LATEST: Hudson Institute 17 June 2010: Morocco´s famously moderate Muslim government shocked religious-freedom observers when, beginning in March, its Interior Ministry rounded up and expelled within hours dozens of Christian humanitarian and social workers, educators, and businessmen. A second wave of deportations followed in April, bringing the total to 105 Christian deportees. None was afforded due process. In violation of Moroccan law, even those Christians who had lived there for a decade or more and had deep roots in the community were escorted out of the country with only hours notice. Precipitating these deportations were accusations by a coordinated group of Muslim hardliners (OIC) that the Christians were engaged in proselytizing. What is clear is that Morocco is feeling the pressure of rising Islamic extremism.  Seven thousand Muslim religious leaders recently signed a document describing the work of Christians within Morocco as “moral rape” and “religious terrorism.” Comment: On 13 Oct. 2008, Morocco  obtained EU´s special status, promising EU´s 4 freedoms, including free immigrations to the EU, as the first "partner" of the Euromediterranean  Process.

Summary: The EU is cooperating i.a. with the ISESCO - which according to its Charter is committed to spreading Islam throughout the world - through the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF),  e.g. its project "1001 Actions" in 2008, an unnoticed but expensive failure. The aim is the social democratic and later generally politically expressed wish to destroy European culture and economy completely through Islamic immigration. In Denmark in 2006 in cooperation with the ALF, The Danish Center for Culture and Development  ran  a wholehearted attempt through its "Images of The Middle East" to help spread ISESCO´s program - oddly enough under the protection of the Danish royal family. The result was a miserable flop. With the same aim, the UN has - in vain - launched the Alliance of Civilizations, which sees the ALF as the model for resolving cultural conflicts around the world, although the ALF has not solved a single problem - on the contrary. Now Andalusian universities have launched a similar program with plenty of North African culture. The problem is that the peoples of Europe are wholly uninterested in Arab culture - and Arabs in European culture. These New World Order organizations want to melt us all together into one big slave caste and therefore see this as a major problem. Now the British Council tries to launch the project "Our Common Europe" where they are repeating the EU´s  failed attempt to deceive citizens into believing that Islam played and still plays a big role in Europe's civilization. So deep has the British Council sunk that it does not know who - as the Council itself states - is guilty of Europeans and Muslims not being able to stand one another. The idea that the immigrant Muslims have a crystal clear obligation as guests paid by us to adapt to our laws and customs is, of course, entirely unthinkable to this New World Order Club. But they are not at a loss. They are just taking a look at their neighbours at the CRU of the East Anglia University. They managed to blow the CO2 lie up to an ideology that cannot be eliminated despite all scientific rebuttal. Lying is an unparalleled tool, so the British Council gathered its friends - and they agreed upon the way forward: You have to make the Europeans believe that Islam and Christianity have made equal contributions to the European civilization, which the NWO is doing everything possible to eradicate. Then, they think,  Europeans will submit to Islam - and (cemetery) peace will forever be secured. But it is urgent! Therefore, the media should completely stop mirroring people's opinions and instead adapt to the needs  of the NWO ideology (which has happened long ago). Finally they try  to produce a few pitiful examples from the "Golden Andalusia" - the Jihad-land par excellence, where they crucified thousands of Christians and looted Europe of values and slaves - to make us believe that Muslims direct from the deserts, not the paid local inhabitants, stood for high culture in Europe, wherefore we should be thankful to Islam.

ANSAmed 3 July 2010: The Mediterranean is still on red alert over the gradual invasion of so-called ''alien species''. ''The Mediterranean is one of the most important areas in the world for maritime traffic. One of the main problems to have emerged in the last few years is the transport of ''foreign'' species from one port to another, which are then discharged with ballast. There are hundreds travelling up and down in ships. These include species that can cause huge ecological and economic damage and represent one of the four major threats..'They also have negative effects on the ecosystem, putting themselves in competition with local species in the Mediterranean over food and space. To tackle the emergency, free rein has been given to strategic priorities approved by countries that have adhered to the Barcelona Convention, from support for international agreements to reduce to a minimum the introduction of noxious organisms. What is being referred to here is, of couse, ''foreign'' organisms, plants and animals that represent one of the main threats not only to the protection of the environment, but also to human health and key sectors of the economy (and this problem can, of course, only be solved through more EU governance). Oh, That Mediterranean is dangerous - consider that before going there on vacation! Isn´t this discrimination and racism - considering that previously good is now evil and evil is good in the New EU World Order??   

