euro. Trading license: 4.000 euros. Transactions: 0.010 euro per tonne CO2. Delivery: 20–40 euro.
Fees of the European Climate Exchange, London
Annual fees: For Trading of ECX Carbon Financial Instruments (CFI): 2.500 euro.  For Trading of  Intercontinental exchange Futures Energy Contracts (ICE): (3.600- 8.600 euro) Total for trading both ICE Futures Contracts and ECX CFIs: 6.100-11.100 euro + another 4 fees of 0.002-0025 euro per tonne CO2 each and Market Data fees (per screen per month) of $50.

Remember what Edmund de Rothschild said at the 4. Wilderness Congress: “This CO2 trading needs money” – our money!  
Comment on Carbon Tax Center 17 April 2009 (global warming-supporter): “The Concept of CO2 Cap and Trade is Absurd. The real reason Cap & Trade is being foisted on the world is it creates a 3 trillion dollar commodity market for you guessed it: hot air. The real beneficiaries are the rich special interests who will get wealthier setting up and trading in this new commodities market. The cost will be passed to citizens who will pay more taxes to operate new regulatory bureaucracies (up to 3 times more by 2020) and more for goods as business passes the cost along to them.”

Charles_aston-martinCO2–moralist Prince Ckarles is still driving his thirsty Ashton Martin car, his mother´s birthday present for him on his 21. birthday!!

I agree. So what are they doing? They are taxing the “gas of life”. Impertinently, the US Environmental Protection Agency classified CO2  as a toxic gas!! They don´t even reduce the CO2 - just let ETS income pay for an increasing immigration due to overpopulations in otherwise unproductive countries – and for high fees for the banksters behind this hoax. Besides, we can contribute to global redistribution  of our wealth by buying useless CO2 permits from the never-developing countries, so that they do not develop their industries – thereby increasing bankster fees. No wonder, that Wall Street is pressing Congress to pass a US cap-and-trade bill. Pres. Obama, of course, supports them – some now think by means of the BP oil disaster to soften the Senate the longer it lasts. By the way, BP is a member of the European Climate Exchange – owned by the Chicago Climate Exchange and Al Goré´s Generation Investment Managent. Also Prince Charles of the UK supports the CO2 trade – accusing the climate sceptics to be peddling pseudo-science, begging business leaders to make people believe in the CO2 scam. This man who has endlessly been preaching homeopathy and “organic farming” now admits, "I who have been endlessly accused of pseudo science all my life – think of the irony of that." BP is lobbying massively for the US cap-and-trade to stop the use of coal. Besides BP wants a carbon tax to be used for more highways – so as to increase the demand for petrol/gasoline.
The trade in thin air is today´s best business and biggest power for globalists.