Our soldiers are in Afghanistan, they are or have been in Irak - fighting terrorism. Time and again we are being told that we are confronted with a worldwide combat against terrorism  abroad, which no national state can manage alone, we need large units: NATO, the UN. On behalf of globalism, New World Order, we are deploying our troops as far away from home as possible - for the sake of our own safety. Now they even want do disarm the Danish Home Guard - for our own safety, they say. In stead they will have the Home Guard fight killer snails!

Well,  then, of course, we have the EU, EUFOR, and EUROPOL to protect us and fight terrorism, e.g. when Osama bin Laden threatens
imminent acts of  terror against Denmark  – having already attacked the Danish embassy in Pakistan?


The EU does not want to combat domestic terrorism. It wants to combat you and me! That´s why our soldiers are being sent away.
As was demonstrated by 2 maneouvres of the good Southern Liberation Army  (
EUFOR ) invading Sweden to combat the evil Nordic League of Nationalists in a foreseen civil war to protect the good Southeners - the heirs of the country!

The EU immigration policy has overstrained our police forces by everyday terror on our streets, thereby not being allowed to offend the master race: the Muslims, in a struggle the EU Fundamental Rights Charter and the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia - promising us 3 years in jail for islam criticism - make impossible.
Besides the EU Court of Justice has just done the unthinkable – as stated by  the Counterterrorism blogIn a devastating blow to existing international financial sanctions against terrorist groups, the EU's highest court has today overturned the sanctions program imposed by the European Union on Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

It annulled the EU's freezing of the funds of Yassin Al-Kadi, a Saudi businessman who has been on terrorist financier black-lists since his listing as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" by the U.S. Treasury in October 2001.

At first reading, it appears essentially to end the ability of the EU to impose economic sanctions against terrorists - stating that before the EU may impose sanctions that take away someone's property, the EU must afford the person "a reasonable opportunity for putting his case to the competent authorities."

The allegations against Al-Kadi are very serious. He has been alleged to have financed Osama bin Laden, Hamas and other terrorist groups by funneling funds through the charities. His  co-plaintif, al Barakat, has also had his freezings annulled.
He has been described in formal testimony by U.S. officials as a key terrorist financier and facilitator.

At the request of the U.S, and supported by Saudi Arabia, the United Nations Security Council placed Al-Kadi on its global terrorist list in 2001.  It is that process that the EU's high court has now invalidated . Although the EU has 90 days before it pays the money to Al Qaida - it will hardly move the terrorists to appear before the ECJ!

But then we have the EU to care for our safety in the air?

Your air plane can crash due to obligatory reduction of fuel flow to the engines! Main thing to reduce CO2-emission - the EU´s religious bid for world governance - your safety comes second to this!

The Telegraph Sept. 5, 2008: "David Reynolds, head of safety at the (British) pilots' union Balpa, has called on regulators to "revisit" some of the requirements aimed at cutting CO2 emissions after it was disclosed that a crash landing (on Jan. 17, 2008)  at Heathrow was caused by ice freezing up supply lines to the plane's engines.
It left First Officer John Coward having to glide the plane, with 152 people on board, to safety. One passenger sustained a broken leg and 12 others were slightly hurt.
See video here

"With reduced burn, that means that less fuel is circulating, which makes it easier for water to separate and turn into ice.
In this case this was combined with very low temperatures.

Meanwhile British Airways is to reshuffle its fleet of Boeing 777s to prevent a repetition of the ice build-up.

It will mean that the aircraft will be rotated around routes rather than continually making the same journey, in particular over Siberia where air and fuel temperatures can drop dramatically.

In addition BA has told pilots to increase engine power sporadically during flights to increase fuel flow and prevent ice accumulating.

The very thought that more fuel in  permanently safe quantity should be supplied to the engines would be heresy against the religious/ideological dogma of the New World Order: CO2-combat - in spite of this being one big  tremendously costly and even dangerous hoax, and here.

Do not forget that the EUSSR does not exist for you – you exist to pay money and homage to the New World Order!

On TV I have just seen the result of a poll  stating that 49 % of Danes think we should comply with the European Court of Justice which has just cancelled Denmarks "restrictive" immigration policy.
Only 39 % would defy the EU.
2 days later another poll was published - asking the same question a little more detailed: Now the result was reversed!!

After the first poll the red New World Order hirelings of Denmark´s Radio attacked  an MP of the government party, telling her that the government is not in accordance with the wishes of the population!!  The MP´s answer was:"Of course, we are. For we will comply with the EU Court of Justice!!"

At least, it seems that public opinion does count somewhat with politicians wanting to be reelected!

Will our children and grandchildren forgive us our submission to the EUSSR dictatorship?