I have previously written about the Anna Lindh Foundation,and here, and here, launched by the scandalous 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in 2003, where EU´s foreign ministers promised EU´s 4 freedoms including free movement of their citizens into Europe to 9 Muslim “partner countries” and Israel in return for political and democratic progress – a status now achieved by Morocco as of 13 Oct. 2008. Jordan seems next. 
The EU is  cooperating with the Rabat Commitment, i.e. the UNESCO, the ALECSO, the OIC, The Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the ISESCO, whose Charter´s art. 4h and 5a will promote Arabic and Islam all over the world.


ALF President André Azoulay

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) represents 43 Euromediterranean countries and has tried – in vain – to unite the youth of the Euromediterranean in common arrangements and festivals like the “1001 Actions”. And the Danish Foreign ministry´s Danish Centre for Cultural Development experienced a gigantic flop in cooperation with the ALF with a similar arrangement, “Images of the Middle East” in 2006.  In Andalucia a parallel “Visualidades Mediterraneas” is shown now.
“To fulfill îts objective, the Foundation leads regional initiatives in the Euromed space and support local activities carried out by organisations based across civil society which advocate for a better understanding among people, religions and beliefs, and champion human rights and democracy. The Foundation is a central actor of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and a facilitator of the participation of civil society in the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’. It works also as a Centre for Information and Dissemination of this initiative, and as an Observatory of intercultural dialogue in the region.”

The Foundation coordinates a Euro-Mediterranean Network gathering hundreds of social and institutional bodies which share the values of the Foundation and work to make dialogue, peace and prosperity possible in the region. Here is more. The ALF states that the gap of perception between the cultures - or misunderstandings, as the ALF naïvely calls the differens between Muslim believers and the infidels - has been widening in spite of all endeavours. The concluding day of the United Nations Forum in Brazil in May 2010, i.e. the (Alliance of Civilizations), stresses the `Mediterranean´ approach to be a real answer to combating extremism, while it is announced that the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation´s Anna Lindh Foundation is to become a model of regional cooperation for the international community in fighting xenophobia and and extremism.

In the same spirit, the United Nations Forum in Brazil concluded with the international announcement adopted by the 120 Foreign Ministers of the Alliance of Civilizations that the forthcoming Anna Lindh Report on Euro-Med Intercultural Trends will be “an essential tool for prioritizing the action of civil society in favour of mutual understanding and for the development of regional policies”. Here is a survey of ALF activities.

Our-shared-europeOur Shared Europe Project 2008” –  full report here - author  Ehsan Masood -  is the British Council’s response to one of the major cultural challenges facing our continent today
There is growing mutual mistrust between Muslim communities and wider European society. Our Shared Europe seeks to find common ground, and build shared values, perspectives and behaviours that are based on mutual respect and trust. In particular, it is about how to acknowledge the contribution of Islamic communities and cultures – both in the past but also in the present – to the shaping of contemporary European civilisation and society.

Muslims and Westerners agree that relations between them are generally bad, but disagree about who to blame. If Our Shared Europe has one overriding aim, it is to strengthen the bonds of trust between Muslims and other majority and minority communities in Europe, and to do this by creating more understanding and awareness of the many contributions that Muslims have made in history and in present-day Europe. It is an urgency.
Comment: It is incomprehensible, that there can be any doubt about who is to blame for immigrant guests being unwilling to adapt to the laws and customs of their new host countries. The need is not to tell us about Islam´s non-existent contribution to today´s continental culture outside perhaps Spain and Sicily. The need is to tell the immigrant Muslims about European contribution to today´s and especially tomorrow´s Europe – and about who are paying for the party. But this is against the New World Order ideology of a population exchange in Europe.

The more specific objective: twisting the truth for political reasons – like the CO2 lie 
Generate awareness that Judaeo-Christian and Islamic intellectual and cultural roots have together created Europe’s unique character and that this profile is one of its biggest strengths today. After an initial consultation meeting in London with a group of UK-based experts in October 2007, an initial  concept paper (Annexe 1) was tested in interviews and round-table meetings with over 150 professionals from 17 cities in ten countries.
A clear majority agreed that there is a real need f
or public recognition of the contribution of Muslim cultures to the making of Europe.
Our Shared Europe should: 1. influence public debate and encourage thought about the contribution that Muslims have made – and are continuing to maketo European societies and identities; 2. organise conferences, debates and seminars aimed at decision-makers, innovators and young leaders; 3. offer training events to media professionals on the past, present and future Muslim contribution to European society and identity 4. popularise Muslim contributions to Europe using radio, television, the internet, advertising and cinema; 5. create an Our Shared Europe awards scheme – create an online platform combining knowledge of Muslim contributions to Europe 6. educate the next generation so that they are better informed about the Muslim contribution to Europe 7. help build new transcultural leadership skills among young people from both established and disadvantaged communities 8. organise an international commission on the history of Muslims and Europe 9. commission research on the impact of the news media on community relations 10. increase volunteer and educational exchanges between young people from different countries 11. aspire to lead political thinking.
Comment: The conspirators are convulsively attempting to make Islam beloved to Europeans by means of distorsions destroyed by daily events The biggest conpirators are our Fabian Socialist governments – now governments on the whole – in collusion with the EU.

