New World Order. LATEST: The Independent 12 May 2010: President Obama seems to have engineered the Eurozone bailout-fund of 750 Euro. 

Summary: The staging is perfect: Alongside with their illuminist banking brothers in arms, Illuminist EU has got  the crisis it needs as a pretext to usurp ultimate power over nation states´ economy in central governance from Brussels - just as Rothschild´s  puppet, George Soros, has demanded. Now Barroso clearly say:" No euro without an economic union"! At the same time this vulture will probably win his bet (future) to take the euro to par with the U.S. dollar - or even lower if  the EU does not seize this opportunity to create a finance minister, i.e the United States of Europe. In addition, the EU is creating a kind of disaster bank after claims from Rothschild's man in Deutsche Bank, the multiple Bilderberger, Josef Ackermann, of 500 billion euro (in addition to the IMF's commitment of 250 billion from other central banks), The money is to come from 1. the ECB as a purchaser of the debt securities of insolvent euro States, 2. the EU budget and 3.  an auxiliary pool for non-euro states. For 2. and 3, all EU countries will have to pay. Germany will have to guarantee for at least 123 billion euros for this new Euro-disaster package in addition to at least 22 billion to Greece and the 480 billion euro that Merkel promised after the fall of the Lehman Brothers Bank. On top of this,  EU commissioner Connie Hedegaard now declares that the EU want another 81 billion euro from us by 2020, because the EU will put CO2-reduction/price up in order to promote green technology - although all others have realized that CO2 global warming is a lie. The purpose of the emergency bank is not to save the indebted nations, whose demise the EU wants, but to save the banks, which can not go under. EU and banks now govern us now together - ie. Mussolini´s definition of Fascism. It all reminds once more of the Hegelian tactics to promote elitist theft of all power and our money - then to redeem us from this evil by presenting their CO2 based global currency.However, not every one puts up with this: Besides the Greek, Irishmen are now turning violent.

The self-declared EU illuminists (explanatory statemment) go on using the crisis of the euro, which I just described – and which was inherent from its start and now made acute by their brothers in arms, the illuminist Rothschild bankers – for one main purpose of the crisis: to promote the New World Order regionalized power at the cost of national states.  Now the europhiles are roaring for “economic  governance” and “finishing Schuman´s and Jean Monet´s work” – the United states of Europe –  using the bankster-made financial/economic crisis as their pretext.  So, it does seem as though the Rothschild puppet,  George Soros has his blackmailing-demands met with.

Deutsche Welle 12 May 2010: "Member states should have the courage to say whether they do want an economic union or not, because if they do not we better forget about a monetary union," Barosso said. The European Commission proposed that member countries submit their national budgets to Brussels for "peer review" before they are sent on to their national parliaments. Politicians protest.

PapandreouEU Press Release 10 May 2010, José BarrosoJosé Barroso: This morning's agreement will ensure that any attempt to weaken the stability of the Euro will fail.You know that the Commission has long been making the case for reinforced economic governance. We have stated for many years now that at the end we cannot have a monetary union without an economic union, this is the pine. We need stronger coordination, economic policy coordination. And until now the response of the Member states has been in this direction. And the standing that the solution of this problem has been more coordinated Europe, more coherence, that is why the Commission will present this Wednesday some proposals for reinforced economic governance and also for reinforced compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact. We will propose to broaden surveillance of macroeconomic imbalances and reinforce our competitiveness. And we will also put on the table a permanent crisis management mechanism. This mechanism that was also adopted this morning was also for these very exceptional circumstances we are facing, was based on Article 122, a specific article of our treaties. Moreover, we will intensify the on-going work on a more robust and a more transparent regulation of financial markets. We will push this agenda in the G20. So for me, the lesson from this crisis is clear. We need a stronger Union in economic policy, a stronger compliance by Member States with policies and rules agreed at Union level.This is now under way.  We will undertake every effort to take it further. I think, the lesson from this crisis is if you want a monetary union, you should promote also an economic union. This does not mean making every Member States make exactly the same at the same time but it certainly means reinforced economic governance and respect of all the obligations Member States have under the Stability and Growth Pact.

