Summary: Since 1973, "our" politicians have  been working to Islamize Europe through 1. Mass immigration, in order to to overthrow the old society order through radical Muslim demographic majority, in Denmark between 2035-47, probably before - as decreed by socialist politicians. 2.The Euromediterranean Process that has created a uniom between the EU and all Mediterranean countries except Libya - with the prospect of free movement for all in this Euro-Mediterranean Zone. 3. Through the importation of 56 million African Muslims + families to the EU by 2050. 4. Through keeping virtually all illegal Muslim refugees in the name of "human rights". These Muslims will not integrate - but declare that they want to establish Sharia law in Europe. The present  article describes the conditions under which Christians now are living in Muslim countries: Everywhere persecution, oppression, discrimination, murder. And it is increasing during these years. This is what we have in store in Europe. Because we are  allowing Sharia law among us without grouching, we are complicits in this heritage being passed on to our children and grandchildren. Already in 2002 the Danish Integration Ministry pointed out that Muslim immigrants and their descendants are working much less than Danes - and therefore contribute to the dependency ratio for the aging Danish population at the cost of public welfare - although Anders Fogh Rasmussen repeatedly said that Muslims came because our employers were screaming for labor - the socialist and liberal politicians each year allowing the killing of 15,000 Danish fetuses in the holy name of free abortion.

In my previous post I showed very dangerous dhimmitude in our public sphere. The Euromediterranean Process of the EU necessitates massive, Fabian Socialist-planned influx of Muslims to take over a Europe which these New World Order  politicians (see right margin of this blog) have done their utmost to depopulate of native Europeans through free abortion. Thereupon politicians and media assert that we need Muslim immigrants as labour instead. What qualifications do they bring? Muslim tradition is just not to work (video)!
Their global village is to be populated by Muslims. Their Union for the Mediterranean may lie dormant due to the current economic crisis. But it is very much alive under the surface. When you have read this, you may think: Well, I am an atheist, anyway. Poor you: You are still kufar – an unbeliever and as such an outlaw, worse off than the “people of the book”, Jews and Christians. . For the following is already growing stronger by the day among us!
Erdogan_tuerk2Spiegel 26 febr. 2010:  “In Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a former???! Islamist and now the country's prime minister, who has promised Turkey's few remaining Christians more rights. He points to the history of the Ottoman Empire, in which Christians and Jews long had to pay a special tax, but in exchange, were granted freedom of religion and lived as respected fellow citizens. Comment: This is the definition of dhimmitude.  Dhimmis were always discriminated against, according to Bat Ye´or – Eurabia 2005. Even if this is living on a vulcano, it is the best Christians and Jews,i.e. the “people of the book” can achieve in Islam. Here are 2 quotations which bode ill for any one so naïve as to believe in “moderate Islam”: On Aug. 21, 2007, Mr. Erdogan said about the often used term  "Moderate Islam":"These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!" The motto of this Turkish leader is: "Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers."

The rise of Islamic extremism is putting increasing pressure on Christians in Muslim countries, who are the victims of murder, violence and discrimination – although Islam denies this, of course (taqija, the “legal” lie). Malaysisk-bibelKevin Ang (Kuala Lumpur) is cautious these days.  Metro Tabernacle Church was the first of 11 churches set on fire by angry Muslims — all because of one word "Allah" which the Muslims would not allow Christians, who in Malay have no other word for God, to use.After 11 churches and  schools had been burnt, Christians were allowed by the Supreme Court to use the word "Allah."

Rev. Fr. Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Roman Catholic Church’s weekly Malaysian publication The Herald (which brought the lawsuit),
triumphantly holding up a Bible after the court's decision.

The militant Islamist group Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, while Islamist militias are fighting the governments of Nigeria and the Philippines. Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen have fallen to a large extent into the hands of Islamists. And where Islamists are not yet in power, secular governing parties are trying to outstrip the more religious groups in a rush to the right.
This can be seen in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Indonesia to some extent, and also Malaysia. Even though this Islamization often has more to do with politics than with religion, it can still be said that where Islam gains importance, freedoms for members of other faiths shrink.

There are 2.2 billion Christians around the world. The Christian non-governmental organization Open Doors calculates that 100 million Christians are being threatened or persecuted. They aren't allowed to build churches, buy Bibles or obtain jobs. The more brutal version sees them blackmailed, robbed, expelled, abducted or even murdered.

In Lebanon and Syria, Christians are not discriminated against??, and in fact play an important role in politics and society. And the persecution of Christians is by no means the domain of fanatical Muslims alone — Christians are also imprisoned, abused and murdered in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, China and Eritrea (45% Muslims).
Open Doors compiles a global Christian "persecution index." North Korea, where tens of thousands of Christians are serving time in work camps, has topped the list for many years. North Korea is followed, though, by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Maldives and Afghanistan. Of the first 10 countries on the list, 8/10 are Islamic, and almost all have Islam as their state religion.

People Are Scared Out of Their Minds'
In Iraq, for example, Sunni terrorist groups prey specifically on people of other religions. The last Iraqi census in 1987 showed 1.4 million Christians living in the country, at present it is just under 400,000. Experts speak of a "creeping genocide”.

The situation in the region around the city of Mosul in northern Iraq is especially dramatic.  Bassam Bashir´s father was shot - his brother´s throat was cut - because they were Christians. Together with his wife Nafa and their two daughters, Bashir fled to Alqosh the same day. The city is surrounded by vineyards and an armed Christian militia guards the entrance.
 Sixteen Christians were killed the next week, and bombs exploded in front of churches. Men in passing cars shouted at Christians that they had a choice — leave Mosul or convert to Islam. Out of over 1,500 Christian families in the city, only 50 stayed. Others who gave up hope entirely fled to neighboring countries like Jordan and even more to Syria.

pakistani church-burningIn many cases, the persecution has the tacit approval of the government. In Algeria, for example. Christians are being described as Satanists who convert Muslims with the help of drugs in Uzbekistan, which ranks tenth on Open Doors' "persecution index."