Euromed_map_home_aboutHorrible things await us, if we do not open widely up to Muslim immigration
In a pamphlet recently published by the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, the writer Charles Leadbeater argues that immigration is critical for the development of innovation in societies, in part because people from other cultures bring new and different perspectives to problem-solving. Closed and homogenous societies, warns Leadbeater ‘can become myopic and prejudiced and so fail to spot vital ideas that come from unusual sources’. Europe’s governments, of all stripes, also buy into the idea that difference and diversity are good for economies.

The 2006 Eurobarometer survey of attitudes towards immigration illustrates a difficulty. Of 27,000 people polled in the 27 EU countries, four in ten believe that ethnic groups are a cause of insecurity, and almost half believe that newcomers contributed to an increase in unemployment. A poll conducted for the BBC in November 2007, found two-thirds of respondents believing that immigration has worsened the character of where they live, and 80 per cent believing that immigrants have put added pressure on schools, hospitals and public housing.

Europeans don´t like Muslims. But nevertheless, they must be imported and paid for in the name of The Union for the Mediterranean!
Alongside scepticism of immigration, comes another trend: significant numbers of people in Europe admitting in public that they have an aversion to Muslims. A parallel trend is with a  number of Muslims in Europe.These are unwelcome trends and have the potential to worsen a situation that is already tense in some places. Europe’s national governments (along with the European Commission) know they must keep the continent open to the world in order to remain competitive (Muslims and competitiveness???). At the same time, polls keep telling them that immigration and Muslims are high on voters’ lists of concerns. And if that were not enough, there is a constant current of European Muslim opinion (around ten to 12 per cent) that persists in telling pollsters that it is sympathetic to Al-Qaeda. Mistrust is coinciding with another significant development: Europe’s electorate has been voting in increasing numbers for political parties of the extreme right.

Extreme Right = Christianity
One common electoral platform for all parties of the extreme right is propagating the idea that Muslims are a problem community; a community to be feared; that they are outsiders, and followers of a fixed and outdated faith; and that their sacred book is a mediaeval manual that has no place in the modern world. The extreme right’s rhetoric says that Europe is essentially a Judaeo- Christian construct, which implies that the practice of Islam has no place in Europe.

Casa-arabeThe media should be moderated - instead of reflecting people´s views!
Where Europe’s governments, politicians, opinion-formers and voters lead, colleagues in the media are often not far behind, if behind at all. Allowed readers´remarks:  If they [Muslims] can’t live under our laws, the answer is simple – leave.’ And this: ‘Where will this stop? What next to “appease” the “new people” who keep arriving in huge numbers. That is not xenophobic. That is simply me trying to save my country and culture from being killed off.’
Yet another catalytic ingredient is the tendency of mainstream media colleagues to provide space for minority extremist voices – thus having the result of magnifying the extent to which they represent mainstream opinion. This is frequently the case with the reporting of the views of Muslim extremists, a handful of whom have become household names as adirect result. Comment: Such self defensive thoughts are not permissible for Europeans – but desirable with immigrants.

Muhammad´s message - for the purpose of the Union of the Mediterranean 
Muhammad declared that Islam did not represent a new tradition, but sought to revive the testaments of earlier Biblical prophets such as Abraham, Lot, Moses and Jesus!!!! Comment: Abraham, Lot and Jesus were no prophets until declared to be by Muhammad, who thus degraded Christ as the saviour.

