Summary: The Club of Rome acts in secrecy, but has huge influence - not only on the climate, ecology and resource consumption hysteria of which this club is the instigator. The Club of Rome uses alarmism as a tool for the formation of the New World Order´s one-world government by scaring people into demanding useless, even counterproductive actions against the "problems" that the club has the audacity to admit it invented for this very purpose (First Global Revolution, 1991). I have just encountered a subsidiary organization of the Club of Rome, The Tällberg Foundation, whose vice president is also the Club of Rome's vice president. Another organization is linked to the Club of Rome through The Tällberg Foundation: Dutch Progressio, which is brainwashing world leaders to multiculturalism and globalism. Through its influence on public opinion, the G8 and G5 and the UNEP, created by the Club of Rome, this Club is succeeding in building a green a world conføderation government, which will take power over all of us, based on a now clearly established lie (IPCC and CRU exposures). The U.S. director of  the Club of Rome has presented a World Federalist Manifesto, brought here, eliminating the last remnants of national sovereignty of states - even though the manifesto claims the opposite.The Club argues that world government must be democratic in contrast to the current G20 and the UN system. But the founder of the UN´s UNEP, Club of Rome member, Rothschild-Rockefeller Marionette, Chinese Communist, Maurice Strong, is honest: It cannot be built without force! Participating in this conspiracy are names like Al Gore, Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Prince Hassan of Jordan, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, King Juan Carlos of Spain, etc. - all members of the Club of Rome.

See the World Federalist Manifesto at the end of this article

There is something tragicomic about completely self-styled elitists are using massive lies to grab control of the world to move it in the Luciferian  direction of their mission without asking us, saying that if they are not allowed, the world will go to hell!
I have seen this scenery twice at Tällberg on Lake Siljan. Little did I know that this would also symbolize the sunset of Sweden´s and Europe´s freedom.

The New World order one-world governmentalists are getting impatient. Recently Gordon “New World Order” Brown (see videos on right margin of this blog) told his “progressive” friends that a unique radical transformation is going on now – with great risks, video. Like most else this is not an idiom invented by him. This term is derived from the manipulatory-revolutionary Club of Rome. The globalists want their world government now – and know they have to lie, conceal and seduce the peoples of the world – according to their Luciferian ideology. I have just found The Tällberg Foundation, named after one of the most idyllic villages in Scandinavia. It has been described as a mini-Bilderberg Club – and indeed it is influential. For it is a wing of Rockefeller´s Club of Rome and here, and hereintertwined with the EU, and here, and the founder of environmentalism. It is affiliated to Al Gore and Michael Gorbachev and his Earth Charter religion (“The 1o Commandments of our time”) – and many other of the most influential people of the world.  About the contents of the paradiscial New World Order and World Governance, see pp. 11–12 of this speech by former Club of Rome President, Prince Hassan of Jordan.

Tällberg-meeting+marcello-palazziBo Ekman (just behind Al Gore)  is the founder of the  Tällberg Foundation as well as the  European Round table of Industrialists, alongside with  Rothschild-Rockefeller agent Pehr Gyllenhammar – a club so full of bilderbergers. On the Photo Marcello Palazzi (see below) is the man left in the photo

Dagens Nyheter 21 Febr. 2010, and here: Bo Ekman demanded a new world order already in 2008: The world needs a new democratic order.  G20 has no direct contact with electorates The present system would never work with the gaps, injustices, exploitation of people and nature which are a reality today. 
Bo Ekman sees the Copenhagen Climate Conference as a debacle proving the inefficiency of the existing international order. He wants a new world order on a democratic basis, eliminating the "holy principle of national souvereignty, which is fragmenting power" – yet preserving  national states as vassal states based on the, environmental and climate "balance". He sees the UN as a failure. Anders-wijkmanComment: This prominent globalist has now lost confidence in the IPCC, which he sees as bending under ongoing criticism – and this loss of confidence is widespread – but will probably not lead to the disbanding of this fraudster NGO, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. The truth is easily overcome through massive campaigns of lies!  That the climate, ecology, and resource hysteria is a lie invented by the Club of Rome to scare people into accepting  world government is admitted by the club itself in "The First Global Revolution"

The vice President of the Tällberg Foundation is also the Vice-president of the Club of Rome,
Anders Wijkman.

