EU´s “Internal” Security Plan: Structure and Remit of the Police State According to the European Council

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Summary: In 2009 the European Council of Heads of Government commissioned an "internal" European Security Strategy, which was adopted on 26 March of this year. Doing so, the Heads are signalling: 1. The EU as "internal" means that the EU is no longer "external" to the nations, which they consequently consider to be abolished! 2: They have created the skeleton of a regular police state in which there are the usual police agencies: The Europol with now strongly enhanced powers - and with the multinational Euro-gendarmerie Force/Eurogendfor at hand, who is allowed to shoot into demonstrations in case of rebellion, since capital punishment ban will be lifted under that circumstance. The Europol has the European Arrest Warrant and the EU Framework Decision on Racism (in the broadest sense) and Xenophobia at its disposal - with the possibility of having a 3-year prison term imposed in a remote corner of Europe for e.g. Islam criticism. There is a common border police, the Frontex, a common judiciary control, the Eurojust, and the CEPOL, a body for the standardization of thinking across the EU's legal sector through joint training guidelines that will be dinned also into the national police forces. In addition, there is the SitCen, a strategic centre to constantly monitor any emerging suspicion of rebellion to the EU New World Order in virtually everything we do - by means of countless modern spy facilities. The strategy emphasizes that cooperation between the executive and judicial bodies as well as border surveillance is indivisible. Ie, we have here a decisive breach with the separation of judicial and executive authorities of a democratic state. Indeed, Europol is even an agency, paid by and accountable to the EU Parliament,  deluded to us - albeit wrongly -to be a legislative body. Any similarity to the 3rd Reich or the Soviet Union is becoming less and less incidental. 


An Internal EU Security Strategy sounds somehow chilling. Did we ever ask for such a thing? It immediately leads my thoughts in the direction of a police state. In a [2] previous post, I described how the EUROPOL is beginning to behave like the Gestapo. The following is the structure of the police state on behalf of which the EUROPOL acts. I have kept the excerpts in the original eu-[3] technocratic  style – in order not to change the nuances.

[4] EU Internal Security Strategy The Council approved, after a public debate, an Internal Security Strategy for the European Union (5842/2/10) - one of the priorities of the Spanish Presidency in the area. The European Council will be invited to endorse the document (which [5] happened on March 26, 2010), in accordance with Article 68 TFEU, and the Commission is expected to adopt a communication on concrete actions in the area.
[6] Geert-wilders-in-court

Comment:  I never heard or read about the asserted public debate on the EU´s Internal Security Strategy. I should be most grateful if some one of my readers have – and tell me about it. By the way, I find it insolent to speak of EU´s “internal security” – as though the national states had already been abolished!!
   Right: Geert Wilders on trial for quoting the Koran correctly – an EU Fundamental Rights New World Order crime?  

So what is EU´s Internal Security Strategy
The [7] European Council, Brussels, 23 February 2010, 5842/2/10, REV 2, JAI 90:[8] Eu_nazi_soviet_The cooperation of law-enforcement and border authorities, judicial authorities and other services in, for example, the health, social and civil protection sectors, is essential. Europe's Internal Security Strategy must exploit the potential synergies that exist in the areas of law-enforcement cooperation, integrated border management and criminal-justice systems. Indeed, these fields of activity in the European area of justice, freedom and security are inseparable: the Internal Security Strategy must ensure that they complement and reinforce one another.
Comment: Here comes a breach with the rules of a democratic state: Law-enforcement and the criminal justice systems inseperable?? When to this is added the prevention and anticipation the thought of an orwellian police state becomes inevitable.

