As I have previously stated I – and other bloggers -  have  seen flaming Russian patriotic comments on our blogs during the Georgian war.
Former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright states:We can't afford to stay on the sidelines in this complicated situation. With the invasion of a sovereign country, the Russians have crossed the red line. What is troubling is that Russia is behaving in a way that reminds us of the Russian empire in the 19th century — that is unacceptable in the 21st century.”(Spiegel Online 1 Sept. 2008).

New Europe tells us on 1 Sept., 2008:  "Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, explained that Russia will protect its citizens in any place if they have problems. One of the most intelligent political decisions of Joseph Stalin during the hard communist years was the relocation of populations. Several million Russians were relocated to all Soviet Republics, creating enclaves of potential destabilization in the most remote areas of the USSR. These very Russian enclaves are now used by Moscow to rebuild the Soviet empire in modern terms.

This is the Russian “real politic” and in this context, Ukraine is the first in the queue, after Georgia.
The “worse case” scenario sees the Baltic States as potential candidates of Russian “interest , e.g. by “Finlandization.”

Under the circumstances, the first assessment of this rapidly evolving situation is that the European Union was caught in a geopolitical crisis at a moment its Central European Administration is proving to be an a-political entity with no geopolitical reflexes, at all.  Russia and Central Asia are key areas for the survival of Europe.

The Russians are clearly passing the message that they will not stop unless they re-establish the Russian “empire,” in modern terms."

The BBC on 1 Sept, 2008 : New Russian world order: the five principles 
"In the aftermath of the Georgian conflict, the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has laid down five principles that … probably seem rather obvious to Russian leaders of the 19th Century. ..
President Medvedev's principles do not, for example, necessarily exclude Russian agreement to continuing the strong diplomatic stance against Iran. And energy contracts are not necessarily threatened.
1. International law
"Russia recognises the primacy of the basic principles of international law, which define relations between civilised nations."
2. Multi-polar world
"The world should be multi-polar. Unipolarity is unacceptable, domination is impermissible. We cannot accept a world order in which all decisions are taken by one country."
3. No isolation
"Russia does not want confrontation with any country; Russia has no intention of isolating itself."
4. Protect citizens
"Our unquestionable priority is to protect the life and dignity of our citizens, wherever they are. We will also proceed from this in pursuing our foreign policy. We will also protect the interest of our business community abroad. And it should be clear to everyone that if someone makes aggressive forays, he will get a response."

5. Spheres of influence

"Russia, just like other countries in the world, has regions where it has its privileged interests. In these regions, there are countries with which we have traditionally had friendly cordial relations, historically special relations. We will work very attentively in these regions and develop these friendly relations with these states, with our close neighbours."
Asked if these "priority regions" were those that bordered on Russia he replied: "Certainly the regions bordering [on Russia], but not only them."

BBC´s Comments
1.The primacy of International Law: Russia signed up to Security Council resolution 1808 in April this year, which reaffirmed "the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Georgia… " - and has since abandoned that position. This principle therefore has to be seen as rather vague.
2. The world is multi-polar: This means that Russia will not accept the primacy of the United States (or a combination of the US and its allies) in determining world policy.
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hinted at what this really means. "There is a feeling that Nato again needs frontline states to justify its existence," he said in a speech. He was putting down another marker against the extension of Nato membership to Ukraine and Georgia.
3. Russia does not seek confrontation: Again this sounds hopeful but it is based on the requirement that Russia's needs are met first. If the world agrees to its demands, then it is happy to be friends. But if not… therein lies the warning.
4. Protecting its citizens: The key phrase here is "wherever they are". This was the basis on which Russia went to war in South Ossetia and it contains within it the potential for future interventions.
5. Privileged interests: In this principle President Medvedev was getting down to the heart of the matter. Russia is demanding its own spheres of influence, especially, but not only, over states on its borders.
This has the potential for further conflict if those "interests" are ignored.

