EU´s Volcanic Ash Plume Incompetence: EU´s Thin Stuff for “Global Solutions to Global Problems” to be Kept Secret

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See [1] The Daily Mail 25 April 2010: The ash cloud that never was: How volcanic plume over UK was only a twentieth of safe-flying limit and blunders led to ban

Summary: The ash plume from the Icelandic volcano, Eyafjalljökull, has caused panic and the closure of European air traffic. Several previous volcanic ash clouds in Europe and elsewhere have otherwise never led to continental flight bans. The basis of the groundings is amazing: computer models without measurements - made by Britain´s incompetent Met Office, a government agency and an accomplice to the CRU-Climategate fraud. The no-fly order was issued by the Eurocontrol, an organization that is close to the EU. Most likely the flight ban was coordinated with the EU. In Lufthansa's dozens of test flights through the supposedly most dense ash clouds the machines had no particles in the engines and had not got a scratch. After the Falcon flight by the German Center for Air and Space Traffic, their report, which showed only small quantities of particles - like in a Saharan sandstorm, and the machine had no scratches or detectable particles - has now been deleted from the Federal Transport Department´s website. It looks as if the media does not disclose details of that analysis, either. Incomprehensible is that the EU Commission did not immediately ask the  Eurocontrol to undertake test flights to make measurements - as they do in the US. Now the incompetent or, rather, calculating EU draws its hobbyhorse out of its stable: This is solely due to the inefficient nation states. Global problems need global solutions! Everything would have gone much better had the nations given up their air space souvereignty, as the Commission has been long demanding and given it to an EU authority. Thus the EU - like the UN - is using each crisis they create themselves in order to grab more power.

[2] Met_office_wrong

I have often written on how the EU and the UN are using any NWO generated “crisis” to scare the wits out of us to accept their striving for [3] world governance: The global [4] warming scam and [5] here, the [6] swine flu hoax, the [7] biodiversity crisis, the [8] war on terror, and [9] here, the [10] financial crisis and [11] here, and [12] immigration – and now the Icelandic [13] Vulcanic Ash plume. Although the latter could be [14] HAARP generated – I do think this eruption is one of the numerous natural phenomena occurring on the dividing rift between the European and American tectonic plates on Iceland – which never before caused any anxiety. So why does the latest of these events suddenly expose the incompetence of the EU and its tool, the Eurocontrol?  The grounding of the planes was very well coordinated, taking place everywhere at the same time – not just being left to the decision of hesitating individual national states – as indicated by the Spiegel article below. [15] Currently, coordination is managed by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation ([16] Eurocontrol ), which was established in 1960. The organization coordinates airspace for 38 European countries, including the 27 EU member states, but it has no legal authority over its members. The grounding was ordered by the Eurocontrol – who would certainly not have done so without conferring with the EU. 
The [17] EU afterwards even admits that the grounding was erroneous, that the transport authorities made the decision. How can they talk about authorities, when the order was given by the Eurocontrol? Why did the EU not order test flights from the Eurocontrol to measure the ash concentrations right from the beginning – just relying on the [18] notoriously incompetent Climategate accomplice, the UK Met Office? This simply cannot be due just to incompetence. It would certainly be within the authority of the EU Commission to make the relevant measurements before the grounding order. That it did not rather suggests a political agenda as the Spiegel states – or that the EU is so inefficient that it would be irresponsible to give it more power.

[19] Askesky2Interestingly, the original communication from the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft– und Raumfahrt, which could be seen yesterday, has now been [20] deleted by the German Traffic Department!!!. It can still be seen with the [21] ZDF-tv – in English only. I have made a copy. I can find no other information on the details of this investigation in the German media.