Europe must consolidate a security model, based on the principles and values of the Union: respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, democracy, dialogue, tolerance, transparency and solidarity. There is no such thing as "zero risk" but, despite that, the Union must create a safe environment in which people in Europe feel protected.
Comment: Whose rule of law? In Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union there was also “the rule of law”! That of the Lisbon Treaty, which was rejected by the few nations that were not cheated of a referendum. Tolerance of anything anti-western and anti-Christian has already created chaos, their New World Order, by means of their [9] mental hygiene and [10] 68–revolutions, which fused into today´s poisonous cocktail implemented by their red-fascist chaos troopers. During the latest 20 years people in Europe everywhere feel less and less protected – due to EU´s Fundamental Rights, which do not protect normal Europeans. but their assailants.  The EU´s respect for the [11] Fundamental Rights is very worrisome for natve Europeans, since those Rights only seem to serve one way: to protect any foreign, anti-Christian and anti-western religion, culture, sexual orientation against criticism from native Europeans. To strengthen law enforcement: good, if this is really applied to criminals. The problem is, as I stated in my previous post, that the system is now [2] considering us all criminals (except Muslims, who have to be respected) until proven not guilty.  

There are, therefore, a number of significant common threats which can be identified:Terrorism, in any form, serious and organised crime cyber-crime represents a global, technical, cross-border, anonymous threat to our information systems and because of that, it poses many additional challenges for law-enforcement agencies. 
: What is meant by cyber crime? [12] MMNews 31 März 2010: “The DNS server of the MMnews, located in Hong Kong, has been disabled. Consequence: page not available. Just as it currently looks, an international "reaction force" has caused the closure on suspicion of cyber crime. Proven evidence, Eu-gendarmer-2however, is currently not available. The blockade also affects the transmission of email traffics from the MMnews. Still blocked is the MMnews also with the e-mail providers - both daughters of the [13] United Internet.”  3i is a [14] major investor of the United Internet. It is [15] deeply and [16] here and [17] here and [18] here and [19] here and [20] here  — [21] involved with Rothschild. I have been following MMNews for years. It is a very sober and serious , well-informed blog, critical to the New World Order and focused on finance. I think this is what may befall many blogs in the future who are not politically correct. The site was soon available again.

      [22] European Gendarmerie Force/Eurogendfor

The Response to these challenges, i.a.
• tools based on mutual recognition, for information sharing and to facilitate joint investigations and operations. Instruments based on mutual recognition include the [23] European Arrest Warrant and provision for the freezing of assets. Data bases such as the Schengen Information System and networks have also been established for the exchange of information on criminal records, on combating hooliganism, on missing persons or stolen vehicles and on visas which have been issued or refused. The use of DNA and fingerprint data helps put a name to anonymous traces left at crime scenes. EU legal instruments facilitate operational cooperation between Member States such as the setting up of joint investigation teams, the organising of joint operations and close cooperation to ensure the security of international events, including major sporting competitions.
Comment: The European Arrest Warrant! Does any of us want to be imprisoned in a Bulgarian or in the future in a Turkish prison for having criticised Islam? Here is one foundation of such a warrant: The [24] EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, guaranteeing 3 years in prison for such violations of European security.  For now any present and future EU [25] Eu-gendarmermember can demand a citizen of another member state extradited for punishment in the complaining country – without the plaintiff having had any opportunity to defend himself – or even knowing of an ongoing trial in another country against him. Denmark has judicial provisos to the Nice Treaty. Nevertheless, recently a [26] Danish citizen was extradited to be prosecuted in Germany for having sold nazi music – an act which is not punishable in Denmark – but may bring him 5 years in jail in Germany!! EU “state” prisoners ca be placed anywhere in the EU area, where there are free places – and where no one understands their dangerous speech.

[22] European Gendarmerie Force/Eurogendfor

  we have chosen a security model which integrates action on law enforcement and judicial cooperation, border management and civil protection.

justice, freedom and security policies which are mutually reinforcing whilst respecting fundamental rights, international protection, the rule of law and privacy.
protection of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.
• transparency and accountability in security policies, so that they can be easily understood by citizens, and take account of their concerns and opinions.
• dialogue as the means of resolving differences
integration, social inclusion and the fight against discrimination as key elements for EU internal security.
• solidarity between Member States
[27] Eurojust• mutual trust as a key principle for successful cooperation.

