G8 - G-20: “The 2. Year of World Governance”

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Summary: The G20 meetings of  heads of state now twice a year - and  of their finance ministers and Rothschild´s central bank, IMF, and World Bank chiefs is now replacing the G8 as the world´s most powerful economic forum - and probably also over time to take over security consultations and more. But just like  the UN´s 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, it turned out that such big forums can achieve no more than giving declarations of intent without obligations. This reduces such performances of "world governance" (declared by Gordon Brown and EU President van Rompuy)  to mere charades, leaving world government where it always was - with Rothschild/Rockefeller´s US Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commission. The G20 is cooperating with a series of Rothschild Institutions like The Financial Stability Board, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision which are getting more and more influence as financial regulators  and supervisors, although exactly these institutions connived at the upcoming symptoms of the running financial/economic crisis. At the present meeting the members disagreed  on whether to go on with government stimulation of the financial sector  or to start exit/austerity  measures. A global bank tax could not be agreed upon either. It was decided to let every nation do  as it pleases - but to try to halve national budget deficits by 2013 -  without hampering growth, a utopian expectation. Pres. Obama declared nobody should expect growth by exporting to the US - as heretofore. This article gives a survey of the G20. And it takes  a look at the "black bloc" which always turns peaceful demonstrations against globalist events into violent confrontations with the police and to damaged buildings and cars. There is increasing suspicion in the public that this bloc consists of police agents whose task it is to discredit protesters against the New World Order meetings as criminal elements.

[1] Canada-anarchy[2] Sky News 27 June 2010 – Black-clad demonstrators broke off from a crowd protesting at the global economic summit in Canada and set fire to police cars and smashed windows with baseball bats and hammers. The police used shields, clubs, tear gas and pepper spray to push back the rogue protesters who tried to head towards the perimeter of the Group of 20 (G20) summit. Mr Blair said the goal of the militant protesters was to draw police away from the security perimeter of the summit so that fellow protesters could attempt to disrupt the meeting.
Comment: You are right. This is the G20 meeting in Toronto Canada not being exempted from tradition.  “We are protesting against the corporative governments” says one demonstrator. Odd. for the corporative New World Order also wants to crush the existing society. And the [3] New World Order also has a [4] Communist agenda (21) to [5] redistribute. The difference seems to be that the anarchists naïvely think you can have Communism without corporative dictatorship for the benefit of the elite/nomenclatura in spite of the experiences from the Soviet Union – while the elite knows [6] Police-provocatorsbetter from experience. Well, that was my thought. But then there the "black bloc" was involved!

In 2007, three similar “[7] black bloc” provocateurs in Quebec, Canada were [8] said to be revealed by trade union leaders to be police officers – as [9] admitted by Canadian authorities, who however said they were not provocateurs, but just spies among the demonstrators. On the [10] middle of the photo right, you can see that the lying rowdy in jeans is wearing the boots matching those of the policeman. But why treat a police spy like this? So people [11] demanded a public inquiry. The intention would be to stamp peaceful demonstrators against the corporate New World Order as criminals. Here is a comparison of [12] shoes of the “black bloc” provocateurs with those of the police officers in Toronto. I am not convinced of the similarity. My second thought is that hard core anarchists probably are the guilty ones – although I must say that the provocateurs are amazingly uniformed, and disciplined, behaving downright “professionally” – and that one would hardly expect the police to betray itself through its shoes once again. 

What is the G8 and the G20?
[13] G20: The G20 was established in 1999, in the wake of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, to bring together major advanced and emerging economies to stabilize the global financial market. Since its inception, the G20 has held annual Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meetings and discussed measures to [14] Black-blocpromote the financial stability of the world and to achieve a [15] sustainable economic growth and development. The G20 Leaders at Pittsburgh Summit designated the G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation.

[16] Footage of Blac Blocsters at work.
[17] Participant countries are: Argentina* Australia* Brazil* Canada* China * France* Germany* India* Indonesia* Italy * Japan* Mexico* Russia* Saudi Arabia * South Africa* Republic of Korea* Turkey* United Kingdom* United States of America. The European Union, who is represented by the rotating Council presidency and the [18] European Central Bank, is the 20th member of the G-20. Together, member countries represent around 90 per cent of global gross national product

The participation of the President of the [19] World Bank, the Managing Director of the [19] IMF – both [20] Rothschild institutions (see year 1944), and [21] here, and [22] here   – and the chairs of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the Development Committee in the G-20 meetings ensures that the G-20 process is well integrated with the activities of the Bretton Woods Institutions. The G-20 also works with, and encourages, other international groups and organizations, such as the [23] Financial Stability Board – a wing of [22] Rothschild´s BIS -and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision – [24] another Rothschild institution under the BIS, in progressing international and domestic economic policy reforms. Comment: [25] These institutions connived at the upcoming symptoms of the current crisis - and are now becoming more and more influence as regulators and supervisors of the financialsector, i.a. due to the EU!!

