Turkey and the EU - Or Turkey and Islam - Or Islamic EU?

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Summary: EU´s relations with Turkey are somewhat divided. There is no doubt that the Eurocrats are working at including Turkey in the New World order government of illuminsm, which the EU is publically professing. Within this framework, Turkey is an important link between the EU and the Islamic world in proclaiming the Greater Euromediterranean Union to extend to Iran and the Persian Gulf. Now comes the EU Court of  Auditors and tell us that the EU is not in control of its high expenditures for Turkey in its "preaccession-phase" - as usual. Europeans are increasingly worried about the Turkish (and Arab / North African) mass immigration, as the EU is secretly working to recruit another 56 million of them + their families by 2050 - at a time when the populations of  Arab countries are exploding. The media is totally involved in this New World Order Policy to replace Europe's indigenous peoples and cultures. They fling accusations of Nazi ideology, "populism" and warped morals of obscenity against Europeans who can see the chaos that has already occurred. In this suicidal wave, Turkey´s Tayyip Erdogan eyes Turkey's chance to threaten and enforce Turkey´s access into the decadent EU. While "our" mass media denigrate European "nationalists" they do not with one word blame Mr. Erdogan, when he appears in Germany and France  in a  new Hitler enthusiasm of nationalism,  insisting that immigrant Turks are Turkey´s vanguard in Europe and not to assimilate - but to remain Turks. The same Mr. Erdogan performs with such exclusive comments that they could make e.g. Geert Wilders guilty of contravening the EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, if he would say something similar. But the racism and xenophobia on that side is being suppressed by the media  which is thus just as regimented  as the media was in the third Reich. Spain is sick for having Turkey into the European Union - and Germany will not stand in its way. In this spirit, the European Parliament has just celebrated Istanbul's appointment as the European Cultural Capital. The biggest problem for EU support seems to be Cyprus' division, as Turkey will not change its stand because that country has not abandoned its Ottoman megalomania and still sees itself as Islam´s task force against the infidel Europe that Turkey failed to conquer by the scimitar. Islamism now has a really solid grip on Turkey - and the army does not seem to want to control Erdogan's party anymore. Turkey has befriended Syria, which probably will have disastrous consequences in the upcoming war between Israel and Syria/Iran.

I have previously dealt with Turkey and its  [1] supremacist relationship and [2] here with the EU and its traumatic treatment of [3] Christians  and [4] here – not least still unwilling to recognize its genocides on Armenians, Bulgarians and Greeks before, during and after WWI. There is strong opposition in the EU populations against Turkish EU access. The New World Order politicians of the EU know that – and try to postpone Turkish access – although they seem to be working secretly towards it – for strategic, global government reasons, since Turkey is probably the most important member of the [5] Mediterranean Union/Euromediterranean. How is the Turkey-EU situation today? [6] Robert Ellis  at the  founding meeting of  the Turkey Assessment Group of the European Parliament on 19 May 2010: Turkey´s AKP party is corrupt and fundamentally Islamic.

[7] Observatoire de l´Europe 20 May 2010: "Excessive delays", "difficulties of implementation," "inadequate evaluation and control". The The EU Court of Auditors does not mince words about the disastrous management of Brussels´ billions of subsidies paid to Turkey since 2001 under the the name of preaccession (with the agreement, we remember, of the the European deputies and the European Council meetings). Thus in 2007, only 30% of the objectives of the preaccession timetable had been met by Turkey. Auditors have complained that the Brussels Commission "does not have the information necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of pre-accession assistance" … Subsidies are thus ineffective, and their amount has nevertheless [8] Le-Penquadrupled in two years, rising to 4.873 billion € for the period 2007-2013. 12 chapters (out of 35) are open to negotiations. We can estimate that only  18% of 132 projects have been completed.