Blasphemy and insulting the core values of Islam are a punishable offense in many Islamic countries.  Last year, 125 Christians were charged with blasphemy in Pakistan. Dozens of those already sentenced are on death row.

           Pakistani church at Sukkur aflame 2006

Government-tolerated persecution occurs even in Turkey (the cradle of Christianity), the most secular and modern country in the Muslim world, where around 110,000 Christians make up less than a quarter of 1 percent of the populationbut are discriminated against nonetheless. Christians in Turkey, who numbered well over 2 million people in the 19th century, are fighting for their continued existence.
It's happening in the southeast of the country, for example, in Tur Abdin, It's home to the Syrian Orthodox Assyrians, or Aramaeans as they call themselves, members of one of the oldest Christian groups in the world. The inhabitants of Tur Abdin still speak Aramaic, the language used by Jesus of Nazareth.
The world is much more familiar with the genocide committed against the Armenians by Ottoman troops in 1915 and 1916, but tens of thousands of Assyrians were also murdered during World War I. Half a million Assyrians are said to have lived in Tur Abdin at the beginning of the 20th century. Today there are barely 3,000
In 2006, for example, a Catholic priest was shot. In 2007, three Christian missionaries were murdered.

Converts in Grave Danger
In even graver danger than traditional Christians, however, are Muslims who have converted to Christianity. Apostasy, or the renunciation of Islam, is punishable by death according to Islamic law — and the death penalty still applies in Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
COPTIC-BURIALEven in Egypt, a secular country, converts draw the government's wrath. The religion minister defended the legality of the death penalty for converts — although Egypt doesn't even have such a law — with the argument that renunciation of Islam amounts to high treason8 million Egyptians belong to the Coptic Church. They're barred from high government positions, diplomatic service and the military, as well as from many state benefits. Universities have quotas for Coptic students considerably lower than their actual percentage within the population.

Building new churches isn't allowed, and the old ones are falling into disrepair thanks to a lack both of money and authorization to renovate. When girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted, the police don't intervene. Thousands of pigs were also slaughtered under the pretense of confining swine flu. Naturally all were owned by Christians.

Burial of 6 murdered Coptic Christians in Egypt Jan. 2010

The Christian Virus
Six Copts were massacred
on Jan. 6 — when Coptic celebrate Christmas Eve — in Nag Hammadi, a small city 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of the Valley of the Kings. Predictably, the speaker of the People's Assembly, the lower house of the Egyptian parliament, called it an "individual criminal act." When he added that the perpetrators wanted to revenge the rape of a Muslim girl by a Copt, it almost sounded like an excuse. Whenever clashes Nigerian-church-rubblesbetween religious groups occur, the government finds very secular causes behind them, such as arguments over land, revenge for crimes or personal disputes.

It comes as no surprise that these murders occurred in Nag Hammadi, nor that they were followed by the country's worst religious riots in years. Christian shops and Muslim houses were set on fire, and 28 Christians and 14 Muslims were arrested. Nag Hammadi is now sealed off. Three presumed perpetrators have since been arrested. All of them have prior criminal records. One admitted to the crime, but then recanted, saying he had been coerced by the intelligence service. The government seems to want the affair to disappear as quickly as possible. The alleged murderers will likely be set free again as soon as the furor has blown over.” 

Jos-lig Left: A corpse being carried away after Muslim attack on Christians at Jos, Nigeria on 7 March, 2010. 200 were killed on that day - fresh attack on Christians at Jos on 9 March. Right: Nigerian Church ruin after islamic attack. In Nigeria violent Muslim attacks on churches take place on a regular basis.

  How strong these people are – and how weak we are! They defy death and prefer poverty to career – bcause they have their wealth in their faith in Christ. But we are giving our faith, souls and identity away for the sake of our peace and temporary physical well-being. Well. Everybody must decide for himself what´s the meaning of his life. But in doing so, everybody decides the future of not only his own children – but in this case of those of other people´s children as well. So this is alo a matter of responsibility.For a long time, Western churches have largely been joining the current ideology - not to forget Hitlerism and Stalinism. The EU? It wants to see us as dhimmis and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here etc! Even into our court rooms the way is being paved for the Sharia!

 I suppose we really only love our children - and now through our political correctness/cowardice, we are giving them such conditions as described above, which any logically thinking human would normally avoid. Between 2035–2047 there will be Muslim majority in Denmark– probably sooner, considering the gigantic EU-pumping of 56 mio African Muslims + families in to the EU by 2050.This is not only irresponsible - it is diabolical!

I am surprised that the Danes are putting up with immigration, which is now eating their beloved “welfare” away. The explanation was given in the Dept. of Integration´s  2002-estimate  of the consequence of immigration:  "The Conclusions of the prognosis is that it is necessary to reduce public expenditure by 1,1% of the Gross National Product with effect from 2005. In 2005, that corresponds to a cut of 14,3 billions in 1999 prices at the same integration rate as in 2002!!!
The share of the population who are descend from immigrants is increasing. Immigrants and their descendants have a lower rate of employment than the remaining population. This alongside with the demographic development means that the percentage of  breadwinners will decrease by 33 % up to 2040.  More here. This is too stupid!! – because politicians kept telling us that the reason for the mass immigration was young labour to replace our ageing population, politicians having prevented our rejuvenation through free abortion!!