Club of Rome 26-27 Oct. 2009: “The global issues that the 1972 report “Limits to Growth” sketched so imminently are even more severe and urgent Logo_cortoday. Our home planet is dangerously near a tipping point. One-third of the world’s animal and plant species and millions of the most vulnerable members of our own species. are being eradicated. The world is headed into a perfect storm of interconnected environmental and other crises. Almost 40 years after “Limits to Growth”, once again, the Club of Rome feels the need to intervene on the global stage  with research and consultation: “A New Path for World Development”.
Comment: Who has asked the Club to do so? – and by what undemocratic right will it develop us to be what we don´t want to be?
Jan_EliassonAnother member of the Tällberg Foundation is Dutch Marcello Palazzi, who founded the Progressio: We have helped grow, a new territory populated by dedicated entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders whose work has been at the leading edge of human progress.  Today, in 2009, no respectable economy can fail to focus on those features and attributes which we have been promoting since 1989. Partner: Mikhail Gorbachev, honorary member of the Club of Rome, founding chairman of State of the World Forum in San Francisco, with whom we partnered in 1998-2002; occupied with i.a. sustainabilitycorporate social responsibility , environmental sustainability, multilateralism, a strong UN, global governance, Agenda-setting Events: global conferences, fora and other events.

A prominent Tällberg Foundation member is Jan Eliasson: Wikipedia: Sweden's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, where he has held many positions of trust. In 2005 he was unanimously elected President of the United Nations General Assembly, for its sixtieth session.

Bill-gatesBill Gates – member of the Club of Rome. He thinks that by vaccinations, health care and reproductive health (sterilization) it is possible to reduce the growth of world populatiom by 15% (video at 4:33 min)!!

Echos of the Club of Rome Programme
1. Club of Rome member , Maurice Strong, founded the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and was its first president – the programme of which is that of the Club of Rome. In this paper for the 11. Global Ministerial Environmental Forum on Bali 24–26 Febr, 2010, its wide-ranging consequences are revealed: Tremendous redistribution of the world´s wealth in a green economy which wil dominate all politics and economy – and impoverish the Western world. More about this in an upcoming post. Bo Ekman of the Club of Rome daughter, the Tällberg Foundation, knew exactly what New World Order he demanded.   
" Manifesto.  (Joseph) Germain Dufour is the President of the obscure Earth Community.
2. Club of Rome Secretary General Martin Lees: On 12th June the Club of Rome has the privilege to present its conclusions and proposals on “Concerted Strategies to meet the Environmental, Economic and Development Challenges of the 21st Century” to the Annual Assembly of the G8 + 5 GLOBE Legislators Forum in Rome on 12th June. You will see that the Club is not only concerned to understand the issues but is now focused on delivering the insights of science and analysis directly into the policy process.
GLOBE was set up by the G8 to engage senior legislators of the G8 and the G5 in support for the negotiations towards a post Kyoto Treaty and is a close partner of the Club of Rome.
3. The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, a German Government funded think tank adffiliated with the German socialist party, Die Linke, has in its seminar report from 4 Febr. 2010 many similarities with the thoughts of the Club of Rome. Just like the Club of Rome, the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation - sees a democratic world revolution - a radical transformation - as the only solution to save the planet and the environment. They state: “Climate is the best way to persuade people. Green is the tool to gain power.” - Rosa Luxembourg was a German-Jewish revolutionary leading the Spartakists (after Spartacus - Cover name for Illuminist  founder Adam Weishaupt).
Jimmy-carterThe RLF wants world government and global taxes, world currency - regionalisation as the way to one-world - like the Club of Rome.
4. Also this Press Release from the Earth Government - found as a link among the leaked CRU E-mails - seems to be more or less a copy of the Club of Rome "World Federalist

               Jimmy Carter – member of the Club of Rome

From the above it may be concluded: 1. The vice president of the progenitor of the hoax of imminent resource scarcity and ecology doom, The Club of Rome , is deeply involved in the bid for world government. 2. This government is to be environmentalistic and socialistic. 3. Prominent leaders of that club and its affiliated Tällberg Foundation with one founder of the European Round Table of Industrialists, so full of bilderbergers, are getting impatient to have their new world order one-world government now. This government is to be democratic – how ever they will manage that without manipulations and fraud – but I guess the word will be abused in a Soviet manner. They seem to be hoping for the crisis generated by their allies in the Fed and Wall Street to make every one see the necessity for their world government. They desperately need a bigger crisis.
The Club of Rome declares:  “We support the …The Climate Change Task Force promoting the active engagement of civil society and the wider public in the search for adequate solutions to the challenges of climate Solanachange. In the end, the aim is to build the critical mass and political will for deep-rooted societal change”.  

