Russia has lost the war in Georgia!
The Times, Aug. 15, 2008
In the old days under Soviet rule we didn't believe a word of our own propaganda but we thought that information was free in the West and we longed for it,” said Katya, a middle-aged Muscovite. “But we have learnt since that the West has its own propaganda and in some ways it is more powerful because people believe it.”

1 month ago 53 % of Poles were opposed to  the set-up of US interceptor Missiles in Northern Poland. Today most Poles are celebrating the  signing of this agreement (Spiegel Online Aug. 20)

Just why the political climate changed so quickly is clear: Russia.
The matter of who actually started the war in Georgia has become secondary.

For although Russia did seem to have a winning case as liberators of bullied minorities, she lost the fight for the public opinion of the world  the very moment she invaded Georgia, and possibly fell into a trap:
Michael Gorbachev: Der Spiegel Online Aug. 20, 2008.
"The planners of this campaign clearly wanted to make sure that, whatever the outcome, Russia would be blamed for worsening the situation. The West then mounted a propaganda attack against Russia, with the American news media leading the way.

Russia was already being accused of aggression; news reports were often an embarrassing recitation of the Georgian leader’s deceptive statements."

What most people believe to be "Public Opinion" is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public.

"Moscow's propaganda machine is blamed by the European (and thus the US) Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for being totally ineffective. The consensus is that the campaign against Georgian forces was a military success but a "PR disaster";
What many Russians experienced as a defeat in the information war is in reality an exposure of the inability of this 19th-century-minded power to exercise influence in European politics.

Russia discovered in the five days of the Georgian war that it does not have any meaningful "soft power".
Russia is dangerously lonely in the post-ideological world.
The end of the Soviet Union and the death of communism deprived Moscow of its universal language and universal appeal; nothing has emerged to replace it.
At home helpless Russia knew no other expediency than returning to Cold War propaganda and hatespeech.

On the other hand,  wimpy Europe has only one suggestion:”The best we can do is to do nothing” has neither gained nor lost by the conflict - for no one expected anything from it."

Der Spiegel Online, Aug. 20: “It happened last week during a meeting of EU foreign ministers, the "wimps from the West," as one Eastern European diplomat was heard to growl, had their say — and blocked everything.

The diplomat described what they had in mind as "appeasement" — the kind of "placation and conciliation" that the Allies once pursued with Hitler's Germany for far too long. There are many in Germany, Italy or Great Britain who feel the same.  It is a viewpoint that seems to have gained the upper hand the idea that Russia can be a partner for peace has rapidly lost credence since Moscow sent its rockets, tanks and soldiers to Georgia.

When German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warns that "the dialogue with Russia should not be broken off," he is right.
That may sound irresolute, perhaps even cowardly. But
among the 26 foreign ministers gathered in Brussels on Tuesday, it is one that found a solid majority even among those who are sending a different message back home!!!"

Now, is there no soft power in Russia?
Yes there is – and he says things much in accordance with what wimpy politicians in the EU are saying. But he is 77 years old and has a bad reputation in Russia for having destroyed the Soviet Union – and on the other side a high star in the West, although he is angry with pres. Bush, Jr.:

The "Prince of Peace", Nobel Prize winner Michael Gorbachev.
“Let us hear what he has to say : "Russia needs its Western partners. But Russia will not be and doesn't want to be a junior partner, a kid brother, that is doing the West's bidding."

The problems of the Caucasus region cannot be solved by force
. That has been tried more than once in the past two decades, and it has always boomeranged.
What is needed is a legally binding agreement not to use force.

The West would be wise to help achieve such an agreement now.
If not, expect the worst.”

Gorbachev supports Putin
In 2003, Gorbachev was visting Gottorf Castle at Schleswig, where I then lived. He was seen on a photo in my newspaper at the Putin - Schröder Summit there, standing behind Putin, as his adviser!

Moscow News Nov. 29, 2007 : "Asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gorbachev said that, while he initially had doubts about Putin being able to lead Russia, he now supported him. "Putin is a very capable person, a wise person, a man of strong character, of few words but with good management skills," Gorbachev said. "Now he is more than just a manager, he has become a credible political leader."

Well, not quite so mealymouthed as EU politicians – but nevertheless! Anyway Gorbie is more of a politician than Russian General Nogovitsyn who is awaiting his chance during a NATO-Blitz-war into Georgia!

Has Putin got any choice but Gorbachev to win the Europeans for Russia and to placate the New World Order (CFR)?
Putin´s alternative, the nuke attacks recently announced by his General Nogovitsyn, are only usable to real madmen. And as the Cold War showed the mad Soviet leaders were not so mad as to expose themselves to a nuclear attack. I don´t think Putin is that mad. either. As EUs "New Europe" writes:" Unless you’re the late Bobby Fischer, you don’t play chess with Russians. Russians don’t play  for the next move, but to get into position to be in position to make the moves you don’t see coming, as Georgia has now discovered." This is not charming - but very efficient.

Besides, both Putin´s conventional army and his nuclear arsenal are in a miserable condition (Der Spiegel Online June 25, 2008) and by far inferior to the NATO forces, not fit to checkmate the world with - but of course they are in combat far away from home. And as for territory no one can swallow Russia.

EurActiv Aug.22,2008: "Stratfor (close to US intelligence) sources say Russian President Medvedev has offered Merkel a "security pact" between the two countries. Details are unknown, but the Russian aim seems to be "to rip NATO apart". Medvedev being part of the Georgian invasion is discredited - but Russia´ aim is clear.

Gorbachev is very popular in the West - especially in Germany because of the reunification, which was allowed by Gorbie – however in reality mostly due to Western (Rockefeller und Rothschild) banks withdrawing their credits from the GDR!!! Thus, der Spiegel Online writes:" No bank in the West is currently pumping money for the disposal of the GDR (DDR). The last  large loans were scrapped by Western banking companies in 1981. Since then nothing goes any more.
Even David Rockefeller, who for a long time was occupied with with GDR money transactions now withholds his money.  Rockefeller´s powerful Chase Manhattan Bank, once very thick in East business, returns no U.S. dollars."

The Trilateral Commission represented by David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Valéry Giscard d´Estaing visited Gorbie in 1989 and persuaded him to dissolve the USSR – as did EU Commission President, Jacques Delors, that same year, where the Berlin Wall also fell.

Gorbie is apparently the only Russian partner for dialogue with the West on the further Development of their New World Order project.
Oddly enough, no Russian politicians – apart from a few untruthful promises from Medvedev  - have stated any politically sensible words on the Georgian conflict – except for Gorbie.

Gorbachev has a club of old politicians "The World political Forum".  He professes the New World Order since 1988.

About Lenin he says " An outstanding president" and "I think that we have not been able to establish proper governance in the global world", both on page 11.

Besides he has started the leninist-religious "Earth Charter" Project, sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers´Fund, the religion of environmentalists alongside with Steven Rockefeller and illuminist Maurice Strong .

And Gorbachev has chaired the Globalist environmental movement, Green Cross International  since June 1993. "Its tentacles reach into countless areas of international law and politics, ultimately demanding the submission of all nation-states to the sovereignty of a Global environmental government - one of many efforts he is making to establish and enforce supra-national powers."

Besides, Gorbie is  an honorary member of the New World Order Club of Rome  - and in influential contact with David Rockefeller.