What does the G20 do? [26] G8-Obama-Cameron-Harper[27] EU Press Release 25 June 2010EU President Herman van Rompuy:  For the G8, 2010 must be a year of delivery and inclusiveness. The world cannot thrive on imbalances, be it macro-economic or others. Sustained action is needed to bring the poorest and most vulnerable nations on board.  I will continue to push [28] Millennium Development Goals at the summits in the UN high-level meeting on the MDGs later this year. The EU is the world's first donor providing 58% of development aid worldwide
The G8 summit must also send a positive message of support for the UN climate change negotiations. Six months before the Cancún conference, the G8 must show that we remain committed to this process. The EU is implementing its ambitious 20% reduction targets and remains ready to move to 30% if others make equivalent efforts.
Now a few words on the G20: The G20 played a crucial role in reacting to the economic and financial crisis. Europe has given a major fiscal stimulus between 2008 and 2010 [4,6% of GDP of stimulus]. Now, Europe has agreed the time has come to start implementing exit strategies. They will be gradual. They will be differentiated and take into account the fiscal space of each country. But there is no room for more deficit spending. Without fiscal consolidation, we spend our way into a new crisis. Growth will be achieved through trade. Frankly speaking, we have a great opportunity: there are some global public goods that Member States and even the bigger countries in the world cannot achieve alone. They can only be delivered through global governance, like development, trade or financial stability. I hope that we will not lose the momentum for global governance.

What is the significance of the G8 and the G20 
US [29] Council on Foreign Relations 21 June 2010: On June 25, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomes the Group of Eight (G8) to Muskoka, Ontario. Two days later, the action shifts to Toronto, where he convenes the Group of Twenty (G20). Together, the two events symbolize an epochal shift–from an era [30] Camadian-indians-demonstratingof Western dominance to a new, multipolar age.
In November 2008, President George W. Bush elevated the G20 to prime time, convening an emergency summit of G20 leaders in Washington, DC, at the depth of the financial crisis.
G20 leaders launched a massive policy intervention that saved the world from depression. Indeed, the creation of the G20 is the biggest single innovation in global governance since the end of the Cold War.

Canadian indians demonstrating in Toronto “[31] resist government expropriation and environmental destruction of their land for mineral and resource extraction. Canada intends to use the G20 to expand the free trade of these mineral and resource commodities”

When President Obama declared the G20 to be the "premier forum for international economic cooperation" in September 2009, the G8 seemed destined for obscurity. But in fact the United States and several other countries remain attached to the G8 as a forum for addressing matters of peace, security, and global development.
The G20 has proven more cumbersome than the G8. Identity is also a factor. Ignoring the presence of authoritarian Russia, the G8 is composed of advanced market democracies. This makes it more tractable than the diverse G20, which includes more authoritarian states (like China and Saudi Arabia) as well as independent-minded democracies (such as Brazil and South Africa). This week's summit agendas reflect this division of labor.

[32] The G20
has shown great resolve as a global crisis committee. But this "fellowship of the lifeboat" is proving hard to sustain as the crisis ebbs.
To become an enduring steering committee for the world economy, the G20 must complete several legacy tasks:
1. Putting the world on a trajectory to stable recovery requires closely coordinating macroeconomic policies, harmonizing exit strategies from stimulus plans, and correcting longstanding imbalances between surplus and deficit countries. 2. The G20 must agree on a new regime for global financial regulation capable of reducing systemic risk and policing the cross-border [33] Merkel-Obamaactivities of major financial institutions. G20 members need to harmonize national regulatory approaches and bolster the capacity of the new Financial Stability Board to address global vulnerabilities. 3. the G20 must continue to push for reform of the international financial institutions, particularly the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

Over the longer term, the G20 will inevitably expand its agenda, cementing its role as the most influential hub among the world's most powerful countries. Development, climate, and security issues seem destined to migrate from the G8 to the G20.  Finally, the G20 will surely expand its ambit to cooperation on global security.

