The Telegraph, Aug. 12, 2008:   “Whites-fear-discrimination-by-public-services. Some 29 per cent of people surveyed think public sector workers discriminate against them in favour of other ethnic groups.

And many believe they have been passed over for promotion or a job because of the colour of their skin.

And the study reveals that ethnic groups living in the UK feel stronger ties to the country than native whites.

Researchers found that whites also felt less able than other ethnic groups to influence decisions affecting the country or their local area. And many believe racial prejudice is on the rise, in stark contrast with other races.”

On the Royal Coat of Arms as used in Scotland is written: "Nemo me imune lacessit". It is Latin and means "No one has challenged me unpunished".
Will the English remember that motto? But of course, the Scots are so nationalist - like the Basques, the Irish, the South Tyrolese, the Serbs etc. Uh, they are abominations to the multicultural New Order people - like Scottish Gordeon Brown!

The New World Order people like Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Video) have been doing anything they can to trample on the national state and national identity. Why? In order to save the world!!! Gordon Brown also uses the term New World Order 6 times within 2 minutes – i.e. 1 time more than Pres. Bush sr. did during 6 months 1990-91!
Besides, Mr. Brown mentions “a new world” twice  - all in the same breath as “globalization” – all in a very much engaged manner – like a preacher.  His argument for the New World Order is money and the New World Order religion: Climatism.

Nationalism on the rise.
There is a physical law saying pressure is balanced by counterpressure. We just saw that in the conflict between Russia and Georgia. We bloggers writing about that conflict all  saw some very patriotic comments on our blogs. On my blog one wrote:”Russia is peace – Saakashvili is Hitler”!!
Put 90% Russians under Georgian rule in South Ossetia and Abchasia: this is the certain way to riots. In this Context on Aug. 11 the leaders of Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states went to Georgia and took part in a demonstration against “Russian aggression”. These states appreciate their national identities – and won´t give it up for multiculturalism.

In Denmark, the betrayal by all our politicians who have sold us to multiculturalism and the Union for the Mediterranean  - giving us a sop called the 4 provisos in order to cajole us into the European Union largely went unnoticed. That is, until a verdict by the European Court of Justice revealed the also statistically well-known fact that the “restrictive” Danish immigration policy is invalid, that the EU has the power – accepted by our politicians – to send all the Muslims it pleases to Denmark as part of its immigration solidarity plan to distribute the many illegal refugees coming to Italy and Spain.

A majority of 57,4 pct. of Danes refuse having Danish immigration legislation decided by the European Court of Justice.” (Jyllands-Posten Aug. 12, 2008)

But of course the heads of the New World Order do their best to put the lid on the boiling pot: The Times Online Aug. 13., 2008 : “It (Russia) continued to accuse Georgia of "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" against the Russian majority in South Ossetia. Russia says that some 2,000 civilians were killed and 100,000 displaced (there are only 70.000 inhabitants in South Ossetia!!). Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, urged Mr Lavrov in a telephone call to desist from using the two expressions in relation to Georgia's actions, the Russian minister said. President Medvedev also used the terms on Tuesday with Mr Sarkozy.”  To no avail: “On the Russian side, (Foreign Minister) Mr Lavrov said that this changed nothing about the essence of the accords. Whatever the wording, the reality of the Russian-dominated provinces had now changed.”.

The EU and Nationalism
It is a very hard task to fight the New World Order, whose most conspicuous European arm is the  EU which has even declared itself to be illuminist, see explanatory statement (i.e. the servants of the Rockefeller-Rothschild illuminati world order). This EU – armed with computers and in control of our media  -  has twice as many eurocratic soldiers as the British army, namely 170.000 fanatic holy warriors!!! .

They know, nationalism in the EU is a hard nut to crack: Peter Mandelson, EU Trade Commissioner,  08.02.2008 , Cambridge "The state has survived the openness boom in fairly robust health. The idea that globalisation meant the end of government was either undue pessimism or wishful thinking – depending on your politics.

If government is making a comeback, so is global governance."

But of course, if facts speak too clearly for themselves the illuminists of the New World Order invent rosy relations. Like the Chairman of the EU Parliament, Hans Geert-Pöttering, who has just paid visits to Lebanon and Syria and found the time ripe for a comprehensive peace there, an association agreement of Syria and the EU

and most amazingly: “In both countries, Hans-Gert Pöttering met important religious leaders, such as the Maronite Patriarch, Nasrallah Sfeir, the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, and the Greek Catholic Patriarch, Gregorius III. At a joint meeting with several of them, he was very much impressed by the good understanding that prevails between the various religious communities!!!

This grand Mufti spoke in the EU Parliament in Jan 2008 and was enthusiatically applauded!!!  His Umma does not like nationalism: "Opening his address, the Grand Mufti stressed that “there is one single culture” in the world, the culture of humankind. Indeed, he said, “we are all building one culture, so I do not believe in the conflict of cultures - whereupon he threatened Geert Wilders and us massacre and war!”.

Amazing, considering all other information on the situation of Christians there – especially in Lebanon, where Christans are fleeing severe Muslim persecution
But of course in the eyes of the multicultural EU-boss this is the fault of the Christians, the original population, who have lived in the Middle East and Europe for much too long!! They just have to submit to Allah (= the meaning of Islam) - as he has done himself alongside with all eurocrats!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the ongoing Olympic games in Pekin. They have fostered a mighty Chinese national pride - we are being told. According to the Independent on Aug. 2008:"The medal table will demonstrate the new world order – with China on top".

People sit like spellbound before their TV sets, envy the neighbouring countries of their medals - and shout with joy when a fellow countryman wins. For they identify themselves with winning felllow countrymen - and become proud. Could they obtain the same pride through the achievements of a Korean? 
Nationalism has caused much evil. However, the loss of national identity may cause even worse things. For today it ist the sole force of cohesion between Europeans  - and so the only bulwark against Islam, which is strong due to a religious, international identity.
EU and the undercurrents of the New World Order strive vigorously to destroy our identities - supporting Islam to pave the road for the march of the New World Order through the Orient to secure the union of the world state with China and Japan.
The EU knows that Islamic identity cannot be moved - consequently we must be without identity to be absorbed by the international Umma.
National identity means the difference between freedom and bondage.