The Telegraph Aug. 24, 2008: Shotguns, handguns, knives, knuckledusters, nunchucks, axes, meat hooks and even bombs were used to attack or intimidate 96 children every day in England and Wales.

Opposition MPs described the figures as "alarming" and demanded action from the Government.
Last week, the number of teenagers who have died this year as a result of violent attacks passed 50, after two boys were stabbed in London and Manchester.

The data were obtained from 20 of the 43 forces in England and Wales, covering more than half of the population. The figures for those areas show that last year 18,403 children were attacked or threatened with a weapon, suggesting that across England and Wales as a whole there were 36,806 such incidents – one every 15 minutes.

The count includes murder, assault, theft and robbery, where a weapon was intimated or involved.
Major cities were worst-affected, but the findings also indicate that youth violence has spread to rural areas
, as Northumbria, Hertfordshire and Kent recorded high numbers of weapons offences.

"The violence and anger in our society are growing. I think people are realising now that we are at a critical stage," said murdered Jimmy Mazen´s father.
The shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, said: "This is yet more alarming evidence that violence is becoming an everyday part of life for our young people."

Police seize weapons including guns from schools

The Telegraph, 18 May 2008
Figures obtained by The Sunday Telegraph show that the items were confiscated over two years from pupils as young as 8 years .
The Youth Justice Board reported a 39 per cent rise in violent crime among under-18s, with robberies up 45 per cent.

Right: A photo from a hatecamp in Gaza

The results suggest that police nationwide seize weapons from pupils about 600 times a year, equivalent to three times every school day. The figures only include incidents which teachers took so seriously that police were called.

Many more – up to 8,000 a week, according to teaching unions – are dealt with internally by schools, with police never being informed.

In Leicestershire, pupils attacked each other with spanners, knives, pool cues, chairs and tables. Four teenagers were caught by police with handguns in schools in Greater Manchester.

The Home Office said the maximum prison sentence for carrying a knife was being doubled, to four years.

In Denmark practically not one day elapses without the video text of the state radio reporting shooting, stabbing, killing and rapes – practically never mentioning the origin of the perpetrators – except when they are ethnic Danes!

According to the "Danmarks Statistik", in 2002 
12 % of persons receiving a sentence for a criminal offence were immigrants. At the same time it was stated that there were 200.000 Muslims in the country (untrue- there were more).

For the age group of 15-19 years criminality frequency is the same for immigrants and descendants. Both have a criminality frequency of 72% above the mean of that age group. 

The group, which - compared with the same age group in the whole population - have a particularly high criminality frequency, are the 20-29 year-old descendants.
Their criminality frequency is 139 % above the mean for 20-29 year-old-persons.

In the public debate on criminality among immigrants and their descendants, typically their overrepresentation as for violence- and sxual crimes is focused on, but actually the overrepresentation is smaller than in the field of stealing: 178 % of stealing against 130 % of violence and 110% for sex. 

Immigrants and their descendants have 38 and 157 per cent higher criminality frequencies than the entire population.
The Trend is: There are fewer cases of theft, more cases of violence, several cases relating to sex.

Right: This Swedish citizen was charged with participation in  the greatest robbery in Danish History: 60 mill. DKr.

He was taken into custody awaiting his trial and his photo was published in the Danish Newspaper, Ekstrabladet.

In Sweden, of course, this was also reported – in Expressen , e.g., this newspaper being politically correct – bringing a pixellised picture of the jailed suspect:

As shown by the Swedish blog Rakryggad Nu :
"Expressen first pixellized the  indicted man and then made him white, as if there was something wrong with being of different ethnic origin than white (Swedish in this case), and the result is indeed that in addition to blurring Patriks origin  suspicion is being thrown away from him on to another group of people. I do not have a good word for what I believe that this is, apart from racism, from Expressen´s page, and in addition it is blatant manipulation, which unfortunately is not an isolated case, where attempts are made to try to conceal immigrants´ crimes, by associating the offence committed with the ethnic Swedes instead of immigrants, in misunderstood care for immigrants." 

In Århus, Denmark´s largest City but one, there is the quarters of bad reputation called Gjellerupparken. It is mainly inhabited by violent Muslim immigrants, but there also was a  colony of  Greenlanders, Eskimos.

Århus Stiftstidende, 5. juli, 2008 : “Shouts in the street like: »Fuck home to Greenland, this is our Gjellerup «, are quite common, as well as it is quite normal that Arab youngsters throw fireworks at them.

Johanne Christansens is in no doubt that the Arabs of Gjellerup are practising racism against Greenlanders. 

An official sees it this way: »We cannot live with that. However, we can do nothing. In order to administer the housing laws we must concretely know the identities of the perpetrators. And in these cases we don´t, because the complaints do not contain names nor addresses of the perpetrators. If Greenlanders, who drink much alcohol, live at a place primarily inhabited by Muslims, who do not accept alcohol, then conflicts will arise« !!

Comment A lot of hypocrasy is going on, managed by the media and our politicians. The purpose is to conceal the disastrous truth about one of the tools of the New World Order: multiculturalism, to bust the national state and our ancient Christian cultural identity to promote their corporate world state, the new Roman Empire, the Union for the Mediterranean.

So, let me bring you a fable from ancient Rome – politically correct in Antiquity and in 1956 in Denmark, too:
A farmer was walking in a wood. He happened to find a viper which was half-dead with cold. The kind-hearted farmer picked the poor viper up and warmed it in his arm-pit. When the vicious animal recovered, it bit the farmer and thus killed him. His last words were: “Alas! Rightly do I die! For I have given life to a malicious  creature which I should have let die.” (Kr. Mikkelsen: Latinsk Læsebog, 16. udgave, Gyldendal, 1956).