EU´s Union for the Mediterranean Stalled - But Not The Ensuing Muslim Immigration

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Latest: [1] Gallia Watch 26. Mai 2010: In France every 4 baby is black. To them come the Arab babies.  

Summary: Although the EU's New World Order Project, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), comprising the EU and Muslim countries - even to be extended to the Persian Gulf - is hibernating, it cannot die a natural death. But the EU can whistle for its dream of a democratic project: it can only be realized under an iron fist, Soviet-style, because Muslims do not contribute - only take EU money and take advantage of the EU's promises of free movement of citizens in the area - regardless of conditions. Its Muslim areas alongside Central Asia, which NATO is trying so hard to subdue, is the bridge to the ASEAN +3 block in the World State (Trilateral Commission's mission). So although the project is stalling due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, lack of money and Arab indifference a nightmare has been set loose on us: the Muslim "partners" are just teeming in as illegal refugees, the EU then basically keep every one - and pay member states to resettle them. More importantly, the EU is  recruiting 56 million more North Africans + their families into the EU by 2050. Behind this population replacement in Europe is EU founding father, Rothschild agent Coudenhove Kalergi´s, philosophy of a future European mixed population that would look like the ancient Egyptians. Not least France is well advanced in this population replacement declared to be intentional by Fabian-socialists, in order to change European societies completely and radically. The EU help revive the extinct old Islamic woman-repressive Hammameds of the partner dictatorships of Morocco and Syria, educate second generation immigrants as future leaders in Italy and pave the way for Islamic banking system in Italy. In Spain the Euromediterranean fad  assumes masochistic forms - or perhaps nostalgic longing for the hell of "Golden Andalusia": Despite over 20% unemployment,  Fabian-Socialist Spain has a very large contingent of Muslim immigrants, who now prevent Spain from living up to the austerity program during the euro crisis. The article gives a status quo of the Mediterranean Union with its institutions such as a Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and a Secretariat, a predator, which lies dormant until the New World Order has established itself more forcefully.

I have previously written about the [2] Euromediterranean Process and the [3] Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), and [4] here, i.a. as a great danger to European culture, especially because of promises to the citizens of partner countries – and [5] 56 mio from the partner countries´neighbours – about [6] free access to Europe (EU´s 4 freedoms)– including their big families. However, the partner countries have just taken whatever they were offered, especially our money, and not fulfilled their obligations as for democratic and economic progress, except for e.g. [7] Morocco and perhaps Jordan. Nor has the [4] Union for the Mediterranean (since 2008)  yielded what the New World Order politicians of the EU had hoped for – integration, shared prosperity, stability and peace in an area comprising the EU and the shores of the Mediterranean – even to reach [8] to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Nevertheless, the EU has done anything it could do to promote this Leviathan – and achieved the following disastrous conditions in Europe.

"Refugees" rewarding [9] European Parliament: To encourage more Member States to help in resettlement (keeping "refugees"), MEPs are proposing that they should receive funding of €6,000 per person for the first year for Member States applying for the first time, €5,000 in the second year and €4,000 thereafter.

Exchange of Europe´s native population
[10] Coudenhove Kalergi was a Rothschild agent and is considered one of the [11] EU´s founding fathers, and [12] here, starting the Pan-European Movement. He had an ethnic exchange vision for Europe: The mixed population is to look like the ancient Egyptians -  [13] Wikipedia, like this: [14] Naturalisations[15] Gallia Watch 6 May 2010: The population substitution goes on in Paris and even gains in magnitude. The number of French naturalized foreigners has doubled in the capital compared to the first trimester of 2009. This phenomenon results essentially from the recent simplification of the procedure. With the new rules, the time required to wait before having one's case examined has been reduced from twenty months to six months. Thus, more than 4000 immigrants residing in Paris were naturalized during the first trimester of 2010.

[7] Morocco´s  special status
[16] ANSAmed 7 May 2010  After two days of meetings behind closed doors, today the EU-Morocco parliamentary commission was officially announced in Brussels. ''This is the first initiative of this kind with a Mediterranean country'' explained Mbarka Bouaida, Moroccan co-president of the new organisation. . One point is…harmonisation of Morocco's legislation with European regulations. Another hot issue is immigration. ''We believe we have given an ample contribution to European policies in this field'' said Bouaida. ''We have not only shown our good intentions, but have also reached results: migration from Morocco to Europe, legal and illegal, has decreased substantially''. Morocco has changed from a country of origin to a transit country and a destination for migrants

The Mediterranean Union is a source of wasted money on North African Arab countries – no democratic progress made
[17] EU Parliament 29 April 2010:  Although the second summit of the Union for the Mediterranean being held in Barcelona on 7 June (now [18] postponed till Nov. 2010 for reasons unknown)  is taking place in difficult circumstances, members of Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee are determined that the process be given a new boost after political stagnation since the Gaza conflict of December 2008. By stressing bilateral relations at the expense of a global approach, the resolution says, this policy has not helped contribute to a process of integration and significant reform in the region, in terms of democratic progress.

