Summary: EU is making convulsive attempts to practice the impossible: to realize the Mediterranean Union launched in 2008 to revive the Barcelona Processof 1995. The Union project as such is doomed to fail because of a lack of democratic legitimacy and a lack of interest, especially from Arab side - while the attitude of European companies is more than willing.  But now the brave EU Parliament comes up with a roadmap to get the Union of the ground and make the movement of people on the two sides of the Mediterranean free, as promised by EU foreign ministers in 2003. In Andalusia they are now imitating the flop of the Danish Center for Culture and Development in 2006, "Images of the Middle East" with "Visualidades Mediterraneas". Sick minds suggests that politicians and bureaucrats entirely stop distinguishing between the "West" and "Islam" in their cozy dialogues - and just talk as individuals to individuals - in order not to divide. Then the fox wil have a free tooth in the chicken run. For who contemplates to ask or protect the fowl? Certainly not the Alliance of Civilizations, which just held its third Forum - for safety reasons as far away as Rio de Janeiro! The U.S. has joined in - although many only see the forum as a mere talking club, destined to fail like all other elitist UN initiatives. The EU goes on pouring its scarce resources into the Arab countries, i.a. hoping to get solar energy from the Sahara - and to broaden the roads for the Arab birth surplus on its way to Europe. In order to make the stay in the EU as enjoyable as possible for immigrants from  "partner countries", the Union has introduced media dictatorship with severe penalties (Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia) - and will now make a new "data compilation instrument" available to security forces and the police to monitor nationalist, antiglobalist, Islamist, right / left extremists. Free interpretation of the word "extremist" is being granted the police. The aim is still to create at least a confederation of the EU and Arab countries as an important part of the World State /world government that EU Pres Herman van Rompuy said was introduced in2009.

Union_for_the_Mediterranean.correctAs I recently wrote The Union for the Mediterranean is in a deep crisis due to: 1. a lack of money, 2. a lack of interest from most Muslim countries to make the necessary economic and democratic progress and 3. the Israeli-Arab conflict. The Finnish Institute of International Affairs 7 June 2010: “The  postponement of  the summit of the Union for the Mediterranean  from June to late Nov. 2010 rounds off 2 years of depressive development. The Union does not work due the the Israeli-Arab conflict and due to the fact that the Union is run by a few countries in an intransparent manner, disenchanting many countries.” But the brave European New World Order champions do not give up. They are even having some assistance from European retirees. 

Islam+mcdonaldsMore than ten thousand European Union citizens had stable residence in Tunisia in 2004 (last census). 
ANSAmed 12 June 2010: The number is certainly below today's figure, with  Many pensioners - particularly Italians, French, Belgians, Swiss, Germans - choosing to set up homes there, almost all of them in prized touristic coastal towns like Hammamet, Nabeul, Sousse, Djerba and Mahdia. Many people invest part of their savings in purchases of land or residences, and many others reside in private houses or in hotels. They enjoy an 80% tax exemption on their pension. And as of last July, there is almost total duty-free, for foreign residents on material goods imported such as cars, pleasure boats and furniture. For those who buy a property, notary expenses are at 1%, compared to 6% that Tunisian citizens have to pay. A monthly pension of 1,500 euros is equivalent to 2,800/2,900 dinars. This is a huge amount in a country where a (public sector) doctor earns 1,000 dinars a month,

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament  21 May 2010: By adopting Vincent Peillon’s report on the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Parliament has solemnly reaffirmed its commitment to Euro-Mediterranean integration, which has to be one of our priority strategies in decades to come.
The Euro-Mediterranean process has been encountering a host of difficulties over the past two years and the staging of the second Union for the Mediterranean (UfM summit has been postponed. Against this background the Peillon report proposes a roadmap, designed to re-launch the UfM, clarify its missions and define a long-term European Union strategy in relation to the southern NiqabMediterranean.
 In the North we often think that the South needs Europe, yet we forget that Europe in reality needs the South just as much," added V. Peillon, "and that it’s all a matter of addressing the issues of our economic and social development, our demographics, the environment and the fight against climate change, not to mention the challenges facing humankind in the twenty-first century." The heads of government of the 43 member countries now need to "grasp the full extent of their responsibility and answer the call to this historic meeting," he concluded.
The Peillon report also underlines the need to reinforce the UfM’s democratic legitimacy?? (which does not exist, since few have heard, let alone been asked about this construct)  as swiftly as possible. A Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA) has been around for some years now. It needs to be reformed, strengthened and recognised as an integral part of the UfM’s institutional architecture.
Finally, beyond supporting the six main strategic sectors  (projects) launched in Paris back in July 2008, the adopted text details a large number of ambitious directions and concrete proposals, including: 1. the promotion of a Euro-Mediterranean Erasmus programme. 2. a Euro-Mediterranean TV channel. 3. gradual facilitation of free movement between the two sides. 4. convergence Andalusien-festivalof Euro-Mediterranean agricultural policies. 5. a Euro-Mediterranean strategy for energy efficiency.
The recession has hit our economies hard, North and South alike, but it must not unravel our firm belief in the benefits of Euro-Mediterranean integration. "Europe must do all it can to avoid turning in on itself, shake off its lethargy and give itself the means, including financial, to hold its head up high in the long term." 

