Countdown in the Middle East I. Netanyahu Symbolism to US Vice President: We Will Attack Anyone Threatening Jerusalem - and Mossad Can Liquidate You!

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Summary: There is emerging desperation in the Obama administration about the Israeli-Palestinian and the Israel-Iran conflicts. It took a really bad turn during the recent visit by U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, to Jerusalem. He was to launch negotiations. But during the visit, Israel announced that it would build 1,600 new Israeli homes in East Jerusalem, which by the "world community" has been assigned as a Palestinian state capital. This affront to Biden appears to be linked to a deep contempt by the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanjahu, of Obama - but also to Netanjahu being bound by domestic political considerations - and knows that the Jewish lobby in the U.S. is in control of both the White house, Congress, and the media! Then Hillary Clinton made a phone call and read a diktat to Netanjahu to halt the construction of houses in East Jerusalem - and to take the United States´ line  with respect to Iran, ie. let Iran have the nuclear bomb. Despite the fact that her step grandfather was Jewish, she has apparently not learned that Jews do what they want to. You cannot argue with them, when they believe the issue is existential. So now houses will be built in East Jerusalem. Presumably the Obama administration to the world, if Israel wants to appear to have clean hands, if Israel launches  an attack on Iran, which U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the real U.S. government, both foresees and apparently approves of. Nevertheless, this Council believes the United States will inevitably be drawn into such a war - with significant risk of confrontation with Russia! Which the Illuminists Joe Biden and Colin Powell prepared the Americans for 1 1 / 2 years ago - and  Albert Pike predicted long ago. The really big say in the White House have: Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton and the two Jews, David Axelrod,and Rahm Emanuel - according to Zbigniew Brzezinski! Symbolically, Netanyahu assured Joe Biden that he would attack anyone threatening Jerusalem!


What is going on in the Middle east? Will there be war – or can Israel´s nuclear arsenal secure status quo - [1] in spite of long lasting preparations for war? The EU and the US are pressing the parties involved to make peace.

[2] HillarycfrThe [3] US is getting desperate over the Middle east Crisis
The crisis in US-Israeli relations took a sharp turn for the worse Friday night, March 12, with a phone call from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the relationship was at risk. DEBKAfile reports: Netanyahu was given to understand  that Israel  must make sweeping concessions to prove its interest in renewed talks with the Palestinians, including in Jerusalem, and accept the Obama administration's line on Iran. (Clinton read a statement to Netanyahu – and declined to discuss it, Israel having offended Vice Pres. Biden by announcing the building of 1.600 Israeli homes in East Jerusalem during Biden´ visit to Israel!!!).  American-Jewish criticism was led Saturday night by the Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman, who issued this statement: "We are shocked and stunned at the Administration’s tone and public dressing down of Israel.”  Now a relentless pressure from Obama on Israel is to follow, [4] not to attack -but accept a nuclear armed Iran! However, it may all be [5] Obama´s playing to the gallery - in order  to not being blamed, if Israel attacks! For all now seems to be[6] forgiven - although on Netanyahu´s US-visit next week [7] Obama goes abroad!!!
Comment:  We shall now see: Who is stronger – the [8] closet Muslim Obama or the Jewish lobby.
I have previously described the dangerous confrontation of minds and on the air between the [9] anti-Amalekites (Netanyahu) and the Haqqanites (Ahmedinejad) making an armed confrontation likely.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is very worried
[10] Mike-mullen[11] Febr. 14 2010:  Mullen  also noted that according to the American assessment, Iran could obtain a nuclear bomb from one year to three years. However, Mullen stressed that, “conflict with Iran would be a big problem for everyone. We would operate all our forces for Israel. Israel supports the policy that Obama leads.
[12] 6 March 2010: Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst for 27 years:  Adm Mike Mullen is nervous. He visited Israel in mid-February and has the conviction that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not care about his warning not to attack Iran. The admiral seems to have the impression that Netanyahu scorns Pres. Obama a wuss - totally dependent on what he is being ordered to do by his chief of staff, Jewish Rahm Emanuel, and the Jewish-bought Congress. Admiral Mullen fears that the US is being mousetrapped into war with Iran by the jews in Israel and the US. Comment: In fact, Obama has been swinging between clear threats  of attack, crippling sanctions to now - doing nothing. Hereby he has pushed the Saudis and Egyptians away from him. They want a US attack on Iran. [13] No one has confidence in him any more.