EUbusiness 8 May 2010:  Berlusconi told fellow leaders on Friday that the eurozone was in a "state of emergency"." Euro-starThe following applies to the Greece bail-out. An EU diplomat told AFP that a kind of "bank" would be established with 1. unused funds lying in the bloc's budget, which would be used as "base capital on which to borrow 60 billion euros (76.5 billion dollars) on the bond market". The source said that would be supported by a "gesture" from the politically independent 2. European Central Bank, meaning a signal that it would intervene to buy euro governmental debt, which could mean vastly higher numbers. 3. Diplomats said that powers in "exceptional circumstances" that previously allowed the EU to help non-euro members like Hungary, Latvia or Romania could be invoked to facilitate the scheme.
Barroso insisted that these efforts "will be done under the existing financial possibilities in the community budget". However, doubts remained for non-euro countries over the longer-term impact on taxpayers."Europe is faced with the same challenge from the Greek crisis as it faced in October 2008 after Lehmann Brothers fell," Christian de Boissieu, an economics professor at the Sorbonne in Paris, told AFP. European Greens leaders Rebecca Harms and Daniel Cohn-Bendit also said leaders had waited until "the brink of the abyss" and urged Europe to create a "genuine European Agency for Debt and Investment which would manage the issuance of eurobonds".

Folk-i-lænkerHow to eliminate the national state and establish the regionalised world state
Daniel Neun Radio Utopie 27 März, 2010: “The comparison of the state of Greece, with the Lehman Brothers Bank by Ifo´s  head Sinn exposes the whole mindset of the neocon agenda: nationalization of banks in debt, denationalization of indebted countries. The adoption by the banks, a system change to state capitalism ensues, in which there is no difference between banks and the state, with the exception that only states can go broke and disappear. Accompanying measures to protect the new (possibly  assembled from former states) authoritarian-totalitarian empire with appropriate structures, use of the military to control the disenfranchised population without a constitutional basis, and of course, constant internal and external warfare - for "security" reasons.The revolution from above took place in before the start of the plot George Orwell's world of 1984 - a coup d´état.

On February 2 was the "Chief economist” of the Deutsche Bank, Thomas Mayer, was interviewed by the "Manager Magazin”: Germany already now is one of the great contributors to the European Union´s subsidies. Do you think that the federal citizens without complaint  will accept, for example, even billion-dollar financial subsidies in addition to paying the huge agricultural assistance for southern Europe. Mayer: When push comes to shove, they will have to. Finally, no one can simply throw anyone out of the euro club. The European central bankers themselves have recently been explicitly stated this..”.

Daniel Neun, Radio Utopie 9 Mai 2010 “No legal foundation for the Greece-bailout. The German Constitutional Court has declined to decide on Prof Schachtschneider and ass.´ complaint now – and has excluded delaying effect.
Through the “Finanzmarktstabilisierungsgesetz”, a financial approval authority to feed the banks was created, which till this day defies any democratic control: the Soffin, the aurthority to Frankfurtmanage the “Special Financial  Market Stabilisation”, having about half a trillion euro at its disposal.

One year on now, the banks had the idea to install exactly such an approval authority for their benefit and at the European level. The broad lines of the idea were formulated by just someone who had contributed to drafting  the financial market stabilization law (“Finanzmarktstabilisierungsgesetz”) and the Soffin: (Rothschild-banker-through JP Morgan´s MorganGrenfell Bank), Josef Ackermann, head of the Deutsche Bank, Bilderberger 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009. This CEO of Deutsche Bank on Nov 16, 2009 at the Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt's banking district and in the Handelsblatt: "Maybe we will have to accept in the end that in systemic banking crises the state remains the shareholders of last resort. So, given this background, maybe it is worthwhile to consider a fund from which banks can be recapitalized in an emergency or for having an orderly liquidation. Not least, such a fund could help us with the objective of a truly European supervisory structure." … Maybe they are going to develop the Soffin as the new fund, it was said in financial circles. "Who, I ask, dares still claim that the development within the last six months in this Republic, in Europe, in Greece and the world" was “coincidence" or "fate"?

Should now at an EU level such a thing as a "banking authority" be introduced, then in all probability it will not mean that this EU authority controls the banks. On the contrary, it is to ensure that the "private", the commercial banks are always paid by the member states so that, although whole states go "ordered" bankrupt, but the banks ruining them never will”.