ANSAmed 3 june 2010   'Visualidades mediterraneas' (cf. “Images of the Middle East” by the Danish Foreign Ministry´s Danish Centre for Culture and Development) is the title of the festival that will bring the Mediterranean Sea to the Andalusian universities from today to this autumn. The music with Mediterranean roots of Savina Yannatou, the Arab dance of Dani Pannullo, films from the Maghreb countries, expositions and conferences: these are some of the many activities that will take place during the festival, which aims to give people insight in the European, Asian and African culture around 'Mare Nostrum' (our sea). Coordinated by the Jaen University, the festival is organised by all Andalusian universities. ''We want to offer people a view on the basin's extremely varied cultural environment, not in a historic but in a modern prospect'',  

Deutsche Welle 28 May 2010: In an attempt to create a forum which promotes understanding, tolerance and respect between diverse ethnic and religious groups, and therefore deny the flames of extremism some of their fuel, the United Nations created the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC). Launched in 2005 by former UN chief Kofi Annan and the prime ministers of Spain and Turkey, the forum began with the aim of creating a comprehensive coalition which would focus on promoting the peaceful coexistence between diverse groups. Its target has since evolved to one designed to sweep aside misunderstandings and prejudices between cultures while defusing tensions between the Western and the Islamic world.
Alliance_of_Civilizations1The Third Alliance of Civilizations Forum is held this week in Rio de Janeiro!!! at a time when military confrontations are taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories keep armed ideological struggles in the headlines and societal issues based on religion and culture dominate the political discourse in France and other parts of Europe.

With cross-cultural understanding increasingly seen as a way to achieve peaceful resolutions in these areas, the May 28-29 summit takes on an even greater significance when viewed as the first to be attended by the United States which became the 119th member earlier this month.

Bin-laden lObama´s terrorist advisor, John Brennan: “Our enemy is not terror or terrorism, our enemy is not jihadists or Islamists, because jihad is a legal an holy part of Islam)!!!  Right above Spain´s Zapatero, Turkey´s Erdogan, UN´s Ban Ki-moon

Terminology of cultures hampering progress
Despite its honourable objectives, some experts remain unconvinced that the AoC is a worthwhile forum and some question whether it is anything more than a debating club with a lack of focus. Riem Spielhaus, a research fellow at the Centre for European Islamic Thought, believes that the AoC is already at a disadvantage when it comes to making concrete progress as it is shackled by its own terminology.

"First I would question the focus of most of the dialogue initiatives, since they are upholding and perpetuating a binary world view already captured in the terminology of 'the West' and 'Islam,'" she told Deutsche Welle. "For both entities the authorisation of speakers remains rather unclear and the terminology homogenizes them in a way that is not helpful. So I would not even speak of 'cultures' when referring to the AoC's focus." "However, dialogue and direct communications between individuals are to be preferred to violent conflicts," she added. "But it remains questionable whether they will lead to solutions or further partitions if the terminology remains binary.

AoC accused of inability to produce concrete objectives
David Bosold was more critical, suggesting that the AoC lacks certain aspects to obtain concrete results. "UN initiatives such as the AoC are only useful in terms of symbolic politics by creating a more open atmosphere for political discussions among political leaders," he said. "In order to achieve concrete results, AoC lacks at least two aspects: 1. it is not able to connect with civil society in both the Islamic world and the West in order to bring significant parts from both sides into a permanent dialogue; it is elite-driven and not a grass roots-level endeavour, notwithstanding its pretension to achieve that very end." 2. What's more, it doesn't possess a framework outside of the UN structure. This is a problem,” argues Bosold,” because the UN has become increasingly irrelevant in international affairs over the last decade." Since the Secretary Generals of the UN have increasingly lost the ability to set the international agenda, I don't see how this problem might be remedied when it comes to the AoC." 