[1] The Daily Mail 25 April 2010: Satellite images. Scientists say that anything more than a 2.0 - shown here as yellow - could indicate ash. The maps make it clear that for most of the shutdown, ash was visible over only small parts of Britain, and on some days, there was none at all

[22] The Telegraph 19 April 2010Volcanoes have pumped ash plumes of this size and bigger into the atmosphere many times in the past without turning an entire continent into a no-fly zone

[15] Spiegel 21 April 2010: IATA President Giovanni Bisignani has sharply criticized the European Union for its lack of leadership in the crisis. In fact, European airspace is to a large degree still representative of the small-state mentality that prevailed in Europe a century ago. For decades, governments have unsuccessfully sought to reach agreements on unified controls, independent of borders, but they have never gotten past the talking stage. Instead, last week, each state had to independently interpret the guidelines from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which were created after dangerous flight incidents involving volcanic ash in the 1980s. "They state: When there's volcanic ash in the air, airplanes have to stay on the ground," Bisignani said, summarizing the guidelines. Despite the seeming absoluteness of these rules, numerous volcanic eruptions have occured around the world since the 1980s and countries and airlines have been able to navigate the problems without disrupting air travel across an entire continent. In the United States, for example, special planes are dispatched with measuring equipment to determine the precise location of an ash plume. Once its scope has been determined, airspace is only closed in directly affected areas where the density of the ash justifies the decision.

And even after an official government declaration by German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer on Wednesday, Bisignani's question of why it took five days before EU transport ministers managed to organize a conference call – days in which airlines around the world lost $1 billion — remained unanswered. It also remained unclear why the 27 EU member states were unable to coordinate and quickly dispatch research planes to collect accurate data about the volcanic ash plume.

European Commission Pushes for Unified Skies
The European Commission has urged member states to better coordinate flight safety. A spokesperson for European Transport Commissioner Sim Kallas argued in Brussels that the crisis could have been better managed if new regulations approved by the member states in December had been implemented. "If we had a stronger coordination at the European level," Kallas's spokeswoman Helen Kearns told reporters, according to German news agency DPA, "the decision would have been taken more quickly." The lack of coordination between the 27 national air traffic authorities created a serious problem. The "Single European Sky" initiative approved in December is supposed to eliminate [23] Flyveaske1the fragmentation of European airspace control. Under the plan, a European air traffic manager would be appointed who could intervene in a crisis like the one that emerged last week. But the new rules are being implemented in phases and will not be fully in place until January 2012. 

 Ash plume on [24] 22 April – BBC. According to the [25] EU Referendum new security criteria of 2000 microgram particles per cubic metre of air have been introduced. Over Germany on 19 April, while all aircraft was grounded there were 60 microgram particles per cubic metre of air.

ICAO Secretary-General Raymond Benjamin announced this week that the special UN organization would work on global standards for the concentration of ashes that could affect airplane engines. Benjamin said the ICAO would convene an expert panel that would determine at what concentrations volcanic ash becomes too dangerous for air travel. The work is extremely important, too, given the doubts that have arisen about the appropriateness of this week's severe limits on air transport. "The mix was so thin that one must assume that there is no danger," said Lufthansa CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber, whose airline also conducted its own test flights this week. With special permission, Lufthansa had flown dozens of jets since Saturday through the affected airspace — at first empty and later with passengers. "Afterwards we didn't find a single ash particle in the (jet engine) turbines," a company spokesman said.

The company even dispatched its own mobile laboratory flight into the air at the peak of the emergency on Tuesday, although the results will first be available in a few days.

[26] The New York Times 21 April 2010:  The European Commission on Wednesday set the stage for a potentially acrimonious debate over plans to create a single authority with the power to override member states’ control over their skies. The commission adopted a package of proposals in 2004 intended to integrate the region’s 36 national air traffic control systems into a so-called Single European Sky beginning in 2012. But aspects of the plan still face resistance from some European governments that worry about risks to national security, and from air traffic controllers’ unions, which argue that it will ease the way for job cuts. What happened instead was that the national air transport authorities spent the weekend coordinating among themselves to plan routes and grant permission for flights to cross one another’s airspace, Ms. Kearns said. As a result, she added, traffic began moving in greater amounts only on Monday.

Comment: One feels the intention and gets depressed: The EU and the UN are generating crises to grab more power at the expense of the national states. And of course it is to be done in secrecy - in small steps as advised by the [27] EU´s founding father, Jean Monnet- according to the British Conservative Adrian Hilton: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will irreversibly lead to federation.”

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