[19] Almasryalyoum 24 April 2010  The President of the alliance's Industrial Union Galal el-Zuria, said 7,454 bilateral meetings have been held between participating companies, leading to 931 agreements on investment projects between participating states. The European Union has given more than 22 billion euros to states on the southern shore of the Mediterranean since the beginning of the Barcelona process, as well as more than 19 billion euros in soft loans. Hamad Qasan, chair of the Moroccan industrial chamber confirmed that the Barcelona project had failed, stressing that the desire of the southern states to catch up to their northern counterparts did not occur. The group failed to establish a free trade area.

EU´s Costs and “benefits”
[20] ANSAmed 3 March 2010: Over the next three years funds will reach 5.7 billion euros. With a new entry: for the first time ever, the countries that will benefit from EU funds will include Libya.
[21] ANSAmed 25 Febr. 2010: Egypt's Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Rachid: “Trade between south countries and as well between northern and southern ones is still at a low level, but  cooperation in the Mediterranean is part of the solution to the crisis.''
[22] Earth Times 24 Febr. 2010: The protection of EU´s borders by Frontex does not work: Too many illegal refugees from especially Africa
[23] Euro-med-sekretariat
The [24] Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly to have our money and its own “dignity”
[25] ANSAmed 12 March 2010:  “We have to give dignity'' (= funding) to the Parliamentary Assembly.” The institutional architecture of the UfM will not be complete without parliamentary scrutiny of the process, which should be [26] devolved to the Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), which should become the parliamentary assembly of the UfM.

T[27] he Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean
ANSAmed 6 March 2010: As agreed by the 43 UFM member States on [28] 3 March 2010, the six deputy secretary-generals will come from Israel, the Palestinian National Authority, Greece, Italy, Malta and Turkey. So far only Italy and Greece have appointed their deputies. Each will be made responsible for one of the six fields selected by the Union at the Paris summit in July 2008. ''The goal of the partnership'', Secretary General, Ahmad Masadeh, said, ''is to fund contract projects in each of the Union's six fields''. Ultimately, the Jordan diplomat underlined today, the Union wants to contribute to peace and stability in the Mediterranean, starting with economic and commercial development. These goals ''were selected in 1995 by the [29] "Barcelona Process". The Union's priority is to ''build on trust between States and the private sector and to pave the way for the resolution of conflicts in the area through economic development''.  

The EU supports dictatorships through the Union For the Mediterranean. Syria is an example.
[30] ANSAmed 29 April 2010 - Mocking the terrifying secret services and corrupt politicians is suicidal in Syria, even in a play. But taboos can be broken when comics turn dead serious in incensing President Bashar Assad and the 47-year old rule of the Baath Party. This unprecedented tolerance finds explanation in the closing scene. ''We have learnt the struggle here in Syria, the land of dignity, from Assad the son of Assad, who refused to bow down (to Israel and the United States),'' shouts one actor raising the Syrian national flag and drawing a standing ovation from the audience.

Spain has very high unemployment – and is sliding into insolvency due to i.a. Euromediterranean immigration
[31] ANSAmed 28 April 2010   - Spain: Concerned at the levels of joblessness, which crossed the 20% mark during the first quarter of this year - and the [32] IMF is warning, creating further euro panic. This is the stance taken by Premier Jose' Luis Rodriguez Zapatero that the government's priority is that of maintaining and increasing social security payments, stressing that 80% of those without work are in receipt of benefits.
Thus, Zapatero has his hands tied to meet the Austerity measures laid on Spain now. The UN: The [33] explosive increase in population of Arab countries (by 25% over the next 5 years) is a bomb, only to be resisted by a “Festung Europa”, which the  EU has explicitly declined. In this situation the EU makes its gates wide open to Muslim "refugees" who indefatigably have Islam in their luggage. Therefore,  Europe is doomed. Here are [34] interesting words from  [35] criminal EU Commissioner Mr.Jacques Barrot, who received a suspended jail term of 8 months for embezzlement: “The EU must also extend its solidarity to outside countries- EU can take more of their refugees”. And he suggested “simplifying and further harmonising access to the labour market.” Now [36] Spain was hosting 4,145,000 foreign residents in January 2007. Will Mr. Zapatero be just as happy with the continuous uneducated immigration from the Euro-Mediterranean  area as he was when he [37] legalized 800.000 illigal immigrants in 2005 – and when he initiated the [38] Alliance of Civilizations?

[39] Fes011The EU reviving traditional Islam
[40] ANSAmed) 30 March 2010 - Damascus in Syria and Fez in Morocco are the key cities for Hammamed, the 1,19 million euros three year project under the EU funded Euromed Heritage IV programme. The project wants bring back to life an important element of the traditional islamic city, the hammam. This place, which is falling into disuse, according to the [41] Enpi website  - is historically playing an integral role in public life, serving multiple purposes - hygienic, social. At the same time, there was the religious factor: many imams raised their voices against women using the hamman. (ANSAmed).

