Open Letter to Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr.Terry Davis, on Islamophobia

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Open letter to 

Mr. Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Terry Davis

On Aug. 13 the following appalling story  was broght by [1] ANSAmed) - DUBAI, AUGUST 13:   – “The sentence could not be appealed: guilty for converting to Christianity, a young Saudi woman was set alight by her father, who first had cut her tongue. Not an ordinary father, but a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Against Vice, a sort of police watching over the moral behaviour of the citizens of Saudi Arabia and the full compliance with the rules of the rigid Wahabi doctrine, by using whiplashes on the legs for too high heels and arresting men and women not linked by marriage or family bonds for meetings in restaurants. To the injury of the conversion, the woman had added also the insult of the written word, by writing articles with Christian-religious content on blogs and regional websites. The brutal news reported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)'s daily Gulf News reflects the reality of Saudi Arabia.”

 My questions to you  will follow below, but first  my background for  turning to  you.

The Great Confusion
I feel sorry for you members of the European Council, for you have a real dilemma: On one hand you have committed yourselves to fight for human rights. On the other hand you do see terrorism almost exclusively coming from Muslims whom you want to multiply and spread all over Europe.
You are trying to mix fire and water.

On Apr. 15, 2008 The Council of Europe  has passed its [2] Resolution 1605 distinguishing  between Islam and and Islamic fundamentalism – without telling us on what grounds. Excerpts here:

"1. The attacks in Paris in 1995, New York in 2001, the subsequent spate of bombings which hit Madrid and Istanbul in 2003 and London in 2005, and the foiling of many other terrorist plots on European soil have shown the extent and gravity of the threat of terrorism from people who invoke Islamic fundamentalism as a source of inspiration.

2. The Parliamentary Assembly warns against any confusion between Islam as a faith and Islamic fundamentalism as an ideology….On the other hand, Islamic fundamentalism is an extremist ideology with a political agenda, which promotes a model of society which is not compatible with human rights values and standards of democracy.

5. In parallel to these efforts, European governments bear a special responsibility to address the root causes which create a fertile ground for extremism, such as poverty, discrimination and social exclusion; to ensure full respect for the freedoms of thought, speech and religion, as laid down in the European Convention on Human Rights (ETS No. 5).

8. The Assembly welcomes the initiative taken by the governments of two member states – Spain and Turkey – to create the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

9.2. condemn and combat Islamophobia;

9.3. act resolutely against hate speech and all other forms of behaviour which run counter to core human rights and democratic values, even when their authors seek to justify them on religious grounds;

9.4. combat all forms of discrimination and violence (particularly forced marriages, sexual mutilation of women and so-called “honour crimes”) which, in the name of misinterpreted religious texts or customs, violate the fundamental rights of women and equality between women and men;

9.5. combat all forms of cultural or religious relativism which justify discriminatory practices and human rights violations, particularly those directed at women or other groups in society;

9.7.8. removing unnecessary legal or administrative obstacles to the construction of a sufficient number of appropriate places of worship for the practice of Islam;

9.7.9. ensuring that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion;

9.9. monitor the role played by foreign states in the financing of mosques and appointment of imams, in order to ensure that these actions are not used to promote extremist views;

9.12. encourage informative projects about Islam’s contribution to western societies in order toovercome stereotypes on Islam.

10. The Assembly calls on leaders and opinion-makers to act responsibly to avoid encouraging discrimination and Islamophobia.

11. Furthermore, the Assembly calls on European Muslim organisations, leaders and opinion-makers to:

11.1. act with a high sense of responsibility in their public statements and condemn terrorism and extremism unequivocally, being aware of their influence on Muslim communities;

11.2. encourage Muslims to fully participate in society without questioning the secular character of the society and the institutions of the country where they live;

11.3. formally endorse the European Convention on Human Rights;

11.4. promote the transmission of core European values within Muslim communities, and among young people in particular, by highlighting their compatibility with the Muslim faith;

11.5. ensure the teaching of core European values in Muslim faith schools;

11.9. develop ethical guidelines to combat Islamophobia in the media and in favour of cultural tolerance and understanding, in co-operation with appropriate media organisations."

