EurActiv 21. August 2008The law, aimed at protecting strategic domestic industries from unwanted foreign takeovers, was approved by the cabinet on 20 August, despite insistence by German business associations that the move goes against EU rules on the free movement of capital.

The move is principally directed against state-controlled sovereign wealth funds originating in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, amid fears that they could be used to take over strategic German industries, such as in the energy, telecoms or banking sectors.

The law, which is yet to receive parliamentary backing, would give the German federal government the right to veto any non-EU or European Free Trade Association (i.e. Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland) investment amounting to 25% or more of a company's stakes if it deems that national security is at risk. 

Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), insists the law sends "the wrong signal for Germany as a place to invest". 

The BDI further insists that the law would be in breach of EU legislation on the free movement of capital – which is meant to apply equally to EU and non-European investors. It further argues that its definition of national security is too broad. 

But the government says the law merely brings German law into line with existing legislation in France, the UK and the US. 

What's more, the European Union is also getting worried about the risks posed by sovereign wealth funds, which are now worth around $2.5 trillion worldwide.
Last February, the Commission put forward new proposals under which sovereign wealth funds would be asked to make public their investment objectives and relationship with government authorities, as well as the size and source of their assets, the currencies in which they are held and the rules under which they operate (
EurActiv 28/02/08).

What do German politicians really think about the EU and the Lisbon Treaty?

CSU-member of the German Bundestag, Peter Gauweiler, has filed a complaint to the German Constitutional Court of Justice in Karlsruhe on the Lisbon Treaty. The complaint was written by Prof Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider and carries such weight that the Court of Justice has forbidden the German president, Köhler, to sign it until the verdict has been given.
Now behind closed doors, Gauweiler is being praised by his politically correct, cowardly party colleagues for his lonely decision. Gauweiler and leading lawyers see Germany to be thretened as a state by the EU.

CSU-deputyThomas Silberhorn representing many further deputies thereby sees a chance to have a principal decision on the participation in the further European integration, including the role of national parliaments and limits to European integration.

 21.08.2008  EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - Next month, the European Union will hold its first ever "European Roma Summit". The event aims to review policies on Roma inclusion, widely seen to be not yet succeeding in Europe.
The formation of the current Italian government on 8 May was accompanied by widespread acts of vigilante violence. Its representatives had promised a "crackdown" on Roma, and indicated that those who would take the law into their own hands would suffer few if any consequences.

Thus, on 11 May, four Molotov cocktails were thrown into Romani camps in Milan and Novara. On 13 May, assailants burned the Ponticelli Romani settlement in Naples to the ground, causing the approximately 800 residents to flee while Italians stood by and cheered. On 9 June, a settlement of around 100 Romanian Roma in Sicily was attacked and burned to the ground.

Italian Minister of Internal Affairs Roberto Maroni, also a member of the governmental Lega Nord party, is reported to have stated about these attacks: "That is what happens when gypsies steal babies."
Mr Maroni has also told the media: "All Roma camps will have to be dismantled right away, and the inhabitants will be either expelled or incarcerated."

The new government has acted on this promise by destroying the housing of Roma in a number of areas, and expelling their inhabitants, or simply forcing them into homelessness.
The new government has also carried out a forced fingerprinting campaign targeting all Roma living in camps, as well as passing a law which defines the mere presence of Roma in a given area as a state of emergency.

The Guardian, May 17, 2008: Sixty-eight per cent of Italians, fuelled by attacks by the new government, want to see all of the country's 150,000 Gypsies, many of them Italian citizens, expelled, according to an opinion poll.

The survey, published as mobs in Naples burned down Gypsy camps this week, revealed that the majority also wanted all Gypsy camps in Italy to be demolished .

About 70,000 Gypsies in Italy hold Italian passports, including about 30,000 descended from 15th-century Gypsy settlers in the country. The remainder have arrived since, many fleeing the Balkans during the 1990s.

Another 10,000 Gypsies came from Romania after it joined the European Union in January 2007

Despite these facts, the European Union has to date been incapable of responding appropriately to the scale of crisis.
Since 2003 and with the amendment of EU Treaty Article 7 by the entry into force of the Treaty of Nice, the Union has had the power to act preventatively when a risk arises threatening the principles on which the Union is based, notably, "the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental rights, and the rule of law, principles which are common to the Member States".
No serious discussion exists as to now using these powers with respect to Italy. It is apparently the view of many who would be in a position to exercise them, that excessive criticism of an EU Member State government is the sort of thing that is – err – not done.

As long as the Union institutions tolerate the current actions and inactions of the Italian government, the message of the European Union to the Roma of Europe is, "We care little about your pain. We are deaf to your interests."

As for the Muslim immigration
as of 25 July, 2008 Italy declared a
state of emergency, punishing illegal immigration from 3. countries by up to 4 years of imprisonment - due to the arrival of over 15.000 Muslim "refugees" this year.
And the Lega Nord supporting Berlusconi has proposed a Bill in Parliament against Mosque buildings in Italy.

Denmark´s Prime Minister, Fogh Rasmussen, refuses (halfheartedly, as he is a true bildergerger) to let a verdict of the European Court of Justice decide over Danish legislation on immigration. Thereby, he is making virtue of necessity, his parliamentary basis, the Danish People´s Party, insisting as a matter of confidence on keeping the "restrictive" Danish immigration legislation - which is not at all restrictive.

He wants to get rid of the 4 Danish opts-out on defence, the euro, EU citizenship and justice. Nevertheless, the Danish government  is now advising the Irish on how to  elaborate  (worthless)  opts-out for the Irish  so as to  persuade the Irish  to  vote "yes" to the Lisbon Treaty in a 2. referendum!!!

European Union Tower of BabelSo, the EU has expanded its globalist rules to a point where the national state stands before its last decisive choice: Survival or dissolution. It seems that more and more cowardly national politicians know what is at stake. The result is that national considerations weigh heavily over European unity.
And when it comes to dealing with Russia over Georgia, the fear and idealism of Eastern Europeans are overruled by the German and French needs for Russian energy!

The EU is an artificial,  non-viable project. To the question, when the EU can field  a "national" Olympic team, all  Europhiliacs asked answered :"Never! This is a matter for  national states!"  That´s the way they never answer in the USA!

Let us hope that the EU politicians feel the pressure from their peoples and stop the EU madness, the EU Global management, as Benita Ferrero Waldner says - before it is too late.

It is our task to let our politicians feel a growing resistance in the European populations against the EU project as long as it is a New World Order project in stead of democratic cooperation beween European sovereign countries. And it is our common task to tell the Europeans about the dictatorial great deception which is the EU.