Guidelines for Action
Among the main objectives of the Internal Security Strategy for the EU are the prevention and anticipation of crime as well as of natural and man-made disasters, and the mitigation of their potential impact. Whilst effective prosecution of the perpetrators of a crime remains essential, there must be a stronger focus on the prevention of criminal acts and terrorist attacks before they take place …Our strategy must therefore emphasise prevention and anticipation, which is based on a proactive and intelligence-led approach as well as procuring the evidence required for prosecution. It is only possible to bring successful legal action if all necessary information is available. Prevention of crime means addressing the root causes and not just the criminal acts and their consequences.
Comment: This may sound reasonable. But these words proactive and intelligence-led appeoach are chilling. This means: [28] Big Brother is watching you. Remember, in such a police state,  we are all considered [2] guilty until proven not guilty

-V- Operational cooperation
The Lisbon Treaty has created the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security ([29] COSI) to ensure effective coordination and cooperation between law-enforcement and border-management authorities. Stringent cooperation between EU agencies and bodies involved in EU internal [30] Rob_W_picturesecurity ([31] Europol, [32] Frontex, [33] Eurojust, [34] Cepol and [35] SitCen) must be also ensured by COSI so as to encourage increasingly coordinated, integrated and effective operations. Such players must continue to improve the provision of effective support to specialist services in Member States. In particular, Europol's capacity to support Member States' operations should be improved.
Comment: The [35] SitCen has been called the EU´s CIA.
                                                                                                                 Rob Wainwright is Europol´s chief

-VI- Judicial cooperation in criminal matters
Closer cooperation between Member States' judicial authorities is essential, as is the need for EUROJUST to achieve its full potential within the framework of applicable law. At EU level, successful criminal operations and investigations must enable us to realise the potential synergies between law-enforcement and border agencies and judicial authorities in preventing cross-border crime

A strategic approach to professional training in Europe: this objective is essential in establishing law-enforcement, judicial and border-management authorities that have advanced technology and are at the forefront of their specialisation, and in enabling European law-enforcement training to take a major step forward and become a powerful vehicle for promoting a shared culture amongst European law-enforcement bodies and facilitating transnational cooperation. For that to be achieved, European elements should be included in national training, and exchange programmes should be developed on the basis of the Erasmus model. To that end, highly trained European professionals sharing a similar culture will add value in the context of competition in a globalised society, as well as in the field of security. The European agencies and bodies, especially CEPOL, should play an important role.

We are here witnessing the elements necessary to maintain a police state. This police is to be global/European with no loyalty to the national states, trained and brainwashed to be pliable tools in the hands of their EU masters, real Sturm Troopers,  the European Gendarmerie Force/Eurogendfor, which I have previously described. They are to help national police in case of rebellion against the New World Order. They will consist of non-national gendarmes with a right to shoot into the multitudes – and the [36] ban on eath penalty will be suspended under such circumstances. Pro-active intelligence approach means Orwell´s police state. They have a lot of instruments to watch us with: [37] Drones, full [38] body scanners – now even mobile, [39] creeping plastic robots, and [40] Israeli mind readers, advanced [2] memory readers, and [41] ADABTS to detects abnormal behaviour in crowded spaces (do you have a cold nose or a high pulse rate, are you sweating, are you nervous etc), [42] ECHELON to intercept communication anywhere on Earth, [43] ANPR number plate recognition cameras, [44] monitoring telephone and internet connections – as they do in Austria,, and as imposed on all EU states in 2006, [45] CCTV cameras everywhere, [46] radio tomography, and the list is rapidly growing.
Freedom and democracy are hated by the elite – and the masses don´t care about them as long as they can eat their fill, be entertained with harmless pop, which is even becoming just as [47] missionary Satanistic as the [48] Luciferian elite of the [49] New World Order.

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