Skull and Bonesman President Bush is very much concerned about the development in Georgia/Caucasus, demanding the integrity of Georgia to be preserved, where Russian troops are attacking Georgian troops in 2 “defecting” provinces as well as in Georgia proper after Georgian troops invaded autonomous South Ossetia on Aug. 8.

Why is that tiny country of concern to him? Oil? Ideology? New World Order Expansion?

Modern day South Ossetia  was annexed by Russia in 1801, along with Georgia proper. Following the Russian Revolution, South Ossetia became a part of the Menshevik Georgian Democratic Republic in 1921 - the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (i.e., district), while the North became a part of the Terek Soviet Republic. The area saw a series of Ossetian rebellions during which claims for independence were made. Today about 90% of the 70.000 South Ossetians are Russians.

Abkhazia was incorporated into Russia (1829-64), and in 1921, the USSR merged Abkhazia and Georgia into a unified socialist republic of Georgia . This was done against the will of the ethnic Abkhazians. More than 83% of the 157.000 inhabitants are Russians. 

There is a blog in German language which calls itself “Radio Utopie – a misnomer, since it is extremely well informed. On Apr. 30, 2008, it wrote :  "Prelude to a major aggression by NATO, EU and U.S. in the Caucasus. The Russian government is now also reinforcing its troops in Abkhazia, since according to their claims the NATO candidate Georgia is actively preparing an invasion and has gathered 1500 soldiers in the Kodori valley .

The EU High Representative Javier Solana told the EU "to defend Georgia's territorial autonomy".

This means the recognition of the property claims by Georgia to Abkhazia . A declaration of war on Abkhazia and Russia, on behalf "of Europe.

Abkhazia has recently been striving for international recognition. Occasion: The international declaration of independence and recognition of the state of Kosovo, 10 years after the conquest by the Atlantic pact. After the public funeral of international law by NATO and the EU, there would be no more reason to refuse recognition of a state, which emerged from the failed Soviet Union at the same time as Georgia , say the Abkhazian authorities

Among other things the United States, which equip Georgia's military, expressed "concern" about the security of the oil pipeline from the Caspian sea, from Azerbaijan through Georgia (South Ossetia to pass) to the Turkish Mediterranean coast - built with their help.

In August of 2006 EU authorities officially warned about a war in the Caucasus between Russia, its allies Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and Azerbaijan and Georgia. "

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty Apr. 29, 2008  Just a few days ago, Senator John McCain issued a statement in which he strongly condemned Moscow's decision to establish direct governmental links with the breakaway regions of Georgia — Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In his statement, Senator McCain calls the latest Russian move "de facto annexation" of those territories — an accusation that Moscow flatly denies. Obam holds McCain´s opinion."

Russia is warning NATO against intervening. How could Georgia be so bold? Did it have a secret agreement with the West about help?

About a year ago, Pres. Bush had the US Congress grant him dictatorship for 6 months and cancelling of civil liberties e.g. planned presidential elections in case of imminent war or other disasters.
Since then rumors have gained strength that he would need another Pearl Harbour.
His personal problem at home is an increasing demand for impeachment  due to lies leading to the Iraqi war. And increasingly voices arise that 9/11 was an insider job – and that renewed investigations should be made – although most of the proofs were destroyed together with the implosionn of WTC´s block 7,which was not hit by an aircraft. Suspicion is consolidating after the anthrax scandal where Bin Laden was accused by the FBI - and now dr. Ivins from an army research microbiological lab is being made the sole responsible . Very practically, he "committed suicide".

Besides, Mr. Bush would probably like to become the Dictator of the US-New World Order. Oddly enough – in spite of rising tensions between Russia and Georgis, on July 15 1.200 US soldiers started a 3-week maneouvre with the Georgina troops . And they have hardly left yet.

The White House said Russia’s military action in the Georgia was “dangerous and disproportionate” and that any further escalation of the conflict could harm bilateral ties.

At the NATO summit in Bucharest on Apr. 2-4, 2008, the Georgian application for NATO membership was not granted because Germany and France were afraid of offending Russia - and of their gas supplies from Russia!

Georgia has been a brave supporter of the US in Iraq sending 1.400 soldiers there – now being taken home, of course. Besides, there are Israeli military advisers in Georgia , Israel supporting Georgia because of the oil pipeline: "Jerusalem owns a strong interest in Caspian oil and gas pipelines reach the Turkish terminal port of Ceyhan, rather than the Russian network. Intense negotiations are afoot between Israel Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Azarbaijan for pipelines to reach Turkey and thence to Israel’s oil terminal at Ashkelon and on to its Red Sea port of Eilat. From there, supertankers can carry the gas and oil to the Far East through the Indian Ocean.

The EU is deeply committed to Georgia through the European Neighbourhood Policy  However, due to democratic deficits and fear of conflict with Russis the EU has largely stayed away from a deeper engagement so far.

However, this evening (Aug. 9, on TV the Danish Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen angrily rebuked the Russian incursion - and the Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller,  stated the  approach between  Georgia and the NATO and  the EU to be the real reason for the  Russianincursion - and stated that the cure would be to accelerate the accession of  Georgia and other  aplicants into the EU and NATO very speedily!!

Carl Bildt, bilderberger and on the Board of the New World Order think tank RAND, Sweden´s foreign minister: "We did not accept military intervention by Milosevic's Serbia in other former Yugoslav states on the grounds of protecting Serbian passport holders. And we have reason to remember how Hitler used this very doctrine little more than half a century ago to undermine and attack substantial parts of central Europe," Mr Bildt wrote.

The presidents of ex-communist EU states Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania said in a joint statement that: "The EU and NATO must take the initiative and stand up against the spread of imperialist and revisionist policy in the east of Europe by all available means...The Russian Federation has overstepped a red line."

The UN Security Council is unable to act - Russia vetoing anything against it.

On the evening of 10 Aug, Georgia has unilaterally declared a ceasefire. The Russians seemingly do not to accept - but will probably conquer both provinces.
Abkhazia is now mobilizing.
And Ukraine may not allow the blockading Russian  fleet to return to its naval base in the Ukraine!
The situation is unfathomable.
It seems, that NATO and the EU have imposed the ceasefire on the Georgians . These two organizations now stand humiliated, helpless, unreliable and certainly angry with Russia who apparently has announced to invade Western Georgia proper and to keep South Ossetia according to CNN.

The fraternization between East and West seems over.
This may be dangerous now and in the upcoming events in the Middle East over Iran . In this situation, the New World Order has very wisely seen to it that our military and our arsenals are
scattered all over the world for the Protection of Islam - so that we stand defenceless if the Russians come!