The EU-Big Illusion: “One Nation, One Fuehrer, One Big Happy Multicultural Family”

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[1] This is the [2] EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and [3] here – and sport is considered an important tool to fuse youngsters into a uniform, brainwashed  mass community without troublesome individual and critical thinking.
[4] EurActiv March 25, 2008    Already accepted as a tool for social integration, sport is also seen as a means of promoting intercultural understanding in an increasingly diverse Europe.

But is that correct?

1.The[5] European Ministers responsible for sport of the EU-member States,the Slovenian Presidency of the European Council, the European Commissioner responsible for sport, the Presidents of the National Olympic Committees of the European Union member states, as well as the members of the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committees, meeting at Brdo pri Kranju on 17 March, 2008 at the Informal Meeting of the EU Ministers Responsible for Sport:
2. Welcome the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue where sport and physical education are excellent means to promote education, health, development and peace, especially for vulnerable groups in society such as children and the disabled;
Underline the significant educational and social functions of sport and its importance not only in terms of physical [6] development but also in terms of its capacity to promote social values, such as team spirit, fair competition, cooperation, tolerance and solidarity as well as the promotion and support of human rights through the Olympic values;
4. Recognise the social significance of sports organisations, being an integral part of civil society and bringing together people from different social, intellectual and cultural backgrounds, from grassroots level up to and including the elite;
5. Emphasise that sports projects can be a cross-cutting means of building capacity in education, health in general, peace-building and to combat social exclusion, violence, inequalities, racism and xenophobia;

[7] This is no new view in dictatorships

"Without compromise, without naked force and alone by the power of our faith, we will unite all of Young Germany in discipline and comradeship. Thus we stride through a dark gateway into the future." [8] Baldur von Schirach 

“..only a movement which can boast of the adherence of Germany's youth has the right to power in the state (Völkischer Beobachter 1932).”

The central [9] task of the Hitler Youth work was sport”. Sport was a political device to Goebbels.

[10] FARE - Football Against racism In Europe
Made itself acquainted to the European public on June 7, 2008, at the opening of the European Football Championship in Switzerland and Austria. It twas launched by the EU in 2000 and the EU has bound FIFA and UEFA to this propaganda/indoctrination project which is now the biggest forced action against "racism" according to EU´s multicultural definition of this concept in European sport- even extending its activities into the streets of cities, in order to fuse our youths into "one big happy multicultural family" without recognition of traditional good and bad - just accepting the EU Charter of[11] Human Rights: The only evil is "cultural racism".

EU Parliament pressurizing UEFA to brainwash us and to punish "racism" of clubs, fans and lookers on.
[12] EurActiv 11 Sept., 2008:
The chair of the sports intergroup in the European Parliament called on UEFA to impose punishments on clubs, players and fans involved in racist acts.

The "different languages, one goal" advert will be aired at half time during each of the 125 matches of the UEFA Champions League until May 2009 and is expected to reach more than 140 million viewers during matchweeks.
The advert, which shows football fans sharing their passion for the sport regardless of their cultural background, aims to promote tolerance and help fight racism. It builds on the theme of the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, "Together in diversity".

[13] SARI
The Irish elite seems to be very much engaged through SARI: Sport Against Racism in Ireland. 

SARI´s purpose
1.To promote a positive attitude towards people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
2.To lobby government agencies and national sports bodies to adopt anti-racism measures and inclusion of policies and practices.
3. To work with local sports clubs encouraging them to provide a level
playing field for all people regardless of colour, religion or any other form of discrimination.
SARI´s partners
are here.

This year, SARI will play host to the 12th Annual Soccerfest and the Count Us In Children and Youth Festival. Soccerfest is Ireland's largest intercultural sports festival and sees 48 teams representing players from across the world competing against each other.

Launching the events, the Minister for Integration, Conor Lenihan TD, said,
"I intend to provide substantial funding to assist major national sporting bodies in integrating immigrants."

Further statements: ” By expanding this year's Soccerfest we aim to attract even more cultures".
"Sport is a key tool for integration”.  "Sport is our universal language." "A space where Many Voices can strive toward One Goal.” 

This year's Soccerfest and 'Count Us In' festival will have a host of family [15] entertainment and fun as well as sport, which will be open to the public. This will include, Face painting, Clowns, Drummers, DJs, Punjabi Dancers. In addition, live music will be provided.

Is sport really so integrating?
[4] Slovenian Minister for Sport Milan Zver  said sport could break all stereotypes.

but [16] French sociologist  William Gasparini argues against this in the spring of 2008.

Gasparini also argues that sport can exclude through the existing forms of chauvinism, elitism, nationalism and racism.  

According to Gasparini, who also researches sport's social sciences, sport does not have any virtuous basic educational or social values as such and conveys only those values that are attributed to it. Therefore, he argues, it is very difficult to assert that sport integrates naturally. 

Regarding sport's role in citizenship, Gasparini argues that active citizenship cannot be learned through simple membership of a sports club and participation in its activites. According to him, true citizenship and democracy skills can only be learned through participation in decision-making and the creation of sports rules, which are not "natural" but a result of the social construction. 

But,The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), which contributed to the Commission's upcoming 2008 study entitled "Sharing Diversity - National approaches to Intercultural Dialogue," argues that current methods of using sport as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue in Europe lack an overall strategy and policy and are based on good practice rather than evidence-based research. 

Regarding the informal "intercultural learning dimension," ISCA argues that "it takes more than sport and physical activities to facilitate a useful and valuable intercultural dialogue." Namely, an objective beyond the sport activity and an educational perspective are needed." 

The EU is desperately trying to find a way to make a uniform mass like whipped cream out of us and the Muslims. Of course, they shall not succeed – for they convulsively try to integrate Islam which has come to swallow/integrate us. If you try to mix fire and water - one of the elements will fail.

I often think the EU knows, although it condemns us as islamophobic for saying so.
And I often think this swallowing of us is just what the EU is aiming at.

Sport in itself is very necessary for our wellbeing – but as a political instrument sport seems to be applicable only if  an underlying understanding, a natural social cohesion, binds the participants togeteher into a team.
You cannot unite "infidel apes and swine" (sure 2:65, 5:60) and  the superior master race of Muslims in any natural or friendly manner. Goebbels and von Schirach knew - but the eurocrats are amateurs.

For succesful integration the EU needs not to eliminate our  non-existing racism – but the Koran!
The EU will not see that - and we shall have to pay a very high price for that eurocratic, New World Order stupidity or  wickedness.


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