Left: Prince Hassan of Jordan – former President of the Club of Rome. Right: Javier Solana, former EU High Representative: Club of Rome Member while in office .

However, as former Club of Rome member, Maurice Stong said: People will not put up with this transformation voluntarily. Compulsion will be necessary! The Club of Rome has been made responsible for the depopulation movement – now being advocated by Rockefeller´s depopulation programme.

The World Federalist Manifesto , Dr. Francesco Stipo is  Director of the US Club of Rome. See and hear him – video.  
The history of our civilization is reaching its final destination. From a chaotic amalgam of competing and rival nations, the world is evolving into a unitary framework, in which different organized communities cooperate to prevent conflicts and promote the progress of humanity.
Definition of World Federalism
An agreement among different nations to create a system of government that regulates the international political and economic relationships, distributing powers between central authority and Member States.
History of Modern Globalization and Background of World Federalism
Ancient globalization differs from modern globalization in that the first was designed to conquest lands and was carried out by military invasion, while the second is geared toward the expansion of commerce and its instrument is the international agreement.
The International Legislative Branch

The creation of the United Nations was characterized by an error at its source: every nation was given one vote in the Assembly. This way, a nation with thirteen thousand people has the same voting power of a nation with three hundred million. Such an inequality induced the initial members of the United Nations to Francescostipofind an artificial remedy to the original error, subordinating the most important decisions to the approval of the Security Council, a body composed of five permanent Member States, each one with veto power.
The adoption of an income-based contribution system would create a voting system proportional to the Member States' ability to contribute to the budget of international organizations. There is no reason to justify 18 different budget and 18 different Assemblies (one for each UN specialized agency). It would be much better to prepare one single budget and submit it, along with all Decisions and Resolutions, to the General Assembly of the United Nations.
It will tax the nations.

                      Francesco Stipo – Director of Club of Rome USA

The International Executive Branch
Each international organization has a different contribution system, a different voting system and a different administration.
A United Nations' budget and management centralization would allow a better coordination of the activities and a reduction of costs of the 15 specialized agencies. The centralization of the UN system would create a de facto world government.                                                         
The International Judiciary Branch
In a unified UN system, the International Court of Justice should have jurisdiction over disputes regarding the interpretation of the Resolutions and Decisions of all international organizations. The decisions of the International Court of Justice should be binding for both the Member States and the international Al-gore-2organizations.
Article 4 of the Rome Statute of the ICC, which attributes the International Criminal Court the right to exercise its powers within the Member States’ territory, constitutes a clear violation of State sovereignty by the international organization. The International Criminal Court should limit its functions to the cases referred by the States and should only act with the consent of the nations.

Al Gore – Club of Rome Member

The International Financial Branch
The functions, the organization and voting system of IMF and the World Bank are very similar. There is no reason why an identical work should performed by two different organizations. The merger of the World Bank Group with the International Monetary Fund would bring a reduction of the administrative costs of both organizations.
The Allocation of Authority Between the World Federal Government and the Nations
The confederate system would be created by the vertical separation of functions between international executive bodies and Member States’ governments, characterized by a limitation of Gorb-Strong2federal power to international matters. The horizontal separation of powers would be created by the independence of the legislative, executive, judiciary and financial branches.

2 Club of Rome members, Michael Gorbachev (left) and Rockefeller and Rothschild puppet, chinese communist, Maurice Strong (right)

The Alternative to the United Nations: The League of Developed Nations
An alternative to the United Nations is the creation of a Trans Atlantic Free Trade Area, merging NAFTA with the European Union. The resulting economic organization would integrate with the military structure of NATO and develop into a North Atlantic Confederation. By attracting developing countries, it would eventually become a Union of Democratic Nations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of World Federalism

The confederate model represents the best solution for a world government, because on one hand it brings the balance of federal authority with State authority and on the other hand it allows Member States to withdraw from the international organization. The world federal government should not invade the sovereignty of nations, it should rather assist nations in solving their problems. The world confederation would be a middle way between the United Nations and the European Union, slightly more decentralized than the European Union and much more centralized than the current United Nations.