Not amused: Angela Merkel wants to remain tough - even though Obama is pleading ever so much for making debt.

[34] Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 25 June 2010: Before the G-20 meeting, the controversy over the pros and cons of new economic programs will not end. The German Finance Minister defended the austerity measures against verbal attacks from America and receives backing from Europe. Federal Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU): "There is total agreement among European leaders that we must moderately reduce the high deficits without jeopardizing growth. Germany does and therefore has an above-average growth. Above all, the U.S. government had rebuked Germany and other European states of endangering economic growth around the world through their austerity measures. On 7 June, the German Government decided to pass the largest domestic rescue package in the history of the Federal Republic. By 2014, approximately € 80 billion will be saved.

[35] EUObserver 25 June 2010: G20: With international eyes focusing on the potential 'stimulus versus austerity' scrap between different member states, Canadian citizens meanwhile have reacted in uproar at news that the weekend's bill is set to total over $1 billion.  

[32] G-20What did they actually achieve?
[36] Deutsche Welle 26 June 2010  G8: “Our goal is to persuade Iran's leaders to engage in a transparent dialogue about its nuclear activities and to meet Iran's international obligations," they wrote, while simultaneously welcoming a deal between Iran, Turkey and Brazil designed to rein in the country's nuclear enrichment program. They called for a lift of Israels blockade of the Gaza strip and condemned North Korea´s nuclear tests and sinking of a South Korean ship.
[37] Bloomberg 28 June 2010: Advanced G20 economies will aim to halve deficits by 2013 and start to stabilize their debt-to-output ratios by 2016, the group said in a statement yesterday after a meeting in Toronto. Leaders said nations can move at their own pace and also pledged to fulfill existing stimulus plans.  Investors, [38] e.g. George Soros, last week renewed concerns that countries may be unable to repay debts. Goldman Sachs´ Asia chairman: "The agreement still amounted to a compromise that lacks strength. The G-20 has come up with a multi-purpose recipe with no enforcement mechanism.” U.S. Treasury two-year yields were near the lowest level this year after the G-20’s pledge to cut deficits. “The emphasis now is on fiscal restraint. Leaders said they will seek final agreement at a summit in Seoul in November when the Basel Committee of Banking and Supervision, made up of international central bankers, will propose a road map (greetings from Rothschild). The group didn’t support the implementation of a bank tax, whose backers include the U.K. Both the G-20 and the G-8 stopped short of calling for completion of the Doha trade accord by a certain date.  [39] EUObserver 28 June 2010: US President Barack Obama welcomed the G20 compromise agreement, but warned his country would no longer remain the global consumer of last resort. "No nation should assume its path to prosperity is paved with exports to America," he said. Police said over 600 people had been arrested over the course of the weekend.

On April 2, 2009 [40] Gordon Brown declared the “emergence of a New World Order to build a fairer, more open and sustainable global society”. [41] The Daily Mail on 3 April 2009 wrote: “If these (Mr. Gordon Brown´s) highly ambitious claims were even half-correct it would be wonderful news indeed. However, the truth is that they are false, cynical and very, very dangerous. The biggest falsehood concerns the belief that the G20 nations have pioneered a $5trillion spending boost to global economies. …They invented the $5trillion figure. They arrived at the number by adding up the extra government borrowing expected to take place in G20 economies between 2008 (when the recession began) and 2010 (when world leaders hope it will end). It is a completely arbitrary figure. Gordon Brown seems to have corralled fellow leaders into perpetrating a gigantic collective fraud on world public opinion.” Nevertheless, the EU´s first permanent President, Herman van Rompuy, used this and the following occasions to declare [42] 2009 to be the first year of global governance – seeing the G20 as the forum to practice world economic governance.

No one ever asked us if we wanted such a mendacious world government – or if we wanted a world government of these Rothschild minions. Against that backdrop we can, however, ascertain that this self-appointed world government is nothing but a charade - with just as little ability to make decisions as the UN climate circus clowns in Copenhagen 2009. This, however, means that the real world government still is in the hands of Rockefeller/Rothschild´s[43] US Council on Foreign Relations, and [44] Bilderberg Club and [45] here, and [46] Trilateral Commission.
In the public, the [47] suspicion  is increasing that the riots connected with globalist meetings [48] are initiated by "black bloc" police agents - in order to stamp peaceful demonstraters as criminals. On the other hand, however, brutal anarchists are also involved.


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