Islam´s cultural heritage to Europe - a propaganda cock-and-bull story
Wealthy dominions can afford to fund scientists, artists, philosophers, architects, writers, poets and mystics. The Islamic empires were no different, and centres of innovation and learning were found all over the ‘Muslim world’ in cities such as Bokhara in Central Asia, Baghdad and Damascus in the Middle East, and Córdoba, Granada, Istanbul and Toledo in Europe (Koran schools). The diversity of Europe’s Islamic-era legacy includes figures such as Abul Walid Ibn-Rushd (Averroes), a 12th-century jurist and philosopher who is credited with reviving rationalism and Greek thought in the continent . It also includes the mystic Muhyiddin Ibn-Arabi (also in 12th-century Spain. What has a medieval mystic got to do with European civilisation?). Ibn-Rushd is a favourite among Europe’s present-day intellectuals (seriously exaggerated - only among the few Aristotle Researchers), and Ibn-Arabi is regarded as one of the giants of Sufism (Muslim denomination – what do we care?) in both east and west. Overall, the study shows that overseas-born children have much lower mathematics and literacy scores compared with other children. In the UK, however, children from Muslim families on the whole achieve better results than the average for white children. In Germany, Thilo Sarrazin from the Board of the Federal Bank sees increasing German stupidity due to immigration.

Who meet the needs of the Muslims
Institutions that meet the needs of Europe’s Muslims include community and welfare organisations; organisations that help with employment and integration; mosques and places of worship; full- and part-time schools that teach languages and religion; and groups for women and young people. Some are organised on religious, others on ethnic, lines. In many EU countries, Muslim groups are entitled to receive state assistance.

Once again the lie about Golden Andalusia as the home of culture and humanity is forwarded, so ridiculously praised by Tony Blair (pp12–13) of the “Mission Antichrist”. The truth is that Golden Andalusia was the land of jihad par excellence, Christians being crucified by the thousands in eg. Toledo, Merida and Cordoba. (Bat Yeor, Eurabia 2005). Raiders attacked Northern, Christian Spain, France and Italy time and again, deporting thousands of slaves to Golden Andalusia to be brainwashed to be Muslim soldiers and to serve in the harems. In Eastern Europe Christian children were taken away and educated to become the ill-famed, fanatic janizaries. Arts and scientific achievements in Golden Andalusia were mostly delivered by local persons, including Jews, given the necessary money from the plunder and trading of the Muslim tyrants. Of course, today there are ruins of the palaces built by skilled local craftsmen rather than by barbarian desert warriors – but they have no influence on Europe´s culture up till now, where the New World Order is dismantling it  – to pave the road for Islam. European thought was cleared of Islam thought after the reconquista – until sick minds like Gotthold Lessing and later on dreamers like Washington Irving , Louis Viardot and Chateaubriand started a nostalgia for this Golden Andalusia Utopia, today transplanted to Spain , until the 1967 war strongly supported by the Jews. About the Jihad nature and brutality of Golden Andalusia they wrote nothing. Voltaire disgusted Islam.

Some think Golden Andalusia was the gate to the European renaissance. While there may have been a renewal of Thomas Aquinas´gnostic interest in Aristotle through Averroes, scholars think that the impulse for the Renaissance came from Byzantine scholars and artists  driven out of Constantinople after that city fell to the Muslims in 1453. But when it comes to propaganda, facts do not really matter. In the name of of “Our Shared Europe” of the New World Order, Islam´s role in Europe has to be glorified and magnified – and no one protests. This vision of a shared Europe is the Fabian socialist tool to crush the original – totally non-Islamic culture completely, according to Tony Blair´s speech writer. And Europe´s present Muslim Countries are very far from the EU´s Utopia of “Islamic culture and tolerance”. Think of Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Turkey: In all those countries Christians are being bullied, persecuted, murdered – driven out of the originally purely Christian Kosovo, even with EU´s assistance.

As for the impossibility of the so called EU-Muslim dialogue: Traugott Schoefthaler, the first Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation: “Too often, dialogue events stressed collective identities (national, ethnic, religious) rather than identities of individuals or social groups. Dialogue fora composed of "representatives" of religious or ethnic groups are counter-productive and contribute to the clash of civilizations sce-nario rather than preventing it.” At this time, Mr. Schoefthaler was so frustrated over the Muhammad crisis that he left his job. No wonder, for he had previously seen how difficult his task was: Javier Pérez de Cuéllar and Amin Maalouf come to similar conclusions: Cultural policies need to avoid schematic concepts such as the popular distinction between “Us” and “Them”. They even warn against further using the term of “The Other” which is standard in almost all intercultural education concepts, since it opens the gate for imposing collective identities on the individual”. He suggests that the dialogue be limited to human rights, erroneously still believing that those rights could be accepted by Islam.