Islam is so fanatic about Palestine that no real peace can be expected from that side until Israel has been annihilated – and the whole world conquered. But…

What  about the Israeli Jews. Let us see what a Jewess has to say about them and Israel  
[14] Avigail Abarbanel 9 Febr. 2010:  Things seem to be progressing on a trajectory determined by something that to someone in my profession, looks more like a mental illness than a political plan, bearing no relation to any rational diplomatic efforts, `roadmaps', peace plans or truces.
The de-facto, modern secular Zionist definition of
a Jew is someone who would have been considered a Jew by Hitler. The reason for the existence of the state of Israel is a direct result of Jewish self-perception as victims of persecution. Israel was created to offer a safe haven for Jews from persecution.
[15] Herzl2If Israel's actions lead to an increase in fanaticism and in anti-Jewish sentiment, this is because this is what Israel wants to achieve, albeit unconsciously. If the Jews are doing well everywhere, then Jewish identity is being put to question, and so is the very reason for the existence of Israel. The very state that was created to save the Jews from persecution, now needs them to be persecuted again so that it can continue to exist. But there are Jews who doubt that Iran is a threat, e.g. [16] Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

Comment: This is in accordance with what the founder of Zionism, [17] Theodor Herzl, said in 1897: "I shall ask the Antisemites to persecute, rob and kill the the Jews in order to force unwilling Jews back to Palestine!!!"
Some call this masochism/sado-masochism. I would say Israel knows it is impossible to live in peace alongside with Muslims, while at the same time railing the Europeans for being afraid of Muslim immigration – The Central Council of Jews in Germany even [18] calling the Prime Minister of Hessia, Roland Koch, a Nazi for criticizing the brutal attack of 2 Muslims on a 76 year-old-man. Thereby, the changed a certain electoral victory into a debacle. So I would rather speak of double standards – with full understanding for the fact that the “People of the Book” and Muslims can by no means live side by side. 

[19] Rahm[20] Rahm Emanuel, Obama´s jewish chief of staff.

Who make the decisions in the White House ?
[21] Zbigniew Brzezinski Foreign Affairs Jan/Febr. 2010: From Hope to Audacity
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton, and Obama's two trusted political advisers, the Jews David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, have the big say.

Foreign policy lobbies have become more influential in U.S. politics (read Israeli). Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making. Now more than ever, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president.  Such congressional intervention, promoted by lobbies makes it more difficult to ensure that U.S. — not foreign — interests are the point of departure.
Still worse, personal vilification in the blogosphere. Obama has not yet made the transition from inspiring orator to compelling statesman. Advocating that something happen is not the same as making it happen

[22] Haass-on-MJ-genericThe position of the [23] US Council on Foreign Relations,  the real government of the US, where [24] Hillary Clinton says she takes her orders, and the world, a Jewish organization, where [25] Netanyahu is a member – in spite of not being a US citizen, is decisive for war and peace.
[26] Newsweek 22 Jan. 2010 Richard Haas (right), Chairman of the CFR and Obama adviser: Why we can no longer remain on the sidelines in the struggle for regime change in Iran. I've changed my mind. The nuclear talks are going nowhere.  Any and all help for Iran's opposition should be nonviolent.  Sanctions on Iran's gasoline imports and refining, currently being debated in Congress, should be pursued at the United Nations. 
[27] Foreign Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations March/April  The advent of a nuclear Iran — even one that is satisfied with having only the materials and infrastructure necessary to assemble a bomb on short notice rather than a nuclear arsenal — would be seen as a major diplomatic defeat for the United States. Friends and foes would openly question the U.S. government's power and resolve to shape events in the Middle East. Friends would respond by distancing themselves from Washington; foes would challenge U.S. policies more aggressively.
[28] David_rockefellerJohn D. Rockefeller took over the Council on Foreign Relations alongside with JP Morgan , Rothschild´s US agent, and another Rothschild agent, Paul Warburg, alongside with [29] Edward Mandel House , i.e. the same quartett that founded the [30] Federal Reserve System , which has now robbed the US to the extreme. John Rockefeller´s grandson, David (left), was the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations 1970–1985.  

[31] Council on Foreign Relations 8 March 2010 seems to expect – and indeed approve of – an Israeli attack on Iran
Attacks against the sites at Natanz, Isfahan, and Arak alone would likely stretch Israel’s capabilities, and planners would probably be reluctant to enlarge the raid further.
Israel is capable of carrying out these attacks unilaterally.  Israel has the necessary aircraft and the special bombs needed to cause serious damage to the Iranian targets.
[32] Iraq-nShould diplomatic initiatives run aground, the likelihood of an Israeli attack could be expected to increase accordingly.  Netanyahu’s UN General Assembly speech emphasized the existential nature of the threat that he and others in the current government believe Iran represents. His emphasis on the Holocaust as a defining feature of Jewish history and his self-conception as the one who bears the burden of preventing yet another such disaster suggest that U.S. calculations of risk and benefit that tilt toward Israeli restraint might prove to be mirror-imaging.