Left: France´s LePen.  Right: Jobbik´s “extremists” gained 10% in the Hungarian general elections [9] Jobbik

Our” Manipulated MSM on the opinion of Europeans: [9] Across Europe, support for populist parties is on the rise”
 [10] Deutsche Welle 12 Apr. 2010: In recent months, extreme right-wing and populist parties have won significant gains in regional and parliamentary elections in Europe. For them, times of crisis are a boon.  [11] Spiegel 13 April 2010  quoting Die Tageszeitung "Hungary has turned into a grubby hive of nationalism in which far-right blood and soil ideologies are flourishing, pseudo-democrats are hailing the glorious history of the Magyars and militant racists are fighting against an allegedly 'overflowing' number of foreigners and ethnic minorities living in the country by parading around the streets with machetes and Molotov cocktails." "The nationalist-populist Fidesz party has boosted the rise of the far-right hate preachers. The incoming prime minister, Viktor Orban, and his Fidesz party themselves espoused nationalist populism." Europe has ignored this development far too long. It's time to take off the blinkers."  Die Welt: It's worrying that more than two-thirds of Hungarians have opted for parties that either toy with right-wing populism or are openly reactionary. Comment: This and the sick behaviour in the following item from Jyllands-Posten are expressions of an incredible contempt for our culture, whih they do not hold worthy to defend. It is reverse racism by New World Order boot-licking paid for or intimidated political correctness traitors – totally out of pace with their readers, who therefore are turning their backs on them, as they deserve. Why have the MSM no criticism of Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan´s terrible, national-Islamic statements or the daily violence by immigrants in our streets? The MSM are standardised like the media in the 3. Reich or the Soviet Union! Here is [12] the reason why.

[13] Erdogan in PAris[14] Jyllands-Posten 12 Apr. 2010, Ole Hyltoft, Vice Chairman of the Danish Radio: Recently the DR 2 Programme, Deadline's, was visited by the Swedish journalist Kurdo Bakti. Danish Radio interviewer set the scene for the conversation by affirming that Sweden was now being an equally outrageous country like Denmark. This was due to the Islam-critical party, the Swedish Democrats, probably being represented in the parliament after the next elections. Alternately, Deadline called the Swedish Democrats immigration hostile and xenophobic. To my knowledge, the Swedish Democrats want to curb the immigration of Islamists. Is this identical with being xenophobic? Is it an outrageous goal? One could surely more rightly call it a humane target, considering some Islamists have just admitted that they would blow Jyllands-Posten's headquarters in Copenhagen up and throw journalists´ severed heads down on the square.

[13] Turkey´s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaking to European Turks in Paris on 6 April 2010. Or is it Hitler speaking?  Where was the indignation of The MSM at his Nationalism?

Turkish nationalism flourishes
[15] From Le Salon Beige comes this item: On Wednesday evening, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on 6000 Turks waving red flags adorned with the crescent and white star, to "integrate" and to ask for dual nationality in order to be Turkey´s "diplomats" of  in Europe. But he warned against "assimilation". "To me, asking you to assimilate is a crime against humanity, because nobody can say to you: 'renounce your values' (…). France has given you the right to dual nationality, why not ask for it? Don't be reticent, don't be timid, use the right that France is giving you. Taking out a French passport does not cause you to lose your Turkish identity."

[16] Among the statements made by Turkish leaders over the years, [17] GalliaWatch 8 April 2010 quotes: "We will conquer you by means of your democratic values, we will dominate you by our Muslim values." (Erdogan).  The motto of this Turkish leader is: [18] "Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers."  On Aug. 21, 2007, Erdogan said about the often used term  "[19] Moderate Islam":"These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!"

[20] ANSAmed 26 Jan.2010Mevlut Cavusoglu was elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe today. He is the first Turkish member to take the position since Turkey became a member of the pan-European organisation in 1949. Mevlut Cavusoglu says that his presidency ''will help Turkey to reach European standards and gain access to the European Union''. In 2001 he was one of the founders of the party of Erdogan. '' This ANSAmed post has been replaced. [21] Gates of Vienna also saw it.