It appears from the above that you know, Islam is the problem – and that you cling to your ideology of multiculturalism by trying to define the causes of Islamic radicalism by poverty, us excluding and isolating the poor Muslims - instead of them isolating themselves from us infidels.

You try to conceal the facts of the texts of the Koran and the Hadiths, to conceal that every Muslim is obliged to do as Muhammad did (Koransura 33:21), their "fine pattern", the caravan robber who had sexual intercourse with a 9-year-old girl and demanded infidels to be killed until they submit to Allah (Koransure 9:1-5, e.g.).

You are forgetting that the Koran makes it clear it is Islam´s ideology to rule the whole world – not made to be ruled over.

The problem is, this is Islam - not "islamic fundamentalism"!!! For according to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey [3] there is no moderate Islam.It is ugly and an insult to talk about moderate or radical Islam. Islam is Islam. And that is it!!"
And Islam is the Contents of the Koran (Koransure 3:19, 21:10)

My Questions to the Council of Europe

1. You forbid us to fear Islam - Islamophobia. Who does not fear Islam, unless he is stupid – or a real hero - at least as long as you allow the Koran? 

Why don´t you go to the root of the evil: The Koran and the Hadiths – and forbid them in Europe, if you really do want to promote your “Human Rights”. For they are 180 degrees in opposition to the Koran and Hadith. Or have they only been made for Muslims?

3. How  can you praise the [4] Alliance of Civilizations - founded by Mr. Erdogan and Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain?
Mr. Zapatero was  a main speaker at the  Muslim Interfaith Meeting in Madrid in July 2008  headed by King Abdullah of Sudi-Arabia,thus approving of Saudi-Arabia´s "Human Rights" and its [5] Islamic Cultural Centre at Madrid.
Also, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Tony Blair participated in this meeting spreading lies on the religion of peace and its humanity.

4. You speak of moderate Islam – do you want to offend Mr. Tayyip Erdogan?

Considering your above calls for a massive reeducation of Muslims you must be aware of the fact that there is a connection between Islam and terror (sorry, I know this ugly word is now also being banned by New World Order think tanks like the Rand Corporation).

5. So why do you lie to us about Islam and terror not being connected?

6.The Council of Europe threatens us [6] 3 years of imprisonment for telling the truth about Islam. Do you want  the  journalists who tell us the naked truth about the consquences of the Koran to be punished?

You do not solve this problem by words  you have been [7] using since 2000  without any effect – for we see Islamic terror on our streets increasing more and more every day.

7. On Aug. 14, I received a [8] newspaper article  telling us that the Danish Police Intelligence Service even dissuades our government and  institutions, media etc. to use the phrase Islamism – because it might anger the Muslims! 
No other word is being suggested – this simply meaning: Be silent on Muslim terrorism.
This is called dhimmitude by Bat Ye´or – and I fear you in the Council of Europe have inspired our authorities to such behaviour.
Do You think you can stop the growth of everyday Muslim terror by simply being silent and imposing silence on us
- who are being stabbed, shot at and raped - about the problem?

8. And you do not know how to solve your dilemma – not even what words to use, although the word barbarism is the first to occur about ANSAmed´s description.
How can you in the above article 9.4 distance yourselves from something much less abominable than ANSAmed´s description, demand punishment for being afraid of Islam (Islamophobia) in art. 9.2 and even
demand in art. 9.7.9. "ensuring that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion"?

9. Which are your criteria to distinguish between "Islam" and "Islamic fundamentalism" - the Koran being the foundation of Islam?

10. Why do you only punish European "hate speach"  - never Muslims, who call us infidels apes and swine - as the Koran tells them to (Sure 2:65, 5:60)?

11. Why do you insist on this endless Muslim immigration to Europe?

To me it seems that you in the Council of Europe are not thinking quite logically - or you are blindfolded, thinking  ideologically.
I am looking forward to your anwers to my questions.
For I can assure you, I ask these questions on behalf of many milions of Europeans.


Anders Bruun Laursen

former Consultant Ophthalmologist


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