But what does the Russian Bear himself, Mr. Putin say. Here is a Video-interview with Mr. Putin  made for the ARD
This interview lasts 27 minutes and was brought in extenso on Russian TV – however the ARD brought only 10 minutes.
On Sept. 2, after immense public pressurizing,  Radio Utopie found a written and well hidden version of the total interview on the ARD website - however without reference to an in the meantime made German synchronized version!!

Indeed, a comparison between the full text of the video and the 10 minutes brought by the ARD is rewarding – and revealing: Putin is very well formulated. His arguments are sharp and logical. Everything against the West has been cut away: Comparisons between the West´s stealing of Kosovo in disregard of the UN Resolution 1244 approved by the West on Serbia´s integrity incl. Kosovo and Russian protection of  the Russians in Abchasia and and South Ossetia. Accidental Russian bombings in Georgia compared with recent US accidental bombings in Afghanistan: cilipped.

Putin´s guarantee that the Russian occupation of security zones in Georgia proper is temporary and will be concluded soon to allow international peace keepers is cut away – as are Putin´statements that US advisers, forces and equipment were involved in the war against Russia, and that the (indisputable) Georgian provocation was meant by the US President to provoke a war which should benefit McCain (name not mentioned).

Also Putin´s statement that Georgia started the war by attacking South Ossetia on Aug. 7 was cut away. Incriminated of dictatorship and suppression of the media in Russia!!! Putin said – correctly – that only the Western side of that conflict has been presented to us. Moreover, that the USA has death penalty Russia not.

And what is EU´s contribution to the solution of this useful crisis: Fabian-dialogue-warm-gas, shrugged off by everybody!
The EU tricked Georgia into attacking Russians in its to 90% Russian enclaves by promising EU- and NATO membership in the near future and insisting upon the territorial integrity of Georgia - in spite of the EU and NATO acting in a quite different manner in the case of Serbia/Kosovo, where the Muslims spread terror and hatred during WWII.
And now these same would-be EU-"world-governance-kings" one-sidedly accuse Russia of invading an innocent country with a leader so naïve as to believe the mendacious illuminists of the EU (explanatory statement) - and of the US who at the beginning of the conflict incidentally had US soldiers in Georgia - exercising with Georgian troops against a Russian attack!!

All this leaves a very gloomy impression.
We have long known about suppression of the freedom of opinion in the EU: On immigration, total silence on the Euromediterranean Project, political correctness/selfcensorship etc. – and that it is going to become even worse according to the
EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, when it enters into force.

But now comes Mr. Putin, who has critical jounalists eradicated in Russia, to show us  yet another  full-blown demonstration of Western New World Order dictatorship due to ARD stupidity

One is really left with the question “Which do you prefer:  plague or cholera?
For where is the difference between Russia´s 19. century World Order and Western 21. century World Order - apart from critical  journalists being murdered in Russia - while such journalists have been brainwashed and scared away  in the West a long time ago?

”But one thing seems clear: Strong forces, no matter if Old or New World Order  - not least in the West – are seeking an old-fashioned East-West confrontation at some level – maybe even the final scenario of the illuminist Albert Pike scenario of Bibllical Apocalypse to scare us into the UN-world republic.

The usual purpose - of illuminist-staged  major international crises (like climatism, oil crises, bank crises, food prices) is thus becoming more and more evident.
Moreover, the Georgian crisis will be used not only to promote McCains chances for US presidency.

Just see how the EU thinks it can profit from the situation -
EurActiv Sept. 2, 2008:
" The president of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering, had called on all member states to ratify the Lisbon Treaty "as quickly as possible," saying the Georgian crisis proved why it is so important.
The view echoes previous comments by French president Nicolas Sarkozy following the outbreak of the Georgia war."

Even sceptical Polish President Kaczynsky is now missing the Lisbon Treaty!!
Who has the benefit of this theatre?