[22] New Europe 18 May 2009: Turkey’s new foreign minister has ruled out Turkey accepting anything but full membership of the European Union, Turkish newspapers reported, referring to mooted moves by Germany and France to offer Turkey some sort of deal that falls short of full membership of the European Union. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he opposes full membership for Turkey because it’s not in Europe, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she also favors a privileged partnership instead of membership

[23] EurActiv Thursday 7 January 2010, Mehmet Ali Birand, Executive editor, CNN Türk, an expert on EU affairs: "The European Union for Turkey is no longer a piece of carrot worth catching."  
[24] Tyrkiet-EUTurkey in the EU - What the Turks think
 Generally we might split Europe's view of barriers and inclemency toward Turkey into two.  1. One is Turkey's amplitude. Meaning, the possibility of paving the way for shrinkage of power of founding countries in the EU like France and Germany. 2. The other factor is that Turkey is a Muslim country. And Europe is not ready yet to accept a Muslim country in the EU. Reasons announced publicly are the deadlock in the Cyprus issue, the possibility of the Turkish labour force increasing unemployment in the EU market and deficiencies in political and human rights criteria, according to the Copenhagen criteria.

 2009 was a bad year in respect of relations between Turkey and the EU. De facto negotiations have come to a dead end. The present scene creates bitterness and no hopes for 2010. The European Union does not signal an acceptance of either Turkey or Islam.
Turkey also contributed to this conductThe economic and financial crisis eroded the country's resources. The administration did not want to allocate resources from the public or private sector to reforms necessary for conforming to EU standards. In such a tight period and especially since there was no sign of a full membership in sight, it did not want to spend money on the EU.
The EU is no longer a matter that causes Turkey to make important sacrifices. Europe is probably not aware that it is not only losing Turkey but also the possibility of creating a united Cyprus.”

[25] Tyrkiet-i-euThe EU´s attitude towards Turkish membership
[26] EuObserver 25 Jan. 2010: The Spanish EU presidency has strongly advocated Turkey's entry into the union, but most Europeans would say No if asked in a referendum. Spain has promised to try and open four more negotiating chapters in Turkish-EU accession talks during its six-month EU chairmanship. The talks began in 2005 but just 12 out of 35 chapters have been opened so far due, in part, to opposition by EU member Cyprus. Turkey´s negotiator, Egemen Bagis, said that Turkey aims to put in place the full gamut of EU legislation - the acquis communautaire - by 2013 and gave short shrift to Turkey-scepticism within the union."
Germany and Austria are among the two most staunchly anti-Turkish accession countries in the EU. The Austrian government has said that it would call a national referendum before letting Turkey in. A new survey of opinion in five EU countries by Bogazici University in Istanbul, Granada University and the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain, cited by AFP, shows that 64 percent of people in France and 62 percent of Germans would say No to Turkey if a referendum was held. The No vote was weaker in the UK, on 46 percent. Poland and Spain would vote Yes by 54 percent and 53 percent, respectively.

[27] Deutsche Welle 7 Jan. 2010 : On his first trip to the Turkish capital, Foreign Minister Westerwelle told an audience of Turkish diplomats that he believed that Turkey was not yet ready for EU membership. "We all know that freedom of opinion, of the press and of religion are pillars of the values of our European community," the leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) said. But he promised that Germany would honor its agreements on Turkey's entry.  Westerwelle's opposite number Ahmut Davutoglu responded positively to the German Foreign Minister's speech, and said that Turkey would do whatever it takes to gain entry to the EU. "We want to fulfil all reforms. Everything that this process requires, we will do - especially in relation to Germany."