Surprise would be essential. Tactical warning would be elusive. However, certain indicators have already surfaced; Some find an Israeli attack beneficial to U.S. counterproliferation objectives and ultimately to U.S. national security. Regardless of perceptions of U.S. complicity in the attack, the United States would probably become embroiled militarily in any Iranian retaliation against Israel or other countries in the region. Second, an Israeli strike would cause oil prices to spike by only $6 to $11/bbl. At the onset of the crisis, prices might hit $200/bbl.
Negotiations on Israeli-Palestinian final status accord would be delayed indefinitely by an Israelistrike, (a clear gain for Israel) .

The historical record shows Israel will act in the face of such a threat. The United States must hedge against the failure of a war-avoidance policy, and begin preparing for an Israeli attack on Iran and Iranian retaliation. Israel will act if it perceives momentous jeopardy to the Israeli people or state.

[33] US government´s think tank, Brookings 9 March: The strike option, however, lacks credibility. Tehran, MossadMoscow and Beijing know this.

[34] Wikipedia Victor Ostrovsky: Mossad´s former motto: For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety." – Proverbs 24:6 where deception stands for wise counsel"[35] kee betachbulot ta'ase lecha milchama".  Translation: "With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war".

A confrontation between Israel and Iran is - as we shall see in the next section - linked to an imminent threat of a confrontation between the U.S. and Russia.The  U.S. is apparently determined to stop Israel from attacking. But Israel is probably just as determined to do it. My entire adult life, I have seen Israel as the doomsday clock, the fulfilment of biblical prophecy (Ezekiel 35–37) and the sign of the end of nations (Ezekiel 38–39, Joel 2, Habakuk 3, Luke 21, Matth. 24 etc.). Many times I thought: now it is unavoidable. But it wasn´t. Maybe it isn´t this time, either. But the Middle East conflict has in it the germ of the end of the world as we know it. [36] Prophecy has said 2600 years ago, that God will bring the Israelis back from all nations in the latter days to rebuild the ruins in Palestine (Ezekiel 36:17–24) and let the desert florish in [37] one nation (previously 2 nations). Then he will let it be [38] destroyed in war for the last time through the Prince of Rosh (of late removed from the Bible - however you can still see that name in the [39] American Standard Bible  Ezekiel 38–39). God will establish the state of Israel – not for the sake of the Israelites, who never followed his Commandments, but for his own sake, as he calls the behaviour of the Israelites filthy – profaning God after he spread them among all peoples of the world, it was said. There is no talk about war between Israel and Iran - just that Iran will completely destroy Irak at the end of the [40] Biden97575393bworld (Isaiah 13, Jer. 50-51) - and that Damascus will also cease to exist (Isaiah 17).

[41] Benjamin Netanyahu gave Biden a clear warning: Netanyahu crushed the glass of  the frame of a traditional tree planting document - and later he left Biden in total darkness during a death chant in the Holocaust Museum  for 60 sec.: Warnings that he might be hit by Mossad, according to [42] Brother Kapner, an apostate Jew. The crushed glass is a vow to wage war on any one threatening the Temple of  - East Jerusalem. So, [43] US Vice Pres. Joe Biden has just identified himself with Herzl

So far, so good. Then I learned that [44] Israel was established by God´s worst enemies, the Luciferian Rothschilds and their tool, the Zionists, the founder of whom, [17] Theodor Herzl, even fostered the idea (1897) of allying with the Jews´worst enemies, to let Antisemites liquidate the wealth of the Jews and kill them in order to force the unwilling German Jews to return to Palestine!! I learned that [45] James de Rothschild built the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem to worship – not justice – but the Rothschild dynasty and Jewish world domination!! And I learned how these [46] Luciferians had adopted the biblical prophecies, [47] making them their tool to destroy Israel and the world, because as Luciferians, they feel they are the equals of God, that they are entitled to govern the inferior races and to [48] reduce  their number to something like [49] 500 mio. And I learned that the [50] Rothschilds are Talmud Jews, i.e. they [51] worship the book of the Pharisees, a [52] disgusting book, indeed [53] are Pharisees. This Jewish elite was also behind the [54] Communist and [55] Nazi revolutions. I.e. these people have been –and still are – the worst enemies of …. the Jews and mankind.

Now the fate of Israel and mankind is in their hands, for they rule the US via the Council on Foreign Relations, the [56] Bilderberg Club and [57] here and the [58] Trilateral Commission and Rothschild/Rockefeller´s[30] /Federal Reserve´s  money. Obama is just wax in their hands.
In the Middle East both God and the Devil seem to be working in the same direction. This is as apocalyptic as prophesied by i.a the Illuminist, [47] Albert Pike,  [59] Vice President Biden and [60] Colin Powell!

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