Græsk-protestSo, what is going on?
Could it be that this Greek debt crisis is purposely being hyped and manipulated?  Could it be that this Greek debt crisis is yet another example of the "problem, reaction, solution" (Hegelian tactics)  paradigm that the global elite have employed so many times before?  Greece´s economy could disappear tomorrow - and no one would notice it, its economy just being 2% of that of the US. They ask, 1. if this is just parasites wanting to take as big a bite of a sick Greece as possible and then let others pay them more loans to bring the country farther into distress, then to return later on to take another mighty bite. Or 2. Do the banksters this time want to use Greece in a concerted master plan to plunge the Earth in to a new global depression - then to offer us their solution, a world currency here, and world government to free us from that evil (Henry Kissinger 1992)- as more and more believe? Why is every one afraid of "contagion".  "What we have seen is that contagion has gone global.  We now see herd behaviors in the markets that are really pack behaviors, wolf pack behaviors," says Finance Minister Anders Borg of Sweden. Greece cannot be contagious, unless some force wants it to and has a mighty organisation to help implementing it. Why are they speaking about upcoming austerity measures - not only in Southern Europe  - but all over the world – at a time where expansion would be the right thing – and possible considering the enormous global bail-outs ending in the pockets of the banksters, who print our money – and lend us it against interest, endebting us deeply to them, although our governments could do it for IRISH_March_214321_255924gfree? Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is publicly saying that United States citizens will soon have to make difficult choices between higher taxes and reduced social spending. See this, too.

But some people have seen where our money goes
Not only the Greek are standing united against impoverishment - now the Irish, too are protesting against the bankster robbery: The Belfast Telegrah 12 may 2010  Protesters stormed Ireland's parliament last night during a march against government plans to inject billions of euros into the country's banks.

So, has the EU now given Rothschild/Soros what Rothschild-representative, George Soros demands – considering the Greek and European bailouts: Money and the United states of Europe with aBarroso-sarkozy finance minister, economic governance? Maybe for now – maybe not. But these usurers never stopped milking juicy cows. They will be back sooner or later, for they are tasting  blood now. Die Welt 10. Mai 2010: (European bail-out) "Credits up to 123 billion € alone must be provided by the Federal Republic. In addition to the pledged 480 billion euros in bank guarantees and capital, the Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged after the Lehman bankruptcy 2008. It has been ensured that the ECB takes part in the rescue operation. That will not do the stability of the euro any good in the long run – and exactly in Germany, it will undermine faith in the safety of the currency (purchases  of  debts of insolvent countries, exuberant "money-printing”). The costs of this Fall of Man are not even foreseeable.

For they have now seen that their blackmailing comes to fruition. Don´t be mistaken. The Rothschilds are said to possess 500 trillion dollars – or more than half the wealth of the entire world – so the remaining wealth will be deeply dependent on them. When they move their wealth, empires collapse – including Barrosos EU empire. So, even the EU has to do as Rothschild puppet george Soros tells them. By defending the euro whatever it takes, EU Economy Commissioner, Olli Rehn, signals that he is willing to let the Rothschild syndicate of bankstere rob the euro-states of whatever they possess, let the wealthier states pay for the spree, until they too, have been emptied, and everybody is at the mercy of the unscrupulous Rothschild family. See “our” politicians and media as the unresisting tools of that family – and yourself as Rothschild´s “sheeple” to be butchered at will  and here – because we are too many subhumans. So, no wonder that people think of moving elswhere:  The Daily Mail 10 May 2010 Three in four Britons have considered moving abroad this year, research reveals. Three in ten said the poor state of the economy was their reason for wanting to emigrate, a survey found. A quarter of those polled blamed the lack of job prospects while an eighth said a change in the pace of life was the main attraction. The survey of 1,029 Britons, carried out for exchange brokers Currency UK, found Australia was the most popular destination, with a third of those polled saying they had considered moving down under. However, Kevin Rudd´s government is equally tied to the New World Order ideology: There is nowhere to flee. Daniel Neun´s remarks of fusion of banks ans state is no less than Mussolini´s definition of fascism. There are just 2 options: for – or against, with increasing risk.