[28] Tyrkisk-tørklæde-demonstration[29] EUObserver 12 Jan. 2010:  The European Commission's incoming enlargement and neighbourhood policy chief, the Czech Republic's Stefan Fuele, said: "I intend to go ahead with accession negotiations," he told MEPs in the chamber's foreign affairs committee. He said that there had been a lot of progress in the country in recent years, breaking down taboos, while underscoring that there remained human rights concerns. Asked by a Polish centre-right deputy whether Turkey could be awarded full membership in the bloc, he said: "Yes, but Turkey must fulfill all conditions." He explicitly ruled out a so-called "privileged partnership" for Turkey. As for the western Balkans, he said that he hoped "to invite new members to our family" during his time as commissioner and to recommend that Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina be awarded visa-free travel this year.

[30] Deutsche Welle 28 May 2010: There are now 4,000 companies in Turkey that have some German investment, mainly selling cars or car-parts, machinery and electrical equipment. And Germany, for its part, is buying more and more Turkish clothes, textiles and cars.
Turkey is more reliant on Germany than vice versa. Christian Dreger, head of the macroanalysis and forecasting department of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW): Turkey's economy is still all about future potential, and many economic circumstances still stand in the way, not least inflation and unemployment - as many as one in four young Turks are currently out of a job. Of course, this is as much a political question as anything."

[31] EurActiv Brussels, 3 February 2010:  Istanbul: Why is a non– EU member city celebrated in the EU Parliament as Europe´s cultural Capital?
The international launch of Istanbul as 2010 European Capital of Culture was held yesterday in the European Parliament in Brussels. Over 500 people attended the event, which brought together high-level personalities from cultural organisations, EU, national and international institutions, think-tanks, academia, NGOs and the media, to celebrate a momentous year for the city.  The European Parliament is delighted to host this Brussels launch of the Istanbul Capital of Culture.

[32] Robert Ellis, Kathimerini 3 March 2010The European Parliament has with a resounding majority called on Turkey to immediately start to withdraw its troops from Cyprus and address the issue of the settlement of Turkish citizens on the island. It has also called on Turkey to enable the return of the sealed-off section of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants.
[33] Tyrkiet-SyrienThe Turkish reaction was predictable. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a lunch for EU ambassadors called the resolution “baseless and unacceptable” and his chief EU negotiator, Egemen [34] Ahmedinejad+erdoganBagis, said Turkey shouldn’t take it seriously. Turkey, in holding Cyprus hostage to its own prospects for EU membership, has played for high stakes but lost.

Left: Erdogan and Ahmedinejad. Right: [35] On 13 Oct. 2009 the Turkish and Syrian governments met on their common border and symbolically lifted the bar between their countries: You know a man by his friends.  

Turkey threatens, plays indifferent – but is unwilling to meet EU demands on human rights and on Cyprus. Why? Because Turkey has not really moved out of its deeply Islamic imperialistic Utopia. The term "[36] Neo-Osmanism" now pops up. When Mr. Tayyip Erdogan comes to Germany or France, he behaves like the ruler of that country and  entreats his Hitler-cult-like fans to remain Turks, by no means to let themselves be assimilated. This latter is probably in accordance with the [37] EU´s multicultural liking – but it creates tensions between Turks and native Europeans – and thus the germ of future civil war or Europe´s decadence accepting an Islamic rule. As things are today, Turkey seems to be far away from EU membership – but I guess the [38] agenda of the [39] Trilateral Commission – to bind Turkey into a [40] world state across the globe – will prevail. behind the stage. At least, the EU is paying a lot of euros as “pre-accession” to Turkey.
Every cloud has a silvery lining: Now and for a long time to come payments for the Euromediterranean “partner” countries and their many immigrants in the EU will have to be kept low in order to avoid rebellions of native Europeans whose standard of living will be sinking more and more. How great will the love of the “partner” countries be to a more or less euro-less EU?
Mr. Erdogan performs with such exclusive comments that they could make e.g. Geert Wilders guilty of contravening the [41] EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, if he would say something similar. But the  racism and xenophobia of Muslim side is being suppressed by the media, which are just as regimented as the media was in the third Reich. Turkey has befriended Syria, which probably will have [42] disastrous consequences in the upcoming war between Israel and Syria / Iran.

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