EU´s Imperial Dreams of Leading World Governance Shattered by Humiliating Realpolitik in Georgia

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The [1] would-be leader of world governance, and [2] here, and [3] here the [4] illuminist (explanatory statement)  EU[5] empire to stretch [6] beyond the borders of Europe, which believes dialogue can clear all problems (e.g. Islam) has been taught a lesson of realpolitik in Georgia - and so the EU is the great loser alongside with Georgia in this conflict.

Neither  Napoleon Barroso nor Napoleon Bonaparte could manage the Russian Bear.

On Aug. 13, [7] Hans Geert Pöttering, the Chairman of the European Parliament said:” "Only a political resolution…is possible. Military means are not an option.

Mr Pöttering sent Marie Anne Isler Béguin, head of the European Parliament's delegation to the South Caucasus to Tbilisi, where she took part in the ceasefire negotiations brokered Tuesday by the EU between Georgia and Russia. She underlined "the need for dialogue to foster a political solution". She called on Russia to "respect the agreement and immediately withdraw its troops and stop atrocities. The plan fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and all its regions, she noted.
"The EU needs to play an important and active political role on the ground facilitating the peace process,"  Mr Pöttering said."

The EP Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Security and Defence and the Delegation for Relations with the South Caucasus will hold an extraordinary joint meeting Wednesday 20 August to discuss the development of the situation in Georgia.

[8] Debka, Aug. 16, 2008: After meeting German chancellor Angela Merkel, Medvedev said he could not see South Ossetia and Abkhazia living with Georgia in one state.

The [9] Telegraph Aug. 16, 2008 reports the Russian troops are just 25 km away from Georgia´s Capital, Tbilisi.  As does the [10] New York Times

What happened to the EU´s 6-point plan for cease-fired negotiated between Medwedew and Sarkozy on [11] Aug. 12, 2008
[12] The New York Times, Aug. 13, 2008: It soon became clear that the six-point deal failed to slow the Russian advance.
Mr. Sarkozy, according to a senior Georgian official who witnessed the negotiations, also failed to persuade the Russians to agree to any time limit on their military action.
By mid-morning, European officials were warning of the risks of appeasing Russian aggression, while Georgian officials lamented the West’s weak leverage.

France brokered the deal as the country holding the rotating presidency of the European Union. Bernard Kouchner, the foreign minister of France, visited Tbilisi and left with a four-point cease-fire plan.
The conditions were: no use of force; cease hostilities; open humanitarian corridors in the conflict areas; and Georgian and Russian troops withdraw to their pre-war positions

Negotiating from a position of strength, the Russians demanded the fifth point, allowing their troops to act in what was termed a peacekeeping role, even outside the boundaries of the separatist enclaves, and
allowing Russian peacekeepers to “implement additional security measures”.

The Georgians asked that a timeline be included.  The Georgian official said Mr. Sarkozy’s response was that without an agreement, a Russian tank assault on the capital could ensue: “He was saying it’s a difficult situation. He said, ‘Their tanks are 40 kilometers from Tbilisi. This is where we are.’ ”

Mr. Sarkozy then tried to call Dmitri A. Medvedev, the Russian president, to amend the point with a timeline. The adviser, who was present, said the Russians did not take the call for two hours. When the French president got through, the proposal was rejected.

Russian troops have the right to take any actions necessary to prevent hostilities, said a Kremlin spokesman, Alexei Pavlov, including inside Georgia. He said the fifth point of the agreement included this right but added that Russia would consider such actions justified “without any agreement at all.”

One senior American official said the fifth point in the cease-fire agreement could lead to further Russian advances, including feints on Tbilisi, to create panic and undermine support for Mr. Saakashvili.

The true face of the Russian Bear: "He looks like a lamb - but speaks like a dragon" (Rev. 13:11)

And the Russians are really angry. Now they threaten to arm their warships and submarines in the [13] Baltic (Times Online Aug. 17) and the Mediterranean with nuclear warheads - and to place such things in Kaliningrad (Königsberg) and in Syria - thus also threatening the existence of Israel ([14] Debka, Aug.17, 2008). Russia threatened Poland with a nuclear strike yesterday [15] The Times Online Aug. 16, 2008

This clearly shows the weakness of the EU scared out of their wits -  and it is ridiculing EU´s aspirations to be the leader of world governance. The Russian Bear  simply ignores the EU, knowing it is completely dependent on Russian gas supplies – and a paper tiger with no teeth.
As the Frankfurter Allgemeine writes (quoted by [16] Der Spiegel Online Aug. 16.2008: "In spite of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's diplomatic exercises (in brokering the cease-fire), Moscow sees no need to give an inch to the European Union."
Die Welt writes:""It wasn't foreseeable that Russia would meddle in the Caucasus to compensate itself for the perceived defeat in Kosovo."

On 17 Aug. Mr.[17] Sarkozy threatened  Medwedew on the phone with  conequences in the relation to the EU, unless the Russians  did not leave Georgia proper immediately! Now Medwedew probably got scared, for he promised to begin the withdrawal on Monday Aug. 18 - if his master, Mr. Putin allows him to! And [17] it seems that he doesn´t want to complete it!

These events might instigate the EU to accelerate the build-up of its [18] NATO-independent EUFOR Taskforce  on a larger scale than originally planned – or even rely fully on NATO, for EUFOR cannot match the Russians for many years to come - also inasmuch as we have dispersed our armies all over the world. Another possibility is that the EU submits to Russian hegemony – since the EU is very dependent on Russian energy supplies.

In fact, [19] the EU Project came into being due to an agreement between Gorbachev and European social democrats.

Here is a photo from a [20] maneouver in fighting civil war in Sweden, where EUFOR forces, the good guys, are fighting the bad guys from the Northern League of Nationalists who are supposed to be revolting against the EU´s multiculturalism.
Alas, maybe the Russians are more capable than the EUFOR to do such things?

In stead of handling the very threatening situation in Georgia immediately, the EU Parliament continues its vacation – and will not meet until Aug. 20!!

All this has nothing to do with world governance, which is still a matter between 2 superpowers: The USA and Russia.
The illuminist, dictatorial EUSSR will hardly make things better - unfortunately, its weapons being fraud ([21] climate ideology)  lies (the Lisbon Treaty etc) and multiculturalism ([22] Union for the Mediterranean) - also the weapons of the others - but they have more nuclear bombs.

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