Educating immigrants as our leaders of the future
([42] ANSAmed) - ROME 27 March 2010  - The Talea-G2 Leadership Summer School, a leadership training course, is geared towards young immigrants and the second generationto insert themselves into Italy's leadership class of the future…. ''Looking at the Italian panorama, these people count more every day.'' The names of the high-profile promoters will be made known: those who have decided to lend their own services, since they share the spirit and the objectives of the project. Talea-G2 is fostered by Ethnoland with an EU homepage

Jordan and the European Union have initialled a comprehensive aviation agreement.
[43] ANSAmed - AMMAN 17 March 2010: “This agreement will boost the overall economic, trade and tourism relations between Jordan and the EU. We expect new routes to be created and newcomers to enter the market, allowing better and cheaper flights for the citizens on both sides'', said EU Vice-President Siim Kallas .It will allow air carriers of both sides to provide air services from any points in Europe, Jordan and even other Mediterranean partners. After the successful implementation of a similar treaty with Morocco, this Agreement is an important step towards creating an integrated [44] aviation area in the whole Mediterranean region.

[45] Islamic-bankingIslamic banking in Italy 
[46] 16 March 2010 (ANSAmed): An ''ethical'' way to conduct finance based on two fundamental concepts derived from Sharia law: the prohibiting of Riba, interest that is seen as usury, and Gharar, uncertainty created by a lack of information or control in contracts. Total volume of 1 trillion dollars, with growth prospects that amount to 4 trillion dollars in 2015. Biagio Matranga (Banca UBAE) said that he is in favour of Sharia compliant products (which follow Islamic regulations), ''not created by Italian institutes, but by foreign institutes authorised to do so''. In PD Senator Nicola Rossi's view, taking steps towards this type of product would be a strong signal ''of integration, which should not be confused with homogenisation''

[47] “EU fosters “Local” organizations to promote this New World Order project
EUObserver 22 Jan. 2010 - A new club of regional and local officials from European, North African and Middle Eastern countries - "[3] Arlem" - was inaugurated on Motorway-of-the-seasThursday (21 January) in Barcelona, as part of a broader EU policy to build bridges with Maghreb and Mashreq people. It is to help members tap EU funds for environmental, energy and democracy-building projects. Out of Arlem's 40 European members, 30 people hail from the Committee of the Regions, a Brussels-based institution that gives advice on employment, environment and energy to EU policy makers.

Six major projects
The UfM, launched in July 2008 in Paris, was intended to revitalise the Barcelona process by structuring cooperation with the Mediterranean countries around six major projects (civil protection, maritime and land highways, de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, a Mediterranean solar energy plan, the Mediterranean Business Development Initiative and a Euromediterranean university) MEPs want to see a considerable increase in the resources for the UfM.

Migration policies are one of the priorities of the Euro-mediterranean partnership.  The states and institutions of the UfM should devote special attention to the coordinated management of migratory flows, says the resolution.

[23] And so the Euromediterranean Process went dormant for a time. The dictatorship of the New World Order will wake it up again.
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS 12 May 2010 - The Union for the Mediterranean is not a platform for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but a [48] "project-oriented club" , EU neighbourhood commissioner Stefan Fuele said after Arab leaders threatened to boycott an upcoming summit if Israel's foreign minister participates as planned.
The main focus of the Union for the Mediterranean is to deal with energy, security, counter-terrorism, immigration and trade issues. But all projects need to be approved by [49] consensus among its members, around half of which are EU countries.

The Union was supposed to revive the looser regional co-operation framework dubbed the "Barcelona Process," which failed to achieve any major results since its creation in 1995. After Israel's bombing of the Gaza strip in the winter of 2008-2009 the Union also stalled.The process was resumed this spring, with the Spanish EU presidency hoping to host the first summit since the Gaza war in Barcelona on 7 June. The Israeli-Palestinian row is threatening to derail proceedings however, as it already did in October 2009, when Arab states pulled [50] Babel-tower-europe-many-tongues-one-voice-150out from a foreign ministers' meeting because Israel's hardline top diplomat Avigdor Lieberman announced his participation. " Unlike his predecessor, Benita Fererro-Waldner, Mr Fuele, a Czech diplomat, keeps a more cautious line.

So it came to pass what any one could tell: Mixing Islam and Western culture is like mixing fire and water and cannot succeed by democratic means. The project cannot die, because the UfM is  the bridge of the  [8] Trilateral Commission alongside Central Asia which NATO is trying to subdue, tto the ASEAN + 3 in the world state. But it can only survive in the frames of a dictatorship like the New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blog). Nevertheless, the cat has been let out, and we and our children will have to live and die with an etnic babel of the EU´s Tower of Babylon. Instead of shared peace as foreseen in the [29] Barcelona Declaration, we now have increasing violence in our streets. Instead of shared prosperity, the immigration is making us poorer and poorer in times of financial crisis. Instad of shared stability, we are now having the[51] Eurogendfor to maintain order in increasing instability. The Euromediterranean Process has started an [52] intended   irreversible Islamisation of Europe – and an increasing exchange of the population of Europe, as immigrants are teeming in and bearing many more children than native Europeans. This was what the EU´s founding father, Coudenhove Kalergi wanted (right). 

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