Economic Crisis? The EU pours our money into the Muslim partner countries
Us-pistol+islamEU Press Release 26 May 2010: As a major contribution to the Union for the Mediterranean: an InfraMed Infrastructure Fund is launched with EUR 385 million at First Close. The Fund volume is targeted at EUR 1 billion
Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), the European Investment Bank (EIB), Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) and EFG Hermes have launched InfraMed Infrastructure, the first financing facility of the Union for the Mediterranean. The InfraMed Fund will be the largest fund dedicated to investments in infrastructure in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region. 
The Board designated Mr Rachid Mohammed Rachid, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt as Chairman of the Strategic Board that will be responsible for providing strategic advice and orientation on the overall development of the Company’s activities. ‘InfraMed Infrastructure’ (the “Company” or the Fund), which will be established under French law, will contribute to the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’ by providing funding to sustainable urban, energy and transport infrastructure projects on the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

The Investment Institutions involved are public as for the European ones: Caisse des Dépôts is a state-owned holding company. Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) - Italy founded in 1850, – is a joint-stock company under public control. The European Investment Bank (EIB) was created by the Treaty of Rome in 1958 as the long-term lending bank of the European Union. FEMIP stands for the “Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership” of the EIB. It groups together all the instruments used by the European Investment Bank to carry out its activities in the Mediterranean partner countries. It has been operating since October 2002 and is today the key player in the economic and financial partnership between Europe and the Mediterranean, providing more than EUR 10bn. The European Investment Bank was created by the Treaty of Rome in 1958 as the long-term lending bank of the European Union. The EIB is wholly owned by the EU’s 27 SALTOmember states and it continuously adapts its activity to developments in EU policies. In 2009, the EIB granted loans totalling over EUR 79 billion (8.6 billion of which outside the Union) and tapped EUR 79.4 billion from the capital markets under 262 borrowing operations. Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (Morocco). EFG Hermes Established in 1984, EFG Hermes is the leading investment bank in the Arab world.

So, the EU Parliament does all it can to keep its New World Order Utopia, viz. the Union for the Mediterranean afloat, to administer artificial repiration to an idea which should never have been born – and which can only exist in a dictatorship. Mr. Vincent Peillon dares talk about democratic legitimacy for this monster project which the Europeans have never been told of – and would hopefully reject, if they knew what it is: The bridge between Europe and Central Asia which NATO is now trying to conquer for the New World Order – so that connection is created to the ASEAN + 3 as part o the World state government. The entire European elite is involved in this project – without telling us about it. And they are in a hurry now since EU Pres. van Rompuy declared 2009 the first year of global governance.
Although it is impossible to fuse Europe and the Muslim world culturally the EU has the option to do it under a confederation – with the Muslim states that are willing to do so. In this context money is always persuasive – and indeed a redistribution of our wealth to the Members of the UfM is in it. So, the current financial crisis offers us some protection against the EU´s plans, because there is no money to distribute. Time and again politicians challenged on the subject are saying, the Union is really not dangerous – one previous MEP even saying this is just something they are playing to please the Arabs!! Nonsense. The Arabs did not ask for this Union and are not pleased with it. Besides, this and other politicians “forgot” to ask our permission to make such a union – they also forgot to tell us that they had made it!!! So did, of course, the bought media. Now comes a sly person and suggests politicians just to speak kindly to each other and forget anything about their  cultures – they are just to agree person to person to unite the Euromediterranean  – disregarding the incompatible cultures – which they are already doing. Then things will surely go well with the fox in the hen run. For who ever heard about the hens driving the fox out? 
But major dangers are associated with this Mediterranean Union: 1. The endless immigration, and here,  into the EU as promised the “partner countries” by the EU  at the 6. Euromed. Foreign Ministers´ Conference in Naples 2003. Moreover, the EU is recruiting 56 mio North African workers + their families into the EU by 2050. As long as those initiatives have not been abolished the Union for the Mediterranean/the Euromed. Project remains a very great, indeed mortal danger to European culture. 2. And more than that: It is a mortal danger to European democracy, since the EU has already killed the freedom of the media and introduced severe punishment for Europeans expressing their discontent too clearly about the culture to replace their own (Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia) – which is being imposed on the Europeans, more and more against their will. And this dictatorial nightmare continues to develop. So, may be the antiracists should start with Libya´s Moammar Gaddafi – see this video from the 6:50 – 7:38 min. mark. What he says about the Africans invading of Europe can be read on balder blog3. 14.06.2010 EUOBSERVER  – Civil rights watchdogs and MEPs have attacked new EU plans to gather data on people who voice or share "radical messages" in a bid to pre-empt terrorist attacks. Political activists labelled as "Extreme right/left, Islamist, nationalist or anti-globalisation" may in future find themselves under surveillance in line with a new, so-called, EU "data compilation instrument" put at the disposal of police and security forces in member states. For the definition of the word “extremist” is arbitrary.